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I’m an Emu!!

Pairing: Kryoz x Smii7y = Krii7y

AU/Prompt:  What if they went to a zoo, and they realized they had an emu exhibit, and John knows it’s a bad idea so he tries distracting him w other animals, but he eventually loses Smii7y, and he goes to all the exhibits, and finally to the emu one to find Smii7y trying to talk to the emus and being all “I’m one of you”

Idea by the one and only, @thesparrowfliessouthforships

“This is going to be a hell of a fun time.”

John was panicking internally though, he was looking through the brochure to find little exhibits that they could start at and end at when all of a sudden, boom! An emu exhibit near a Flamingo exhibit.

“So what exhibits are we steering for today~?”

“Uh, well, Smit… Maybe, we could-”

Lucas took the brochure and grinned, “Holy shit! There’s an emu exhibit! John, we have to go see this one!”

“Actually, I wanna see the penguin and fish exhibits first, come with me?”

“Don’t want to be alone, do ya? Fine, I’ll accompany you. Be grateful.” Lucas stuck his tongue out at his best friend playfully.

“Yeah… It’s embarrassing to walk around a zoo without friends, ya know.”

Lucas only giggled and grabbed John’s hand, “Let’s do the fish aquariums first. They have seahorses.”

“Yeah, good idea.”

John blushed and glanced at their intertwined hands, following the other as they began their path along the wooden bridges to find the aquariums.

However, the crowded areas were adding difficulty to their hand-holding. He caught glimpses of glares from people as he rushed by them to keep his hand in Lucas’. “Smitty! Wait up!”

However, the more he tried to keep a good grip on Lucas, the more people pushed him away. Were these people thinking of a certain something going on between the two? That’s the only reason they’d be giving him these nasty glares and pushing him from his buddy.

After launching himself from the moving, unforgiving crowds of assholes, he looked around. His hand was no longer warm, Lucas’ touch cascading over his fingers like a ghost.


He glanced around in shock, where had his best friend gone? The nearby exhibits consisted of pelicans, blue jays, red cardinals, and black crows. There was parrots in one exhibit and zebras and giraffes in another. 

He entered a nearby gift shop, “Excuse me, ma’am, have you seen a short male with a beanie on and a shirt saying “Shout out to the 2nd channel”?”

The lady at the cash register shook her head no and went back to her work. He sighed and glanced around, grab something for him and ask him out! 

His inner conscious mind kept yelling at him to get Smit a gift, but he refused and continued on. But returned after more thinking, to buy an Emu figurine. 

He’d regret buying it later. But as long as he could make Lucas happy, that’s all that mattered, right?

He weaved and pushed through the crowds of people, clutching tight onto his bag with the Emu inside. He entered a bird exhibit, frowning at the large crowds and relishing in how tall he was compared to these people. 

After glancing around, he took note that none of the people were wearing black beanies or a black shirt with his and Smit’s channel links on the back.

He retreated from the exhibits of birds and made a run for the carnivorous exhibits, standing on his tippy toes to find his friend. When no such luck came to him again, he was about to give up when a sudden grin brought his eyes to those wonderful eyes.


His voice wasn’t reaching his friend and he watched him get taken into a swarm of people rushing towards the Flamingo exhibits.

Oh no.

John broke into a jog, weaving past people and clutching the bag to his hip in his right hand. He turned his body this way and that to avoid dropping the porcelain figure in the bag. 

After moments of looking around, he saw a familiar beanie traveling towards the cage of Emus. With a deep breath, John hustled forward once more and watched people clear a large circle from around Lucas.

“Hey! You’re a really pretty Emu. Date me, Emu!”

John stifled a giggle as he neared closer, reaching a hand up to nudge his shoulder. 

“I’m one of you! I’m an Emu, too! I want to join your clan.”

John spun his best friend around and chuckled, “Knew I’d find you with the Emus.”

“They’re my people, John! My people need me.”

“I need you more, so come on. I’m exhausted, let’s drop by the gift shop maybe?”

Lucas looked John up and down before grinning and taking John’s hand in his, he glanced over his shoulder briefly and shouted at one of the Emus poking it’s head through the bars, “I’ll be back to join you!”


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This may or may not work but ay, I am giving it the old college try

Hiccup glanced around rapidly as he hurried down through the groups of people, the small frame bobbing and weaving through the crowds.  Clutching his letter tightly, he glanced back in search for his father and panicked when he didn’t see the large man. Parting his lips, he let out a small yelp when he felt the back of his vest hooked by Gobber, lifting him into the air, causing the cat in his cage to yowl in protest. Shaking his head, he stepped towards the brick wall, much to the horror of the boy being dragged along, who squeezed his eyes shut. When he didn’t feel the fall however, he opened one eye, staring in awe at the sight before him. Witches and wizard scampered around rapidly, saying their last goodbyes and hurrying to the train. Wincing at the affection cuff to his shoulder he revived with the gruff voice stating, “C’mon lad, best not miss the train.” He watch Gobber quickly move to join other teachers. Swallowing, he paused before slowly climbing into the train, shying away from anyone who came too close. Hugging the old wooden cage to his chest, he paused, before stepping into a cabin void of anyone beside a tall boy with white hair, who turned to look at him before he could think of something to say.