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Wake to Autumn (Bucky x reader Drabble)

Characters: reader x Bucky

Summary: You awake to the change of the seasons in the middle of the night, leading to a sweet surprise from your amazing boyfriend. 

Prompt: “crisp air”

Warnings: None! Total fluff. 

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: This is for @promarvelfangirl ‘s 2k Follower’s writing challenge! Congratulations, my dear! I’m slowly coming back to writing after my hiatus. My life has not slowed down one bit, in fact it’s worse than ever but I’m glad I was able to finish this challenge. I have one more coming up soon as well. Hope you needed a bit of fluff! I know I do. Let me know your thoughts, I’ve missed you guys. <3


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Despite the thick blanket wrapped around you and the warm arm casually draped over your waist, you were awakened from a cozy slumber and rudely brought into consciousness. Possibly because you were absolutely freezing.

Pulling knees up toward your chest hoping to conserve your core heat, you realized the problem. Yep. It was that time of year. It was finally wear-socks-to-bed weather. Your bare feet under the covers were like icicles, requiring more warmth than the blanket alone could provide. However, it also meant that your favorite season was approaching.  

Sleepy smile stretching across your face, you carefully slipped out of bed and grabbed a spare comforter to wrap around yourself. You curled up in the large over-stuffed chair in the corner of the room and cracked the window a few inches so you could peak outside. The cool breeze made you gasp, feeling the crisp air fill your lungs as the smell of Autumn overwhelmed you.

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Sunggyu's confession track
Sunggyu's confession track

‘The Doll’s Dream’ - a song which he sang to his high school crush/first girlfriend. Now just a sad laughable memory.

You’re looking at far away places

I’m right here, you know?

If you’d only turn your head just a little, you would see me

How it was at first, was good

If you could just be with me

But it seems I’m getting tired now, of a never-ending wait

I was always one step behind you

Will you forever be unable to see me?

While looking right at me – gesturing to me with your hands

I will always love you though

Dating Romeo and Being Shorter Headcanons

There’s are a little short (hehehehehehe, short), but I hope you enjoy!

Dating Romeo and being shorter:

- You’re a newsie

- So, first off

- You are short

- And your boyfriend Romeo finds it adorable.

- Besides you, he’s the shortest Manhattan newsie over the age of 13

- He’s only taller than you by an inch or two

- But he loves teasing you about it

- “How’s tha weather down there, doll?”

- “Babe, we’s is practically tha same height.”

- “Nah, you’s is shorter.”

- Also, he calls you doll because of your height

- “You’s are as short as a doll.”

- “Shuddup, Jerk we’re tha same height.”

- And it’s a constant, but playful, argument of:

- “We’re the same height.”

- “You’s is shorter.”

- The other guys find it annoying

- “You’s is both short!”

- “Shuddup, Race!”

- He loves to hold close you when you two cuddle

- And he loves when you play footsie

- He also loves to watch you try to get things off of higher shelves.

- He laughs the whole time.

- “Shuddup, you’s couldn’t reach it if you tried.”

- He tried using you as an armrest once

- That did not end well

- “I swear I’s wasn’t aiming for ‘is-”

- “That don’t matter… The damage is done.. He’ll never have kids!

- *groan of pain* “I-I think you’s is being a little overdramatic.”

- “She got you’s in the goods, Romeo!”

- “I know’s where she got me, dumbass.”

- He forgives you, of course

- How could he not?

- You’re his adorable doll

- His cinnamon roll

- Whom he will always protect

- When protection is needed

- Always.


“Welcome to the Dream world, Teru! You just died, but please be calm, Cat is taking good care of you.

You may have some headaches in the process, since your head was cut off, but you know, right? It’s part of the tradition!
Rest assured that you’ll be well cared, everyone is looking after you! For I am the Puppen Macher, and you are my child. I can see through the ages, through the passage of time, past and future… Present!
I belong to none of them, but I can see it clearly, and you will certainly be fine!”

Dreamerie is a story about nightmares hiding in cloudy days, as Teru, the Weather Doll, fights to overcome fear itself.

Through his journey after being abandoned by his master, you’ll see yourself amidst the Cucumber Catastrophe that has been instauring despair in Cat Towners’ hearts.

Teru loves apple pie and strawberry-flavoured coconuts, but he hates when people pull his head out of his body and decapitate him in a violent manner!

Cat is a bureaucat scientist. He loves to clean everything and to be mysterious. For him life is just a scientific equation and all there is to it is bound by countless numbers.

Pumpkin is in town to visit his cousin and eat lots of food. He’s cheerful and optimistic about life. He wants to harvest all the good things that may flourish in his way. He’s also a farmer.

Al Pacci hates everything that lives and breathes. She’s a highly skilled magician that works for Baron in his parties, showing her tricks and amusing everyone around. However she hates smiles and enjoynment. She only loves to spit at people.

(Our first Screenshot vs same place how it looks like today)

We reached 268 followers! Yay! Thank you for everyone helping us in this journey, helping spread the word about our game! It means so much to us that you all like what we’re doing! I’m really sorry that we aren’t so present these days, it’s just so hard to post in holiday season and vacation times like this when I’m mostly without internet xD We didn’t had much time to work on the game as well, because of this, and we were mostly rebalancing stuff, so… Nothing interesting to show, but we do want to thank you all somehow for this great year and great response to our little game, so this is a post about Dreameerie’s story! I hope I’ll have more time next year!

falling into bed

Ship:  Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
For:  @winterrbuns
Prompt:  #16. Blankets

Darcy sighed heavily as her head hit the pillow.  She tugged the soft blanket up over her body and allowed her eyes to close.  

“Finally…” Steve murmured in her ear, wrapping his arm around her waist.  "Didn’t think you were ever coming to bed.“  

"M’ so cold.  It’s not supposed to be this cold until December. S'only Fall.”  

“Aren’t you used to NYC weather yet, doll?”  Bucky’s breath was warm on her face.  And his kisses helped the temperature issue considerably.  

“No.  I’m not,” she whined.  "I’m in terrible distress.  Save me.“  

"I mean, we’re both snuggling you under all the blankets, not sure what else we can do…” Steve trailed off.

“How tired are you, Darce?” Bucky asked, the grin almost audible in his voice.

All zodiac cusp descriptions

Pisces/Aries: (March 18-March 22) If your birth chart combines energies from the dreamy, imaginative sign of Pisces and go-getter Aries, chances are you know what you want – and you want it now. Those born on the Pisces – Aries cusp, are an intriguing mix of fiery impulsiveness and imaginative daydreaming, which is actually pretty good because it means they’re both dreamers and doers.

Aries/Taurus: (April 17-April 22) Watch out world, here comes the Almighty Aries – Taurus cusper! If you were born on the cusp between Aries and Taurus, you were born on the cusp of power and you are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Authoritative and bold, people born on this cusp are natural born leaders. Impulsive Aries lens energy and pushes forward toward goals, while Taurus takes care of the details.

Taurus/Gemini: (May 17-May 23) Earth meats air for those born on the Taurus – Gemini cusp, and it’s quite a duststorm of activity these individuals can pick up. If you were born between signs of Taurus and Gemini, you’re one of the most youthful and go getting cuspers of them all. That was born on this cusp have the bonus of being both physically strong and mentally agile, which makes them stable and driven, as well as clever and communicative.

Gemini/Cancer: (June 17-June 23) if you were born on the Gemini – cancer clasp, you’re a magic individual! The energies of Gemini and Cancer combine to create a truly inspirational human being.both lighthearted and fun, but also caring and devoted. Emotions can run high for those born on the cusp of magic, but with love and affection from plenty of friends and family, it’s likely most will lead an active and happy life.

Cancer/Leo: (July 19-July 25) if you were born on the cancer – Leo cusp, you have some challenges to face. When you combine the sensitive nature of cancer and the expressive drama of Leo, it results in some contrary elements to your personality. Cancer – Leo costs can be sensitive and shy one moment, and theatrical drama queens the next. If you learn to find balance, your life will have lots of friends, family, and love.

Leo/Virgo: (August 19-August 25) if you were born on the Leo – Virgo cusp, you were born on the cusp of exposure, but that’s not as risqué as it sounds. In fact, you face some not so fun and conflicting energy. Leo is fire, and a Virgo is Earth, which means there are contrary elements to your personality. This is a very difficult cost because the signs are very different, Leo has need for drama, and Virgo wants to forget drama.

Virgo/Libra: (Sept. 19-Sept. 25) if you were born on the Virgo – Libra cusp, you are a beautiful individual, inside and out! The energies of Virgo and Libra work nicely together to create a very balanced people. Individuals born on the cusp of beauty are ruled by communication and love, which lens them the rational qualities a Virgo as well as the creative qualities of Libra – it’s The best of both worlds!

Libra/Scorpio: (Oct. 19-Oct. 25) if you were born on the Libra – Scorpio cusp , you were born on the cusp of drama and criticism, and you have a powerful flare for both. Libra – Scorpio cuspers, are ruled by two passionate planets, Venus and Pluto, which is a super sexy combination. In fact, the individual is very intellect, driven, flamboyant, and sexual– And that may be too much for some others to handle!

Scorpio/Sagittarius: (Nov. 19-Nov. 24) if you were born on the Scorpio – Sagittarius cusp, you were born on the cusp of revolution, you are full of strength and rebellious energy. Individuals born on this costs are ruled by the planets Pluto, Mars and Jupiter, and are a dynamic mix of Scorpio intensity and bold Sagittarius action. The result is a fearless individual quite capable of running wild!

Sagittarius/Capricorn: (Dec. 18-Dec. 24) if you were born on the Sagittarius – Capricorn class, you were born on the cusp of prophecy, and you are true visionary headed toward certain success. Optimistic Sagittarius and practical Capricorn make a great mix, giving these cuspers the happy-go-lucky attitude and realistic version to dream of plans and turn them into reality.

Capricorn/Aquarius: (Jan. 17- Jan. 23) what happens when you combine the energies of capable Capricorn and quirky Aquarius? You get highly unique individuals, that’s what. If you were born on the Capricorn – Aquarius cusp, you were born on the cusp of mystery and imagination, and there’s never a doll moment. Weather outwardly flamboyant or shy or quiet, Capricorn – Aquarius always have much excitement going on internally.

Aquarius/Pisces: (February 15-February 21) wondering what happens when your birth chart combines the energy of Aquarius with Pisces? If you were born on the cusp of these two horoscopes, you were born on the cusp of sensitivity – a compassionate and imaginative place. Spiritual, artistic, peace loving and friendly, Aquarius – Pisces are highly original people. They’re highly intellectual, however not so good with practical details.

65/365 -

There are bad days, after having moved back to Japan. Days when I can’t see through the tears. The rain comes and it takes all of my might to focus though I always try to smile. It is good to be home, but—sometimes I feel too fragile…

Taizo is a Delf Chiwoo from LUTS
- Faceup: momochu
- Eyes: LeekeWorld
- Wig: Unknown
- Hoodie: LeekeWorld

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Kiss My Ass - Bucky Barnes x Reader

estheletic said to rogerthat-bucky: 52, 58, 63 with sassy and flirtatious bucky

“Kiss my ass.” - “That’s not what I meant and you know it.” - “Fuck you!”

“So then I said, that’s not guacamole!” You yelled out with boisterous laughter, swinging your glass dramatically through the air and causing quite a lot of it to splash out. The rest of the party laughed, Tony was even bending over forward and holding his belly he was laughing that hard.

Bucky, however, couldn’t really find your joke funny. Though he was stood smiling at you, that was more to do with how amusing he found your drunk behaviour. He gave you a few more moments to get out some of your giggles before he walked over towards you, “come on then dear, I think it’s time you went to bed.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck, completely ignoring what he’d been saying. “I love you so much, you know that Buchanan?”

“Uh-huh,” he laughed, his arms automatically going to wrap around your waist, “I love you too, now can we get you to bed?”

“Will you be joining me in this bed?” You quirked up a seductive eyebrow, in your head anyway. You were so drunk by this point that your eyebrow probably wasn’t even raised, one eye was probably just widened more than the other. Still, you were delirious by this point so who cares?

Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “depends on whether you’re throwing up or not.”

You bent your lips downward into a pout, “that was one time,” you huffed. Even stomping a foot on the floor, who knew that when you got drunk you turned into a child mentally. Physically though, you were a woman, a woman with needs! And that’s why you were clinging so hard onto Bucky and even rubbing your hip bone against his, a smile appearing on your lips once more, only this smile said ‘I know what I’m doing and I’m very proud of myself for doing it’. “You know,” you began to whisper into his ear, “I don’t think I want to go to bed when you’re being this mean to me.”

Abruptly, he kneeled down so that he was no longer between your arms. “You haven’t got a choice, doll.” He laughed before picking you up and placing you over his shoulder.

Your instant reaction was to hit against his back as well as let out yells for help, the only person who actually reacted to the situation was Tony who walked over and patted you on the butt. “Night night Princess Guacamole.”

“Hands off Stark,” Bucky practically growled, showing his possessiveness whilst at the same time being light hearted towards Stark. Tony raised both his hands up in defence and took a step back, leaving Bucky to walk away with you still over his shoulder.

“No!” You begged, reaching out for Tony, “help me Iron Man! Help me!”

“I’m off duty!” He yelled back right before you went through the door, now entering the hallway rather than the main room where the part was taking place.

It was so much quieter here, and the absence of music and people was making you realise just how drunk you were. “What’s the weather like back there, doll?” Bucky asked, and you could just picture the smirk on his face as he asked that question.

“Kiss my ass.” You huffed, going to cross your arms and failing miserably. Gravity was much more powerful against you when you were drunk, what you hadn’t expected was to feel a pain actually appear in your butt. “That’s not what I meant and you know it!” You yelled out, feeling him begin to gently pat your buttocks after biting into it. Even though there was fabric in the way he’d still managed to actually hurt you.

“By all means, feel free to kiss my ass.” He entered the elevator and you thought he’d at least put you down in there, but nope, he was apparently determined to escort you all the way to your bedroom in this position.

The elevator doors opened to your floor a few moments later and he exited with you rocking silently on his shoulder. Like any mental child would do when feeling betrayed, you were giving Bucky the silent treatment. And you managed to keep it up, all the way up to until he dropped you on your bed and climbed on top of you, beginning to press kisses against your neck. “Take your pants off,” you begged through a moan, “and then I’ll show you how to properly kiss an ass.”

“No, I’m good.” He said nonchalantly, stepping up from the bed and loosening the tie around his neck. You reminisced about how hard it had been getting him in that suit earlier in the day, he didn’t even want to come to the party but you’d managed to make it quite the experience for him. It was so nice to see playful and flirty Bucky, it was a rare and lovely sight.

“Suit yourself,” you said, acting just as poised as he had.

And you kept the tranquil expression on your face as you slowly began to undress yourself, managing to pull the dress off in a slow and sexy manner even in your drunken haze. “Fuck you,” Bucky said and once the dress was fully off you looked to find him staring hungrily at you.

All you did was shrug your shoulders and get into the bed, pulling the covers over your naked body. “I did offer, but you just go back to your room, it’s fine.”

Instead of him giving you a verbal response, he simply jumped onto your bed, causing it to wobble beneath you slightly. His metal hand began to stroke lines down your bare arm, the frigid metal causing goosebumps to form on your arm. His arm proceeded to roll you over so that you were now facing him properly. 

Bucky then proceeded to lean down closer to your ear, his warm breath contrasting the frostiness of his touch and causing an involuntary shiver to pass through your body. And then, in the gentlest voice he could master, he whispered into your ear: “Kiss my ass.”