weave clutch


Hope everybody is having a nice Sunday! Finally found some time to add a new listing on my Etsy shop. So here it is; the Irene black and white handwoven evening clutch bag, inspired from rhythm in music and woven on a traditional Cypriot loom. Hope you like it!

This may or may not work but ay, I am giving it the old college try

Hiccup glanced around rapidly as he hurried down through the groups of people, the small frame bobbing and weaving through the crowds.  Clutching his letter tightly, he glanced back in search for his father and panicked when he didn’t see the large man. Parting his lips, he let out a small yelp when he felt the back of his vest hooked by Gobber, lifting him into the air, causing the cat in his cage to yowl in protest. Shaking his head, he stepped towards the brick wall, much to the horror of the boy being dragged along, who squeezed his eyes shut. When he didn’t feel the fall however, he opened one eye, staring in awe at the sight before him. Witches and wizard scampered around rapidly, saying their last goodbyes and hurrying to the train. Wincing at the affection cuff to his shoulder he revived with the gruff voice stating, “C’mon lad, best not miss the train.” He watch Gobber quickly move to join other teachers. Swallowing, he paused before slowly climbing into the train, shying away from anyone who came too close. Hugging the old wooden cage to his chest, he paused, before stepping into a cabin void of anyone beside a tall boy with white hair, who turned to look at him before he could think of something to say.