hello, yes, we now have an official flier for the Funeral Sounds / Broken World Media unofficial SXSW showcase. it is an all ages, free event on March 15th and 16th, featuring bands such as nouns, JANK, Sorority Noise, Prawn, Weatherbox, Donovan Wolfington, Pope, Atlas At Last, Pop Pistol, Spill, Two Inch Astronaut, Sioux Falls, Football etc., Two Knights and more! there’s also gonna be a lot of free stuff from different labels and ourselves, maybe a giveaway or two, free vegan and/or gluten-free food (some free, some being sold), and just a lot of fun with a lot of good people. 

here’s the Facebook event:

it would mean the world if you came to hang out with us. this is the single coolest thing i’ve ever gotten to do and i could not be more excited to hang out with everyone and hug everyone and ramble emotionally in-betweenn sets. 

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First 10 songs that come across my playlist on shuffle:

1. Nobody Moves (Demo 2006) by Brand New
2. Kick Flips by Weatherbox
3. The Knock by Hop Along
4. Famous Friend by Joyce Manor
5. Who Killed Marilyn? by The Misfits
6. Cada Célula by Ságan
7. Oil the Shoe if the Critter Knew Any Better by Le Butcherretes
8. Lounge (Closing Time) by Modest Mouse
9. Take it Away by The Used
10. Vamos a Mi Casa by QUITAPENAS

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