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Hi! How long do you think it would take for plants to overgrow an abandoned and destroyed city with no human life in it? For reference this city was bombed and burned (not radioactively).

It would depend on how thickly forested you would want the area.

  • 5 years: You will see some small trees and concrete being busted up by new growth. Priorly planted areas will be over grown and unmanageable. Small animals, insects, and large herbivores will be attracted to the area and establish populations.
  • 10 Years: Concrete will be almost overgrown and trees will be further busting up the side walks and buildings may start to collapse due to the plants or disrepair from severe weather. Herbivore populations will have attracted small predators and the occasional lone large one.
  • 25 Years: Large buildings will have mostly collapsed due to damage done to their structure by tree roots. Asphalt and sidewalks will be mostly gone or reduced to patches of rubble. Roads will be unusable due to their disrepair or gone completely. Ecosystems will be mostly developed and water sources may begin to appear in areas where they may not have before.
  • 50 Years: Most traces of buildings and other human civilization except for heaps of rubble will likely be gone or covered in plant growth. Roads and side walks will have disappeared and full blown ecosystems will have re-established themselves in the area.
  • 100 Years: Ecosystems will thrive without human civilization and most if not all traces of humans will be gone or buried under new dirt and substrate, allowing plants to grow over it and life to go on without it. Areas will be thickly grown in with trees and shrubbery that would resemble a national park or state sanctuary.

It really depends and most of those times are a guestimate. For cities like NYC or Chicago,  would guess it would take about 50% longer because of how heavily industrialized and concreted the area is while small towns or rural areas could disappear about 25% faster due to the spread out nature of most small towns. Severe weather such as hurricanes, wildfires, heavy flooding, tornadoes, tsunamis/tidal waves, sinkholes, and earthquakes would speed things up drastically by the thorough devastation of a civilized area.

I hope this helps and is what you were looking for! So sorry this sat in the ask box for so long!
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(Most of these time estimates are just that, estimates, and are based off of what I know about plant growth and the behavior of ecosystems interacting with human civilization.)

The sky and the sea - winter in Sank Peter-Ording, Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. It’s a popular seaside resort and spa, and the only German seaside resort that has a sulphur spring; it also is the resort with the most overnight stays in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Bughead Fic: Like Romeo and Juliet

Summary: as promised… all the angst and argument and make-up smut we deserve…

A/N: I hope you guys aren’t disappointed… I’m going to hell for this. Thanks for being my amazing beta as usual @allthingsbughead

Warning: SMUT!!!

word count: 4090

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“A glooming peace this morning with it brings;
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head.”

- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

It was done. Riverdale’s sadistic serial killer had clawed his way into Betty Cooper’s mind and forced her to isolate herself, hurt people close to her, and finally ripped her heart right out of her chest. Even though Betty hadn’t seen Jughead - sending Archie with the task of convincing him that she needed space instead because she knew that she couldn’t do it herself - she could almost feel his physical absence in her life. Her heart ached for him and her anxiety writhed in the back of her mind like an angry demon, daring her to crumble, making her feel weak and helpless.

How do you know he will take you back after this? After you have deserted him?

The voice in the back of her mind hissed, exposing her insecurities and revealing her worst fear. There was nothing that The Black Hood could do that was worse than taking Jughead away from her, he was the last light that she had left in this god-forsaken town after Polly moved away. She wished more than anything that they could just leave Riverdale on the back of his motorcycle and never come back, like he had envisioned yesterday in Pop’s, like Romeo and Juliet…

Betty curled up on her window seat in her too-pink bedroom, wrapping her flowery blanket securely around her as if it could shield her from the pain, and peered out of her pristinely pressed white curtains, her gaze falling on the darkened street below. She could see the white picket fence surrounding her perfectly painted house, and the flawless flowerbeds adorning the front garden. Just the same as every house on her street. Like every house on the north side of Riverdale. Here she was, cooped up like a domesticated animal in her sleepy little hometown, her bedroom painted in soothing pastel colours, and yet she had never felt more scared in her life. It was almost laughable.

The street outside was empty, as she had expected, but a small part of her had hoped that Jughead would be leaning against her garden fence, waiting for her to run out of her front door and jump into his arms like she so often had. They would go to Pop’s on the back of his motorcycle and order milkshakes, their hands entwined across the table, and they would dream of a time when they could run away together and leave Riverdale’s civil war. Like Romeo and Juliet…

“Lollipop lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli -” Betty snatched up her phone, the now-haunting song turning her blood to ice as her shaking fingers unlocked her phone screen, she swallowed down the panic in her throat as she raised her phone to her ear.

“Hello?” she whispered, the sound of her own voice making her wince.

“Hello Betty. Did you do what I asked of you?” the emotionless voice asked, even though it already knew the answer, the sound echoing around Betty’s brain.

“Yes” she said, more clearly this time, biting back a sob. She picked up one of her cushions and dug her nails into it forcefully. She couldn’t let him sense her weakness.

“Good girl” the voice crooned. “Now, your question.”

Betty took a deep breath.

“What will make you stop?” she asked.

“Your loyalty” the voice replied, then the line went dead.

Betty couldn’t hold in her sobs any longer. Allowing her phone to slip through her fingers and fall to the floor, she pressed her face into the cushion in her hand and screamed into the material. Tears steamed mercilessly down her ghostly pale cheeks and her shoulders shook violently with all the pent up despair that she had been trying to keep hidden. She wrapped her arms around her chest in a desperate attempt to hold herself together as she wept.

Jughead will never forgive you.

After Betty had cried until there was nothing left, and an unsettling numbness washed over her, she turned to her bedroom window, the one that Jughead used to climb through, and unlocked the latch with her shaking fingers. She pushed the window up slightly and lay down on her windowsill, covering herself in her blanket and tucking the slightly damp cushion behind her blonde head. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply to calm the sickening feeling in her stomach, and willed Jughead to understand why she had to end things between them, praying that he could sense that something wasn’t adding up.

Betty Cooper fell asleep next to her open window, just in case he came back.

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