• Mercy: Little one, eat your vegetables.
  • Efi: Aww, but don't wanna!
  • Orisa: But vegetables are good for your body, Efi.
  • McCree: Now now, the youngins' doesn't have to eat everything.
  • Mercy: Jesse! Don't condone her resistance!
  • Junkrat: But veggies are piss poor they are. Right fuckin nasty!
  • Orisa: Language!
  • Junkrat: Gesundheit.
  • Mercy: You know who else ate their vegetables? Jesus. Jesus ate his vegetables.
  • McCree: Ya know who else is dead now? Jesus. Jesus is dead now.
  • All: ...
  • Orisa: *muffled laughter*

What’s really shocking is that Roland Emmerich isn’t involved in this whatsoever.

The Terrible 90s Movie That’s Coming Out This Year


You have found comfort
in the sky blues
and midnight blacks
that trounce your spirit
the sun shined its moon upon.

I may not be entirely transparent
in that my nature is clouded
but I can safely admit
that my grays cease to exist,
for I am whatever color you desire.

If I don’t deliver soft light
to your distinct outlines,
this love must die.
But if care contorts and converts us,
this love must dye.