weave vs natural

Everytime I see a - Dear White People - is an eye opener show...I wonder what the hell its opened your eyes to....

I can’t help but think - lip service cause there’s no specifics. All of the issues that the show disclosed have been issues black social media has been posting for years….and a lot of it has been presented in black movies from a decade ago…

Biracial color line pressure
Biracial privilege
Black women dating white men
Dark skin women invisibility
Black people learning to hate their own skin
Blacks revolutionizing
Weaves vs natural hair
Black women against one another
Lack of representation in the entertainment of movies or television for POC
Homophobia in the black community
Misunderstanding of homophobia in the black community
The black person plight to be 10x better just to be considered equal
Police vs blacks issues
The shootings and killing of black men and women
Whites thinking blacks are just violent
Whites thinking they can use the word Nigger or Nigga
Whites accusing blacks of just whining
Whites disrupting our issues
Whites just not getting it

So it’s 2017…and this shit has been on repeat for hundreds of years but this show has just woken up and open yalls eyes cause Netflix has released a show called Dear White People…?