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“The musicals had a good, happy feeling, saying that the world is a better place. They say it’s not reality, but who cares? There’s too much reality these days.” -Shirley Jones

Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg in Rheinland-Pfalz, Southwestern Germany, is a spa town of about 4,000 inhabitants; it is now part of Bad Kreuznach. It’s recognized as a mineral spring spa (Mineralheilbad) and a climatic spa (heilklimatischer Kurort). Today the “Spa” is famous for its clinics specializing in cardiological and orthopaedic rehab. Its many graduation towers form the largest open air inhalatorium in Europe.
How Richard Spencer's home town weathered a neo-Nazi 'troll storm'
The residents of Whitefish, a small Montana ski town, provoked an onslaught of antisemitic harassment for standing up to the ‘alt-right’ racist in their midst.
By Lois Beckett

This is a really good read. I’m hesitant to share so many stories of anti-semitism, but this is also a remarkable story of prolonged resistance by a town coming together, with the help of young anti-fascists and Standing Rock vets. and it worked. and they served matzoh ball soup. Really amazing


just by Tony

You're beautiful

(A/N): for my beautiful friend @jaqui-has-a-conspiracy-theory

 Warnings: some swearing

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   Today had actually been a nice day for once in your crappy weather town so you decided to make the most of it. You slipped on a normal pair of jeans and a simple “Brooklyn” T-shirt and headed out, perhaps to take a simple walk or maybe go get a coffee or something. 

   You meander around the town for a bit, just taking in all the sights there were to see and such. It was such a beautiful time of year, the leaves were changing colors and the crisp fall air only added to beauty of it all, unfortunately that meant that you were automatically a few degrees colder than anticipated so it looked like you were going to get that coffee after all. 

   You chose a small cafe, hoping not too many people were in there, you did want to have some alone time and just watch the world around you go by so when you walked in and saw a near empty cafe you were more than excited. There was no line so you could immediately walk up and order before hanging around the side, waiting for your order to be called. You pulled out your phone to flip through your instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc. However, you’re quickly pulled from your little browsing session as an accented voice calls to you. 

   "So uh, you fan of Brooklyn or somethin’?“ You look up from your phone only to be met with an all too familiar pair of blue orbs. It was everyone’s favorite Brooklyn boy, Captain America. Your mouth runs dry and as you go to speak you can barely find any words to do so. The man, Steve Rogers, Captain America, gives you a small smirk, one corner of his lip twisting upwards.  

   "Yeah,” You finally breathe out, having snapped out of your trance. “I guess you could say that,” This time Steve does smile, a full smile, one that showcased all of his pearly whites. 

   “It’s a nice town, different than what I’m used to but it’s still great,” You smile shyly as you look down, no doubt your cheeks a burning mess. “Oh, I’m Steve by the way,” Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers, was introducing himself to you like you had no clue who he was, that and he had just offered you his hand to shake. You smile bashfully as your grasp his hand, shaking it gently. 

   “I’m (Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” Steve smiles a bit wider at you, releasing your hand from his own warm one. 

   “Well (Y/N),” Steve turns and grabs the cup of coffee you had failed to realize was sitting there, before he hands it to you. “It was great meeting you, hope I see you round,” And with that the Captain gives you a two fingered salute before heading out the door, leaving you feeling both shocked and giddy all at once. 

   Had that really just happened? Did Steve Rogers just talk to you? Did you really just have a civilized conversation with one of the Avengers? It had all happened so fast you could barely believe it had actually happened and yet the cup of coffee in your hand told you otherwise. 

  You eye your cup incredulously for a moment before raising it to your lips as you go to drink it but you stop halfway when you see some form of handwriting on the cup. You lower it back down, instead choosing to read the rather clean handwriting on the paper cup. 

   Call me sometime ;) 

   And holy hell, Steve Rogers had just given you his number, he had just written his number on your cup. You can feel your heart hammering in your chest as you pull out your phone and punch the number in, contemplating if you really wanted to do this here and now. A wave of courage washes over you and you press the call button, your heart hammering even more. There’s a few rings and suddenly Steve is on the other line. 

   “Hello?” You smile softly at his tone as you bite your lip to suppress the giggle that threatened to worm it’s way out of your mouth. 

   “Hello Captain,” 

    That phone call had been…interesting. There’d been some flirting and then some deeper conversations and the next thing you knew you were on a date with Steve Rogers. 

   The date had been amazing, Steve was ever the gentlemen and you could feel yourself already falling. Hard. He was just so sweet and understanding and you meshed so well with him. 

   Well, one date turned into two, two turned into three, and three turned into…three turned into a steady relationship and a potential future with each other. 

  It had all happened so fast, or so you thought. That day in the cafe only felt like yesterday when in reality it was 5 months ago. It was absolutely crazy to think about, that you, some random person wearing a Brooklyn t-shirt had been able to catch Captain America’s eye And yet you had. The mere idea of that walking god liking you was absolutely unfathomable, after all he could have any woman or man he wanted and yet he chose you. 

   You often found yourself starting to feel insecure when you were around him, he was the walking epitome of beauty and grace and well- you were you. It wasn’t him, necessarily, that was making you uncomfortable it was the men and woman who clung to him at parties and red carpets that got to you. They were all so gorgeous and you always ended up feeling severely insecure around them. I mean, why wouldn’t Steve want any one of those beautiful people? One day, you’d often find yourself thinking, one day he will realize he deserves someone better and he’s gonna leave you.

    “(Y/N), we’ve got to hurry up,” Steve’s voice interrupts your tirade of negative thoughts. You sigh as you take in your appearance one last time. You didn’t look bad, thanks to the help of Tony, who’d demanded to help you dress for this occasion, but you didn’t look half as good as anyone else but you’d have to live with that. You grab your shoes and head down the stairs, being careful of your long dress pants. “(Y/N),” Steve calls to you, obviously having not seen you walking down the stairs. “We’ve got 5 minutes to until    we have to leave and-” Strve trails off as he looks up, his gaze automatically connecting to Yours. A warm smile graces his lips and he can’t help from letting his eyes wander, raking up and down your form. 

   "Wow,“ he breathes out as he reaches out to you, grasping your forearms as he takes in your appearance. "You look-" 

    "Awful?” The word just slips from your mouth, you couldn’t stop it and now it was out there and there was no taking it back. Steve’s expression etches with confusion and his eyebrows furrow as he stares at you. “I was going to say beautiful but uh-” Steve trails off as you look to your feet, a little too embarrassed and a little too ashamed to look at him. “(Y/N),” Steve’s hands come up to gently rub at your cheeks. “Is something wrong?” You sigh shakily knowing there was no point lying to him, the man knew you better than you knew yourself. 

   "I just- it’s that- ugh-“ Steve gives you a sad smile as he runs his thumb along your cheekbones, waiting patiently for your answer. "I just feel self-conscious is all,” you shrug your shoulders, hoping Steve didn’t push the matter further but you knew Steve just as well as he knew you and you knew he wouldn’t stop worrying about you until he knew more.

    “Why?” His voice is soft and imploring, not in anyway pushy or harsh.

    “Well you’re an actual god with your stupid gorgeous blue eyes and perfect body and personality and then- then you have all these people fawning over you and they’re all so beautiful and perfect and I’m not,” you finish with a small pout as you stare down at the floor, refusing to meet Steve’s gaze.

    “But (Y/N)-” Steve’s voice holds that soft tone, one that was so full of love and care and that was so sweet you were surprised you hadn’t developed any cavities. “You’re gorgeous, how can you not see that?” You can only shrug, sniffling softly as small baby tears begin to form in your eyes. “Oh (Y/N),” Steve sighs as he quickly wraps his arms around you, keeping you locked against him. “You’re so beautiful baby, you’ve got the most gorgeous smile and these bright, twinkling eyes, and you’ve just got the cutest face ever and-” Steve sighs as he hugs you a bit tighter. “And you’re just so damn beautiful.” You open your mouth and close it again, truly contemplating your words after Steve’s little speech. 

   "I- uh, I-I don’t know what to say,“ you whisper against him, the sound slightly muffled due to his jacket. 

   "Just say you believe me, tell me you think you’re beautiful too," 

   "what if I don’t?”

    “Then we may have to skip this party so I can convince you,” You smile softly, nuzzling against Steve as a blush illuminates your cheeks.

    “I think we may have to too," 

   "it’s really hard to find that comment sexy when it’s muffled against my shirt,” Steve chuckles and you can only chuckle along with him, muttering a quiet “whatever you nerd” between said chuckles. It was then you realized, standing in Steve’s arms as the two of you laughing together just being able to be yourselves, that you didn’t feel self-conscious, not at all.

A Different Reaction

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You had been warned that the weather of this planet could be unpredictable, but you hadn’t stopped to consider that it might snow while you were down here. It wasn’t cold enough for it to stick, but it was cold enough to make you wish you were wearing something warmer than your uniform and had teamed up with someone besides the Russian wiz kid. Anytime you brought up how cold it was, he would bring up something about the weather in his home town.

While normally you loved hearing him talk about Russia, right now you were cold and tired and it was getting on your nerves. He may not be cold. but your hands certainly were. And if there one thing you’ve learned over the years, it’s that cold hands make the best revenge.

You reached down and put your freezing hand against his warm one, but instead of recoiling from it and snapping at you like you had expected, he wrapped his fingers around your hand.

He didn’t react at all to the fact that the two of you were now holding hands, and you certainly weren’t going to be the first to admit this was weird. So the two of you kept walking and kept on working the mission.

At first, you did everything you could not to look at him, afraid of making accidental eye contact, but as time went on and your hands remained linked, you grew more and more confounded.

“I’m not seeing any life signs at all. It’s as if-” He stopped when he looked over at you and saw you staring wide eyed and open mouthed at him. “What.”

“What? No,” You cleared your throat. “Nothing. All things are normal. Fine. Good.”

“Why are you talking with that voice then?” He gave you a curious look.

“I’m not. This is just the way that I talk. Maybe you’re the one that’s talking funny.”

“This is not the way you talk.” He stopped. “Why are you acting so weird?”

“I just…” Covering your face with one hand, you brought your intertwined hands up and gave them a light shake.

“What? You grabbed my hand.”

“Yeah,” You dropped the hand from your face. “But because my hand was cold so I grabbed yours to annoy you and then you just…”

“Oh my god. I am so sorry.” He moved to pull away, but you tighten your grip. “I thought-”

“Like I said my hands are cold. Yours aren’t.” You shrugged. “It’s nice.”

He smiled, “Shall we continue then?”

“Lead the way.”