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There is nothing wrong with how you choose to wear your hair. 

Straight, natural ,weaved wear it without care . 

Its your crown fix it how you please 

Wear it style slay it with ease 

From every kinky coil to every platinum strand 

The way you wear your crown 

Doesn’t make you any less of a STRONG BLACK WOMAN

and weave. weave don’t mean bald, weave means “you see these 24 inches nigga, I bought this for ME” niggas be like “i don’t fuck with black girls because they wear weave” once again, nigga your mama had that weave wrapped up when she got impregnated by your daddy. who the fuck doesn’t wear weave. I take pride in the fact if my woman wants to wear weave, it means she cares about how she looks and is trying something different. and then I can be like, “ say lil mama, go get your hair and nails done, I want you looking and feeling good” hell even if she doesn’t wear a weave, I will still make you sweat that perm out( oh no perm? that ass will be dripping co-wash after fucking with the boy)

Have you ever been accused of Lying about your real Hair ?

Gurl Please, I Grow This.

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“this natural hair shit gotta stop” “lol u natural hair bitches bald” “i date white girls so i don’t have to buy weave”                                       “nobody cares if ur natural“ ”don’t wear weave tho” “don’t wear ur hair out tho lol” “don’t be yourself tho lmao”


Advice for high schoolers

Thinking about high school made me realize some things I wish I’d known a few years ago, so if any of you are going to high school in the next couple weeks here’s my advice from the other side:

  • MAKE ART. Seriously. Whatever that means for you. Music, painting, sculpture, origami, dance, theatre, basket-weaving. I don’t care what it is, having a way to express yourself as a teenager is crucial. It doesn’t matter if you never share it, it doesn’t matter if it’s horrible. Creating things is also a way to find community and make friends who enjoy the same things you do.
  • Join musical ensembles and theatre productions if you’re at all inclined. The performing arts kids are usually the kind of people you want to be around.
  • If you have time it’s good to get a job. Having some income gives you independence, and the experience will be super helpful when you graduate and you’re trying to support yourself.
  • Don’t stress about grades. Do your best, but after you get into college (if that’s your thing) literally no one cares how well you did on a science test when you were 16.
  • It’s fine to ride the bus alone, it’s fine to eat lunch alone. Choose the people you spend time with carefully. Don’t hang out with people who make you feel bad about yourself just for the sake of being around people.

Like I had considered last week, I rewrote a chapter of a fic I wrote back in March that can stand alone. Since I didn’t change any content and this was written before any DLC, it should be spoiler-free except for the base game, though there are ideas and headcanons in here that match/were confirmed in Trespasser.

Summary: Solas loves Neris, he realized it now. After their kiss in the balcony he knows he shouldn’t keep his secret from her, it’s not fair. He weaved a careful plan to tell his vhenan the truth, but even the best of plans can go awry.
Pairing: Solavellan;
Rating: All;
AU: Canon divergence;
Words: about 2500.

“Come with me, vhenan.” Solas extended his hand to Neris, taking her own in a gentle embrace. Hand in hand, he pulled her forward, leaving the drowsy orange warmth of his rotunda. Neris lagged until they crossed the threshold of Skyhold’s great hall doors to match his steps . When they finally settled in sync to the lazy rhythm down the stairs, Solas stroked his thumb over her knuckles through the empty courtyard. He repeated the gesture, relishing in how the tingling of the Anchor’s magic could be felt through the soft pink scars on her skin, until Neris stopped midway through the fortress’ main gates, smiling at the caress.

She met his eyes with a blink — a seductively slow thing — and the look on her face threatened to undo his calm and calculated demeanor. Solas controlled the slight twitch on his lips and his raising brow, mind commanding the body while the heart slowly deserted and betrayed him. It was nearly an exercise in futility. Was she deliberate in this? He remained still, but his smile widened as he caught sight of her pink lips and bright amber eyes.

His passions burst inside him: joy and sadness, awe and regret — contradicting emotions of a love that contradicted Solas’s own purpose and being. How could a god love a worshipper? How could deception love authenticity?

But despite everything, he did love her. Much more than he could possibly have anticipated. He had not anticipated it at all.

Ar lath ma. The words dangled from his tongue, ready to fall out as easily as they had done just a few days before.

“Where are you taking me?” They stood under the archway, and Neris smiled sweetly at him, curiously waiting for the answer. It was such a beautiful smile, one that could break him apart and build him anew. Solas wondered if this was how a newly awakened Tranquil felt: all the thoughts, all the memories, all the hopes, all the fears, all the emotions. All at once. Bursting inside his head and chest, not sure of what was real and what was not, wishing against all sanity that it was. Did she even feel as keenly as he did?

“I have something I wish to tell you.”

“And it can’t be in Skyhold because…?”

“Because you are important to me, and what I have to say must be said where I can be myself. Without reservations.”

She hummed, pouting with squinted eyes before they shifted their glance to the deserted bridge. “Where is this place?”

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Pay close attention to details, especially imagery here. All articles I have seen have shown pictures of Louis’ sad faced selfies or “sweet moments” with him and “his son” while contrasting those images against pictures of Briana looking angry, upset, or drunk (God BLESS that Sun photo that won’t go away). 

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. People are subconsciously visual, and your images go with the story you’re weaving– sweet, caring, invested and thoughtful “dad” trying to do right by his son and angry, gold digging, fame hungry baby mama who only cares about herself.

There’s nothing the public loves to hate more than an angry woman interested in material wealth. Sexist? Hell yes. Effective? Oh hell yes. Leh go.

tdotcam  asked:

Hey I'm transitioning right now and I'm only about 3 months post..I'm gonna get a weave put in next week and was wondering if you have any tips on how to care for ur hair while in a weave, especially on how to wash and moisturize it?

Hi & congrats on taking this first step to transition.
For the hair underneath I would suggest an S-curl no drip for moisturizing between the tracks once a day or every other day. Make a spritz of equal parts water & aloe vera add in a few drops of tea tree oil for the dandruff.
Jamaican castor oil massages for the edges before bedtime. Olive oil or coconut will also be great.
Sulphur 8 cream or spray for extra flaky or itchy scalp.

For washing, always section hair into equal parts & shampoo/ condition as if it were your hair. To remove added build up, use a clarifying shampoo or just add some baking soda to your regular shampoo but don’t do it so often or you risk dry hair.

For a the weave, any store bought spray will do just fine or use any moisturizing cream or spray for human hair. It will work just fine. Otherwise a leave in will do.
At night twist or braid for easy management tie in a low pony with a satin scarf or bonnet & please don’t leave it in too long.
Enjoy your protective style & have a great hair journey:-)


S/o to those that think I am a stripper or escort Lmao. Dolls I’m a 100% full time Supervisor at a clothing store at the Wellington Mall and a full time sugar baby. I’ve been sugaring for 4 years now. I started when I was 18 and I will be 23 next month. I’m waaaay to shy to strip in front of hundreds of people and have absolutely no ass so I probably would probably just embarrass myself. I work, save , splurge. I don’t go around buying red bottoms and rocking 30 inch weave. My SD takes care of me. This lifestyle is nothing new. Yet at the same time I work and pay bills, car payment and insurance. Jet loves that I work so hard. He doesn’t have to spoil me but he genuinely cares for me so he loves it. Sorry if those that question my money are simply upset that I get in 1 week what they get in 2 months…FYI also , strippers on a “good night ” probably bring home around 400 dollars unless they are extremely popular because normally they split the cash. And most strippers don’t go shaking they ass every single night. I stay having 2-5000 dollars each week so how I’m making that much stripping? I know these things because I know strippers and I support their hustle. So please don’t let me read those that hate to filth. I try to stay stress free. It causes less pimples 😘 …feel free to ask questions though lol.