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Hopeless Hearts


jessicamarcia requested: Jungkook + Idol/Fan AU 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 17,378
Author’s Note: Tbh I had some apprehension about this request because an idea I stumbled upon that just kept coming back to me was directly from this fantasy I kept about having about what would happen if I ever meet Jungkook and how and this just feels very personal to me as a result. Regardless, I decided to share because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t decide to contribute my pain to the fandom.

ALSO, sentences in italics are being spoken in Korean.

Summary: You never understood the gravity of your position as an intern working Kcon until you fall for one of your favorite idols, Jeon Jungkook—quite literally too.


Sometimes you think you have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to your job.

On one hand, it’s a pretty incredible opportunity, one that you acknowledge not a lot of people get to experience first hand: which is working as an intern in the event operations department for Kcon—the annual Korean convention in which big Kpop groups will travel around the world to bring their music and their joy to the international fanbase. For someone who never actually had the means and the ability to make the trip as an audience member of your own accord, it’s fascinating to witness the back-the-scenes sight of how much effort and how much time goes into planning and organizing an event of this scale.

And because Kcon it in of itself is half a convention and half a concert, there were always many people needed to cover the different subsections of the event, which is where your role as an intern came into play. Given that there were two interns in the department of organizing the physicality of the event, you were put on the team mainly in charge of organizing the convention while the other intern assisted with scheduling of the talents and making sure the performances would go by smoothly.

But on the other end of that spectrum, working with vendors really allows you to see how many people handle responsibility and deadlines and it makes you want to pull the hair out of your roots. You like to think of yourself as a fairly reasonable person, giving a vendor 24 hours to respond to emails at the latest before having to resort to more emails and phone call—but this is absolutely ridiculous.

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author’s note: i’ve gotten quite a few requests for a mafia/gang!bts au and i am in the works of writing a few drabbles here and there, but in the meantime, enjoy these headcanons
disclaimer: all gifs are credited under each boy’s name as cr., none of the gifs used here are my own; they are cropped for uniformity and easy reading
warnings: mentions of weaponry, blood, [mild] violence


  • poison specialist
  • he can make or break any poison
  • poison gas, liquid poison, organ specific poisons
  • you name it jin can mix it or find the antidote for it
  • if it’s necessary for him to be in the field, his kills are quick and efficient
  • knows the human body inside and out
  • he targets the body’s weak spots
  • he’s also bangtan’s doctor of sorts
  • it keeps them from having to deal with the whole process of checking into hospitals under aliases and explaining what happened to them
  • for the most part, the boys can fix themselves up, but jin cleans up any gunshot wounds or large gashes
  • and helps them get back up on their feet if any serious injuries occur
  • likes to piss off yoongi and give him pink bandages
  • also in charge of keeping everything organized
  • any kinds of records, medical or not, jin has got them sorted for easy access
  • knows all of the boys’ medical information from their allergies to their past injuries even down to their blood types
  • jin probably isn’t in the field most of the time bc if he even tho he can patch himself up, if he ever does get seriously hurt the rest of them are pretty fucked
  • but if he had to be, his weapon of choice would be a shiny silver switchblade
  • it’s clean, efficient and gets the job done just how he likes it


  • grandfather of this whole organization
  • basically mafia royalty
  • yoongi has all the connections he knows who to make friends with and who to strike against 
  • namjoon is the leader of bangtan but yoongi oversees everything namjoon oversees
  • he’s got a critical eye so he always double and triple checks for any flaws or open areas of attack
  • the strategist, the genius of the operation
  • he’s an expert at pretty much everything
  • but he favorite area of expertise is machinery
  • he can make or improve any kind of gun
  • the boys’ specialized weapons are all yoongi’s doing
  • all of their original guns, knives or earpieces are marked with a small MYG
  • yoongi is more of the backup kind of guy only because he hates dealing with people
  • so he doesn’t go in straight away but he’s always there if he needs to fight
  • but when he’s called in
  • oh boy you’d wish he hadn’t been
  • ofc his weapon of choice is a small gun, a myg original
  • he’s also a pretty good lock pick
  • he’s good at figuring things out quickly so lock picking, gun making, floor plans, weaving his way through other organizations
  • it all comes easily to him
  • protective of the boys but would rather shoot himself than say i love you to them
  • says shit like “watch what the fuck you’re doing taehyung you could have died”
  • but he cares
  • he’d be the first to take a bullet for any of them be sure of that


  • street fighter hobi
  • something like a black belt in karate but…. higher
  • i don’t know what that would be but he’s good is the point
  • he’s just an amazing fighter
  • and he’s self taught
  • his hand to hand combat puts everyone else’s to shame
  • when he’s really angry stay out of his path
  • unlike seokjin he doesn’t need to strategically aim for weak parts of the body
  • he’ll just knock the wind out of someone
  • trains every day no exceptions
  • boxing mostly
  • he’s the one who trained the rest of the boys in hand to hand combat
  • so all of them can handle themselves if need be
  • probably spars with jungkook every day
  • runner up for fist fighting is jimin tho don’t get it twisted just bc he’s small
  • his fists are his weapon
  • hobi with brass knuckles what a concept
  • namjoon requires all of them to know how to handle at least a small handgun but hobi never uses it
  • if he needs something besides his hands he’s rather resourceful
  • a stray pipe, leg chair, any kind of furniture laying around, another person….. anything he can swing with he’ll use
  • maybe a baseball bat if they wanna get rowdy


  • leader of bangtan and yoongi’s protégé
  • calm and collected when need be, but also not afraid to snap someone when they cross him
  • i wouldn’t recommend crossing him
  • smooth talker
  • by that i mean he could talk his way into any event or out of any situation
  • but i also mean he speaks 5 languages fluently
  • he’ll flirt with someone in french, read over files in english, threaten someone’s life in japanese, make underground deals with governments in russian and go home to speak korean
  • a full man
  • language is never a barrier for bangtan
  • oversees all of the boys’ training to make sure everyone is as well rounded as possible
  • always working to improve bangtan any way he can
  • he himself isn’t that good with hand to hand combat but yoongi’s taught him everything about guns there is to know so he’s never in trouble
  • perfect aim every time
  • extremely good at memorizing things
  • long codes, pins, floorpans, names, locations he can memorize it all
  • always first to enter the scene and the boys follow loyally
  • also bangtan’s interrogation machine
  • he doesn’t even need to physically torture anyone, he just puts all that psychology to work
  • he gets inside people’s head, make them tell him what he wants to know when he wants to know it
  • so if namjoon wants something, namjoon gets something


  • hacker extraordinaire
  • anything to do with computers, jimin’s your guy
  • any computer, database, safe, lock, password, encryption, jimin can get behind it
  • no firewall is too strong or code too dense
  • he’s the voice in their ears and their eye in the sky
  • jimin guides them through building through earpieces
  • tells him if there’s something going down while they’re on site
  • often teams up with yoongi to make sure their weaponry is the most advanced and efficient it can be
  • but jimin is also their playboy
  • he is rarely, almost never, working on the field as they boys need him to guide them through heists
  • but he’s got a pretty face most would melt for so they can’t let it go to waste
  • so when it comes to schmoozing their way into high snobiety, it’s jimin’s time to shine
  • everyone falls for him
  • people will spill their life stories to jimin merely an hour after meeting him because he’s that charming
  • with a smile that sweet and voice that enticing, you’d never suspect he’s a devil in disguise
  • he might be the computer guy but those hands are good for things besides hacking
  • he can knock someone out when he needs to
  • i’m talking knock someone to the ground with a single kick
  • he’s so extra when he’s fighting tho he’ll split kick and knock out two guys when it wasn’t really that big of a deal
  • even though he’s great at it, he prefers to be behind the scenes looking after the boys he has more control that way and he can ensure everyone is safe
  • so maybe he is an angel after all


  • sniper of all snipers
  • you wouldn’t think it from his personality but taehyung’s got deadly aim
  • always hits his target
  • and he loves guns
  • absolutely obsessed with them
  • always begging yoongi to buy him more or build him a new one
  • “hyung pleeeaaaaase it doesn’t have to be a big one it can be a medium sized one, yooooooongi hyuuuuung”
  • the only other thing taehyung loves more than guns is money
  • loves money and everything to do with it
  • stealing it, dealing it, wiring it, handling it
  • he’ll jump at any opportunity
  • namjoon and yoongi try to not to let him get too out of control so they let him spend only on things the boys need
  • so handles their wardrobe obviously
  • they have to dress to impress, at least according to taehyung anyway
  • they never walk into a casino or club or posh event without being dressed head to toe in armani or gucci
  • “taehyung why did you buy jin a silk pocket square” “um its prada namjoon get with it”
  • they also tame him by letting him play the games
  • so he’s bangtan’s main guy when it comes to gambling and handling cards
  • king of roulette
  • honestly half way through people give up and let him win, he’d win anyway
  • they think it’s luck but really he’s just good
  • tae’s basically a joker of sorts, a very mischievous, well dressed joker


  • ofc he’s their golden boy
  • jack of all trades
  • jungkook is good with any hand he’s dealt
  • whether it be literal cards, combat, guns, knives, anything
  • he can handle himself
  • partially because he’s naturally gifted
  • partially because he’s always trying to prove himself to his hyungs
  • has a temper worse than a provoked hoseok
  • i’m talking a real short fuse here jeon jungkook does not come to play around
  • the boys try their best to look after him when and how they can tho
  • jungkook can dish it out and take it, but he’s still their baby
  • pretty face number two
  • if they’re not sending in jimin to flirt his way to the top, they’re sending in jungkook
  • because who wouldn’t fall for those doe eyes and that baby face
  • a baby face the boys frequently use to their advantage
  • he’s often the bait on their missions
  • they’ll send him in and purposely let the enemy think he’s nothing but a street rat with a bad temper they can take advantage of but the tables quickly turn around
  • he’s their distraction man
  • jungkook is ridiculously strong we all know that
  • so if there’s anything or anywhere to get to that would require immense physical strength, jk is their boy

savethelastklance  asked:

Hey if you're still accepting prompts,can I suggest a polydins one where aliens are badmouthing lance to the point where he's in tears and thinking he doesn't deserved to be loved and the rest of the paladins just rip the aliens a new one whole going on how much they love lance and why and it ends in a big cuddle pile,

Of course! I’ll be accepting prompts til probably the end of the weekend.

It was after they had saved the planet from the Galra, they all were invited to a huge celebration for the people’s newly found freedom. Who could refuse such an invitation. Everyone was enjoying themselves, the native people and the Paladins alike. Pidge, Hunk, and Keith were hanging in the back of the party, the two geniuses talking up a storm with one of the engineers of the planet, Keith just smiling at the two as they get excited over the technology. They can be such wall flowers sometimes. Shiro was standing by Allura, who was talking to some of the diplomats, most likely trying to get them to join the alliance. Of course Lance was enjoying himself just as much as the others. Always grabbing one of the other Paladins and pulling them into a dance whenever a new song started. Of course none of them could refuse, always ending up enjoying themselves too much to want the song to stop.

After awhile, Lance finally left the dance floor and weaved through the crowd, getting a few “thank you"s and nervous hand shakes from one of the locals that Lance accepted with a smile. It was when he was nearing Allura and Shiro that he caught a bit of whatever the diplomat was talking to them about ”—–Blue Paladin can be——“ that caught his attention. What didn’t catch his attention was the looks on Shiro’s and Allura’s face. “Hi, I heard you talking about me?” Lance beams, expecting something along the lines of thanks or some sort of praise. What he wasn’t expecting was for the man to say “so you’re the sorry excuse of a Paladin.” Lance couldn’t help it be caught off guard by that. What?

“I mean no disrespect, but what do even bring to the Voltron team? It didn’t seem like you were doing much to fight against the Galra.”

Lance tries to get something. Anything to come out of mouth. That’s……that’s not what happened.

“And all you’ve done this entire night is distract your fellow pilots from their discussions of alliance. I thought even you could understand how important diplomacy is. But I guess I was wrong.”

Lance can feel the pressure build up behind his eyes. He tries to get something out. To explain himself in some way. Was he really just annoying the others from their conversations? Was he interfering with the alliance? He…he can’t be. He just wanted to help them have some fun. He just wanted to dance with his boyfriends and girlfriends. He didn’t mean to hurt their alliance.

“To be honest any one of my guards could do a much better job of being the Blue Paladin than…..this.” The alien gestures to all of Lance,
“Really princess, there are much better options among the soldiers here than what you’re currently stuck with. Why don’t I introduce-”

“That won’t be necessary.” Allura bites out, anger barely kept out of her voice, but it wouldn’t take a genius to know that she was beyond angry. And Shiro was just as pissed.

“ I mean no disrespect to your choices with the few people you could find. But you could do so much better. The current Blue Paladin is only a stand-in is he not?”

Lance feels like crumbling right there and then. But he doesn’t want to seem even more of a disgrace than he already is. He quickly leaves the party, passing by Hunk, Pidge and Keith as he speed walks back to castle. He doesn’t want to annoy anyone else or force them to leave their conversations. He doesn’t know how long the tears have been falling down his face, but he hopes that he didn’t embarrass Allura and Shiro because he cried. He doesn’t want to ruin their diplomatic discussions.


“Governor, let me remind you that you have no right to insult one of the people that just saved your planet.” Shiro growls out, not hiding his anger as well as Allura, but honestly, neither of them care about that now. Not when Lance was silently crying and running from the party. Not when he hurt Lance.

“Like I said, I mean no-”

“No. Let ME tell you what I think. I think that yes, Lance wasn’t up with the rest of us fighting the battle ship. He was down here, on your planet, taking care of any Galra that were planet side. He was helping your people find shelter and saving many of the people that are here now. If it wasn’t for him, many of the people that are here celebrating wouldn’t be here at all.” Shiro states, walking closer and closer to the governor, til he was looming over the shorter alien. That was when the others come running over, asking what happened, and why Lance was crying.

Allura decided to finish up their ‘conversation’.
“ be wise when you disrespect one of my Paladins, governor. That I wasn’t just my decision, it was the lion’s that chose their Paladins. And if you DARE speak so poorly about any one of them in such a manner again, I may not be able to stop one of the Paladins OR one of the lions from speaking their mind to you.” Now it’s Allura’s turn to lean in close to the diplomat, and giving him a cold and murderous look “ I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen, correct?”

The alien can only nod, very obviously shaken by the thinly veiled threats. Allura stand a up straight once again, and pulling Shiro along, she calls out “I’m sorry, but we must be on our way back to the castle. There is something that we need to take care of.” And with that the Paladins follow her out, although Shiro tries to go back in and give the governor another piece of his mind. But he quickly stops and silently agrees with Allura. They do have something to take care of. Or really someone.


It took everyone a while to find Lance, checking every spot that he’s been known to frequent. His room, the Blue lion’s hangar, the lounge. Nothing. Hunk finally finds him in one of the storage rooms, curled in on himself and trying to stifle his tears.

“Guys, I found him.”

Pidge is the first to respond, “is he okay?”

“No, I’m gonna bring him over to his room, you guys start on plan C.”

Hunk gets quick affirmation from the rest of the team. He slowly walks over to Lance and sits down next to him. Lance curls tighter in on himself, but it doesn’t hide the shaking in his shoulders.

“Hey buddy. I know that your upset, but can you look at me?” Hunk asks quietly.

It takes a couple of minutes, but Lance finally lifts his face from his kneels. His eyes are red and puffy, tears still streaming down his face, his cheeks getting the same hue as his eyes.

“Hey, there’s my sea turtle.”

Lance lets out a weak and watery laugh at the old nickname, but whatever small smile he had vanishes. Lance whispers “shouldn’t you be back at the party?”

“Nah, it was pretty lame. Not as much fun without you there.”

Lance tries to counter what Hunk says, but is stopped when he lightly presses a chaste kiss to his lips. That stops Lance right in his tracks. Hunk takes that time to slip his hand into Lance’s, and slowly leads him up from the floor. Not minding one bit when Lance leans on him. Slowly the two of them walk out of the storage room and start to head to Lance’s room in silence.

Lance opens the door to see that everyone one else is there, and sitting in some sort of giant blanket and pillow nest. Hunk leads him into the middle of the pile and soon enough everyone is cuddling Lance. Shiro leans him back to lay on his chest, sneaking an arm around his waist to keep him there. Pidge plops herself on top of Lance, laying her own head onto his shoulder. Keith and Hunk take up the sides, making sure that Lance is completely surrounded in cuddles. Allura sits next to Shiro and slowly runs her fingers through Lance’s hair.

They lay like this for a good, quiet couple of minutes, reveling in the comfort and love they have for one another.
Lance finally breaks the silence with a croaked apology “I’m sorry you guys had to leave the party because of me.”

“Lance, you don’t need to apologize. You did nothing wrong.”

“But you guys were enjoying yourselves, and I didn’t want to ruin it for you.”

“It wouldn’t be fun without you there. And I’m having plenty of fun right here.” Pidge responds, trying to stifle a yawn in between words.


“Shhhh, Lance. It’s okay. You did nothing wrong. You are so important to us, we wouldn’t want to be there without you. We all love you very much. Just sleep. You had a pretty hectic day.” Lance only nods at Shiro’s words. Letting a smile slip onto his face as he drifts off into a comforting and well earned sleep.


So I kind of added Allura into the polydins, but I hope you like it!

Landscape Language

Thalweg (n) – the line that traces the lowest points along the length of a riverbed or valley

Along the thalweg, a river flows its fastest as it follows its deepest channel.  The thalweg connects the lowest points of a river, and is a natural dividing line in a valley. Thalwegs have been used many times as natural borderlines between properties and even countries. However, the exact geography of a thalweg can change as often as the river changes course. The braided rivers of Mount Rainier fluctuate more than most, making their thalwegs poor borderlines.

NPS photo of the Nisqually River and Glacier Bridge, 10/21/2014. A white ribbon of a river weaves through a wide rocky valley floor and underneath a bridge. ~kl

Punk (Chap. 6)

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1842

Warnings: Same as always

A/N: Thank you for all of the feedback!  It honestly makes me so insanely happy and I love hearing your theories, outrages, and feelings! <3

He looked up.  Had he heard you gasp his name?  Of course.  Fucking supersoldier…  Bucky’s eyes found yours across the club.  Time seemed to slow down in that moment.  What the fuck is are you doing here?!


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Essays in Existentialism: Clothes

Can I have a little fic where Clarke always steals Lexa’s clothes and Lexa doesn’t really mind because Clarke always kisses her to shut her up about it when she asks, but then Clarke steals Lexa’s favorite SnapBack and Lexa will be damned if she gets away with that one. (I absolutely adore your writing, by the way)


“Is that… is that mine?”


“I haven’t seen many lawyers sporting a Mets sweatshirt lately,” Lexa leaned against the counter and surveyed the comfy girl across from her in the quiet of the shop. “Even their own lawyers root for the Yankees.”

“Oh, yeah, uh,” Clarke swallowed and looked down to verify that she was, in fact, wearing a stolen piece of clothing.

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anonymous asked:

can I get some scenarios for oikawa and kuroo where they try to convince their shy s/o to let them introduce them to their teammates?

I made this longer than I hoped; Kuroo under the cut!


“I don’t know Tooru, what if they don’t like me?” Your fingers weaved in between each other nervously as you looked down at the floor. Oikawa had invited you to come to practice with him so he could introduce you to his team since they haven’t seen you yet and were doubting Oikawa that he had a girlfriend.

“Why wouldn’t they like you?” Your eyes glance up and meet Oikawa’s, shrugging your shoulders before looking away, “I don’t know, I don’t wanna disappoint them. Your fangirls are very pretty and I’m sure they’re expecting someone just as gorgeous, but I’m not.”

Oikawa looks at you disappointed, you were always so insecure because of his fangirls, even when he tried to tell you otherwise countless times. “Well, you should get going, practice is about to start isn’t it?” Leaning up, you kiss his cheek before turning away with a small wave and heading home.

Before you could leave far enough, Oikawa reaches out a hand and grabs your wrist, stopping you in the process. “Tooru?” Retracting his hand back, he pulls you towards him before hauling you over his shoulder, “Tooru! What are you doing!”

Students passing by gave you two weird and confused looks as Oikawa carried you away towards what looked like the gym. “I don’t wanna go!” You wailed as Oikawa slid the door open and set you down on the ground. “(Name) is here!”

Everybody turned towards you and being the shy person you are, you hid behind Oikawa, holding the bottom of his jacket tightly. “Come on, they’re the best bunch of people,” Oikawa says trying to ease your nervousness.

Walking over to the team, Iwaizumi stepped forward first with his arms crossed over his chest, “Iwa-chan! This is my girlfriend I’ve been telling you about!” Oikawa chirps as he steps aside to show you, your hand still holding onto his jacket.

“So, you carried her over here against her own will? Are you sure you didn’t just kidnap a girl to act as your girlfriend?” A chuckle escapes your lips as Oikawa frowns at the man in front of him. “Of course not! She is my precious girlfriend! She just didn’t want to come, but I had to take her here to prove a point!”

“A point to us? That you actually have a girlfriend?” Iwaizumi questions as Oikawa scrunches his brows together and pulls you around to the front, your cheeks turning pink as you stood before the team. “At first yes, but she thinks you guys won’t like her because she thinks she’s not cute enough!”

“What really?” A voice pops up and a male with pinkish hair makes his way to the front, “Anybody who can handle Oikawa has my approval!” He jokes as Oikawa frowns again, “Well, at least you know the team likes you,” Oikawa says, hugging you as you rub his back to comfort him, “Don’t be sad, they’re just happy that you found me.” You say, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Yeah, they’re just jealous.”

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The Retailers at Christmas

Summary: you get yourself a Christmas Temp job at Sephora, in a well known shopping mall. Only the thing is, you didn’t expect every shops workers to be so involved with one another, and you didn’t expect to be added to the ‘Retail Workers of Avengers Mall Secret Santa Party’ but… at least you got the job, right?
Warnings: This is a modern AU; This is completely for entertainment purposes/ all in humour. I got a retail job and, honestly, most of everything that happens has happened to me. Swearing/ Steve being a creep at times.
Characters: Loki (Sephora store manager), Steve Rogers (Art Supply retail worker), Bucky Barnes (Starbucks employee), Scott Lang (Baskins and Robins employee), Natasha Romanoff (New shop opening), Clint Barton (Nick’s Bits & Bobs), Sam Wilson (Sports shop), Pietro Maximoff (sports shop), Thor (Hardware store), Tony Stark (Starks Gadgets), Peter Parker (Apprentice to Stark) & Sharon Carter (The Tea Rooms)
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Loki // Steve Rogers x Natasha// Sharon Carter x Thor // Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter One: Getting The Job

“Hi, excuse me.” You smiled politely at one of the Sephora workers, “I have a job interview here, at two.” You explain, the girl sighed and nodded once for you to follow her. You weaved through the shop floor, avoiding the shoppers that all collected around the makeup stands. She led you through the back doors, you assumed where all the employees go.

“Wait here.” She left you in the employee locker bit, a small cabinet of lockers all lined up, plus the sign in and out sheet on a desk beside the lockers. Coats and bags all neatly in them, you shakily sighed as the employee came back out. “My manager will be with you shortly.” She said as she walked down some stairs and back out to the shop floor.

A small part of you hoped you’d get the job here. You didn’t exactly have any experience with retail before, nor did you have the qualifications to work in a makeup branded store but you had the right amount of motivation for it. Plus, this mall, Avengers Mall, is one of the best to work at. It’s in a great area, plus apparently, the atmosphere when working is great overall. You had been recommended to get a job here by a friend, Clint Barton, so you decided to get the first available job going.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” A voice brings you out of your head, you glance up to see a tall man with piercing blue eyes and a emotionless face; not exactly the type of person you expected as manager. You nod once, “Come inside my office, we’ll answer a few standard questions and then do a small trial period on the shop floor.” He eloquently explains, you nod silently and follow him into the office.

It’s small, a desk and chairs and in the corner is a TV with security footage being played. You take a seat after taking off your jacket, the long black sleeved shirt and black jeans on show; which you were asked to wear over the phone earlier this week.

“Now, please, don’t be nervous.” He sits down in front of you, “I’m Loki, Store Manager of this Sephora. Got a few routine questions I need you to answer, then we’ll see how you handle shop floor.” He raises an eyebrow at your silence and you let out a nervous chuckle.

Shaking your head slightly and taking a deep breath. “Sorry, that all seems fine.” He nods with a small smile and begins the interview, asking the mundane questions that your family had said would be asked. Honestly, he seemed a little bored to be asking them all; he wrote down each answer you gave.

“Now, you don’t have much retail experience, I’m willing to look past that because we all have to start somewhere.” You nod slowly, “Well, I guess, should see how you are on the shopfloor. C’mon, it’s not too difficult and it’s only a ten-minute thing.” He stands up and you instantly follow; he holds open both doors for you and your nerves begin to creep up again.


“So, how do you think you did?” Loki asked as you both stepped into his office once more, he placed your paperwork down and turned to you with a curious smile.

You thought for a few seconds. “Hopefully, well enough to get the position. If not, well enough to be considered if any other jobs do come up after this?” You word your answer as more of a question back, Loki nods once at your answer. “If not, id I don’t hear from you, then I guess, thank you for giving me a chance and allowing me to see how interviews are played out.”

Loki’s eyebrows furrow, hands being clasped behind his back as he moves as though he is in deep thought. You shift uncomfortably from foot-to-foot, waiting for he has to say. “…You want the job?” He turns to you, arms out like a grand gesture and your frown as he lets out a slight chuckle. “Honestly, the job is mundane and tedious; it’s selling makeup products and the pay isn’t great either, so, want the job?”

Your eyebrows shot up, shocked by the question that he had asked. Honestly, you didn’t expect to get the job, much less, be asked right after your interview. You stand on the spot, opening and closing your mouth trying to find a thing to say back to him, as he waits for your answer.

“Uh- no,” Loki’s eyebrows shot up and you quickly cover it. “No, I meant what? Just- yes, I want the job but shouldn’t there be a waiting period? Or something?” You asked, which only made Loki smile and shrug whilst crossing his arms.

“I’m taking a chance, call it a Christmas Miracle, if you want.” You chuckled slightly, “Everyone I have interviewed hasn’t been as confident and nice have you been, we-I-need that around here. Think about it, if you must?”

You shake your head, a massive grin coming upon your face. “No, I want the job. No thinking needed, I’ll take it, tell me when I start and I’ll be here.”

“I’ll email you everything you’ll need, plus times.” he steps forward and extends his hand, you take it with a big smile. “Welcome to the Sephora team, Y/N.”


Originally posted by justdaydreamsandimagines

“Hi, welcome to Nick’s Bits and Bobs, I’m Clint.”

You stare at Clint for a few seconds. “I know, we’re friends,” you chuckle as Clint rolls his eyes.

“I have to say that otherwise, Nick gets mad, he watches all the security footage at home, it’s weird,” Clint whispers and looks at the camera directly above you. “Anyway, how was the Sephora interview?”

You shrugged. “I got the job, offered it to me right after the interview. Although, the store manager isn’t what I expected.”

“You met Loki?” Clint grinned and you frowned. “Short black hair, skinny and tall, kinda looks like it he were to be an animal he’d be a crow.”

You chuckled and nodded. “I will never be able to unsee that now.” You sighed, “but yes, met Loki. He’s the store manager but he doesn’t seem to know a lot about makeup, it’s odd.”

“He bullshitted his way into the job, plus that position. He’s Thor’s brother, by the way.”

“Wait… Thor and Loki, brothers? Let me guess, Loki’s adopted.” Clint widens eyes and nods quickly, “Shut the fuck up, they aren’t named after the Norse gods!”

Clint laughed. “No we all call them Loki and Thor, it’s their nicknames. Honestly, I can’t remember their real names anymore. Thor even had his name badge changed. He works, literally, on the second floor in the Hardware Store.”

“Do all of your friends work here or something?” You asked chuckling but Clint nods, shrugging one shoulder as he lent against the till in front of him. “Really?”

Clint chuckled. “You’re about to meet everyone I love. I would’ve mentioned it before but I figured that would make you wary of working here, honestly, you’ll love everyone.” He tried to make it sound better but it didn’t. You had heard all about his friends and they all sounded crazy, this was going to be a disaster. “At least now you’ll be able to go to the Secret Santa party this year, considering you work at the Avengers Mall now.” You groaned loudly, what had you just said yes to?

(Thank you, all so much, for allowing me to do this instead of requests this year. Wanted to focus on a series. I do have a job, working in retail, hence the inspiration for this. So, updates will be all over the place, which I am sorry for. Hope you enjoy this. - Rosalie)

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dread // theo raeken

summary ; in which the dread doctors make their attempt to rid y/n of life because she’s the only person theo cares about, and therefore, is a major distraction and an immense weakness. [110817]

warnings ; violence, torture, swearing, angst, breif mentions of physical after effects, self-blame

word count  ; 3.2k


stay safe + ily 🎨

You awoke to a bright, white light glaring down onto your pale features and the grating sound of heavy, rough movement surrounding your sluggish body. Your head pounded profusely against your dainty skull and it only hammered harder when you opened your weary eyes ajar, the action leaving you momentarily stunned due to the blinding rays of the lamp situated in the direct route of your face. 

A quiet groan slipped past your chapped lips, and you made a failing attempt to aid your thundering headache by bringing your hand up and blocking out the harsh flare of light. But, when you felt your limbs being captured and held hostage by the material of cold leather, abrupt panic swelled up within your being. 

You tilted your head up slightly, blinking slow and gradual into the void of your surroundings to help your blinded vision. A few agonising moments later, and you found yourself discovering, to your horror, that you were bound to the chilled, hard steel of a metal table, like a lab rat waiting for its impending death - waiting to be mercilessly tested on. 

With laboured, panicked breath, you snapped your head from side to side with eyes wide encased by fear in desperate hopes of catching a glimpse of something that would ease the panic pressing relentlessly on your chest. Nothing. The room was eclipsed by inky shadows; it was dark and damp, various wires weaving across the dank floors and tall, ample tubes towering in the corners of the rooms, murky liquids floating within them. 

What happened? How did you end up here? The memories beforehand seemed utterly blurry; you recalled trundling to your car after spending two gruelling hours of your time stuck in detention for forgetting your Chemistry homework. 

It was dark, the light days coming to an early end as the winter season progressed and let the darkness of the evening consume the sun prematurely. The quiet wisps of your name breathed out by the bitter wind slipped past your eardrums and your legs came to an abrupt halt, your eyes cautiously scanning the shadowed car park for anything suspicious. 

Then, the familiar robotic sounds hit your senses: the clicks, the whirrs, the radio static. Three figures appeared, three men in heavy masks of metal, all of them repeating your name in croaky, broken voices and their soulless eyes boring into the heart of your being. 

You had reached for your car handle hastily with a frantic gasp, but one had snatched you with a ruthless grip and shoved your stiff body into the side of your car. Another diabolically clutched a syringe adequate with a vibrant, glowing white liquid, and brought the needle down into the stressed vein in your neck - no remorse hidden in its void eyes as you thrashed around under its iron grip. 

“You are his weakness. Annihilation is impending.”

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Between Beast and Human

Pennywise x reader (18+). Pennywise is an absolute asshole. He’s manipulative, selfish, and cocky. The only way he’d ever bond with a human is if he thought they were of use to him. I’ve been wanting to explore more of that without fluff or relying on smut. There’s still little bits of smut but it’s mostly implied. Also violence and lots and lots of blood.

Dirt, blood, and leaves caked your hair as you suddenly found yourself face down on the forest floor. Just moments before you were sprinting, weaving in and out through the foliage you had become so familiar with. Pennywise had caught you;  a swift swipe with one of his huge, clawed hands was all it took. 

A deep wound on your shoulder had saturated the air with a sickening smell of copper. Spasms shot through the muscles on your back as you hopelessly tried to grip the tree roots in front of you. You could hear groans of disgust as Pennywise hovered over you for a moment. 

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Past the Point of No Return

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary:  You are Tony Stark’s party planner. After presenting this year’s Masquerade-themed Halloween gala, you and Loki have some words. He disapproves and undermines your ‘silly midgardian masquerade’ and tells you he’s not going. The night of everything is put together, and you meet a stranger that looks quite familiar to you.

Words: 2778

Read on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12336300

“And we’ll be inviting the usual guests plus anyone you request, of course, Mr. Stark,” you said, nodding your head to your boss, Tony Stark.

“Put the Queen of England on the list,” Tony joked. Pepper responded with an eye roll. “She’ll have a good ol’ time with us.”

“Ignore him,” Pepper replied. “This year’s Halloween Gala looks incredible, Y/N, thank you.” Pepper almost always praised your work as Tony’s personal party planner. You had worked on a couple of his parties with a company you loathed. Tony hired you on because he admired your attention to detail.

“I agree. Great work,” he smiled at you. “Very different from anything we have ever done.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you spied two brothers walking in. Thor held a large traveler’s mug in his hand. He sipped at whatever was inside, and walked towards Tony. His brother, Loki, followed. Loki held a copy of Frankenstein in his hand. You silently nodded to yourself, admiring that Loki was reading Earth’s classic books.

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Understudy - Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader

Summary: Based on a request I received, reader is the first female to play Alexander Hamilton, but is an understudy. Lin gets sick, giving Jasmine a great opportunity to make her feelings obvious to the protagonist.  

Warnings: Few swear words, allusion to smut. 

Word Count: 2,315 (I planned this way shorter and it just EXPLODED)

Request: @lawnmowerswig - Okay so I know I just gave you a prompt a little while ago (and it was amazing btw. You’re great man!!) but like Jasmine man.. Where like a girl plays Hamilton for the night and they kiss and it leads to more and ends with like half naked cuddles???

A/N: Okay so I SUCK majorly because I haven’t posted in forever because my writer’s block has been absolutely killing me, but here is me delivering on a request that I got embarrassingly long ago, I am so sorry it took me so long. This helped me push past my lack of inspo, so I’m ready for the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon! 

askbox | masterlist

The truth is, it was hard being Alexander Hamilton. Actually, to be more specific; it was hard to be the first female playing Alexander Hamilton. The idea itself had been a rock thrown into a pool of still water; plenty of ripples were created. The enthusiastic fanbase that had grown into a cult following of the musical had mixed feelings about this. Some were ecstatic. Others were less impressed.

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Half Asgardian pt.2!

A/N: Ummm holy shit you guys. You guys are the best. I loved all the good feed back I got from part one. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to get as many notes as it did.Like literally I had a smile on my face all day because holy fuck over 250+ notes in less than a day.Also OMFG close to 100 followers? Should I do something special? Do you guys want anything??? I know its just 100, but like I am so appreciative of you guys and your love that I kinda wanna do something? All of you are so nice and I love writing for you guys! Here is part 2 my lovelies!!!!

Warnings: Fluff, possible angst, cursing

Word Count: 6.5k+

I woke up in my bed and my head was foggy. My body felt dull. I literally had to roll out of bed because my limbs were not working normally and I hit the floor with a thud.


“What was that? Are you ok?” Tony came rushing into the room.

“I’m good. I’m just on the floor contemplating my life’s decisions.” I said rolling over to where I could see him.

“What were you thinking?Having Thor send lightening through you?”

“I thought maybe……. I had super abilities that were dormant. I don’t know what I was thinking I just wanted to be special like the rest of the Avengers.”

“Y/n are my daughter you’re already more special then all of them. You already have super abilities. Look at how smart you are? Look what you can create and what you did create for Rhodey. I didn’t know you did it til I asked him about it. I don’t have super powers. I’m just smart.”

“You have a suit.”

“That I built because I’m smart.”

“So does that mean I can build a suit?” 

“Hell no. You are a small child. You aren’t going to be fighting anyone and if you do, I will know about it and I will ground you.” 

“Awwww you’re no fun.” I told him.

“Heyy! I am the definition of fun.”


“Come on kiddo get up Steve is going on a breakfast run.” He said helping me up.

We walked out of the room and were ambushed by the rest of the Avengers.

“Is she alright?”

“Does she need anything?”

“What does she want for breakfast?”

“Guys I’m ok really.” I told them rubbing my eyes of sleep.

“Alright you guys disperse. Y/n you should tell Steve what you want so he can go get it.”

“Honestly Steve anything you can find that’s sugary. Donuts, pastries, anything.”

Everyone started to lounge around and started to watch the T.V. I went to get some ice tea from the fridge when I heard thumps. I turned around and Peter knocked me over in a hug so we both lay flat on the floor. “Peter!”

“Sorry!” He muffled getting up a little but still hugging me.

“It wasn’t like I was going to die Peter.”

“No, but you scared me. You got struck by lightening for Thor’s sake.”

I giggled then hugged him tighter. “Don’t worry about it I’m ok.”

Time skip:About a week later.

“Pepper did you hear that?” I asked her. We stayed silent. There was another rumble.

“Y/n….. we need to move…” She whispered quietly and we both stood up from the couch.

“Mr.Stark has asked that you two move to a safer location as quickly as possible.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said rather loud and there was another rumble. Pepper and I ran out of my room and peaked into the main room. Coast was clear. We walked out and Pepper ran to grab the gun that was under the island in the kitchen and the door busted down. I froze. 

It was a group of guys with big machine guns. The one in front had a buzz cut and sunglasses and lowered his machine gun to my level.

“Hello.” He said smiling.The machine gun rang off and I screamed as loud as I could and was ready to feel bullets tear through my body. 

The feeling never came. I had closed my eyes and opened them only when the noise stopped. The bullets were right in front of me. As in front of my face in front of me.

“What the fuck?” The guy said and I ran grabbing Pepper from the kitchen and dragged her downstairs to where we could find a car.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Pepper asked as we ran down the stairs and up to one of Tony’s cars.

“I don’t know. Here give me the gun.” I told her as she got into the driver’s seat. 

“Do you even know how to fire one of those things?” She asked pulling out of the parking spot as those guys came downstairs firing their guns. 

“Drive” I told her popping my head out of the sun roof and shot one of them in the stomach.

“WHERE DID YO-HOW DID LEARN HOW TO FIRE A GUN?” Pepper asked as she drove frantically out of the building.

“I wanted to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent remember?” I told her sitting back down in my seat and put on the seat belt. “Put your seat belt on.”

The guys from the building pulled up next to us.

“Where do you think you ladies are going?”

“FUck.” I said and pulled the lever on Pepper’s chair that made her recline backwards as I ducked. Glass shattered and fell over us and the car started to swerve.

“Trade me seats.”

“What are you doing you don’t know how to drive?!” She told me as I crawled over and she traded seats.

“Um I know now isn’t the best time to tell you, but I sometimes take the cars out in the middle of the night.” I said and floored the gas and started to weave in and out of the cars on the street.

Pepper held onto the seat as I sped up.

I looked and saw that we had lost them.

“So where do you wanna go?” I asked her.

“Are you sure we lost them?”She asked.

“Ladies, Mr. Stark has requested that each of you put these radios in your ear.” F.R.I.D.A.Y said and a compartment popped open with little ear pieces.

“Sup Dad?” I asked driving.

“Hi you guys still have bad guys on you’re tail. Pepper you need to lose them.”

“Oh I’m not driving your daughter is.”

“Who taught you how to drive?More importantly Pepper why are you letting her drive?”

“She says she takes it out during the night?”

“How? She’d have to get past me? Ok not the point those guys are still on your tail.”

“Well than why don’t you guys get them off our tail? Why are they after us anyway?”

“We don’t know.”

“You guys are amazing.” I told him. The thugs pulled up next to us again and started to bump us scratching the car. The traffic came to a complete stop and we both rear ended the cars in front of us.

“Pepper where is the gun?” I asked and she went down to grab it from the floor when the glass on my window shattered. The door opened and I was dragged out kicking and screaming. I was thrown on the ground and the thug that grabbed me was now aiming a gun at me. There was a gun shot, but it wasn’t him who fired, it was Pepper.

“Are you ok?” Pepper asked getting out of the car.

“Yea I’m ok.” 

We started to jog away from our car and tried avoiding getting hit by the other people trying to leave as well. All hell was breaking loose.

We were almost at the edge of the bridge when i felt myself being lifted off the ground. I saw the ground get smaller and Pepper yelling.

My heart pounded harder as we got higher up. All of a sudden I was dropped onto concrete again.I stood on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.The air was colder up here. 

“We’re up pretty high. I wouldn’t suggest looking down.” I turn around and someone with a suit similar to Iron-man’s and War Machine.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Nobody of importance.” He held up his hand and tried to blast me. I jumped and moved my arms to block my body. A force appeared in front of me shielding me. There was a searing hot pain through my hands. I held them close to my body and black marks appeared on my skin. What the hell. I heard the charge of his suit for another blast.

“Dude you and your guys have seriously pissed me off tonight.” I said running towards him and kicked his legs out from underneath him. I quickly looked for a way into the suit. He started to move and I jumped onto him. There had to be someway to get in. Even on dad’s suit there is a way to get in from the outside. He tried to fly, but I grabbed the neck of the suit and pulled him down before he got very far. 

“Stop moving so I can fuck up your suit.” I told him as he started to swing at me.

My hands seared with pain again as I dodged a hit and only to be put in a choke hold.

“Now you little brat.Time to end this.” There was a crack and his body went slack behind me. I turned around and the suit laid there not moving.

“Dude are you dead or unconscious?”

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???” Rhodey asked/yelled over the radio.

“What? Are you guys ok? I’m on top of the bridge and kind need help down.”

“That big lightening strike was you?” 

“Lightening? I didn’t see anything? Can one of you guys come get me please?” There was no reply. Did I really just take him out with lightening? WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON? WHY ARE THERE SCORCH MARKS ON MY HANDS??? I just wanted to have a movie night with Pepper, but nooooo. Stupid ass trash can had to go and start shit. I sat down and started to look at the suit the guy was wearing again.

There was a whizzing noise and one of the guys from earlier had a jet pack on and was now in front of me.

“Y/n don’t move. One of us is coming to get you.” Tony said in the little radio in my ear. I looked around for a sign of any of the Avengers with no luck and the main thug was in front of me with his knife out and ready.

“Where are you gonna go little girl?” He asked walking towards me and I looked over the side of the bridge.

“Seriously? I just took down you’re boss and you’re threatening me? Just how stupid are you?” I asked.

“Very.” He said running towards me.

“Guys….?!” The thug tackled me. I reached out for something to grab to prevent me from falling and ended up having my arm scrape against whatever I hit. Soon we were both falling off the top of the bridge. I heard screaming and wasn’t sure if it was my own or the people on the bridge. I flipped him over so he would take full impact of landing in the water.

The cold rushed over me and stung my skin. It was so dark I couldn’t tell which way was the surface and which way was down until I felt the water pressure get heavy. Something was around my leg dragging me down. I kicked and punched until I was able to resurface.

“Fu…..ck-k.” I started to shiver. I didn’t see any of the Avengers so I started swimming to what appeared to be the closest land mass. I was swimming for a good 10 minutes before I felt myself being dragged from the water and into the air. 

“Gotchya. Why didn’t you answer your radio?”

“You guys weren’t even talking. Half the time when I said something there was no reply!” I said as Peter pulled me onto the bridge with his web. He helped me over the railing on the bridge and I could barely stand normal with how cold it was.

“Come on we need to go back to the tower and get you fixed up.” He said wrapping and arm around me and I put my arms around his neck as we swung off of the bridge.

I gripped onto Peter tightly. “P-Pleas-se d-don’t dr..op me.” I closed my eyes shivering as the cold air hit my already cold body. My whole body tensed everytime Peter swung to a different building.

“Hey I won’t drop you. You’re safe.” We soon landed at the tower and Peter rushed me inside. His arm never left my body and I was stumbling over my feet. I hit the button on the elevator to where we were staying. I looked down and drops of blood were pooling at my feet. Great.

“We can get you a change of clothes and then to the medical bay a few floors down.” Peter said when the elevator door opened. He tried leading me to my room, but I pulled him to the kitchen and grabbed the medical kit. I noticed a pair of Nat’s gloves on the counter and pulled them on.

“What are you doing?” He asked looking worried and frantic.

“Just…. watch.” I told him taking my little invention out of the kit. I shook the bottle and sprayed it where I was bleeding. I winced at the pain but the blood started to clot then heal.

“Whoa. What is that?”

“L-little inv-vent..ion of m-mine.” I told him shivering “I-I need a h-hot show-wer.” I said trying to walk past him, but he wrapped his arms around me.


“You can’t switch temperatures that fast or your body will go into shock.” He told me and his body heat felt good so I hugged him tighter.

“Is she ok Peter?” I heard over the little radio.

“Yea she just needs to rest.”

“Is anyone else hurt?” I asked

“Nat got a bullet that grazed her leg and Sam probably has a broken rib now. We’re coming home.”

“If I’m not awake to do it then take the spray that’s on the island and put on Nat’s leg and in Sam’s mouth.” I told them.

“How are you feeling?” Peter asked resting his head on mine.

“Better. I’m still soaked tho.”

“Well go take a shower and get something warm on then come back out here.” He told me slowly releasing me from the hug. I was upset that his warmth left me, but I went to go take a hot shower and returned to the main room where the Avengers had reappeared and Peter had set up a movie with blankets and pillows.

“Is this the new spray you were working on?” Tony asked.

“Yea. It fixes broken bones, stops bleeding, cleans up the wound, etc. It just doesn’t do super big stuff like a broken neck or a chunk of body missing.” I told him as Nat sprayed her leg and it healed up.

“Nuh uh. Nope. I’m not spraying some mysterious in me.” Sam said holding his ribs. I walked over to him and took the spray.

“Hey Nat….” I said and she pinched his neck making him scream and I sprayed the bottle inside his mouth.

He started coughing “THAT’S NASTY!!!”

“But do you feel better?” I asked.

“Yea. Taste like someone tried to cook trash.” I giggled. 

“You’re ok right? No head injuries, no anything right?” Tony asked putting his hands on my shoulders checking for any sign of injury.


“You wanna explain what happened???” He asked.

“Tomorrow? I wanna hang out with Peter…..”



He sighed. “Don’t stay up too late. You’ve had a long day and we’re going to have a long day tomorrow. We gotta keep your face out of the papers so you can keep going to school.” He said hugging me goodnight. The Avengers disperesed and I sat down in the nest Peter set up.

“Waaaaiittt I made hot chocolate. Its still in the microwave.” He stood up and I sprawled out over the couch taking up all the room.

“Ok I’m ba- hey! Move over y/n/n.” I sat up and he handed me the hot chocolate.

“So what movie are we watching? Star Wars?” I asked him.

“Possibly…..” He said with a grin on his face.

We finished our hot chocolate and we were half way through the movie when I started to feel sleepy. My legs were tangled with Peter’s and we had our arms around each other at this point. Peter started playing with my hair and it wasn’t long before I fell asleep.


I looked around and there was no one around. Where was I? I walked around in the big building. The architecture was so intricate and beautiful. I looked out the window and there was a big city. I kept wandering through the rooms and stumbled across a metal cage with an strange animal inside.

“Stay with someone at all times. You hear me? They’re waiting for you to be alone.” It was mom’s voice.

I shot up accidentally waking Peter up.

“Is everything ok?” He asked.

“Yea. I’ll be back.”

“No where are you going what’s wrong?” He asked pulling me back to his chest.

“Peter I promise I’m ok. I just got to check on something?”

“Y/n.” I looked up and saw Wanda.

“Stay here. I’ll be back in a little bit. Go back to sleep.” I said easing myself off of him. I walked over to Wanda and she took my arm and led me to the elevator.

“You woke me up.” She finally said.

“I was sleeping how did I wake you up?”

“You’re thoughts were very loud. It was like you were screaming.”

“Is that why you’re up here?” I asked her as the elevator door opened and we walked to her room.

“What was that place? In your dream?”

“I don’t know.”

“Was that your mother’s voice? The Asgardian?”

“Yes. That dream….. it was strange.”

“Do me a favor and do as it says, I mean by not being alone. Especially after last night. What happened last night with the lightening strike?”

I pulled off the gloves that I had kept on over night. The marks were still there and she gasped when she saw them.

“Does it hurt?” She asked taking my hands in hers.

“No, but when they were forming it burned like hell. No one else knows yet.”

“Maybe you should talk to Thor about it. It could be about your heritage.”

“Do you know if he’s up?”

“No, but I’m sure he wont mind if you wake him.” She said and walked with me down the hall. 

“What are you doing up this early kiddo?” I turned around and hid my hands behind my back.

“I was just talking with Wanda. Why aren’t you in bed?”

“Why are you acting suspicious and hiding your hands behind your back?”

“Why are you asking so many questions?”

“Why are you avoiding my questions with questions?”

“Didn’t you know that you’re suppose to answer a question with a question?” I asked.

“Ok quit with the bullshit what’s going on?”

“We’re going to see Thor about what happened last night.” Wanda said and Tony started to walk with us, but I still kept my hands out of sight. I left the gloves in Wanda’s room.

Thor woke when we entered the room.

“Hey Thor, you know how you said being in a dangerous situation would possibly wake up dormant powers?”

“Yes Lady y/n. Is this about last night?”

“Yes and by any chance can you explain why I got searing pain in my hands as these marks showed up last night?” I asked showing him my hands. Thor stood up and walked over.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this last night?” Tony asked.

“I forgot. I was too busy being cold.”

“You’ve got your mark Lady y/n! You yielded lightening just like I can. I have much to teach you.”

“Thor I didn’t just do lightening. I was able to create shields. Each time it looked like it was a different matter.”

Thor’s brow furrowed. “Maybe you don’t have the same gifts as me, but something similar?”

“I looked back over last night’s footage from the news. I dont think it was lightening.It didn’t come from the sky. It came from her. Sparked from your body.”

“Mr.Stark. Multiple news centers are requesting a meeting about last night.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said.

“I’ll see what I can do to keep last night’s events a secret. We still don’t know who those people were or how they were able to break into the tower.”

“It probably wasn’t that hard since I was able to walk in without a question when I first showed up here.” I said.

“Rhodey can handle the press and say it was a military thing or some shit like that.” Tony said.

“We will practice today with your powers and see exactly what you can do.” Thor said.

“But for now you should probably go back to sleep because Peter is starting to worry and its 2 in the morning.” Wanda said

I went back to the main room and apologized to Peter for worrying him and we went back to sleep.

Time skip: A few days.

Thor and I had trained and figured out that my powers that I had acquired were able to create things or manipulate the atoms around me per say. I could create metals out of thin air. The night on the bridge I was able to create electricity by manipulating the atoms. I practiced daily with Thor when I wasn’t at school and stayed up late into the night thinking of things that I could create and an idea about Peter came to me. Dad found me the next morning slumped over on my work desk.

“Kiddo you’re going to be late for school.” He said nudging me.

“School!” I said waking up and rushed to get ready.

Later that day

I sat next to Peter in Chem as the rest of the class entered. Ned sat on the opposite side of Peter. 

“Look at all the geeks are paired up.” Flash said.

“Come on Flash you can think of a better insult than that.. or can you?” I asked as he sat down in front of us.

“Settle down class. Get to work on the lab that is written on the board.”

Ned got up and grabbed goggles, Peter got up to grab the chemicals, and I started to set up the lab and the write up. I got the equation and all the math written down. All of a sudden liquid was all over the write up.

“Oops. Mrs.Jones we have an acid spill!” Flash said smirking.

“That was on purpose Flash.” Peter said.

“No I tripped.”

“Just do another lab write up while there is still time.”Mrs.Jones said while cleaning up the mess. I did as she said and we all finished the lab. Mrs.Jones checked to make sure we had done the lab correct then told us to get rid of the chemicals in the waste bin she had at the front of the classroom then she walked away.

I took our finished lab chemicals and poured it into Flash’s backpack. Ned and Peter’s jaw dropped. 


“Oh Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I was getting up and I accidentally bumped the chemicals and they just spilled…. I’m sorry here let me help you clean it up.” I said louder than necessary to get the Mrs.Jones’ attention.

“No it’s ok Y/n I’ll clean it up. This backpack has to be disposed of. It looks like everything in it got eaten up by the acid.”

“WHaT? My english essay was in there.”

“Ooo you mean the one that had to be hand-written, at least 5 pages long and double sided with correct citations for Mrs. Harp’s class? That sucks dude. I would give you mine, but she knows my handwriting from yours.” I told him.

“Just tell Mrs.Harp that acid got on to it.” Mrs.Jones said.

Flash groaned. I faked pity. The bell rang and everyone turned in their write up.

“ That was beautiful y/n. I wish I had a photo of Flash’s face when you did that.” Ned said laughing.

“HEY STARK WANNA BE!” Flash yelled coming up to us. All of a sudden I was up against the locker and Flash towered over me.

“You may have gotten a good hit in once, but that won’t happen again.” He said grabbing the collar of my jacket.

“Let her go Flash.” Peter said. Flash didn’t move.

“Come on Flash… Hit me. I dare you too. But look around at who is watching. If you start the fight I will end it with you a mess on the floor.” I told him looking him straight in the eye daring him to do it. He backed down.

“You’re not worth my time.” He said walking away and the crowd dispersed.

“You scare me sometimes.” Ned told me.


“Because he had you pinned against the locker and you looked him in the eye unwavering. It was like a movie.” I giggled.

“Well I don’t think he’ll be messing with us anymore.” I told him.

“Hey Y/n why are you always wearing those gloves now? I get its cold outside, but we’re inside.”

“She just likes to wear them.” Peter said quickly jumping in.

“Ok ok.”

“Ned you’re still the guy in the chair right?”


“Y/n shhhh.” Peter said ducking his head lower.

“Nobody is gonna know what we are talking about. Plus we’re geeks remember?”

“She has a point Peter.” Ned said.

“Do you wanna come to the tower?” I asked him.

Ned’s eyes widened. “Seriously?”

“Yes I’m serious. You can’t play with my dad’s stuff though. However I will let you test and mess with my inventions.”

“YES! Do I get to meet the Avengers?”

“Only if you run into one of them. They most likely wont be on the floor that we are on.”

“This is so awesome.” Ned said walking ahead of us to lunch. 

“You really trust Ned with that equipment?” Peter asked

“Yea and I need him there because he is going to help me with my surprise for you.” I smiled.

“What? What surprise?”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now would it?”

“No, but normally surprises aren’t even mentioned they kind of just happen so now by the law of surprises you now have to tell me.” He said.

“Nope.” I told him and he grabbed my hand pleading with puppy dog eyes. “No don’t do that to me Peter. Honestly you can wait a few hours.” I told him and pulled him along to sit down next to Ned and I sat across from them.

“What’s wrong Peter?”

“Y/n told me she has a surprise for me and now won’t tell me what it is. She said you have to help her with it.”

“Y/n you know by the law of surprises he is right. Knowing that a surprise is going to happen doesn’t make it a surprise.” Ned said and Peter gave me the ‘I-told-you-so’ look. I rolled my eyes.

Happy came to pick us up and Ned was amazed. 

“Why do they call you Happy?” Ned asked sitting between Peter and I. Ned kept asking questions the whole ride with Peter and I trying not to laugh.

When we arrived we went straight up to my room and dropped our backpacks down. 

“SO do i get to know now?” Peter asked since it was obviously eating away at him.

“Ned you want anything to eat?”

“Y/n tell the poor man.”

“Ok ok…” I giggled “I’m in charge of adding stuff to you’re suit and making it better.”

Peter’s face lit up. “You’re joking.” He told me.

“Nope. I have a list of things that I’m writing programs for and getting put into the suit.”

“Y/n you’re the best! What are you putting in it?” He asked hugging me.

“Well I have a few things, but I was going to have the guy in the chair tell me what he thinks you need.” I said and Ned squealed.


“I probably could. Come on we can go to my lab and check it out. You guys wanna order pizza?”

“ Yea F.R.I.D.A.Y. can you order 2 extra large pizzas, one half cheese and half meat lover and the other half New York style and half pepperoni.” Peter said.

“Yes, Mr.Parker.”

“Thanks F.R.I.D.A.Y.” I said.

“You’re welcome Ms.Stark.” 

We entered the lab and both looked in amazement. None of them had been in here before. Ned walked over to my whiteboard which had my ideas for Peter’s suit.

“Y/n this is impossible. There isn’t a metal or material that is thin,bendable or strong enough to be bullet proof.” Ned said and Peter walked over to the board.

“Well Ned that would be where you are wrong. Because wherever there is a will there is a way. So…..” I pushed the whiteboard out of the way to reveal a sheet of metal I had created.

“What is this?” Peter asked going to touch it and he bent it back and forth. I took off my gloves.

“Its strange isn’t it? You think with its atomic number it would be really heavy and stiff right?” 

“Y/n what happened to your hands?” Ned asked and Peter’s head whipped around to me

“You mean you made this?” he asked.


“Hello? Am I talking to a deaf person?” Ned asked.

“Ned I’m only half human. My mom came from the same place as Thor.”


“I was born here Ned. I’ve never been. These marks on my hands are from my powers no longer being dormant?”

“But you just started wearing gloves recently.”

“Yea they came out when there was a dangerous situation.”

“What dangerous situation have you been in?”

“The attack on the Brooklyn Bridge.”

“They said that was a rogue military thing.”

I laughed. “Uncle Rhodey needs to use his imagination more. No it wasn’t. We still didn’t know who those people were. Anyways did you want to check to see for yourself if this material is good enough for our boy? Choose a weapon.” I said walking over to a wall and pulling out a big shelf.


“You to Peter. You’re the one who is going to be wearing it.”

“You never told me what it’s atomic number is.” Peter said grabbing a gun that had some of the most powerful bullets ever made by man in it. Ned settled on a knife and I grabbed a grenade.

“Whoa whoa whoa… what are you doing with that?” Peter asked.

“Peter I’ve already done the grenade. I just wanna show you guys. You guys go first.” 

Ned walked up to it and hit it with the knife and it shattered.

Peter fired the gun and the bullet hit then fell onto the floor.

I walked over and made a little basket with the metal leaving a small hole to quickly put the grenade in. “You guys can get behind the desk if you’re worried.” They both went behind the desk and watched carefully. I pulled the ring, dropped it in quickly and sealed the rest of the metal. There was a boom noise, but the metal stayed in a small ball. I unwrapped it and showed them the shattered bits of grenade and the un-dented metal. They looked amazed.

“ I even had Vision see if he could do any damage to it. He was able to get a small hole….. right there.” I said pointing to what looked like a pencil mark. “So the only one who would be able to hurt Peter, theoretically, would be me. To answer your earlier question about the atomic number, it’s around 1200.”

“ Oh my-what do you mean theoretically?” Peter asked.

“Well if aliens come again I don’t know what kind of weapons they have or if it will be able to do anything to this metal.” I told him.

“I think we should be fine.” Peter said.

“Can we still add lasers to his suit?” Ned asked.

“The closest I can would be web like lasers.”

“What about snacks?” 

“Ned I don’t need snacks in my suit.” Peter said.

“Yes you do. You forget to eat sometimes.” I told him and entered in a program that he could access if he wanted something to eat. “The best I can do is like some trail mix since its small enough.”

“Does his suit have night vision?”

“It does now.” I said typing in a program.

“ What about……. I can’t think of anything else.”

“What about your spray?” Peter asked.

“Yea I can put that in there. Anything else?”


“What’s the spray?”

“She invented a spray the mends broken bones and wounds.” Peter said and the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it.” I stood up and suit started to be created as I left. I grabbed my wallet and tipped the pizza girl and carried both of the pizzas back to the lab. 

I opened the door with my back. “Pizzas are here. Do you guys want something to drink? We have anything and everything.”

Peter was flushed red.

“Huh? Oh um no I’ll get the soda.” Peter said walking out of the lab.

“What’s up with him?” I asked.

“You’re so smart,but so stupid.” Ned told me going for the pizza.

“What am I missing?” I asked.

“Nothing I’ll tell you later.” Ned said.

Peter came back with some drinks. We sat and ate the pizza while we watched the suit being designed in front of us.

After it was done faster than I had expected.

“Peter try it on.” I told him.

He took the suit and walked to the bathroom.

“So you going to tell me what’s up with him?”

“Y/n don’t worry about it.”

“I have to worry about it he’s one of my best friends.”

“ How do I look?” Peter said coming out of the bathroom. 

“Nice dude.” Ned said and I had lost my use of words. God fucking damn.

“Y/n?” Peter asked.

“I-its good.” 

“ You should do a test run.” Ned said

“Yea this suit feels alot lighter than my other one I could probably swing alot faster now.”

“GO SPIDERMAN GO!” Ned said and Peter went to go test the suit outside.

“What the hell was that?” Ned asked me as soon as Peter left.


“You know what. You just lost your speech function for a good 3 minutes and were starting at Peter with goo goo eyes.” He said acting like I was stupid.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t staring….”

“He likes you too you know.” Ned said

“Yea ok.” I said sarcastically.

“Like I said, you’re so smart, but you’re so stupid.” He told me shaking his head. “Dont you have like security footage in here? You can check what he said for yourself.”

I did later that night. :)

Next day

I should’ve stayed in bed. I felt terrible in the morning and I should’ve taken that as a sign to stay in bed and not go to school. There were quizzes in every class I had that day and at lunch when I thought I would find relieve for an hour by talking with my best friends I was bitterly disappointed. Ned had to make up a lab and some girl was sitting with Peter. I wouldn’t normally have let this bother me, until she leaned over and kissed him. I started to think about what I had heard him say the night before on the footage and decided Ned was wrong and he only said those things because he was grateful for the suit and it didn’t mean anything. On top of that Flash had sent someone after me after school. I don’t know how they found out all the information they had on me, but it did not end well. I came home with a busted lip and knuckles to match.

When Peter asked what was wrong I didn’t really tell him what was bothering me, but instead told him I was just going to the roof and wanted to be left alone. 

And so I went to the roof alone. 

Tony’s p.o.v

“Hey guys where is Y/n? I haven’t seen her in a few hours. Did she come back from school Peter?”

“Yea Happy drove us both here. She was a little upset from school and told me she needed to cool off and that she would be on the roof.”

“Why would she be upset from school?” I asked.

“ I wasn’t there when it happened, but Ned told me someone went off on her talking about her mom and stuff. He wouldn’t tell me any details, but he said it was a pretty big fight.”

“I’ll go check on her.” I went to the roof and she wasn’t there. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. where is Y/n’s location?” I asked.

“That can not be determined Mr.Stark.”

“What do you mean can’t be determined?” I asked and my heart started to beat a little faster. I didn’t lose my daughter. That’s not possible.

I walked around on the roof to look for some kind of sign of her being up here. I rounded the corner from the little greenhouse she built up here.

My heart dropped.

OOOOOOOOO I think that’s a good place to leave the story for now  ;)

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(Eeeyyyy this is pure angst like @alliedoesstuff @cheers-love-tracer-is-bae and @i-am-a-fan was wanting! I hope y'all enjoy and cry over this because while I enjoyed writing it, it was kind of hard to capture their emotions fully. Tell me if I did well and if this is what y'all were wanting):

He can already feel them resurfacing, the emotions that he’s tried so hard to ignore, to bury. He can feel them rising, climbing into his throats and making it hard for him to breathe or think. The fact that the Colonel- no… why does he still make that mistake?- Wilford is currently speaking, rambling about one of his other crazy, ridiculous ideas, further showing that he is completely gone.

That they lost him forever.

He clears his throat, gaining the eyes of all currently in the room. Colone- Wilford pauses, cutting himself off abruptly to stare curiously at him. He knows that Colon- Wilford has not trusted him to the furthest extent, that he doesn’t all remember what happened… that night. He can just tell that Wilford doesn’t know what to fully think of him, glaring or giving him longing side glances.

It hurts him to remember how the four of them used to be.

He pushes those thoughts aside for now, pulling at the sides of his suit to straighten it out. He can already feel his shell cracking, hear how it creaks. He won’t be able to stand or sit much longer. He needs to get out of here.

“As much as I love to listen to you speak, Will,” he began, placing a placating hand on the table before him. He knows how the eccentric man can get sometimes. He needs a calming hand, a soothing voice. So of course he keeps his voice low, trying to help keep Wilford as calm as possible as he informs everyone he needs to leave.

Wilford has always seemed to be most clingy to him. No one else understands why. No one else knows of their past. Their bloody and heart tearing pst that he hates to remember.

He can normally forget everything, only remembering information that is sometimes important in the moment. But sometimes, like now, the memories are crowding his mind. His vessel and shell are weakening, making it harder for him to do this. He clenches the hand still hanging beneath the table, grinding his teeth together. He swallows heavily to keep down a sob from Damien and his shell shaking worsens. It’s on the verge of cracking.

“I must excuse myself,” he informed, nodding his head respectfully. But he can already see the panic, the desperation growing in Wilford’s eyes and his heart cracks. Damien is crying harder, finding it hard to handle this spur of emotion. Selene is seething, pacing. His eye twitches. “But do not worry, Will. We can speak again at a later time.”

That seems to please Wilford because he gives a thumbs up and nods, looking to the Host to speak to next.

He takes his leave quickly, stumbling into his room and barely closing the door before he crashes to his knees.

He claws at his face, both Damien and Selene screaming in frustration and pain now. His vessel, his shell, is cracking, shaking, and he too is trembling. He lets out the scream that had been building up and the world around him turns to static before fully blackening.

“It was all my fault!” He screamed, hands moving down to his neck, clawing and squeezing and trying to remove the pressure from his brain and chest. Damien and Selene had appeared before him, their blue and red colors glowing brightly in the dark void. The two had switched roles; Damien is growling, hands clenching and his hair very much disorderly, messed up and sticking up terribly. Selene is sobbing quietly, once more softly calling out to Mark like she had done so before.

“Of course it wasn’t our fault!” Damien yelled, his voice amplifying as he seethes in his anger, his fiery emotion hitting Dark in a wave. He can feel his vessel aching, burning and he bows his head, letting out a sob of his own. “It was Mark’s! He planned everything, fooled us all and stole my body!”

“But it wasn’t Mark!” Selene cried. They normally agree, go with one another’s words, keep Dark balanced. But on rare days such as this one they argue, yell and scream at one another and throw him into chaos. Dark curls further inwards, the clouds of burning hatred and freezing pain makes his vessel grow weaker. The poor human’s body is hardly strong enough to hold all of them still. It grows weaker every day and he fears if they continue to argue and fight such as this then it will break, wilt away and become nothing.

That he will become nothing.

“Mark was the one that was killed!” Selene continued, turning to face Damien with all of her might, all of the fury she currently holds towards him. Dark looks up to her, his vision fuzzy. “He couldn’t have done what you accuse him of!”

Damien turns to face her in return, a dark look of anger and hatred mixing in his shaded eyes. He’s not mad at Selene, though. No no, he would never be angry with Selene.

He’s pissed at Mark.

“You yourself that anything involving the dead could happen!” Damien yells, taking a warning step towards her. She takes a step back and Damien realizes that she is afraid of him. He clears his throat and steps back, smoothing out the front of his shirt and brushing his hair back down. He speaks much more smoothly now, meeting her eyes with a calmer expression. A wave of relief hits Dark and he sighs in relief. “You know it was his fault, Selene.”

Selene looks down at what would be the ground if they were not in the void, sighing heavily. She looks over to Dark and Damien’s gaze follows, landing at the manifestation that they had created together. He looks up in return, shell and vessel finding great relief as they once more agree. He relaxes in the slightest, wetting his lips precariously.

“How is our friend-” Damien cuts off and his eyes dart away. Just like Dark had been slipping up with Wilford’s new name, Damien must be forgetting the state of who he currently speaks of. A look of guilt flashes across both Damien’s and Selene’s faces. Both still feel terrible what they did to their old friend years ago… “How is the vessel?”

Dark clears his throat and swallows bile which had been rising while they had been fighting and slowly pushes to his feet, knees nearly giving out beneath him. He looks from Selene to Damien and then looks to the floor. “I had been meaning to speak of this… problem-” Damien coughs and Selene glares- “for sometime now. The vessel is growing weak. It will break beneath the amounts of stress you are exerting if you do not cease your fruitless bickering.”

Damien’s eye twitches and he steps forward, grabbing the collar of Dark’s suit. Dark chokes for a moment before drawing in a deep breath.

Selene and Damien have never seemed to enjoy him despite the fact that he is them.

“What do you mean?” Damien demands and his eyes looks Dark’s body up and down, a layer of concern shaded over by his anger and annoyance. “Why did you not warn us of this problem before?”

“Because, I did not have the time. Wilford-”

“The Colonel,” Selene hisses in the background.

“He does not go by-”

“I don’t care what the fuck he calls himself now!” Selene yells, suddenly losing her temper as well now. Dark’s eyes widen and he gasps, their anger tearing at his chest. “He will always be the Colonel! That’s who he is and always will be!”

Damien slowly releases Dark, taking a step back towards her. “I cannot believe this,” he said and his voice is soft once more, more lost and confused. Selene looks over at him in concern, hearing his chance in voice immediately. “I knew that becoming or vessel would have repercussions on them… but Selene…” he looks to her, gets in his eyes, “we’re killing them.”

Selene gasps and her hands fly to her mouth as it drops open. Dark watches as they both try to handle their own grief. “But we were supposed to save them by helping them,” Selene pointed out and Dark can hear the tightness in her voice. Tears are gathering in his own eyes and his vessel aches so terribly. “We were supposed to help them stay alive- not only kill them more slowly and painfully!”

“Maybe…” Damien begins. “Maybe we should-”

But then a hand is rested on Dark’s shoulder. He jolts, void snapping and disappearing from around him and he glances over his shoulder, finds the Host to be knelt behind him, lips drawn down into a frown. “You were slipping again…” the short informed softly and Dark’s eye twitches. How dare he enter his room without his permission! And then he assumes what is happening?! Sure the Host has a good understanding of what happened, but he doesn’t know fully. “You knows it’s not-”

Dark turns and slaps the Host’s hand away, leaping to his feet all in one smooth movement. The Host doesn’t move, only angles his chin upwards. “How dare you presume!” Dark tells and he knows that he’s letting his anger and other negative emotions out on the Host. But he was the first person here and Dark needs to let off some steam. “You have no idea what you speak of!” He can hear both Damien and Selene screaming, his vessel and shell having a hard time containing them once more with another bout of anger. At least they all agree on this in one shape or another. He wipes at his leaking eyes. “Leave me,” he orders despite losing volume and strength in his voice, slowly bending back to his knees. “Just leave. I need to be alone.”

The Host hesitates for a moment but thankfully leaves. Dark is just glad it hadn’t been Wilford to stumble into his room, searching for him-

The Host shuts the door and before anyone else could enter, Dark bends over, forehead pressing against the floor as he weaves his fingers tightly into his hair, finally letting out the sob he’d been holding onto.

He doesn’t know how long he cries after that.

Not Your Typical Frat Boy 4

Frat Boy!Chris Evans x female reader

You’re still upset with Chris after seeing the text message from the mysterious Alice. You think it might be time to move on.

Contains harsh language, drinking, smut

Not Your Typical Frat Boy

Not Your Typical Frat Boy 2  

All Wrapped and Ready To Go (Bonus Chapter)

Not Your Typical Frat Boy 3

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Flowercrowns Headcanon + Reddie

Requested by @trashmouth-spaghetti because she’s really needy for reddie and them having flowercrowns.

1. Eddie hiding the fact that he likes flower crowns, or pastel colours because he’s scared that his mom would eventually find out and ban him from seeing his friends because she believes they have a bad influence on him.

2. Eddie, that whenever they go down to the quarry, sneaks off to the side of the cliff and carefully picks out yellow or white tiny flowers that he thinks would work with his soft fluffy brown hair.

3. But then it gets to a point where Eddie doesn’t know how to weave together a flower crown, so Eddie goes to Bev and softly asks if she can teach him how to make a flower crown.

4. But only with pink or those white tiny flowers that Eddie found from the quarry.

5. And Bev goes like?????? why??? only those colours??

6. But then it rings to her that Eddie has been liking Richie since he was 13, and now they’re 15 and this boy is sitting in front of her, with a lap full of white tiny flowers and a deep blush on his cheeks.

7. And it’s not really a surprise that Eddie is creating a flower crown for Richie of all people.

8. Hell, everyone in the group knows that pastel pink or white really suits Richie and his wild untamed curls.

9. Even Stan knows Richie looks good as fuck in pastel pink and even he can’t deny that.

10. “Stan the man, we both know you would have sex with all this.”

11. “Shut the fuck up Richie.”

12. And all Eddie can do is blush so fucking hard, his cheeks burn.

13. and Bev has so much love for Eddie and for Richie, so she softly asks Eddie if he has more of those white flowers so she can help him create two flower crowns instead of one.

14. And Eddie goes still, blushes so hard again, that the tip of his ears are red.

15. “Yeah bev, yeah I do.” Eddie says.

16. But he’s so excited because he’s finally learning how to weave flower crowns and he’s making ones that contain the pastel pink flowers and Eddie can’t wait until Richie tries it out.

17. It takes 2 hours, but Eddie finally learns how to weave together a flower crown and he’s so happy, that he completely forgets that he might have to hide the crowns once he gets home.

18. Completely forgets that Richie might come in tonight and that he can’t leave the crowns on his chair, or anywhere in his room that Richie might be able to find it easily.

19. So when Eddie gets back home and carefully heads to his room - careful not to show his mom the flower crowns, he doesn’t notice the slightly jarred door, nor the opened window he could have seen from the door that was cracked slightly open.

20. And when he hears Richie say “hey eds, I’ve been waiting for the past hour. Where the fuck have you been?”

21. Eddie jumps and shrieks, dropping the flower crowns onto the floor.

22. And all Richie can do is stare at the weaved crowns that are currently on the floor, instead of the small boys reaction.

23. “I sure hope you don’t pull out this fast when you’re having sex eds, that would be disappointing.”

24. All Eddie can do is scowl.

25. “Besides, who are they for? You would look cute in one.” Richie says, his heart beating so fast because he knows that no one in their group likes the colour pastel pink besides Eddie and Richie - and Richie also knows that he’s the only one that gets complimented the most when he wears that colour.

26. So really, Richie can’t breathe anymore. But he also doesn’t want to get his hopes up because????? Eddie is the most precious soft boy and anyone in the group would be lucky to get a flower crown from him.

27. And Eddie is kinda flabbergasted because this boy is so dumb and Eddie loves him so much.

28. “One’s for you.”

29. Richie puts down the comic and tries to not breathe hard, because shit - he just stares at Eddie, “yeah?”

30. “Yeah,” Eddie says slowly.

31. Eddie’s heart is beating so fast, he doesn’t know what to do, and he especially doesn’t know why he told Richie of all people that he made a flower crown for him. But there’s a blush rising on his cheeks and he just loves the expression that’s on Richie’s face right now.

32. “Did you only make it for me?”

33. “Yeah.”

34. “Can I try it?”

35. “Yeah, of course Rich. I made it for you.” Eddie says softly, his eyes never leaving Richie’s body.

36. And really, the sight is a stellar and Eddie can’t breathe because Richie looks so soft with his black curls under the pink flower crown and he has such a beautiful smile on his lips that Eddie actually thinks he might need his inhaler.

37. “You like what you see?”

38. “Yeah, I really do.”

39. And all Richie can do is blush so hard, his lips feel they’re cracking because of his grin and his cheeks hurt because they feel so warm.

40. But all Richie does is pick up the other flower crown from the floor and place it onto Eddie’s head as well.

41. “I like what I see too, eddie spaghetti.”

42. And really, Eddie can’t even be mad because the two are currently standing in the middle of Eddie’s room wearing nothing but matching pink flower crowns, holding each other’s hand and having the deepest shade of blush on their cheeks.

43. “Pretty sure the color of the flowers match my wang tho, it’s like a light pink.”

44. “Shut the fuck Richie, that’s gross.”


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     “I said I was sorry!”

     Your feet pounded on the ground as you shot through the bunker’s lengthy halls, bumping into walls as you slid past corners and tried to outrun the clunking sound of work boots closing in on you.

     “You can’t run forever!”

     A devilish grin spread across your face. “Can’t I?”

     You flew past the bedrooms and into the lesser known parts of the bunker, every turn a mystery and every corridor unknown. You weaved past boxes and sheet-covered furniture, jumped over dips in the floor and expertly navigated the unfamiliar territory – that is, until you made the mistake. You let your arrogance get the better of you and threw an exploratory glance over your shoulder, searching for your pie-deprived boyfriend. Then you tripped on a fallen lamp and landed flat on your back.

      Dean’s smug face appeared above yours. “No, you can’t.”

     “Well,” you shot a grin in his direction, “you can’t blame a girl for trying.”

     You reached up and took Dean’s outstretch hand, letting him pull you up to standing and wrap his arms around your waist – whether it was to comfort his girlfriend who just took a nosedive or to keep you from running away again, you had no idea.

     “That was my last piece of pie,” Dean said gruffly.

     You flashed a face-splitting smile. “And it was delicious!”

     Dean looked far from amused.

     “You’re a thief – a pie thief! And you’re gonna pay.”

     “Or,” you drew out the word, sliding your hand up your captor’s chest, “you could just forgive me.”

     A small smile tugged at Dean’s lips. “And why would I do that?” he asked as he took a few steps forward, backing you into the wall and caging you in with his arms.

     “Because,” you pushed yourself towards him, sliding your hands into his hair and bringing your lips up to Dean’s. “You looove me!” Then you gave him a smacking kiss, ducked under his arm, and ran in the opposite direction. Dean’s bellowing voice echoed down the hall as you bolted for freedom.


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The only way I will allow a white Avenger in the Black Panther 2018 movie is if there is a scene of one or more of the Dora Milaje dragging black widow by her dusty dry synthetic burgundy weave across the Wakanda palace floor before throwing her ass out a window. As an answer to the white Queen/King of Wakanda fanfics that are written now and will be written in the future. 

hello stranger (1/1) 

summary: “Is this seat taken?” he says, nodding towards the stool beside Magnus.
“I’m not sure,” Magnus answers as he traces the rim of his glass with a finger as if he’s actually contemplating his answer. “I think this tall, dark, and very handsome guy I just met might be keeping me company.”

pairing: magnus bane/alec lightwood
word count: 2.2k 
tags: business rivals, sorta, first meetings, drinking, flirting, some smooches maybe possibly most likely

written for @lightwoodlesbians for her bday bc she’s wonderful and i love her 
(inspired by this prompt)

can also be read on ao3

“Still not much of a beer drinker?” A voice sounds behind Magnus, making him put down his glass of whiskey.

He looks over his shoulder to see Luke approaching him, arms wide in greeting, and he can’t help but chuckle as he embraces the other man. “I’m afraid not.”

“I gotta go see if I can find Simon somewhere but I’ll catch you later,” Luke promises as he points over his shoulder with his thumb towards the back of the bar where the band has been setting up a couple of moments earlier.

“Of course, I’ll talk to you later,” Magnus replies, waving his hand dismissively before sending Luke a small smile.

He gets one of Luke’s big, heartwarming smiles in return. “Thank you for coming, by the way.”

Magnus simply nods, watching Luke for a moment as he weaves his way through the tables scattered all over the floor, before looking around.

The place is nice, very cosy, even if it’s half dead at the moment because of the lack of people. In fact, Magnus is pretty sure at least two-thirds of the people hanging around are regulars, but from what Luke told him when he called to ask Magnus if he had any plans tonight, the place is going to be packed at the time the band goes live.

“Can I get a Guinness, please?”

There’s something about the voice that makes Magnus turn around in his seat and the second his eyes land on the stranger, he knows it’s the best decision he’s made all day. Right after agreeing to come to the bar in the first place.

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