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We provide only the best 100% Premium Virgin Remy hair. Our quality is unmatched and we dedicate time and effort to insure that each bundle is made to last and behave like your natural hair. We have an array of different textures and origins to meet every person’s hair needs and every texture we provide starts at ONLY $29.95! Deep Wave, Curly, Straight, Body Wave and more all marked down to international vendor prices! Even our closures are discounted! At BEDA BUNDLES, we believe that everyone should be able to have access to top quality hair no matter what budget they may have. The demand for quality human hair extensions is on the rise and because of this, many different companies who claim to offer “authentic” human hair use synthetic fillers in their hair to ultimately grow their inventory and this adds to the cost of your extensions. BEDA BUNDLES does NOT use fillers and we source our hair from specific donors to ensure that you get the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE.

BEDA BUNDLES is dedicated to helping you “Elevate Your Look!”

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50 Black-Owned Beauty Supply Stores You Should Know

For decades, the hair care industry in the Black community has been dominated by Asian entrepreneurs and larger corporations like Strength of Nature and L’Oréal. Both brands have had a strong hold on the “ethnic” beauty market especially after acquiring numerous brands from Motions to Softsheen-Carson. That is, until the natural hair movement gained momentum and brought about a wave of Black entrepreneurs looking to reclaim the Billion dollar industry. With African Americans purchasing nine times more (repeat: NINE TIMES MORE) beauty and grooming products than any other ethnic group, yet owning less than 1% of that market share, it’s only right that there is a major shift in ownership from hair care products to the beauty supply stores notoriously owned by Asians. In an effort to support the growing number of Black-Owned Beauty Supply stores, we’ve rounded up 50 that you should be supporting around the country. Don’t forget to click on each photo for more info and if you know of any others that should be added to the list, comment below.

*Updated with new businesses……