TODAY WAS FULL OF ALOT OF FEELINGsSs AND IM STILL NOT OVER IT! so today me laura abi and linzi went to weather spoons for some food and drinks before abi and laura had to go home. So we were just sitting taking photos and being silly and laura writes on one of the menu things “gays” with an arrow pointing towards me and linzi, just you know joking around for a photo and stuff and the manager walks past and asks us to stop writing on the paper menus (fair enough) so then we made a joke about how ‘they were being homophobic’ and we wrote 'gays allowed’ and placed it next to us where basically probably only us and maybe people walking past our table could see, no one in the part we were sitting could really see, or intact was even paying any attention. Then the manager come back over and asks us to take the 'sign’ down as she “didn’t want signs like that in here” and because it “demolishes gays”…. so i was like “well no, because we are a bit” then she was very rude and intimidating so I just said okay and placed the paper flat down on the table. We were all like WTF but also found it pretty funny (because it was ridiculous). then shortly after we get another worker woman come over and demanded the piece of paper with the gay on it from me so she could bin it. Can I say this was mine, my piece of paper, my pen, with a few words on it, like what is that about? I may sound petty but I’m in a pub trying to have fun with my friends and girlf, minding our own business and writing 'gay’ on a piece of paper isn’t appropriate and should be taken away. So now at this point in pretty fucking raging and just very confused. Then another worker comes over AGAIn, ( liKE CANt WE JUST be left Alone?!? its done) but so she tries to be polite to us and explain that they don’t dislike gays and welcome them and she is gay herself and explain to us that if we do it again we would get kicked out. 


Why is it that the word 'gay’ is offensive? Like it was ridiculous, if we had written 'pickles’ on the piece of paper would there be any problem whatsoever? no. Its just crazy that, any of that was an issue, that we got bothered 5 times for minding our own business? and not only that but were spoken to very rudely and basically watched by the workers. But you know what, Im pretty certain none of the customers near us were even taking any interest whatsoever in us and what we were doing. It was so unbelievably unnecessary and put a bit of a downer on my lunch. People are stupid, I don’t understand, Im not over it.


A quick trip into Aldridge and I noticed the new building on the old Magistrates court site, hadn’t seen it being built and it’s almost finished. Of course the old Avion bingo hall is now being rebuilt into a Weatherspoons. They are knocking down the back of it - lets be really honest , the frontage with it’s 1930’s Art Deco front is the best bit , the rest is an asbestos roofed shed really.