Persona 5 theory time

Lastest Famitsu information stated that Phantom (P5 protagonist) gets arrested at the start of the game for beating the shit out of a women harasser.

So, let’s talk about PV#02 then, as now I realized it’s a key element in the puzzle.

On the PV#02 Yusuke’s painting was 

Are they on the road to glory or ruin?

and it clearly refers to the Phantom Thieves’ plot.

Arsene also says interesting things like:

What’s wrong? Are you gonna let this happen?
What’s that a mistake?
That’s right! You are me, and I am you, as it should be!
For the sake of the justice you believe in, make those of blasphemy repent!

From these lines we can know that both are looking for the same kind of “vigilante justice”, and that probably Phantom accepts being possesed by Arsene so he can apply that kind of justice to criminals.

Once your destiny has been determined, we shall meet again

And then the trailer ends with Phantom in the Velvet Room and “Steal back your future”.

So my theory is that Phantom will have to decide through the game if he embraces Arsene and goes punishing criminals by his own twisted sense of justice (Ruin), or he will be rehabilitated - As Igor said - and will become part of society (Glory), which is a similar to Nyarly’s and Philemon’s bet on humanity on both Persona 1 and 2.
This also applies to the other members of the gang, as they are in a similar position:

Ryuji is not taken seriously by adults.
Anne is casted aside for being a gaijin.
Yusuke was being used by his landlord.
Makoto is a iron-moral student council president and probaly she is disliked by the other students due to this, and her sister/mother it’s a detective who it’s very strict with her on this aspect too.
Haru is the future heirness of a weatlhy family and most likely she has been turned into some kind of mindless person whose only porpouse it’s to keep the company going.
Futaba is probably targeted by someone very important due to her hacking some important information, and thus she’s scared of even go out of her own home.

This time Justice and Tower could be key Arcanas, like Death was in Persona 3, as they represent the two paths that Phantom can choose.

It’s also an important fact that both Ryuji and Makoto go full angry and get shadow eyes in the PVs, as well of Yusuke talking about releasing “your inner rage”. This could mean that now Personas are summoned by focusing on the things that “make you angry” and “your reasons to change the world”.

Finally, even if no one is a mole or an spy, it’s kind of obvious that the Phantom Thieves are going to have some important point in the game.where you have to choose if blindly follow your “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” justice and probably being executed or follow a proper moral mindset and have a bright future.

As an extra, I must say that the party’s Personas doesn’t have a bright future (Except ironically Arsene Lupin)

Captain Kidd: Executed
Carmen: Murdered
Goemon: Executed
Necronomicon: Book of death
Pope Joan: Murdered
Milady de Winter: Executed