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#25 with Marichat?

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” 

Chat crouched a little further behind her with a look oddly reminiscent of fear. “I need a fangirl buffer.”

“A buffer?” Marinette echoed, looking around and trying to take in the fancy event. “I thought you loved fangirls.”

He certainly had no issues pandering to them when she was around

“Only when Ladybug’s around to keep them from getting too crazy,” he argued, voicing her thoughts almost exactly. “Without her…” He shuddered. “Fangirls are scary.”


Being something of a fangirl herself, she couldn’t exactly argue that.

“Okay, okay,” she sighed. “I’ll stick around and keep the lawsuit-worthy things to a minimum, and in return…”

She trailed off pointedly.

“A VIP pass to Gabriel’s advanced showing, I know,” he grumbled, putting her between him and a passing socialite. “Just… please.”

Marinette sighed again and prepared herself to face a small horde of jealous females.

Chat had better get her that damn VIP pass.

April 29, 2007

At Coors Field during a 9-7 Colorado victory over the Braves, Troy Tulowitzki turns the 13th unassisted triple play in big league history. With the base runners on first and second on the move in the top of the seventh, Rockies shortstop Tulowitzki catches Chipper Jones’ line drive (1), steps on second to retire Kelly Johnson (2), and then tags Edgar Renteria (3), who stops short of second.
When intentions are lost in translation

For @snowbaz-feda day 29. Baz takes care of Simon, and Simon accuses Baz of plotting.


I didn’t want to go off and kill them all, I thought I could fight the beasts and chase them away, but there are too many of them and none of my spells are coming out right and there are cuts across my body where they’ve slashed me with their claws and I can’t. I can’t fight them. The sword drops from my hand, the magic spills over, and I feel the explosion at the same moment I hit the ground.


Snow barely makes it through the door and to his bed before he collapses, his upper body slumped across the bed with the rest of him still hanging off it, knees scraping the floor. I wait for him to heave himself the rest of the way up, but he doesn’t move. I can smell blood, and his shirt is torn in a few places.

I ignore the sensation of my fangs filling my mouth and cautiously step closer.


There’s no answer, not even a groan, and he’s still not moving. I take in the dishevelled state of his hair and the scars on his back, visible through the tears in the fabric of his shirt, and I forget all about keeping my distance and rush to his side. I grab his wrist.

There’s a pulse, but it’s slow and irregular, and he seems to be struggling to breathe.

Up close the smell of blood is stronger, and I can see that he’s unconscious. Whatever it was has seriously hurt him. He starts to slump back towards the ground and I catch him with an arm around his shoulders. I try to figure out how to move him onto the bed with the least physical contact possible. In the end, I scoop him up with my other arm under his knees, and I try not to hold him too close as I lift him up and gently lay him on his back on the bed.

I take out my wand and spell away the tattered remains of his shirt, dropping them onto the floor for him to deal with later. There are cuts and wounds all over his chest, some bleeding quite badly, and his face looks pale underneath all the blood and grime and he looks like he could be dead. There’s a strange ache in the pit of my stomach, and I won’t pretend I don’t know what it is. (It’s the feeling of seeing the one you love close to death, and realising how close you are to losing him.)

I cast every healing spell I can think of, repeating them over and over, until the scars finally start to shrink and the colour returns to his cheeks.

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voice actor: *says something the fanbase doesnt agree with*
fanbase: well nothing the voice actors say is canon and we should disregard it completely because i dont like it
voice actor: *says something the fanbase does agree with*

It’s that perfect time of the year when the snow still lays thick but the sun comes out in the day and the skies are clear blue. The ice on the lakes is still thick and the layer of snow is hardened enough for long walks across the surface. It doesn’t get fully dark at midnight and the stars are still out and you can hear the ice sing as the temperature changes and makes it shift and split, slowly. You see the last beautiful displays of northern lights before the summer months of midnight sun. The white swans arrive with songs and dancing, patiently waiting for the thaw and making due with what food they can find in the small open pockets of rivers and creaks. It’s such a peaceful time.