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The Sun Just Released the Most Powerful Flare of this Solar Cycle

The Sun released two significant solar flares on Sept. 6, including one that clocked in as the most powerful flare of the current solar cycle.

The solar cycle is the approximately 11-year-cycle during which the Sun’s activity waxes and wanes. The current solar cycle began in December 2008 and is now decreasing in intensity and heading toward solar minimum, expected in 2019-2020. Solar minimum is a phase when solar eruptions are increasingly rare, but history has shown that they can nonetheless be intense.

Footage of the Sept. 6 X2.2 and X9.3 solar flares captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory in extreme ultraviolet light (131 angstrom wavelength)

Our Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite, which watches the Sun constantly, captured images of both X-class flares on Sept. 6.

Solar flares are classified according to their strength. X-class denotes the most intense flares, followed by M-class, while the smallest flares are labeled as A-class (near background levels) with two more levels in between. Similar to the Richter scale for earthquakes, each of the five levels of letters represents a 10-fold increase in energy output. 

The first flare peaked at 5:10 a.m. EDT, while the second, larger flare, peaked at 8:02 a.m. EDT.

Footage of the Sept. 6 X2.2 and X9.3 solar flares captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory in extreme ultraviolet light (171 angstrom wavelength) with Earth for scale

Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation. Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth’s atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground, however — when intense enough — they can disturb Earth’s atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel.

Both Sept. 6 flares erupted from an active region labeled AR 2673. This area also produced a mid-level solar flare on Sept. 4, 2017. This flare peaked at 4:33 p.m. EDT, and was about a tenth the strength of X-class flares like those measured on Sept. 6.

Footage of the Sept. 4 M5.5 solar flare captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory in extreme ultraviolet light (131 angstrom wavelength)

This active region continues to produce significant solar flares. There were two flares on the morning of Sept. 7 as well. 

For the latest updates and to see how these events may affect Earth, please visit NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center at, the U.S. government’s official source for space weather forecasts, alerts, watches and warnings.

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Stormy Weather / Climatika


Namjoon said when accepting the BBMAS award “Love Yourself”, there were also these rumors that BigHit denied about them going for the “Love yourself” concept and that they will make mini dramas to explain the story of each member. Yesterday we found out that BigHit made fake accounts and created a fake flower just to mess up with ARMYs’ brains. Now Jungkook who was hit by a car in I need U back in 2015 is in a wheelchair saying “The day I want to run to that place, where my hearts is leading me. LOVE YOURSELF”  They said we will start a new ERA. WHY THE HELL ARE WE STILL RUNNING WHY THE FREAKING FREAK ARE WE GOING BACK TO THE STARTING POINT AGAIN.  Let’s also not forget the clues about under water and space left on the FESTA Timetable 2017. The boys and the company have been preparing this for YEARS. BLESS YOURSELF ARMY!! 

Basically by now, ARMY are florists, CIA and FBI researchers, weather experts, mythodology and history professors, Art analysers … and soon to be heath experts.

  • STEM witches who are working to find new and cheaper ways to source and grow crystals.
  • STEM witches who are working to preserve and replenish the populations of plants that are endangered by overharvesting thanks to booming New Age industries.
  • STEM witches who work late into the night and morning, warming their hands with a teacup as they mull over problem sets.
  • STEM witches who aren’t content with vague ~*spiritual*~ explanations and do the research to learn whether or not a correlation is a causation.
  • STEM witches who know that the actual mechanics of the universe are far more beautiful and complex than anything dreamed up by an author with two animals and a metal in their name.  👀
  • STEM witches who understand that astrology and alchemy were building blocks for the hard sciences we have now, and were an attempt to empirically understand and make sense of the world…but were sadly co-opted by charlatans. 
  • STEM witches who work on the double-blind tests that protect people from over-priced and ineffective “alternative treatments”.
  • STEM witches who are researching weather patterns and climate change.
  • STEM witches who apply game theory or psychology or political analysis to divination methods.
  • STEM witches who know that much of what they do would be considered “witchcraft” in the past, but that doesn’t make it any less magical. They can have guaranteed lightning at their fingertips.
  • STEM witches who always always ask “how” and “why.”
  • STEM witches who grin when the word “skeptic” is spat like an insult at them.
  • STEM witches who are developing accessibility technologies.
  • STEM witches who are inspired by the past, but not bound to its machinery and logic.
  • STEM witches who will one day be the ones making “unknown forces” into life-changing technology. 

STEM witches~

The time stamp on the surveillance footage after all the citizenz of Mt. Weather have died is 8:24:20:55:37. August 24 8:55 (37 seconds) PM. This doesn’t seem to mean much right? Except….the date. August 24 is a pretty significant date in history.

August 24 is believed to be the day of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The first place devastated by this event was the city of Herculaneum. While many of the citizens tried to escape to Pompeii. Those who had remained in Herculaneum died by burning or asphyxiation, much like the citizens of Mt. Weather. 

The people in Pompeii that had decided to hole up and try to ride out the explosion, were killed the following morning when a cloud of toxic gas came into the city. We could consider Emerson to be like the people of Herculaneum that escaped to Pompeii as he didn’t die along with his people, but later suffered a similar fate to theirs. (What the flame did to him was very similar to what happened to the people in Mt. Weather)

August 24-25 79 AD is the day that Herculaneum and Pompeii became lost civilizations

Thousands of years later it would be the day another civilization, Mt. Weather, was wiped from the earth.

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Gonna start talking about Michael Chu’s presentation at GDC 2017.  He talked about building the world and characters of Overwatch.  It was actually an extremely informative discussion and I would encourage everyone to watch it.

I’ve uploaded this screenshot separately for research and reference purposes.  I figured it would be handy for anyone trying to figure out what the real world inspiration or locations were for some of the maps (in case you want to research: weather, environment, time zones, etc.)

  1. King’s Row, London - now that we have Uprising, we know that much of London modernized after the Omnic Crisis.  These buildings were built by Omnic laborers who were not given proper rights as citizens.
  2. Hanamura, Tokyo - authors or artists may want to consider placing the Shimada compound in a historic district or area within Tokyo
  3. Volskaya Industries, St. Petersburg - This is located extremely far from the Siberian Front (Krasnoyarsk)
  4. Dorado, Veracruz, Mexico - more specifically, the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant seems a likely inspiration for the LumériCo Power Plant.  Due to the confirmation that Veracruz is “Dorado’s canon location,” the in-game map of Dorado’s location is incorrect (location is too far north).  The maps found in the Soldier: 76 Origins video and the Uprising comic are more accurate.  Note that the actual aesthetics of the map are based on a town in Italy named Manarola.
  5. Deadlock Gorge, Route 66, New Mexico - there is really not a particular location where Route 66: 1) is within the vicinity of Santa Fe, 2) has a bridge like that, and 3) also crosses a historic street of Route 66.  The closest real world inspiration for the bridge is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
  6. Ilios/Santorini - Would’ve been real hard to see the Colossus of Rhodes from Santorini, but I suppose the statue in-game is meant to be a different colossus or a replica anyways.
  7. Eichenwalde, Black Forest - possibly based on the Hohengeroldseck, Hohenzollern, or Hohennagold Castles
  8. Oasis, Arabian Desert, Iraq - based on a sci-fi version of Babylon.  The Gardens map is meant to be a reference to the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” and the “tower under construction” is a reference to the Tower of Babel.  My personal theory is that it may also be based on Lovecraft’s “A Nameless City.”

Other maps not discussed:

  1. Shambali Monastery, Himalayas, Nepal -  possibly based on Paro Taktsang, Bhutan or Kee Monastery, India.  Note that my guesses are based on the aesthetic designs of the Monasteries, and not on their direct locations.
  2. Temple of Anubis, Giza, Egypt - while relatively straight-forward in terms of location, this should probably at or near the Giza Pyramid Complex.
  3. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California - I’m gonna be That Downer, but this is not what Hollywood looks like in the present day, lol.  The real world locational inspiration for this is Grauman’s Chinese Theater/TCL Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.  The entrance to the movie set appears to be based on Universal Studio’s iconic entrance.  Universal Studios is located rather far (as opposed to the like…one block up, one block over it is in the game).  Authors or artists may want to consider putting Gabriel Reyes/Reaper’s background or home in the surrounding neighborhoods.
  4. Numbani, Nigeria - It’s a little difficult to determine if there’s an exact inspirational source for Numbani.  Based on the Uprising map and Soldier: 76 Origins video, Numbani is probably centrally-located in the tropical savanna zone of Nigeria.
  5. Lijiang Tower, China - Overwatch design artist Arnold Tsang has said that Lijiang was inspired by Chongqing, China at night.
“I have you in my sights” by RedGlassesWriter

Wrote a short fic about Mercy and Widowmaker

“Widow, I’m advancing on the target now. Move to operation point  NOW” The harsh rasp of Reaper crackled over Widowmaker’s visor coms. “Roger, advancing on point now” with an effortless sweep of her arm the sniper was air born, sailing through the midday chill of Ecopoint Antarctica. Talon had mobilized based on rumors Sombra had found on the dark web, that Soldier 76 and Shrike had been spotted enroute to the abandoned research station. Widowmaker landed silently at the end of her grapple, readying her rifle she cleared corners as she advanced towards her objective.

“Amiga I have the old bird on security cams. She’s at the operation point, you might want to move it if you don’t want Gabe yelling at us all the way home.” Widowmaker picked up the pace forgoing silence for speed “Merde! Sombra you were supposed to have locked down the facility.”

“Hey puta when you learn how to hack 6 different security countermeasures  at once we can talk, but until then stick to shooting people and eating flies.”

Widowmaker rolled her eyes as she burst through the door. At once former captain Ana Amari spun on her heels firing a tranq dart from her pistol. Widow grappled out of the way landing a kick across the aging snipers face on the way down. She crumpled to the floor with a thud. Her biotic sniper rifle clattered to the floor sliding to a stop below the window. “I’ve arrived at the objective. I have eyes on you” Widow said aloud as she slid her visor into sniping position. She raised her rifle to her eye and saw reaper approaching their quarry. She traced a bead on the back of former Strike Commander Jack Morrison’s head. “No, he’s mine. Just keep me covered” Reapers low growl rumbled in her ear. Widow maker followed the action, Reaper’s shadowy form materialized behind the cautious strike commander, catching him off guard. The blast from his shotgun echoed through the abandoned facility sending Morrison face first into a drift of snow. She could see him reaching for his pulse rifle and instinctively rested her finger upon the trigger of her rifle. Reaper surged forward and drove his boot down on Morrison’s hand.

“Poor little Jack” Widow could hear Reaper over comms. “You are here, cold and alone. Where is your vaunted overwatch now?” She could see Morrison’s head move in response “You’ll have to speak up ‘commander’ I can’t understand you through the bullets in you back” Reaper kicked him over onto his back. Widowmaker could see the old man wince in pain, then something strange happened, she could almost swear he was smiling beneath his mask. Reaper was struck by three pulses of orange light. The black clad leader of Talon jumped back from his former friend, as Morrison was engulfed in golden light.

Widowmaker shielded her eyes against the blinding light. “Widowmaker take the shot!!” Reaper roared as he retreated to cover. She recentered her scope and prepared to fire on the new comer. Her mouth opened in shock as her cross hair landed on Angela Zeigler. “Sombra! You swept the facility non? Why is Mercy here?!” Widowmaker Tensed up as she continued to track the blonde doctor. “I mean, you guys never asked if she was here Araña, soooo i didn’t think it was that important?”

“Mon dieu Sombra, it IS important!” Widow tensed as Reaper rushed towards Mercy


“Jack why did you bring me all the way out here for?” Angela breathed on her hands for warmth as she Jack and Ana entered the old weather research station. “Because doctor, I need a medical expert to investigate the cryo chambers here. There are none better than you.” Jack patted her on the shoulder and forged ahead. “Alright you two I’m going to get a vantage point to keep watch. I have  a bad feeling about this place” Ana drew her hood and headed up a flight of stairs to their right.

Angela followed Jack into the cryo room, the same one that held Climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou for the last 10 years. “Here Doctor, can you see if there was any tampering done to these capsules? I still find it hard to believe that Mei and her team were trapped in the same machines yet only she survived. Talon had to have been behind the sabotage” Jack laid a hand sympathetically onto Mei’s cryo tube.

“I’m no cryogenics expert Jack, we should have brought Mei along if that’s what you wanted.” Angela looked pensively at her former commander. “I know Angela, but I trust you, and I’m not ready to reveal that Ana and I are alive to the rest of the team just yet. I need more proof about Talon first” He slung his rifle over his shoulder and stepped aside so Angela to could inspect the machine.

“Jack, we’ve got a problem, I just spotted Reyes in the facility, I’m going-” Ana’s transmission was cut off abruptly. “Angela stay here, Talon is in the facility. I need to find Ana.” Before she could object Jack had already sprinted out the door. “You must be senile if you think I’m waiting here” Angela’s wing burst defiantly to life as she chased after jack.

Angela flew low to the ground to keep closer to cover, because she knew that if Talon had mobilized it meant there was good chance Widowmaker was here. She drifted off into memory as she sped after Jack. Angela had been the doctor that had taken care of Amelie Lacroix upon her rescue. Though she was  not proud of it, she thought fondly of the relationship they had started during her hospital stay. Even now the smell of disinfectant and Amelies hair filled her senses as she relived the final night of their tryst. Before Amelie was discharged, and before she murdered her husband and became the Widowmaker.


Angela was working late in her office at the Overwatch medical center, going over Mrs. Lacroix’s discharge paperwork. Physically she was fine now, but Angela couldn’t help but shake the feeling something wasn’t right. Amelie had passed the psych evaluation, almost too well for a victim of such extreme torture. Angela buried her face in her hands, guilt set in as she thought of the illicit relationship she shared with her soon to be former patient. Had she passed Amelie’s psych eval because she really was alright, or because she wanted Amelie to be alright? The silence of the room began to creep into Angela amplifying the screaming in her head that she had broken her vows as a doctor.

A gentle knocking at her office door snapped Angela back to attention. “Come in” Angela did her best to mask the self loathing in her voice behind a smile. The door opened slowly, as a slender leg emerged from the hallway. Amelie glided gracefully into the office, shutting and locking the door behind her. Amelie was clad in nothing but her hospital gown. “Doctor, I’m here for my physical” the coo of her accent sent chills down Angela’s spine as she advanced upon the doctor. “Amelie we shou-” Angela’s sentence was stopped by a finger placed seductively upon her lips. Before she could protest further Amelie brought her into a deep kiss. “Shh, cherie, no more words” Amelie pulled away, Angela leaning forward chasing for more. Amelie reached behind her neck undoing the tie on her hospital gown, Angela gasped as it hit the floor.


A shotgun blast rang out through the facility, snapping Angela back to reality. She rounded the corner in time to see Reaper level his shotgun at Jack’s head. In a swift motion she drew her pistol and fired 3 bolts of light, striking Reaper square in the chest, making him retreat in surprise. Angela planted her staff bathing Jack in biotic healing light. “Gabriel! Stand down, let me help you!” Angela leveled her pistol against Reaper. He dissolved into a mist and surged forward, Angela grimaced and fired again, her shots passing harmlessly through him.

Widow maker watched as Reaper reformed strangling Mercy and lifting her into the air. “Move an inch Jack and I snap her neck” Reaper snarled as he aimed a shotgun at Morrison, who had retrieved his rifle. Widowmaker froze, seeing Mercy struggle against Reaper’s grip brought her panic.

“Hey Araña, you might wanna shoot some one already” Sombra’s voice crackled over comms.

“Quoi? Say again Sombra” Widowmaker snapped out of her panic for a moment. “Are you deaf Araña? Shoot someone, I don’t care who, just make a decision and pull the trigger”

Angela struggled against Reaper’s icy grip. “Gabriel, please. Stop this I can help you.” She choked the words out. “You’ve done enough Zeigler. Your precious biotics did this to me, I won’t let you do it again.” Reaper tightened his grip. The world began to go dark, Reaper’s skull mask went out of focus as she began to lose consciousness. Suddenly Reaper’s grip went limp and he slumped backwards, dropping Angela into the snow. She coughed hard as air rushed back into her lungs. “Thanks for the save Ana” there was no response. “Ana?” Angela looked around, vision still blurry. “Shhh, Cherie, no more words” the voice speaking caused all the air to escape Angela’s lungs once again. Tears welled up in Angela’s eyes “Thank you Amelie”

Widowmaker dropped the biotic pistol and retracted  her visor. She exhaled deeply as she went towards the door. “HOOOOOOOO MAN! Araña! That was great! Gabe is gonna be sooooooooooooooo pissed when he wakes up!” Sombras laughter rang in her ear. “Tais-toi Sombra, let’s go before their reinforcements arrive. Reaper can find his own way home.” Widowmaker walked through the door shutting it behind her.

Sombra leaned back and spun in her seat in the security office, a wide smile on her face “I’m happy for you Amelie” she shut off the computer and went to meet her friend.      

Video gamers have an advantage in learning

Neuropsychologists of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum let video gamers compete against non-gamers in a learning competition. During the test, the video gamers performed significantly better and showed an increased brain activity in the brain areas that are relevant for learning. Prof Dr Boris Suchan, Sabrina Schenk and Robert Lech report their findings in the journal Behavioural Brain Research.

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Could you Write a Little oneshot about tsunade and how she sees herself ln sakura aka having motherly feelings for her/being proud of her

It was like looking at a picture of herself so many years ago. Her disciple, once a slip of a girl who barely had control over her own sensitivities and temper, now stood as her equal, with the power to heal an army, and the might to take down her enemies with her own fists. No, Sakura might possibly become much more than her equal, in Tsunade’s opinion, given that the young woman had none of the benefits of a powerful bloodline to fall back on, just her own merit and strength, but was still a force to be reckoned with. She also had many more years to learn, develop, and hone her abilities to perfection. This was only the beginning for her; there was no telling how far Sakura might go, or what she might achieve in the future.

Had someone asked Tsunade if the lovelorn little pink-haired girl who approached her those years ago might metamorphose into this, she would have responded with an adamant ‘no.’ Yet Sakura surprised her constantly from the very first day, achieving the mastery of her skills with pure effort and tireless dedication in spite of countless hours of toil and presumed failure. The simple truth was that Sakura never gave up. Through tears, difficult physical training, bruises, broken bones and chakra burns, she got right back up and kept going. She kept her pace through the drudgery of tireless study, and the endless research, weathering it all with hardly a complaint, focused on the end goal. 

As Tsunade arrived at the ruin of a battlefield to witness Sakura’s continued efforts to heal and save her comrades, pride swelled through her chest, like a profoundly heavy weight that caught her breath and filled her eyes with tears, if only but for a moment. This girl, now an incredibly strong woman and shinobi, stood as the sole embodiment of Tsunade’s legacy, the one truly good thing she felt she had a hand in giving to the world. As such, Tsunade realized that Sakura was not just her disciple, but the closest thing she ever had to having a daughter of her own.

Tsunade approached quickly, lending her own power to healing the Nara boy, then turned to place a hand on Sakura’s forehead, over the newly awakened seal between her brows.

“You did well!” Tsunade said in a confident voice, blinking back the tears that threatened to fall as Sakura smiled gently in response, bowing her head in acknowledgement of her teacher.

To Tsunade, Sakura was like a daughter of the heart, and she was proud, so very proud, of the woman she had become.

Hope you liked it!

Refreshed Remote Year thoughts

I’ve been thinking about this and researching A LOT the last few days

And #1 focus right now is seeing what my therapist and I discuss about the situation and my current state. I have an appointment on Wednesday. After that I also have another Skype meeting with the program for final info and questions I have. Then I pay the deposit by June 1st to confirm my spot in the program. The deposit is not transferable so I would have to be sure.

Things to consider, these are simply thoughts I’ve had, reminders, that I want to put down so I don’t forget them:

–I have never traveled anywhere outside North America, never even been to the west coast. Am I ready for such extreme culture shock? Will it paralyze me to be exposed to SO MUCH newness and change? It will of course be amazing and humbling as well, but am I really emotionally ready?

–I’d have to purge my entire life. I’d sell most of my furniture and clothes, put a few things in storage, and end the lease on my apartment (it’s up exactly a month after I’d leave so I’d see if I could negotiate the last month at a discount) now, I can’t even clean my apartment right now I’m so overwhelmed to face the memories that will be unpacked, will I be ready to push to get my material THINGS in order by July 30th? On the flip side, it would force me to finally tackle the baggage in this apartment that I’ve been avoiding. And the ideas of coming back in a year and starting COMPLETELY fresh is so appealing

–I have crying meltdowns when I can’t find parking or when I have to go into an overwhelming store or I hear a triggering song. Can I really face this? Even the idea of an international flight on my own to get there is skeeving me out.

–getting my healthcare in order: birth control for a year, getting a physical before I go, going to the dentist, and making sure I’m up to date on any shots I’d need. Stocking up on multivitamins, pepto tabs, excedrine migraine. Could I really feel comfortable at a random international chiropractor? Doubt it.

–travel insurance

–my mail–forward to my parents? There will likely be things to address of my dad’s estate, and likely checks to deposit. Will my down home account be accessible?

–financials. I will have money–but my credit is shit, I won’t be approved for one of those fancy high end credit cards that are so great for international use. Can something with only a debit card function be sufficient?

–taxes. I will be gone over tax season. My own taxes will be very fucked, and I’ll have to file separate taxes on the estate as well. I’m sure there are remote/Skype tax professionals I could research but the whole tax situation gives me an insane amount of anxiety WITHOUT adding in being out of the country for a year.

–I’m very drawn to the idea of doing all this once I’ve bought a condo so I know I’ll have a home to come back to, and I could rent the condo while I’m gone (my parents would landlord for me) and have that income as well. Right now, if I accept, I’d have nowhere to come home to in Chicago. I’d stay with my parents but it takes awhile to find and settle a place to buy, and I can’t imagine that commute headache when I get back. Then again I’ll probably enjoy a month or two with my family after not seeing them for a year

–the privilege guilt runs deep. On so many levels. The ick factor of traveling with a group of 75 extremely privileged North Americans. BUT I just want to make so clear that I’m very very aware in HOW privileged of a situation this is almost to the point of embarrassment. I know, I’ll get over it

–except, this group dynamic is the #1 selling point. I’m so. Fucking. SICK of making decisions and plans and researching stuff I know nothing about. Ive done that for 6 months and I’m DRAINED on it. So, someone else planning all travel and accommodations, AND a large group traveling together speaking English and getting to know one another? Oh my heart is drawn to a level of safety, community, familiarity while ALSO traveling the world

–it’s going to be 70s-80s almost every season in each city each month. (I did research on weather) Perpetually summer for a year. Yes, most of you are thinking THATS GREAT! Not me. I hattttttttttte warm and sunny weather and the idea of it pretty much always being sunny and 75 is how most of you would feel going somewhere rainy and 55 for a year. It’s giving me anxiety to be in so much warmth. It’s small, and again something that I feel bad about being worried about. What if there’s no ac? My skin crawls.

–you have to remember that besides all the change and grief, I also now own farm land. I’m cash renting it, but I haven’t ever done this before. Should I be around for the harvest season just in case? I don’t know that it really matters but this is all so new and I feel obligated to make sure it’s taken care of correctly.

–my grandma’s anniversary. The cubs being in the playoffs (hopefully!) again. My dads birthday. My dad’s death anniversary. MY birthday. All in another part of the world away from my friends and family.

–I’m at my very best when I’m taking risks. I know this about myself. I know that jumping in is what I do. Even if it terrifies me. But I’ve experienced so much pain and change, maybe I need to stay safe for another six months to a year and just take smaller trips on my own. But….the fucking chance of a lifetime. Maybe it IS exactly the right time and a sign from WHOMEVER that it is what I need now to heal and go live. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

I randomly decided to apply to this whole thing during a fit of grief and feeling lost. One minute I’m SO IN and then the next I think this really isn’t the right time. I just needed to get these out of my brain. I’m looking forward to seeing my therapist’s take on it all.

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Had a super lovely lunch with the woman who sponsored my award! She’s 96 years old and is sharp as a tack, man! We talked about places we’d both traveled to, we talked politics (like nearly every American I know, she detests Trump and thinks Trudeau is dreamy), she showed me pictures of her late husband back when he was my age (the award was in his memory, so she wanted to make sure I got to know him a little bit, which was very sweet), she told me about a former professor in the department who was Albert Einstein’s next-door neighbor, and she told me about her frustration back in the late 1930s when her husband was the one who got the full scholarship to Princeton despite the fact that she was their high school class valedictorian. Just a really fascinating and lovely woman.

Also had a great dinner for my friend’s birthday—his mom came into town and wanted to take a couple of his friends out for dinner along with him. The table next to ours was five young women, under-21s, so the server was going to have to ask them to leave because the liquor laws here are strict and you can’t be a minor in a bar unless you’re at a table with someone over 25. But his mom very quickly dragged their table up next to ours and announced that she was temporarily adopting them, and everyone agreed that was a perfectly acceptable solution. They were really sweet kids and chatted with us a bit.

And then the storm hit! Yikes. The restaurant lost power a couple times, until finally the backup generator kicked into gear, and when I got home there were safety cones blocking the entire road up to my apartment because of massive downed trees. Doesn’t look like anyone was hurt, but a few parked cars got dinged up pretty good. On the day when I really started committing to the possibility of moving to Oklahoma to do some severe weather research, it felt like a bit of a confusing omen.

Space Station Research: Air and Space Science

Each month, we highlight a different research topic on the International Space Station. In June, our focus is Air and Space Science.

How is the space station being used to study space? Studies in fundamental physics address space, time, energy and the building blocks of matter. Recent astronomical observation and cosmological models strongly suggest that dark matter and dark energy, which are entities not directly observed and completely understood, dominate these interactions at the largest scales.

The space station provides a modern and well-equipped orbiting laboratory for a set of fundamental physics experiments with regimes and precision not achievable on the ground. 

For example, the CALorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET) is an astrophysics mission that searches for signatures of dark matter (pictured above). It can observe discrete sources of high energy particle acceleration in our local region of the galaxy. 

How is the space station contributing to aeronautics? It provides a long-duration spaceflight environment for conducting microgravity physical science research. This environment greatly reduces buoyancy-driven convection and sedimentation in fluids. By eliminating gravity, space station allows scientists to advance our knowledge in fluid physics and materials science that could lead to better designated air and space engines; stronger, lighter alloys; and combustion processes that can lead to more energy-efficient systems.

How is the space station used to study air? The Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) is a laster remote-sensing instrument, or lidar, that measures clouds and tiny aerosol particles in the atmosphere such as pollution, mineral dust and smoke. These atmospheric components play a critical part in understanding how human activities such as fossil fuel burning contribute to climate change.

The ISS-RapidScat is an instrument that monitors winds for climate research, weather predictions and hurricane monitoring from the International Space Station.

For more information on space station research, follow @ISS_Research on Twitter!

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I Don’t Understand That Reference

Characters: CastielXReader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Word Count: 1242

Summary: AU* – Y/N is a solo hunter rescued by the Winchester brothers and now living with them at the bunker. Working an intriguing case, her relationship with the fallen angel Castiel blossoms into something more than friendship - but is their love strong enough to survive the next apocalypse? AU note* - Cas has never been human in this universe. Fluff except for chapter 7 which is pure smut and can be skipped without losing anything of the plot.

Chapter 3

The Sleepy Hollow Motel was just as kitschy as you would expect a motel recommendation from Dean to be. You were not surprised to see the vacancy sign flashing as you pulled up to the log cabin fronted office.

“Look Cas, wildlife themed rooms,” you pointed to the poster in the front window depicted everything from tigers to alligators.

Cas squinted at the poster and stated flatly, “White tigers are not native to this continent.”

You chuckled, “Must be these folks have a policy of continental non-discrimination.”

As usual, Cas didn’t get the joke, but you didn’t mind, “Let’s just pray they have a double open.”

“Prayers are not necessary - I do not require a bed,” he noted.

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Experiment resolves mystery about wind flows on Jupiter

Using a spinning table and a massive garbage can, geophysicist leads team in simulating the planet’s atmosphere

One mystery has been whether the jets exist only in the planet’s upper atmosphere – much like Earth’s own jet streams – or whether they plunge into Jupiter’s gaseous interior. If the latter is true, it could reveal clues about the planet’s interior structure and internal dynamics.

Now, UCLA geophysicist Jonathan Aurnou and collaborators in Marseille, France, have simulated Jupiter’s jets in the laboratory for the first time. Their work demonstrates that the winds likely extend thousands of miles below Jupiter’s visible atmosphere.

This research is published online in Nature Physics.

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Islands in the Sky: International Space Station crew took in the beauty of our planet on Mar. 3, 2016 as dusk falls over the oceans. NASA astronaut Jeff Williams took this majestic image.

We monitor Earth’s vital signs from land, air and space with a fleet of satellites and ambitious airborne and ground-based observation campaigns. The International Space Station hosts a variety of payloads and experiments supporting climate research, weather predictions, hurricane monitoring, pollution tracking, disaster response and more.

Credit: NASA


What long-dead whalers can teach us about climate change

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