weather's perfect for it


I think fall is the perfect season for lovers, perfect for a walk, perfect to stay at home, amazing views and sunsets, good food and perfect weather to chill inside together with hot cocoa ☕🍁❤
I’d give anything to spend a day like that with Saeyoung.

starkravinghazelnuts  asked:

Carol/Rhodey. Raking leaves. Who is doing the raking, and who jumps into the pile and makes a mess?

So, here’s the thing: Neither Carol nor Rhodey ever expected to get to the point in their lives, when a nice house in the suburbs, with white picket fences, a blooming garden, and a large patio perfect for all weathers, was anything more than just a pipedream. But one day, they did. After decades spent fending off world-ending catastrophes, they were able to hand the baton over to the next generation — kids in their 20s, who willingly volunteered to sacrifice their stability, rootedness and a naturally long lifespan for the greater good.

Rhodey wanted to move to Philly after retirement and Carol yearned for Boston. In the end, they compromised and settled for a large-ish property in Irvington, a suburban village in Westchester County, New York — it was only five stops away from Croton-Harmon on the Metro North’s Hudson Line, the closest station to get to Tony and Pepper’s farm further North. They turned down Pepper’s offer to use her interior decorator to do up the house because Rhodey insisted they build their home from scratch. It involved many trips to Manhattan — IKEA, Home Depot, Pirch, Herman Miller, Il Buco Vita and more — and months of sleepless nights spent assembling every piece of furniture by hand, to finally turn their pipedream into reality.

When the home was ready, Lila, who was already a teenager, moved in with them. Since having a kid of their own, at their age and with Rhodey’s injury, was out of the question, they both just adopted Lila. During their first Autumn together, they were amazed by the changing foliage colours on the trees surrounding their house and their neighbourhood. Irvington practically glowed in Autumn. There was still a lot of green in the beginning but vibrant shades of red, goldenrod, russet, cranberry, cerise, maize and pumpkin soon began to arrive. Rhodey decided they needed to start raking the leaves once the front lawn was covered in a hue of colours. Early one morning, Carol and Lila came down to the kitchen and saw the front door was open. Holding identical coffee mugs, they went out to the patio and found Rhodey hunched over with a rake in hand. They could hear the leg orthosis recalibrate with every one of Rhodey’s movements.

There was already a large mound of colourful leaves placed neatly on a rectangular tarp, next to Rhodey, who was raking in a different area. Carol sipped her coffee and turned to Lila. There was already a knowing, conspiratory grin forming on Lila’s face. Without a word, they put their mugs down on the table and ran towards the lawn. “Cannonball!!” Carol shouted and Lila echoed with a loud, enthusiastic, “Yaaas!” Before Rhodey could react, both of them jumped on the pile, scattering the leaves all over the grass. “Jesus—” Rhodey muttered, exasperatedly, his voice drowned by Carol and Lila’s contagious laughter. Eventually, they managed to pull him down onto the tarp and the three of them lay on a pile of colourful leaves, watching the clouds swing by overhead in the clear, blue sky. For the first time, in a very long time, Rhodey knew things were going to be okay.

my last few posts have been kinda negative so here are some good things that have happened in the last 24 hours:

  • rob and i finally saw each other last night!! we went out for pizza and beers and we got caught up on each other’s lives (we hadn’t hung out since last summer) and it was super nice! afterward we went back to his place and watched a few episodes of terrace house on netflix (it’s a japanese reality show that’s surprisingly fascinating). it was just what i needed. hopefully we won’t go a whole year without seeing each other again. :)
  • i ran in a 5K this morning with my brother! we both finished in about 37 minutes - not a record for me, but the course was a little hilly so i blame that. it was my brother’s first race since he broke his hip last fall, and he was faster than he was a year ago! so that was cool. :) the weather is perfect today. i can’t wait to start running in the cold weather again.
  • i picked up my new glasses yesterday! they look pretty similar to my old glasses, but they’re all black on the outside with blue inside. i love them! i’m still trying to adjust to them, though. they’re really strong and if i move my head too quickly i get super dizzy. i’ve almost fallen over a few times D: 

why winter is lovely:

  • the cozy feeling of entering a warm room or sitting next to a fireplace
  • perfect excuse to cuddle with someone or your pet
  • seeing snow fall and making snow angels 
  • warm socks, cute beanies, big jumpers, woolly scarves, fuzzy mittens, big coats
  • being warmed up by tea or hot cocoa
  • the weather is gloomy so it’s perfect to stay in and watch old movies or bake cookies
  • everything feels surreal and magical

Vernal Brings the Overcast

“So, this is the long lost Spring Maiden. Prove it.”

From Volume 5, Episode 9: A Perfect Storm. The Spring Maiden whips up some overcast weather to prove that she is indeed, a Maiden. 

Vernal has been interesting this season, and at first I thought she was kind of a bi**h, but I think she just really cares for Raven and the tribe. When they put the so-called “bad guys,” in a better light, you see that they’re human too, and terms like “right” and “wrong” become subjective. I really just want to see more of her, now. The latter half of Volume 5 is in full swing, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Only 5 episodes left!

Hey Headcanon Alert

look at small James! But look there too-

Seems like just a random character?

but… they got freckles and really remind me of Leifsdottir-

So what if Leifsdottir and James were childhood friends in the Garrison? It’s not that far-fetched, and the way the two interact is great, even though it may not stand out a lot!

Like seriously I especially love this part-

Griffin: Leifsdottir what are you seeing?

Leifsdottir: 2 cruisers, 76 fighters, temperate weather patterns, blue skies. The perfect conditions for-

Griffin: no Leif! Battle evaluation!

Seriously…I can’t get the idea out of my head! I get that the character might not be Leif but it’s ok! I think it’d be cool if James has been her teammate for a while and someone who’s most used to her rambling of data aha