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Six or seven, maybe eight months later, there’s a thunderstorm in London.

Sometimes things have to fall apart before they fall together.

This beautiful fic by @watsonshoneybee is perfect for a stormy night!


shows up three weeks late with a hella stepped up #ootd game. 

#1. bag: mulberry reston | band of outsiders shirt, tie, blazer | burberry pants | dr. marten chelsea boots

#2. bag: mulberry ted | supreme cardigan | levi’s vintage clothing el real shirt | red wing heritage women’s moc boots

#3 supreme denim stripe hooded zip up | adidas koln (it! was! so! hard! to! cop! these!)

#4. bag: mulberry kenrick | schott perfecto leather jacket | comme des garcons play button-down | old skool vans

littlemissspookiness  asked:

Weather Jim. I am terrified. It is wet outside. What do I do!?


What is this WET????  

Hold on. I am going to ask one of the robot not-Jims….




So…the crying of the floating sheep causes water to make the air not….dry? How is this possible? 

My only solution for you, my dear Jim, is to find the nearest dry place and take cover until this evil has passed. I will send the team of Science Jims to investigate this matter further! Stay safe, Jim