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Rotating supercell over the U.S. Great plains. I can’t tell if this is actual video or if this artists works to animate still frames, but I think some of their clips are the latter.  Almost time for tornado season to start moving up to the central U.S.

After the Invasion

So you know how there’s all these posts about how aliens invade Earth only to realize that Earth is a death planet and/or Space Australia as the flora, fauna, weather, and natural disasters kill them off and traumatize them? Well, imagine that the alien invaders finally give up and leave Earth. What chases them off? I imagine that the resistance starts putting out information on cryptids. It’s the last straw for the invaders, especially since even the human inhabitants native to Earth seem to be confused about exactly how dangerous said cryptids are, and so the aliens have no way to be prepared to face them. Morale plummets (even further) and alien command has to call off the invasion due to the public outcry, making history as the first time this group of aliens has retreated from an invasion.

The surviving humans soon realize that the honor of chasing off that group of aliens has attracted a lot of attention from other groups of aliens. Some of these aliens are looking at possibly invading.  Others want to work with humans to turn Earth into a space vacation-destination. In order to discourage invaders while simultaneously attracting curious tourists, much information about the animals most infamous among the invaders is made readily available to the alien community in general, along with a lot of information on cryptids. Information on non-cryptids and cryptids is presented to aliens in much the same way, and the humans never clarify which are which, so many invaders are too scared to try and invade, while many tourists are intrigued by the potential mystery.

Of course, the tourists are horrified to learn that the hippopotamus is not, as they had thought, a cryptid.  


Storm chaser prepping for the 2017 season shared this magnificent video of a 2016 tornado they spotted in Kansas.

The Man Who Flattened A City

Isaac Cline was the meteorologist for Galveston, Texas, from 1889 to 1901. He was one of the first to provide reliable forecasts of freezing weather. He also provided some of the first available flood warnings on the Colorado and Brazos rivers. In the early 1890s, some residents became concerned about the possibility of hurricanes. They wanted to erect an expensive seawall in front of the city, to block high water in case a major storm came in from the Gulf of Mexico. Cline was not a fan. In 1891, he wrote an article in the Galveston Daily News in which he gave his official meteorological opinion that the thought of a hurricane ever doing any serious harm to Galveston was “a crazy idea.”  The idea of a seawall quickly faded after that.

On September 8th, 1901, a hurricane came in from the Gulf of Mexico. Galveston was devastated. Between 6,000 and 12,000 people died, including Cline’s pregnant wife Cora. Cline’s stand in that newspaper, nine years earlier, is credited with being a large contributing factor to the devastation. Galveston remains the deadliest single-day event in United States history.

Interestingly, Cline remained with the Weather Bureau until his retirement in 1935. The regional forecasting center was moved from Galveston to New Orleans in 1901 – people were probably pretty upset with Cline and the Weather Bureau in Galveston. Cline cultivated a stellar reputation in New Orleans and successfully predicted major flooding in 1912, 1915 and 1927. He even received an honorary doctorate in 1934 from Tulane University!


On May 24, 2016 in southwest Kansas, a supercell thunderstorm formed and would go on to produce more than 10 photogenic, slow moving tornadoes, barely missing densely populated Dodge City. The building that was destroyed right in front of me towards the end of the video was part of the city’s landfill and unoccupied at the time, thankfully. The day cemented its top spot in my 10-year storm chasing career with the unbelievable mammatus clouds on the backside of that storm as the sun set.


I think the eeriest part of this video is how nobody says a word. There is just the terrified heavy breathing of the cameraman, and then the unnaturally loud roar of the tornado.

Sleep in my sweater

Pairing: Sam x reader 
Characters: Sam, the reader, Dean 
Warning: fluff, light swearing 
Word count: 2332
Summary: The reader forgets to pack a warm coat and Sam decides to help her out
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A/N: Kind of took a mini break on writing but I’m back! Hope you guys enjoy and as always feedback is appreciated:) <3 

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Tsunamis are caused by energy originating underwater from a volcanic eruption, a submarine landslide, or, most commonly, an earthquake on the ocean floor.

1. For example, the tectonic plates of the Earth’s surface slip, releasing a massive amount of energy into the water. 2. This energy travels up to the surface, displacing water and raising it above the normal sea level.

3. Gravity pulls that energy back down.

4. As a result, the energy ripples outwards horizontally. Thus, the tsunami is born, moving at over 500 miles per hour.  

From the TED-Ed Lesson How tsunamis work - Alex Gendler

Animation by Augenblick Studios


Astronaut Thomas Pesquet flies over a cyclone in the southern Pacific Ocean
Huge forest fires in Portugal kill at least 57 people
Sixty forest fires take hold amid severe heatwave on Iberian peninsula, with many people killed in their cars as they fled
By Sam Jones

Dry thunderstorms and strong winds may be the origin of this calamity. The number of casualties can still go up as many areas are still unreachable and this is an area where many old people live. 

EU has sent help, but the smoke is so dense there’s nothing they can do just yet. Temperatures are around 40C and humidity is at 0%.

It’s not even technically summer yet. Every year it gets worse. We had huge wildfires last year but the number of affected was never this large.

Please keep Portugal in your thoughts.

In May 1996, Beck Weathers survived 18 hours in sub-zero temperatures in the “death zone” of Mount Everest after becoming disorientated. He managed to make his way back to camp, suffering from corneal lacerations, hypothermia. He also had a very severe case of frostbite and as a result, had to have his right arm amputated along with the fingers on his left hand. He then had to have portions of his feet and his nose amputated. His nose was then reconstructed with tissue from his forehead and his ear. Four other climbers, including Rob Hall, the guide, weren’t as lucky and perished on Mount Everest. His ordeal is narrated in the novel, Into Thin Air.

i. she is an earthquake. superficially, i might have called her destructive energy a hurricane, the kind of storm you can foresee. the kind that you can run from. but she is a disaster you cannot escape. she shows up uninvited and shakes up your foundations, rearranges them into something gloriously unrecognizable. and she is the rare sort of magnificent that urges you to build a house smack in the middle of the san andreas fault just for the chance to feel something like her again.

ii. she is the moon embodied in a human being. distant but forever reassuring. she rests delicately in the background of the night sky, reminding you that even when the stars seem to have hidden, she is and always will be there.

iii. he is not a storm of the typical sense. he is the dry lightning that has accompanied every southern summer night in my living memory. so oddly beautiful and familiar, but so unforgiving in nature, cracking across my life in hues of purple and white before leaving as if he never existed.

iv. she is a strange and perfect kind of summer rain, the kind that you stand under and let soak through your clothes to your skin before feeling it touch your soul. she is the rain that makes you feel less alone in that she reminds you of the way that the crying sky understands the pain in your heart.

v. he is a volcano, a volcanic eruption more specifically. angry and devastating in a way that chars your soul so deeply that you think nothing will ever grow there again. only later do you find that the most exotic flowers sprout from the scarred ground he leaves behind.

vi. she is snow, a sparkling white façade that fills the cracks in forgotten stretches of faded pavement. delicate but easily deadly. disruptive but unequivocally lovely. too little of her, and she melts as soon as she makes landfall. too much of her, and she'll freeze you to death.

vii. he is an aurora. he is made of vivid colors that put the imaginings of the great classical artists to shame. he is lovely and fragmented and not meant for me. he is the kind of beautiful that you get to experience once in your lifetime and spend an infinity trying to rediscover in the small but sparkling moments of your own mundane life.

viii. she is a forest fire. she is so intensely beautiful that it hurts. she causes death and rebirth in equal measures. she is the kind of woman that takes a room and makes it glow in the moments just before she sets it ablaze with her glorious being.

ix. he is some unnatural fog, some obscure being that is both horribly real and heartbreakingly imaginary at once. he’s the kind of suffocating humidity that reminds you that it’s hard to love mist when all it can do is slip through your fingers.

x. she is the gentle wave that fetches up against weathered seaside cliffs. persistent and so strong, wearing down ever the most obstinate rocks into the kind of sand that sings when you step on it.

xi. he is that sort of blurry rainbow that occurs when, on a miserably hot july day, you spray your best friend with a water hose across the front yard. conditions have to be just perfect to see him shine, but when he does it’s so wonderfully reassuring, like a perfect reflection of that divine promise from long ago. he reminds you that you will not drown again.

xii. she is that rumored green flash that supposedly graces the edge of the water just as the sun disappears below it. she is radiant and enigmatic, and she is a mirage. she is an untouchable sort of beauty that makes you want her even with the knowledge that she belongs to the sun and no one else.

xiii. she is the kind of cloud that’s meant to turn into a tornado, cumulonimbus is what they’re called. black and foreboding, but gorgeous and docile unless provoked by unfortunate circumstance. she has the power to tear you apart with the simple whim of a butterfly wings, but somehow she’s never managed to see that about herself.

xiv. he is the perfect sunrise. he is the promise of everything that could be and will be. he is the beacon that shows when the night has finally fallen away from your eyes. he sits on the horizon, just out of reach, but shining on your face nonetheless.

xv. and He, oh He is something out of this world entirely. He is every star that He numbers and calls by name. He is the culmination of every celestial body that decorates the night sky. He is the only love that will never disappoint, never flicker, never fade.

xvi. and what about me? i am not a natural phenomena. i am not a disaster, nor am i some delicate form of precipitation. i am the void between the innumerable stars, made up of the seemingly invisible matter that was scattered by the supernova of a dead star that is now so far away. i am the space dust that is being bound together by the hands of God to create something better than what it once was. i am a byproduct of rebirth.

—  sixteen humans (and other beings) that I have loved in sixteen years

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Things that make 2017 Scully happy?

Political protests, although she usually can’t join in as a federal employee.  She has a Nevertheless, She Persisted tank top that she runs in.

Making plans for Mulder to move back in.  Looking for a new place that will accommodate her new life.  

That time she created a cure for that plague back in early 2016 and the fact that almost everyone’s still alive now.

William being back in her life in his tentative teenage way, although she’s sad that his adoptive parents died in the plague.  He insists on having dinner together every night.  It’s very sweet, although so far they mostly run through a list of rote questions.  She’s genuinely interested in his answers.

Working for the FBI.   

Sunday morning lattes.  

Her remaining loved ones’ health and strength.

The half-grown puppy she and Will picked out at the shelter. Her name is Yankee.  She has repeatedly told Mulder that baseball fanaticism is not genetic.  Mulder just looks smug.  

Not being on the run.  Not fearing for her life at every turn.  Not being in an almost windowless office.  Not giving a damn what people think.

Saturday Night Live, which she watches with Will.

Kissing Mulder.

Book Club night with a few women from the hospital and a few of the female agents from the FBI.  They read New York Times Bestsellers and sip wine and almost always actually discuss the book.  A few of them are part of her running group.  They have each other’s backs.  It’s the first time in a long time she’s had friends.  She has people to call if she has difficulties parenting a teenager, or a question about how other families have negotiated situations like laundry and curfews and chores around the house.

Not being alone.

Sitting on the shore on the log near where she poured her mother’s ashes into the ocean.  She’s planted a rose bush where there’s soil enough to sustain it.  She listens to the waves roll in and breathes in the scent of salt and roses.  

Waking up slowly with Mulder’s arm around her.

Yankee wrestling with a toy in the unbridled joy that dogs express better than she has ever managed.

Taking long baths with her book club book.  She’s aware that “good bathtub” is not necessarily the most important thing in a house, but that’s high on her list of criteria for their new place.

Going over Will’s homework with him.  Asking him questions about what he wants to do with his future.  Finding out what kind of person he’s become.  Discovering his thoughtfulness and insight.

A weekend in the mountains.  A weekend in New York.  A weekend where none of them leaves the house at all, and they only make time for each other.  

The way that life goes on.  The way that she’s weathered every disaster so far.  The strength that she’s found in herself.  The strength that they’ve found in each other.  The hopes she has for the future.  The graceful way she handles most of the obstacles she encounters in the present, informed by her past experience.

Speaking truth to power as often as she can.  

Making a better world for her son and all his potential futures.

Coming home.

DC preferences #1 How you meet

Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman

She was tracking down another immortal. From what she understood, they weren’t an Amazon or a God, but they never aged. She didn’t expect her search to lead her all over the world, she had been in Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, now she was walking the wards of a children’s hospital in Dublin.

She was almost distracted from her mission by the children. She took her time to talk and take a picture with each of them. She immediately knew it was you when she saw you, talking with one of your patient’s parents, a stethoscope hanging from your neck. Once you were done she approached you. What she didn’t expect was you to greet her with a gentle smile, “I knew it was a matter of time before you found me Miss…”

“Prince, Diana Prince” she said as she held out her hand.

“Dr (y/n) (y/l/n)” you said as you shook her hand, “I know you’ve came a long way, but would it be okay if we spoke later, my shift ends in an hour”, whilst looking up apologetically.

“I will remain here until you are done” Diana said a small smile pulling at her lips.

Kara Danvers/Supergirl

You had the same powers as her and her cousin but you weren’t Kryptonian, well not entirely. You were a well-known hero and worked as an illustrator for children’s books in National-City. As a result of your work you were going to be interviewed by Catco’s new art and literature editor, Kara Danvers.

The two of you were in the middle of your interview when your phones went off. Lucy Lanes name flashing on your screen, Alex Danvers flashing on hers. That’s when your eyes met. “You work for the DEO” you said simultaneously.

Alex Danvers

As the DEO chief doctor, the first time you met Alex Danvers wasn’t the best circumstances. “Agent Danvers could you please sit down” came the frustrated voice of your co-worker.

“Dr Williams go get a coffee I’ll take over” you said as you walked into the room. As soon as your co-worker left Agent Danvers started her protests once again.

“You may be a doctor but you are also an agent and I order you to let me go and do my job” she said as she stood in front of you. You sighed in response and Agent Danvers thought she had won.

“DEO Health Policy 1.1.A states clearly that when it comes to the health and well being of all agents, no matter the rank, the doctors have the final say, so Agent Danvers sit your ass down on that bed and let me stitch up the cut on your head and carry out a concussion evaluation” you said looking her directly in the eye. To your surprise she smirked.

Lucy Lane

You were a naval meteorologist and met Lucy for the first time during a military tribunal, you were asked to give your expert opinion on the weather conditions that may or may not have affected the flight of an army jet. After Lucy saw you were a reliable witness you became her go to for cases involving meteorology.

It had been several years since your last court appearance and you were now working in Catco, travelling the world and reporting on the weather and natural disasters. It was when you saw Lucy that morning that the two of you got talking, “Major Lane is that you?” you asked, feeling relieved that it was her when she turned around, “Lieutenant Commander (y/l/n), it’s good to see you” she said.

“Its good to see you to, but its just (y/n) now, what brings you to National City?”

Cat Grant

It was early on in both of your careers when Cat Grant first interviewed you. “So (y/n) where did you get the inspiration for your latest film” she asked relaxing back in her seat preparing to take notes on your answer. “To be honest, is it okay if I call you Cat?” you asked and she nodded back, “To be honest Cat, I took it from everyday sexism, when bringing a character like the Black Widow to life you look at what society say are her weaknesses and turn them into her strengths.”

“People are complaining about there being a female dominated cast in a super hero movie what do you have to say about that” she said, sighing slightly at the stupidity of the people complaining.

That was when a broad grin took over your face, “I never even noticed that it was female dominated”. That was when Cat Grant knew that she would get on well with you.

Harley Quinn

“Touch my friend again and I swear to god you’ll be drinking from a straw for the rest of your sorry miserable life” you threatened the guy who was easily a foot taller than you. Harley was kind of shocked, she was about to step in and beat the no good creep into a pulp when she saw you.

“If you’re jealous sweet cheeks, I don’t mind you joining us” he said as he grabbed your hips and pulled you towards him. That’s when he was suddenly doubled over in pain, holding his hands between his legs. Before anyone could react he was on the floor twitching and electricity was coming from your hands.

You didn’t notice his friend come up behind you. But Harley did. “Hey Mista, sneaking up on people isn’t nice ya hear” she said as she hit him round the head with her bat.

By the time the two of you had beaten up every guy in the bar it was late and way passed closing. “Harley, nice ta meet ya” she said offering you her hand and a wide smile.

“(y/n) and its good to meet you too, thanks by the way god knows what those guys would have dome if you didn’t help” you said taking her hand and smiling back at her.

“Don’t mention it, ya need a hand getting your friend back home?” she asked looking at your friend who was out cold in the booth where you had left her.

“That would be amazing” you said, giving Harley a grateful look.

Poison Ivy

Once she herd of your powers she knew she had to meet you. How did you have the same powers as her? She needed to know. That was how she ended up sat in front of Gotham city hall, looking at you from a distance. She watched carefully as you gently touched a rose on one of the rose bushes that lined the walls.

Then she noticed the movement of the dandelion poking through the paving stones. She touched it lightly, feeling its message. “If you have something to ask Miss Ivy, just ask it”, she looked across at you with an eyebrow raised only to see you smirking at her.

Winn Scott

You needed a second pair of hands and fast. Of course the first person who your bosses at the DEO though of was Winn. You were in your office typing with one hand and trying to untangle wires with the other. “Agent (y/l/n) this is Winn, he’s going to give you a hand with the thing you’re doing that I don’t really understand” Kara said as she looked around your office, eyebrows knitted in confusion at the absolute chaos.

“Hi Winn thanks for jumping in” you said, briefly looking up at him “Right now were hacking an unknown alien system in a coding language we don’t understand, whilst connecting up Kara’s pod to use Kryptonian tech to create confusion and make them think the hack isn’t coming from a human source”. You said as Winn reached out and took the wires untangling them allowing you to type with both hands now.

“So hook this up to the CPU and create a Kryptonian firewall using the pods basic coding for reference” he said, “That pretty genius” he said as he connected the wires. “Well see if it works first” you said smiling.

J'onn J'onzz

You thought you were the last of the Green Martians, until you saw him. “You seem to have fitted into the human world well” said the Martian standing in front of you.

“How” you said as you looked up at him in awe, “I thought…”

“That you were the only one left” he said, looking at you as you transformed in front of him.

Jimmy Olsen

As Catco’s war correspondent you travelled the world with you laptop, notebook, pen and your usual photographer. However your usual partner had changed job, looking for a slower pace of life. So you sat in your office waiting for your new photographer before you planned out your new trip. That was when you saw the head of photography at the door. You looked up in confusion, “I’m assuming you’re coming to tell me that you couldn’t find a photographer for this trip” you said.

“I couldn’t find a willing photographer, so I will be going with you” he said as he held up his camera.

“And Cat’s okay with this?” you asked, wondering whether she would really let her award winning head of photography go into a war zone.

“She wants good pictures, you and me are the only people crazy enough to go into this particular war zone” He said as he sat down on the chair opposite you.

“Fair enough” you shrugged as you pulled a map out of your desk.

Clark Kent

You worked at the Daily Planet as part of the world political section and you both covered American Politics. You met him after you returned from reporting on a NATO summit, “Hi, I’m Clark Kent” he said standing up to shake your hand once he saw you. “I’m (y/n) (y/l/n), it’s nice to meet you” you said as you shook his hands.

Bruce Wayne

You found him battered, bruised and unconscious in the dumpster at the side of your apartment building. You immediately ran in doors and got your neighbour to help bring him in side. Being a nurse you had medical supplies in your apartment.

You were patching him up when he woke up, “Who are you?” he said as he looked up at you realising his mask was sitting you your coffee table. “I am (y/n) (y/l/n) but I feel more like Claire Temple at the minuet” you said as threaded the needle, preparing to stitch the cut on his head. “Now this might sting a bit” you murmured as you leaned towards him.