weave killer


Black men get to be black men without having to change any of their natural features and still be considered attractive.

Black women: must be slim thick, educated, have a career, come from loving family, must not follow “angry black women stereotype”, must not have any baggage, have long natural hair or at least a killer weave, must follow closely to Eurocentric features as you can possibly get

And even then you still won’t be considered all that great

anonymous asked:

I wish there was a tutorial on how to style your wigs/weave to achieve the "Beyoncé killer Weave" which includes A. Natural texture B. natural part and hairline C. flows with the wind D. No matter how many times you flips or shakes it, it always falls back in the pattern and place

Beyoncé is the weave master especially when it comes to the wind machine she makes it look easy x