kellydelay Time lapse! B-roll of an outflow dominated supercell with a large hail passing by me earlier today in NW Texas

Dear Chris,

You cannot pick a wedding date that will work for everyone. Stop freaking out about it. The people you care about the most will be there no matter what, and everyone else will just be a bonus. Plus, you won’t have to pay for food/drink for the people who can’t come, and they might still send you presents! 🎁 So stop agonizing about picking the “right” date and JUST PICK ONE ALREADY!

“It never fails to surprise me how intermittent the weather can be in Scotland (all over the UK really, but especially so in Scotland). Five minutes before taking this shot it was totally overcast and raining, then the clouds broke and the sun shone through to illuminate this scene and made that green grass really pop.”
Location: The Raider’s Road Forest Drive, The Galloway Forest Park

Source: Tom Tornegard via webstagram

coven applications ✨

hello!! a friend and i are starting up an official coven. we’re wanting about 5-10 people, any age, race, gender, path, etc.
the coven is completely eclectic, so anyone from any path is welcome.

the group chat is gonna be on messenger (your fb info won’t be given out to anyone but me, i promise.) we’ll do occasional Skype rituals, we can celebrate sabbats together if you’d like, each person can do a once a week lesson on something from their path, etc.

if you’re interested, message me the following information!

location (state is fine)
a summary of your craft
some facts about you
and your pronouns ✨

Hot weather (Bucky x Reader)

Imagine the weather being so hot it became difficult to breath. Windows wide open to try and get some air, air conditioning broken, it’s a living hell. The only thing keeping you and Bucky sane are ice cubes that you use to refresh yourselves when the heat is unbearable. The thing is, it’s the first time you experienced such a weather and this means the first time you have to stay only in light clothes (the closest to underwear) while your roommate, Bucky, is here. But you didn’t see this coming. At. All. A sweaty Bucky walking around only in his boxer, hair sticking around because his hairtie broke and an ice cube that he was sucking to keep it long enough. You thought it couldn’t get even more hotter and you were oh so wrong. Keeping your thoughts to yourself you acted as if you saw nothing but what you didn’t notice was the way Bucky reacted to your semi-nakedness and you could be sure of one thing…The heat wasn’t going to come down anytime soon.

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