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Recommendation for a good book that you've read recently?

This is literally my favourite question and I hope you’re all sitting comfortably.

Every year, I do a series of book awards called The Random Yet Incredibly Specific Book Awards. While some of the categories repeat (i.e. The Empire Strikes Back Award For Achievements in the Second Book In A Trilogy), most are made up on the spot to fit a book I liked particularly (i.e. The So Long And Thanks For All The Fish Award For Creative Apocalypse).

This year’s list is can be found here.

Highlights Include:

Long Way To A Small Angry Planet, by Becky Chambers. I loved the pacing and how this was a sci-fi book that was going to turn sci-fi gently upside down and shake it, but only until it giggles, as opposed to emptying its pockets and running off with its lunch money. You don’t have to destroy a problematic genre to write better stories in it, and Chambers is perfect in every respect of putting this wonderful story together.

The Girl Who Drank The Moon, by Kelly Barnhill. This won the Newbery a couple weeks ago, which basically fulfilled all of my dreams for what Kelly accomplished here. It’s a MASTERFUL book, weaving together politics, social structures, sorrow, parenting, legacy, corruption, bog monsters, Simply Enormous Dragons, and magic in such a way that it’s still really, really appealing to children. I love this book so much.

And I Darken, by Kiersten White. An alternate history where Lada Dracul is hostaged to the Ottoman Empire (along with her brother, Radu), this trilogy kicked off to a STUNNING beginning. I actually got to blurb it, so I’ll quote myself: Girls with teeth and priorities. I would read this book forever.

The Fixer, by Jennifer Lynne Barnes. The pitch for this is “Scandal, but in a DC prep school”, and Barnes absolutely nails it. We don’t talk about world building in contemporary books very often, but The Fixer really highlights why it’s necessary and how it can be used. Barnes sells a far-out premise, but the world supports it so thoroughly that it never once feels weird. It’s amazing. Also, no one structures books like JLB. She literally has a doctorate in it.

Behold the Bones, by Natalie C. Parker. The follow up to my favourite book of 2014 (Beware the Wild), BONES is a wonderful book about friendship, love, small towns, history, legacy, murder and swamps that eat people. So, so good.

I just finished Windwitch, Susan Dennard’s new book, and it was EXCELLENT. And I am always, ALWAYS here for Diana Peterfreund’s Across A Star-Swept Sea, which is a gender-flipped re-telling of The Scarlet Pimpernel, set in post-apocalyptic Polynesia.

From what I remember (this was from a DC comic compilation my brother owned a million years ago), Superman’s first super suit was made from unraveling his baby clothes (from the rocket ship).  So, canon handweaver Superman.

(I can’t remember if Martha did the weaving or not, but I’m sure she did not let Clark get out of Smallville without knowing how to make, at least, a nice table runner.)

Then, imagine Wonder Woman checking out Superman.  Not because of his physique or whatever, but because she knows weaving.  (It is a master craft of Themyscira, along with spinning, pottery, and metallurgy.)

Imagine Wonder Woman and Superman talking warp and weft, threadcount, wool vs silk vs cotton vs linen, and comparing types of looms.

Imagine Batman taking up knitting (secretly) to try to get in on the craft talk.

The Thief who revels in the Light shone upon him

Master of weaving illusions

The Artist

The Spectre filled with Life

The one who is lit with Life and Joy

The Grownup with a Child’s Heart

The Detective who hides in the Dark that surrounds him

Master of shattering illusions

The Critic

The Life reduced to a Spectre

The one who is shadowed by Death and Sorrow

The Child with a Grownup’s Brain

The signs as youtubers
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> Miranda Sings aka harem owner<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Connor Franta aka coffee boy<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Caspar Lee aka pizza slut<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Tyler Oakley aka the queen 👑<p/><b>Leo:</b> Shane Dawson aka wtf is wrong with this guy (not really)<p/><b>Virgo:</b> AmazingPhil aka sweetlittlesunshine<p/><b>Libra:</b> Jim Chapman aka your only best friend<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> meme aka danisnotonfire<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> ThatcherJoe aka daily vlogger<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Jenna Marbles aka beauty guru<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Mamrie Hart aka she definitely deserves a drink/couple of drinks<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Troye Sivan aka toe weave master<p/></p>

Kip’s list of completed Master Crafter esoteric tomes! (Bold is completed)

  • Master Carpentry: Volume 1/Volume 2/Volume 3/Volume 4
  • Master Blacksmithing: Volume 1/Volume 2/Volume 3/Volume 4
  • Master Armorer: Volume 1/Volume 2/Volume 3/Volume 4
  • Master Goldsmithing: Volume 1/Volume 2/Volume 3/Volume 4
  • Master Leatherworking: Volume 1/Volume 2/Volume 3/Volume 4
  • Master Weaving: Volume 1/Volume 2/Volume 3/Volume 4
  • Master Alchemist: Volume 1/Volume 2/Volume 3/Volume 4
  • Master Culinarian: Volume 1/Volume 2/Volume 3/Volume 4

(Elephant State) Preview.

Available for download on all major distribution sites from the 9th June 2017

Heritage -
The Debut Single for Pink Dolphin Music Ltd / Melting Clock Records UK
Has that definite colourful and artistic ethnic sound that has becone the trademark for Elephant State. A mix of Techno beats and electronic sounds, embellished with Rock guitars and some beautifully played piano… without forgetting the ethnic world like underlying harmonies and rhythms….Overall a masterful weave of musical styles and colours that can be appreciated by music lovers of any category.

Made with SoundCloud

4/5 Stars.

If you ever wondered what happened to young Danny Torrance after his fateful winter at the Overlook Hotel, this book is for you.

We meet Dan again in his 30s. Haunted by his childhood, he finds himself following in his father’s footsteps and turns to the bottle. Finally, after hitting rock bottom, he seeks the help he needs and joins AA.

Dan’s special ability—his shining—links him to a 12-year-old girl named Abra who possesses this same talent. But Abra is in danger. There’s a group of powerful vampires called the True Knot traveling the country, feeding off of the essence of children who shine—and they’re coming for her next.

As always, King weaves a masterful story rooted in the strength of its characters. While the True Knot itself is a fascinating creation that propels the story forward, Doctor Sleep is really about Dan and his personal demons as he attempts to evade the legacy of his father and create a healthy, meaningful life for himself. We can’t escape our past (or our genes, for that matter), but we can overcome them if we’re willing to put up a hell of a fight.

I loved most of this book, though I did find the epic showdown that it gradually led to a bit muddled and abrupt when it finally arrived.

Nevertheless, fans of The Shining will likely appreciate this anticipated follow-up.

The Hargrave Drabbles: Face the Lies

Summary: It’s a tangled web they weave.

Hargrave Drabbles Master List

Face the Lies

“How did Howard take it?”

Scottie looked up from the specs that had been sent over their secured servers. Whitehall was impressive. With Reddington’s nearly endless resources combined with Halcyon’s own black budget, they were nearly done with the prototype. That alone would have given them a leg up against the Cabal, but Katarina would help them pinpoint it in a way they’d never see coming.

“How did Howard take what?” she asked after a moment. She found blue eyes focused on her.

“Finding out why you married him,” Katarina Rostova clarified.

It sounded so innocent coming from her, but Scottie knew the other woman too well. “We have more important things to deal with right now.”

Katarina straightened in her seat across from Scottie. “Oh. He doesn’t know then.”

Dark eyes narrowed. “He’s a smart man. Showing up with a dead KGB agent that I should never have known will tip him off. Our priority is Christopher. Anything else will be handled after.”

“And the fact that you’re a Cabal operative isn’t going to give him some trust issues?”

“We’ve all done things for the Cabal that we’re not proud of.”

“Yes, but you married him on their orders.”

Scottie rolled her eyes and set her tablet down. “At least I knew which mark was the father of my child. It was Red, by the way, in case you never bothered to find out.”

That caught the former Russian spy off guard and she stiffened. Scottie counted it as a win and smirked.

“I knew,” Katarina answered after a long moment. “I didn’t need a test. She… has his eyes.”

“You seemed to have a type in the marks you slept with. Blond, blue eyed…. with her dark hair I always assumed there was a third.”

“What changed your mind?”

“My son fell in love with her. I made it my business to mitigate any potential threats.”

“That always was your specialty.” She leaned back a little to catch their silent third party’s attention. “And you, Kate? How did Scottie Hargrave find you to drag you into this?”

“Oh, Mr Kaplan has been Reddington’s cleaner for, what? Close to three decades now?” Scottie answered, watching Katarina quirk an eyebrow.

“I made you a promise to protect Masha with my life,” Kaplan said.

Katarina hummed softly. “When all of this is said and done, I want to hear all about Mrs Kaplan.”

Scottie saw the other woman’s expression sadden a little, but she gave a brief nod. Silence stretched between for a long moment before Katarina leaned forward. “Have you told Raymond yet?”


“Then we’re both facing the men we’ve spent decades lying to when we land.”

Scottie looked back down to her tablet. “I suppose we are.”

A thought occured

Now I may be completely incorrect about this, But I believe I can accurately describe the positions that the mentors (vanguard, iron Lords, reefers) would be.

@ask-ikorarey would be the dungeon Master, weaving epic adventures and experiences with the help of @ask-lordsaladin

@ask-cayde-6 would be the half-elf rogue with high charisma but low wisdom and intelligence, basically making him “charmingly stupid”

@ask-eris-morn would be the elven wizard who dabbles in darker magic (such as necromancy and evil spells) who begrudgingly accompanies cayde on his adventures

@ask-lordshaxx would be the dwarven fighter who constantly screams “Fight!” Before going into battle.

@ask-thepostmaster would be the human cleric, constantly fretting over the material components of spells in order to keep the party alive.

@ask-petra-venj would be the human secondary rogue, who actually cares about her job and loves to steal and pick locks, all the while in search for a cure to her ailing queen

@ask-shiro-4 would most likely be a ranger, though often cutting up with cayde in jokes and stuff, all the while doing twice the work to compensate for cayde making puns all the time.


Penciled by CHRIS SAMNEE
Black Widow: lion tamer! Now that Natasha knows the truth about the Weeping Lion, she’s in control of his very particular set of skills. Natasha plans to use him to destroy the Red Room’s reincarnation, the Dark Room — but first she must face the deadly Recluse! Black Widow wants to live in a world without secrets, but Bucky Barnes has got a pretty big one. Is the world ready for their explosive reunion? With a Recluse on the loose and a man on the moon, is the Widow weaving a masterful web — or are her threads starting to unravel? While she’s been collecting information, her enemy has been recruiting allies — and it’s all heading towards a full-scale invasion! But what is the target? And can the Black Widow shield it on her own? Collecting BLACK WIDOW (2016) #7-12.
136 PGS./Rated T+ …$17.99


@dickgraysoff asked recently about what Jason Todd would read. It’s canon that he reads Jane Austin. He also reads business and marketing books, fashion, historical novels, fantasy, Sun Tzu, any and all philosophy, math theory, and so on. In short, Jason Todd reads. He reads everything and anything. He and Alfred had a book club before he died, they probably resumed it after he came back.

I should probably look for more canon Jason and books. Because learning is his one true love.

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Would you mind writing about the characters dancing with their significant other(like slow dances and whatnot)? (Also this is a really great blog and you're awesome :))

The Allies

America/Alfred F. Jones: Alfred would be bad at slow dancing, stepping on your toes and acting too excited and full of energy to stay in one place for too long. He has two left feet and wasn’t very graceful to begin with, and tends to be very insecure with his slow dancing skill. He makes up his weakness in slow dancing by being amazing at swing dancing, pulling you into his arms and twirling you around as he promises to practice just for you.  

China/Wang Yao: Yao would give you a soft smile, honored that you had asked him to dance with you even if he wasn’t particularly perfect at slow dancing. He would brush the hair from your face before he accepts, pulling you outside into his backyard to make the atmosphere more romantic; he liked having more room to swing or twirl you around, holding you as close as he can without stepping on your feet.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur would smile at your request, immediately pulling you into his arms and beginning to dance, reminiscing about back in the day when his mother used to dance with him like this too. He was surprisingly good, lovingly gazing into your eyes the entire time and causing you to become embarrassed and look away.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Francis loves to slow dance, and would often affectionately nuzzle your neck while whispering things in your ear; he’d talk about how close the two of you were at the moment and how your bodies were moving in perfect sync, getting a bit handsy as they slide down your back and pull you closer to him. He would then place his forehead against yours to grab all of your attention, wanting you to have your thoughts in that moment only on him.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Ivan was an unexpectedly good slow dancer, but doesn’t like to do it while in close quarters with other couples, as he’s insecure about his large frame and always has to look around as to not bump into others. He feels much more comfortable when you lead, knowing that you’d be careful, and that you appreciated him going out of his comfort zone to help entertain you in the first place.

The Axis

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Ludwig would act very stiff and by the book, paying you no mind as he stared down at his feet and counted out the steps in his head. He wouldn’t realize how romantic it was, or how close the two of you were until he looked down and saw you watching him, causing him to get embarrassed and stumble.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Feliciano had literally no form, swinging you around and smiling at you the entire time. He would compliment you, telling you how beautiful you looked while you were dancing, turning away and often bumping into others and having to apologize to them for stepping on their toes.

Japan/Kiku Honda: Kiku would feel very nervous due to the amount of physical contact needed to slow dance along with the close proximity, which negatively affects his performance while dancing with you. Once he gets over his initial case of nerves, he performs much better, and shows off his true skill in romance.


Canada/Matthew Williams: Matthew was much better than his brother at slow dancing, having learned much from his time with Francis on how to treat a woman, and how to not step on their toes. He would be a master at weaving between the other couples, bringing you all around the dance floor without any of the other couples even noticing you passed by.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Gilbert would often talk big, telling you that he’s awesome at slow dancing and probably the best in the world, but when it comes down to proving his brags, he knows every excuse in the book to get out of it. He would be forced to fake it when you give him an ultimatum, trying to fake his confidence, which naturally you end up catching on to and lead during the dance to prevent him further embarrassment.

Spain/Antonio Hernandez Carriedo: Antonio would jump on any chance to bond or be close to you, and thus wouldn’t mind slow dancing at any point in time. He had a passion for dancing to begin with, and lead you with such skill you were in awe that he didn’t do it for a living; he chuckles as he tells you that he’s only as good as his partner, dipping down to press his lips against yours before giving you a bright smile and asking if you’d like to try a dance with a faster pace.

Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion

Hi everyone,

Ryze has a pretty thorough Visual, Gameplay, and Lore update headed to the PBE, so I’m here to get the discussion started on him. Since I mostly prefer to let players tell me how a newly update champion plays, rather than trying to tell them myself, I’m going to be pretty brief here on what the spells do, how they work, and why they exist.

Arcane Mastery (P)

  • Description: Ryze’s spells deal extra damage based on his Bonus Mana, and his maximum Mana is increased by his AP
  • Details: This passive is mostly just functional and is intended to be incredibly simple and low complexity. Some of Ryze’s other spells have a lot going on in them, so we wanted to keep this on the simple side.

Overload (Q)

  • Description: Passively, Rune Prison and Spell Flux reset Overload and charge a Rune. On cast, consume any Rune stacks to fire a line nuke that does magic damage; if two Runes were charged, then also gain a shield and Movement Speed.
  • Details: The basic principle here is that you can chain cast with Q between every other spell for maximum DPS, or hold your Qs for the occasional defensive/reposition option.

Rune Prison (W)

  • Description: Targeted, no travel-time damage and root.
  • Details: Pretty much the same spell we all know and love (or hate).

Spell Flux (E)

  • Description: Deal light magic damage to a target and debuff them with Flux, causing Ryze’s spells against the target to consume Flux for additional effect:
  • Details: This spell is on a really short cooldown, and using it effectively, especially when combined with Q and its effects, is likely one of the biggest challenges to master in combat as Ryze.
  • Overload deals extra damage and bounces to nearby enemies with Flux.
  • Rune Prison lasts twice as long.
  • Spell Flux bounces to nearby enemies
  • Spell Flux also bounces to nearby enemies whenever an enemy with Flux is killed by one of Ryze’s spells.

Realm Warp ®

  • Description: Ryze opens a portal to a target location. After 2 seconds, all allies near the portal are teleported to that location.
  • Details: This spell ranks up in range significantly with rank, and it has only 2 ranks. It’s definitely a little different that it only has 2 ranks, but we wanted it to be more gated in the early game and less so in the mid and late game, and we didn’t want allies to have to remember several different ranges of the spell in order to participate in using the spell effectively, so the 3rd rank was just cut out, and its range was put onto rank 2.

As far as playing Ryze goes, we expect that he won’t be incredibly easy to pick up, but that he’ll have some things you can gravitate toward on your first few games to propel you into higher mastery on the champion. Though you’ll be able to practice all of this at once as you go, I expect learning the champion to look roughly like this:

  • First time Ryze: masters weaving Qs between other spells
  • Beginner Ryze: masters using E combos effectively
  • Intermediate Ryze: masters using Q passive to effectively choose between maximum DPS and shielding/movespeed
  • Expert Ryze: Can differentiate when to use R to engage, escape, and pursue opponents.

Feel free to drop your thoughts below with your PBE experiences, or simply what you think of the new Ryze.