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New campaign coming up - Pathfinder/Path of War “age of magic is dying” setting

My lady’s name is Ruya. :) She’s an old elf lady archer/tank out to make contact with other magic races to try and help solve setting conflict/s that are causing a population crisis in their communities. She’s got a partner (Eli) from a nomadic herding tribe and they’ve got an adult daughter (Raeesa) in the royal guard. Ruya used to be in the guard ‘till she retired to help her partner run a lil weaving-craft shop. 

She’s out of retirement and out adventuring to Save The Children and Protect Her People (the idea being that it’s better to send an old guard on a misc. quest than risk a dwindling youth population.) She loves her family & fears for the future in which her daughter might want to try and build her own. 

She’s a big tough whiskey mom. Themed armor is from her old specialized guard squad.

Hold on, I got you now

ao3 link

warnings: mentions of smut but no actual smut, hazardous stimming, eating disorder/high metabolism/not realizing the disorder, vomiting, general foodstuff hate, swearing, general angst. all characters are of age (theyre like 20ish in this)

(it does however, have humor and paladin bonding, fluff, and a happy ending.)

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Bringing Back Sergeant (One-Shot)

Request: Bruce & Tony arguing over the fact Bucky will never cut his hair so they make a bet on it, but when they go to find Bucky they find him with reader (who is a new agent, been there less than a week) cutting his hair.

Warnings: fluff, minimum language ;)

Word count: 1267

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All I Want For Christmas Is You

Request: For the holiday prompt thing, 1 (all i want for christmas is you) with Peter

AN: This is the start of my holiday fics YAY please send me requests from my holiday prompt list and i’ll try my best to write as much :) 

Peter Parker x Reader

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I was quietly reading my book in my favorite coffee shop. The warmth of my drink kissed my cheeks. A relief from the cold, brisk air of winter time in New York. I took a small sip before turning back to the world where superhero boyfriends, who always got themselves into trouble, didn’t exist. I was about to flip the page when a pair of hands covered my eyes.

“Merry early Christmas.”

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(In which you passive-aggressively deal with a certain attractive yet bratty customer.)

inspired by the prompt:  “I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU”

word count: 3,364

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Monticello photos. 

If you’re standing on the steps from the “nickel view” of Monticello straight in front of you is the big West Lawn and there is a circular path around it with flowers. If you go straight down the path from the West Lawn that takes you to the Jefferson Family cemetary for the white family members. People are still being buried there, in fact we saw a grave marker for a burial from April that didn’t yet have a headstone. 

If you’re back on the steps looking over the West Lawn to your left would be a gallery walkway to enjoy the views down the mountain and built under that walkway is slave quarters. Further down the hill is Mulberry Row where the skilled workers among the slaves had a weaving shop, a nailery, and a blacksmiths shop. Further down the hill behind Mulberry Row is the kitchen garden (top photo) and below that the vineyard. 

If you look right instead of left there’s another gallery that ended in Thomas Mann Randolf Jr (Patsy Jefferson’s husband) study. Below that were privies, the ice house and a corridor underneath the main house that led to the pantry, the wine cellar, the kitchens, and then over to the slave quarters. 

Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Request: Hi there! You are such a wonderful writer! I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is one of the ladies in waiting to Queen Susan, and her and Edmund have secret feelings for each other. But she isn’t of Noble background so a relationship would be inappropriate. So maybe you could do something where she’s out in the town running errands for Susan, when Edmund (dressed as a commoner) pulls her aside and confesses his feelings and they kiss and stuff? Thank you so much!

Edmund Pevensie - Among the Commoners
Setting: Golden Age!
Contains: Meh
Word count: 826


“(Y/n)?” Susan called out. (Y/n) came running into her room and bowed her head a bit.

“Yes, your majesty?” Susan got up from her desk and gave her a piece of parchment paper. 

“I need you to get me these things for the ball this weekend. Thank you so much, it means a lot.” Susan smiled at her and (Y/n) smiled back. “And please, we’ve known each other long enough, I think you can just call me Susan now.”

“Yes, it’s no problem… Susan” (Y/n) headed out of Susan’s room and into her own. Being a lady-in-waiting for Queen Susan and being the one she trusted and cared for the most, she was able to get her own room at Cair Paravel. 

(Y/n) was a lady-in-waiting because she didn’t have anywhere else to go. Edmund had saved her from being sold into slavery down in the country of the Calormens. He introduced her to his siblings and they immediately took a liking into her. Although, she was shy at first because of what she had experienced before. It had taken her a long time to get used to the Kings and Queens of Narnia but with the help of Edmund, she was finally a bit more at peace and more open. 

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Temporary Roommate// Yoon Sanha

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Pairing:Sanha x reader

Genre:Anonymous said:
Yay requests are open ^^v can you please write one where sanha and you are roommates? thanks so much sara

Author’s Note: This is such a cute little scenario! Thank you for requesting! Enjoy the read~

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)-noona!” You heard your best friend, Sanha call from inside the kitchen, “We have no food!”

You had taken Sanha in as a temporary roommate, for the sheer fact that everyone in Astro had seemed to catch colds at the exact same time. Sanha had seemed as if he was the only one who wasn’t sick, and the last thing that he wanted was to catch whatever his hyungs had. Before you had let him stay with you, he was the only one taking care of them, but after realizing this fact, you had told their agent that they all needed a little time off, along with some TLC.

“And who’s fault is that?” you said as you entered the kitchen, tying your hair back as you walked towards the fridge, standing next to Sanha. His eyes wandered through the shelves, lip in between his teeth as he searched desperately for food.

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If you saw Beyonce in the middle of overturned houses ‘wading in the water’ and your reaction was - oh my god, how could she capitalize on this tragedy – how tasteless - but you know nothing about how black folk have learned how to sing songs, kiss babies, yell for joy, make love, recite poems, all while holding a mouth full of our dead - which probably means you never had a moment where you threw a Toni Morrison book across a room when you realized she wrote us a world where this Black woman’s dead baby showed up on her porch in a grown ass woman’s body and she just took her on in the house.

If you don’t and shouldn’t be using be using the word Negro/ If you had to urban dictionary ‘Bama’/If you got confused when she said baby hair twice in a sentence because you didn’t understand the difference

If within 45 seconds of this video you didn’t think about that Ntozake Shange line when Indigo laughs out loud cuz her mama chastises her for having “too much South in her.”

If you and your friends don’t quote Paris is Burning biweekly/ if in the last 3 parties you’ve been to, somebody didn’t start voguing/ if this is your first time hearing the word slay in a sentence that ain’t got shit to do with the type of dragons you’re probably thinking about/ if you only know the word bitch to have a singular and monolithic meaning

If you didn’t watch this video and find yourself rubbing the back of your thighs cuz something about it had you thinking bout sticky summers on your grandma’s plastic covered couch and then started thinking about the stickiness of your mama’s knees on your cheek when she greases your scalp.

If after the first time she says ‘if he fuck me good I’m a take him to red lobster,” you didn’t drop out of your seat because it immediately cut to that woman’s epic Black older aunty side eye, and then you couldn’t get up off the floor, cuz then she just says the line again and you were all too familiar about that same shade scenario that happens at Black family functions every day.

If you didn’t find yourself clapping in public when you saw that man using a bulletproof bodega glass as a backdrop for his stage

If you didn’t watch this video over and over and think about shit like look at all them water references, now look at that mermaid colored hair on the girls in the weave shop.

If the line in the song where she asks about what happened to New Orleans, and you didn’t think about that flood of people who moved down there and bought up all those houses when the people who have been living there for generations couldn’t afford to fix their houses.

If your womb didn’t stretch out of your body for that little brown baby in front of them line of cops in fear then joy then fear then joy…. Until your marrow couldn’t separate one feeling from the other

If these aren’t your experiences or references or reactions that is ok.
If this video didn’t give you life…. That is ok.

But…. if these aren’t your experiences or references or reactions and you’re out here saying any variation of this video “makes no sense/is dumb/kinda scary”, “she’s not even singing”, “Beyonce fans are stupid,” “what’s she even saying?” or any thing that has anything to do with a politics of respectability. Please stop.

No, Beyonce isn’t our Black Feminist Hero – there are way too many activists and folk who are out there fighting/supporting/and holding together Black families/communities for us to be under that illusion. And I look forward to all the juicy critique – cuz nothing is blacker than reading and being read. But this video isn’t even about her to me (or her constant conflation of capitalistic success with feminist liberation). It transcends some beyhive fanaticism. It transcends her.

It’s about all the art/ists that managed to boil and stew down all this Blackness in to a 5 minute pot.

So please don’t be out here casually dismissing the video just cuz you ain’t got in-formation.

- Tiffany Lee

AFGHANISTAN, Herat : An Afghan woman buys silk yarn for weaving from a shop in Herat on August 6, 2014. Western Afghanistan, once a stop along the Silk Road trade route, has a long tradition in the silk production process dating back thousands of years. Carpets are Afghanistan’s best-known export, woven mostly by women and children in the north of the country, a trade which once employed, directly or indirectly, six million people, or a fifth of the country’s population, but that figure has dropped sharply. AFP PHOTO/Aref Karimi