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Set Fire To The Rain - Grant Grant/Reader

A/N: This fic is dedicated to @multi-villain-imagines without whom I don’t think I would have gotten anything written out, let alone such a lengthy one shot, so thank you so much for everything - including the title! My first Michael Rooker related fanfic and my first fic in about 6 months, I hope you all like it! 


“Great, this is just great.” You muttered under your breath when the first raindrop hit your forehead.

Of all the days, it just had to be this very day that there was a rainstorm? While you were waiting at the bus stop; you were on your way to visit your parents who lived in Charleston, and the only mode of transportation for you from the quaint little town of Wheelsy you called home, was the local South Carolina bus, that was delayed. By an hour. So now, not only were you stranded at the farthest part of town, there was no one else for miles around either. Your car had been towed away into the garage a week ago and had shown no signs of being repaired on time, which left you in this current predicament.

“Could this day get any more worse?” Sighing loudly, you straightened the hem of your dress before sitting down on top of your suitcase - sheltered though you were, the bus stop had no bench.

The answer to that question came much sooner than you had expected; once the heavy downpour of rain began, several cars began to pass your way and though none of them ended up splashing you thankfully, not a single one of those cars stopped! In the span of a half hour, you counted at least 4 cars leaving Wheelsy without so much as a glance in your direction. Soon you felt that perhaps the thought of walking back into town, a mile or so away, was the only option you had left. And yet, by the time you were on your feet and getting ready to pull your luggage and venture out from the shelter into the cold and wet and gloomy weather, something unusual happened

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Could you do prompt 17 with Gladiolus?😍😍😘 You are amazing!

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A/N: I’d be delighted to, dear. Thanks for waiting, and thanks for the kind words~.

17. “Is that my shirt?”

Rated: SFW

Warnings: None

The chocobos had been frightened off into the night no thanks to daemons, it was raining, and now the both of you—Gladiolus and yourself—were trudging through the Thommels Glade wet, cold, and alone.

“I hope those birds make it back safely,” you murmured between the two of you, flinching at the coming lightning strike and the bellow of thunder that followed.

Out of instinct, Gladiolus reached over to grab at your opposite shoulder and bring you closer to his side, his other arm raised to block the heavy downpour from his sights. “Let’s worry about ourselves for now with how damn dark it is and so many daemons about.”

Your smile probably went unnoticed given how focused the King’s shield was, but you minded very little as it gave you an excuse to move into his warmth as the cold rain continued to soak you through. “The least you could do is humor me and my concerns.”

His voice resonated pleasantly in your ear given where you had placed it for the time being, Gladiolus’ touch tightening as he assisted you in a mucky, uphill climb just ahead, not wanting for you to fall. “They’ll be fine, (Y/N). Right now, I am more worried about you.”

Playfully, you rolled your eyes. “Have faith that you trained me well enough to handle myself against daemons, Gladio.”

He groaned in response, but having known him for so long, you knew he was merely mocking you a bit in a lighthearted manner. “I’ll believe that when I see it.” He was referring to how often he had to throw a potion your way to keep you standing as well as a phoenix-down in regards to your trip so far, but you were improving, and there were moments he acknowledged that.

It was all you could ask for.

“Come on now,” you began with a gentle nudge to his side, “I only had to be given four potions that time instead of eight.”

“Next time I’ll just make it a hi-potion, and then I won’t be running dry on my cures when it comes to you acting more reckless than the King himself,” the warrior jokingly taunted again.

As you came to a safe location within the surrounding lands, he raised his hand to halt you. His muscles flexed against your chest as he had outstretched the length of his arm there, and your body tensed as a result, wondering what prompted the sudden stop. “Here might be a good spot to rest for the night till this storm dies down.” He began to move out of his leather jacket, giving him only his pants to keep him warm in the horrible weather. “Here,” he offered, moving it onto your back. “This should keep you dry for a bit while I work on setting the camp.”

A small chuckle escaped you though drowned out from the roll of thunder that echoed in the distance, and it was there you moved the jacket off of your back and gave it back to him. “I have something in my belongings that can suffice. The chocobo didn’t run off with all my stuff.”

Gladiolus retrieved his leather coat, giving you a funny look there in the near lightless surroundings. “Better than my own jacket that could act as a blanket for you?”

Arms crossed over your chest, you looked away for a mere moment before gazing back at him in the thick fog of night. “Just get to working on the camp, and I’ll bother with a means to keep dry at your behest.” Blushing at his words, you were thankful for the heat rising within you given how cold it felt in the chill of night.

As your companion and mentor began to get to work on a means to keep you all safe and dry from the downpour, you moved to your backpack from where it was resting, unzipped it to expose another old shirt that once belonged to the warrior of Lucis, but he had never truly asked for it back in so long to where you kept it and continued to forget to return it (somewhat).

Gladiolus was too intent on making camp to notice what you had in your possession until several minutes later when everything was set, and he urged you into the tent he made for the both of you. “Inside, quickly—!” He paused, noting the old, gray fabric you held in your possession that nearly came down to your knees, the short sleeves almost to your elbows with how big it was. “Is that my shirt?”

You didn’t even answer right away, taking the small second break to hurry into the tent as he suggested with the shirt pulled completely over you to keep you warmer. “You never asked for it back in all these months, so I just…kept it.”

Making sure the light was nearby the tent to where it could frighten off the daemons, Gladiolus moved in hastily behind you, snatching up a towel nearby to dry himself off before tossing you one. “I always wondered where that went, and now I know,” his voice rumbled with a neutral response to it, not seeming upset by it but perhaps intrigued would be the better way to describe his reaction.

You didn’t want to admit that the mere smell of him once wearing it was soothing, so you kept that small bit of information to yourself as you unwittingly began to nuzzle into it like it was a warm blanket that kept away all the evils in the world of Eos. You had washed it several times through its use, and it saddened you to say that only small fragments of the soothing scent remained. “Did you care for it back?”

He grunted, shifting his legs about in idle thought at the matter. In the next lightning flash, you saw him move closer in that crucial second to go for your cheek and your blush merely deepened, reddening your ears by this point. A small speck of mud mixed with blood from a cut was what he was tending to with his thumb. Even if it hurt for him to touch the mark the daemon left, you hardly noticed it right away. “Keep it,” he said sincerely, his smile ever evident in the bit of light peering in from outside the tent, thanks in part to your lamp. “It offers you better protection than it does me.”

You pressed your lips together to prevent the laugh from escaping, but it was a dreadful attempt at best as it still slipped through. “Thank you, Gladio,” you said in a whisper, fingers curling upon the fabric as it felt like such a security blanket for rough times that were indeed ahead for both of you.

Inktober day 2 - favorite flower.
Using @temi-in-the-sky-with-rabbits ’s plant prompt ^^ she also does it so check out her blog!

I couldn’t decide between Peony and Tulip so I did both. Also I find it very hard to take photos of these sketches in the horrible weather we have here.. There’s basically no light outside 😭 I want sun!

modern AU where Nami and Usopp (and prob other strawhats as well) work together at a local news station.

Nami’s the weather forecaster and she does both the actual forecasting and the reporting. She’s been dubbed the “Weather Witch” for her ridiculously on-the-spot predictions; it’s like the weather changes to match her forecasts. Nojiko tweeted pics of her playing with her “climatact” as a kid (which is actually a glorified bubble wand ) and the nickname stuck. 

Usopp’s on the tech team side of things, has cool headphones and an idiotic hat, and often walks home with Nami since they live near each other.

My Whole World

Can you do one where you’re dating Oli Sykes and it’s you’re birthday and you’re at your parents house and he proposes to you?  

“Um no, that’s alright baby, you tried.” I said into the phone while I fought back the tears. “I’m so sorry, love. I’m so upset, I just can’t get the ticket.” Oli said sadly, I could hear the disappointment in his voice. So, here is the problem, Oliver is Miami and I am in California with my parents. It’s my birthday tomorrow, he promise he would be here but the weather up North is too horrible for any planes to come in.  "I’ll be there as soon as I can love, I’m trying so hard. I’m so sorry. I love you.“ "I-I love you too.” My voice cracked as I quickly hung up the phone, It wasn’t his fault and I didn’t want him feeling bad. I just haven’t seen him in so months because of his tour and I missed him terribly. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” My mom asked as she pulled me into a hug. “Oli.. he can’t make it. The w-weather..” I cried. “He’ll be here soon pretty girl. Don’t cry!” She assured as she squeezed me. “I’m going to bed.” I whispered as I trudged down the hall to my old bedroom. 
A few hours later I felt the bed dip causing me to jump off the bed in seconds and scream. “DAD!” I yelled for help. “Baby! Shhh..” Oli’s sweet voice calmed me as he jumped up and wrapped his arms around me. “Oli!” I squealed pulling him closer like he would disappear if I didn’t. He took a deep breath breathing me in,  "I missed you so much.“ "I missed you too. I thought you weren’t coming!” I whisper yelled hoping that my parents wouldn’t barge in from my screaming. “The airport got clearing a few hours ago.” He smiled but when he took my face in, his smile fell. “You’ve been crying..” He whispered, cupping my cheek. “I was really disappointed, I wanted you here so bad..” I sniffled. “Baby, I’m here, you’re okay and your birthday is in a few hours. Tomorrow will be amazing, I have so much planned for us.” He whispered pulling me closer to him. He picked me up in his arms and layed us gently on the bed, warm under the covers. I fell asleep quickly, feeling safe and happy in his arms once again.  
“Princess.. wake up.” A voice whispered as soft kisses were trailed up my neck. I snuggled up closer to Oliver not wanting to ever move from my spot. “Happy birthday!” He chuckled as I groaned, I’ve never been fond of birthdays. “Come on, it’s time to get up.” He said lifting me off the bed in his arms. I giggled as he spun us around and kissed my forehead. He walked toward the bathroom and shut and  locked the door once we were inside. “What are you doing?” I laughed as he sat me on my feet. “Giving you your first present of the day.” He smirked and turned on the shower before quickly getting me out of my clothes. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered as he locked his lips with mine.  
Once we finally made it out of the shower and got dressed we went downstairs to my parents who were so excited to see Oliver by my side, holding my hand. As soon as my mom saw him she was on her feet and squeezing him in a hug. “OLI! You made it!” She smiled and turned to me. “Happy birthday, sweetheart!” She said engulfing me in a hug.  "Thank you, mom.“ I giggled as my dad wished me the same. "You guys need to hurry! You’re going to be late!” My mom said pushing us towards the door. “Late for what?” I questioned, looking up at Oli. “It’s a surprise!” He chuckled as we walked down the driveway to his rental car.  
“Be careful!” Oli laughed as I stumbled getting into the small boat. “Where at we gooooing?” I pressed. “It’s a surprise, just enjoy the ride!” He winked and I sat down behind him and watched him start the small boat and guide it through the clear blue water. I took in the beautiful and perfect day as we sped through the water. Then I took in the perfect man that was sitting in front of me, Oli has always been there for me, through the best and the worst moments of our relationship. He always tried his hardest and I loved him more than I could ever begin to describe. “Hello? Earth to Y/N.” Oli chucked as he waved his hand in front of my face. As I snapped back to reality I blushed quickly before I saw the beautiful island in front of me. My jaw all but hit the floor as my eyes grew wide. “It’s prettier when you actually go into it.” Oli teased as he took my hand helping me out onto the soft sand. I followed him into the tree’s before we got to a big open clearing with a cute little house in the middle. “So this is all ours for the next 2 days.” He said smiling at me before leading me up the stairs and through the door. “Woah..” I said in awe as I looked around the house. It wasn’t too small but it wasn’t too big. The furniture was almost all white and a soft cream color but the color in the decorations made it feel like a beach house. I was lost in the beauty of the house before Oli picked me up in his arms quickly and whispered in my ear, “You haven’t seen the best part yet.” He lead us out the back door to where we had a perfect view of the water and a large area was layed out with blankets and pillows. “I have a lot planned for us.” He smiled. “I can see that. I can’t believe you went to all this trouble for me. This is amazing.” I said locking my lips with his, sharing a sweet and passionate kiss. “I love you so much.” I whispered, resting my forehead on his. “I love you too, my angel." 
Our day was beyond amazing. Filled with swimming in the perfect water, eating lunch on the beach, cuddling and watching a movie, a romantic dinner on the end of the pier, and now we lay in each others arms on the blankets and watched the sunset. "Take a walk with me?” Oli said softly. I nodded my head and smiled, standing up with him. We walked around the island while watching the beautiful pink and orange sky before he stopped and stood in front of me, cupping my cheeks in his hands. “I’ve never felt like this about anyone. I never thought that I was even capable of feeling love like this until I met you. You are my whole entire world and I don’t ever want to be without you. I can’t imagine my life without you and I don’t want to. You are the most amazing and the most beautiful person in the world. You are the light of my life and my motivation to wake up every morning and my motivation to be a better person. You’ve changed my life for the better and I could never thank you enough for that. But I promise that I’ll always be here to take care of you and give you all the love you deserve.” He said so tenderly, I could see through my tears that he meant every word. He slowly got down on one knee and pulled out a box from his pocket. He opened the dark grey box and revealed the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen, the large square diamond in the middle was lined with black diamonds that shined even in the dim sunset. “Will you please do me the honor and marry me?” He said as a tear went down his cheek. “Yes..” I said crying softly. He slid the ring on my finger and pulled me into a tight hug before kissing me so passionately that I would’ve fallen if he hadn’t been holding me up. “Forever, baby.” He whispered.  


Grosbeak Bonanza!

I’ve consistently had one male Rose-breasted Grosbeak at my feeder since April 27th. I suspect he was kept here by the horrible weather.

But as I sat by the window this morning, I started to get confused; I’d look from my feeder to the neighbor’s and the bird seemed to have moved. Every time I looked up there was another grosbeak. I thought I was losing my mind!

So far, I’ve counted 5 different individuals today, and there are probably more in the woods. This migration season has been weird!