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Nastasia@Cass: *shivers* "rotting cold weather, why'd I ever come back to the cold..." The strange umbreon mumbled to herself. "So you're going to be heading up some northern pass to evolve? I hope you don't freeze, sounds like a rottn' cold place. How long do you think it'll take you? Being cold and tired is worse than just being cold."

Cass “Melissa knows more about the wastes than I do, since she goes up there for her scouting duties, but from what I’ve been told, the Icy rocks are a fair bit closer than any ice stones. Both are further along than normal walks, though…

Now if you excuse me I gotta talk to mom before I go to bed. Lyra usually has important things to say and I’d rather not get a spoon to the face for lollygagging, gah!”


[ 10.05.16 • 5/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY ]
currently studying some chemistry, but here’s a glimpse of the geog notes I’ve been doing so far for weather and climate : D just so happened that fof the exam today the essay questions were pretty much identical to the ones our teacher gave to us as practice :“)
my exams end on friday so I’ll try to start posting as soon as I can after that~
Good luck to everyone having their exams! :)


One of the best things about doing commissions, imo, is getting the opportunity to try out different basing schemes that you might otherwise never use for your own models/armies. XD So! Here’s how I put together an abandoned city street - hopefully it’ll be helpful to people!

  1. The pavement/sidewalk area beside the street is made by layering two pieces of plasticard - a larger one on the bottom for the gutter, and a smaller one on top, cut into sections, to show the kerb/pavement.

    For this I’m using plasticard that’s about 1mm thick. Roughly cut out a circle or two that’s about the size of your base - for this one I’ve only used one circle, since the street area will take up almost half the base. For bases where you want less street and more pavement, you’ll probably need to use two circles since the smaller part of the circle won’t be enough for the pavement/sidewalk area. 
  2. Cut out any grill work for drains etc. from the gutter piece, and cut the pavement piece into sections. Using a knife and/or sandpaper, round off the top edges of the pavement sections, and also the bars in the drain.

    Then glue the gutter layer into place on the base. Don’t worry if the piece overhangs the edges of the base a bit - once the glue’s dry, you can trim the excess off.
  3. Glue the kerb piece into place, then glue the pavement sections on. I’ve also roughly cut one corner of a pavement section off to show a bit of cracked, broken cement.
  4. Again, don’t worry about overlap, just trim off any excess afterwards once the glue’s dried. You can also use sandpaper to help smooth out the edges.
  5. For this particular street, I wanted a build-up of mud and gravel and such, so here I’ve used some Agrellan Earth, heaping it on thicker where I want larger/deeper cracks. You could also use any other texture paint or just plain sand/gravel for the road surface.
  6. I’ve also used some PVA glue to add some fine gravel, then coated the whole thing with a thin layer of watered-down PVA glue to help seal the Agrellan Earth and hold all the gravel in place.
  7. Once it’s dry, spray primer the base. The spray primer will also help seal down any still-loose bits of gravel that the glue may not be quite holding.
  8. Finally, paint it! I didn’t step-by-step this part, I mostly just used drybrushing of lighter grey/browns over a dark grey base, stippled on some yellow to get the road line, used a bit of bronze for the drain bars, hit the whole thing with a few washes of Agrax and Sepia, then a bit more drybrushing of light brown/bone afterwards. (And then of course tidy up the base rim with black, which I haven’t done yet here, oops.)

And there you go! A weathered, dirty street base. :D So what do you all think?

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Here's something to think on: Asgore noted that monsters need hope to survive. He never did quite say weather or not they'd die without it, but Sans does feel pretty goshdarn hopeless, doesn't he? Not to mention Asgore and Toriel's surprisingly low health pools compared to the power they are said to have.


R-regarding your question! I think everyone needs hope to survive, humans and monsters. So if you’re trying to refer to Sans’ 1 HP thing, I doubt that’s it.

Aside from that, in the game’s demo, HP was referred as Hit Points. That would be the number of points you need to deplete to take the monster down, and that’s more battle-oriented than anything else. I consider that canon, [since Hit Poodles and Horse Power are obviously in-game jokes], and not the actual HEALTH the monster might have. 

If not, the common definition of HP is still Health Points, and that’s unrelated to hope.

Another reason why I think HP does not stand for HoPe: You can raise the maximum amount of HP you have by sleeping. If you rest, your physical condition and your health get better. That HP increase would make sense if HP means Health Points. But it doesn’t make sense that sleeping would increase your hope.

Speaking of Asgore and Toriel. It’s obvious that they are Boss Monsters if you look at their stats, [80 AT - 80 DF] regardless of the HP they might have.

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Hi! Can you do something like Sasuke seeing Sakura wearing the uchiha crest for the first time? Thank you!!! I love your writing :D

The weather always felt nice when spring began to fade and summer entered. The sun radiated warmth, while the light breeze carried the clouds overhead.

“Ah, good morning, darling,” Sakura called from the garden. 

She looked beautiful with her hair curled in loose ringlets while her red tunic hugged her hips.

Sakura always moved with grace when she was dealing with her delicate flowers, or tending to the vegetables. While her fingers and hands had been calloused from many years of fighting, she certainly handled her garden with such intense and precise care.

Sasuke nodded his hello, accompanied it with a smirk and sat on their wooden porch. The sun was sitting a quarter of the way in the sky, making it the perfect time to get yard work done while it was still cool out.

“Have any plans for today?”

Sasuke’s mismatched orbs caught Sakura’s eyes staring into his, her calm smile plastered on her face. 

“A few,” Sasuke responded coolly. 

Sakura nodded before going back to work. While she had been facing him the entire time, digging her gloved hands through the soil, it was when she turned and his eyes caught sight of the symbol on her back.

“You know–”

Her words vanished, while Sasuke’s mind went numb. He couldn’t feel the tips of his fingers, or the heat welling up in his ears. His calm and steady heartbeat had readjusted, beating at a rapid pace while his eyes watched Sakura’s shoulder blades move.

There, on her back, was the symbol of his clan. It had taken Sakura weeks to actually wear it, and now that she was, Sasuke could hardly breathe. He’d insisted, almost begged her to sew it on all of her clothing, but that bit of stubbornness she possessed held her from doing it.

I don’t want to step on toes, she’d argue. 

Sasuke always rolled his eyes, knowing damn well that that was something Sakura always wanted to wear someday; when given the chance, she had resorted to being shy.

Now she would represent it proudly on her back, starting today.

“Sasuke?” Her voice cut him from his deep thoughts. “You look tired.”

Sasuke closed his eyes and turned his head slightly, hiding the red tint that flushed to his cheeks.

“Sakura Uchiha,” he mumbled, loving the way it sounded, the way it looked on her, and even the idea of calling her that for the rest of their lives.

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since night elves comes from dark trolls that lived near the Well of Eternity, what would have happened if it had been either frost trolls, sand trolls, forrest trolls or some other troll specie that had decided to live near it instead? would we then have had either snow elves, sand elves or wood elves?

since wood elves would p much just be nelves except green w/ red hair, we’re gonna cover snow elves and sand elves.

snow elves would be much bigger and stronger, with super tough skin that provides them with more than enough protection from the elements. their primary god is probably a well of eternity-altered quetz’lun, who has become a mother god of storms and wind and weather. they’d still have big cat mounts buuuut now they’re leopards or like, the mana saber equivalent of one.

meanwhile sand elves would be smaller and comparatively weaker, buuuut have almost limitless endurance. they can go like stupid amounts of time w/o food or water and still be kicking. they got black teeth which they attribute to their patron god, a water goddess in the form of a hydra, who also has black teeth. they’re probably still people-eaters but it’s more of a soylent green thing where they’re more recycling than actively seeking out to eat people. meat is meat, okay.

Monsta X: how they'd confess their love

Shownu: ok so I see Hyunwoo approaching this in a tactical way- as in he’d make sure everything is perfect, your mood, the atmosphere, the food, the weather, etc. He’d take his time as the day goes by, while he’s spending it with you, and would stop you whenever he feels the time is right. Before you could walk into a cafe, he takes your hand in his and looks you in the eye, shocking you by how nervous he looks. He’d ignore the butterflies in his stomach and gets right to it, saying it as though he’d rehearsed this a million times and impatiently awaiting your response. He’d take you into his strong arms when you confess that the feeling is completely mutual.

Wonho: one of the members to make it really obvious before saying anything to you. You could see from his not-so-subtle advances that he’s totally crushing on you, just unsure of how to voice his feelings. After much nagging and persuasion from the other members, he’s shyly approach you and pour his heart out. Hoseok would do it after much thought, and invites you over to the dorms or would just come over to your place, bearing your favorite snacks in hand. You’d be able to tell something is bothering him and ask what’s up. All the nervousness would disappear when you tell him you feel the same, and he feels like he’s on cloud nine.

Minhyuk: very spontaneous, so I think he’d do it out of nowhere, when he feels like his heart is going to burst from all the love. It would take one small moment for him to realize he’s in love with you, like when the wind is blowing through your hair, or the way you squint your eyes when it’s sunny, or when your hands always find his tired shoulders and gently rub them, or the way you’re so good to him in every way possible. He might plan it and make it cute, but would definitely speak from the heart and wouldn’t plan on rehearsing any cheesy lines. Would unintentionally kiss you in a rush of excitement and buzz, so be prepared to console him and kiss his blush away.

Kihyun: not much thought or planning is gonna go into this confession, mainly because he’s freaking out and stressing too much over it to really think of a plan or logic. The farthest he’d go is maybe asking for advice from the members, but no matter how many tips and pats on the back he gets, it won’t help his beating heart and sweaty palms as he makes his way over to your place. He’d proceed to recall the story of how you two met and how you’ve really helped him- because he never thought he’d find a friend as loving and amazing as you. Then he’d shyly ask you if it was a bad idea if you could maybe become more than friends. You’d have to cut him off and kiss his dorky face since he’ll keep on blabbing.

Hyungwon: he’s a simple man with a simple problem- trying to find out if the love of his life is also in love with him. There can’t be a simple solution, he realizes, until he voices his concerns and feelings to you. Begrudgingly, he’ll decide to pick you up one day and taking you somewhere nice. He’ll keep quiet throughout the whole day, hoping you’d notice so you’d be the one to bring it up, and then he’s more than happy to sigh a hundred times before finally telling you how he feels. He’d mumble about how it’s all stupid- because he’s never felt this way before and you make his heart race so fast all the time, and you probably don’t feel the same. You’d knock the wind out of his chest when you tell him you’re in love with him as well, and he’d be the happiest man alive. He’d keep his arm around you for the rest of the night.

Jooheon: FOR SURE he’d make it known that he likes you, 100%. Small touches on the back of your neck as he’s fixing your shirt collar, spending extra time in the morning to look good for you, always complimenting you, noticing the way your eyes light up when you’re laughing, catching him staring at you sometimes. He’d keep it short and simple, simply because he knows you feel the same- otherwise you’d put a stop to his advances way long ago. He’d take you to a quiet place, maybe a nearby park or beach, and tell you if it was alright for you to become more than friends. He’d take your nodding as a sign to lean in and seal the night with a kiss on your lips.

I.M: I think he’d need to take some time away from you and get his head together. Once he realizes he’s completely in love with you, there’s no going back- you obviously belong to each other and he can’t imagine his life without you. He’d make it a special occasion, maybe your birthday or a holiday, just because he’s patient enough to wait. Silently, he’d walk with you away from the crowd and begin to tell you how absolutely beautiful you are. He’d begin with many compliments but they’d become much more heartfelt as he looks you in the eye and sincerity takes over his expression. Would smile through the kiss after your confession, and keep you close to him throughout the day/night.

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I would find it to be so funny if harry got himself a gf who isn't a morning person. I can just imagine them bickering over it every morning. Hhhhhhh

He’d try and cuddle her, draping his leg over her and try and get into her arms, but she’d just push him away.

“Get off” she’d groan, and smack Harry’s arm, but she’s as weak as a baby sloth, so Harry would just find it amusing.

“But I wanna cuddle” He’d whimper, his messy curls over his face and a pout on his lips. He’d nuzzle his face in her hair and tickle the skin of her neck with his nose and lips, making her giggle softly. “We can also go for a run.”

“Harry, it’s 7am, there’s no way I’m getting out of bed for a run in that grimy weather.” She’d lift her head from the pillow and look at Harry sternly, being deadly serious. There would be a mark on her cheek from the pillow creases, and it would be hard for her to keep her eyes open.

“So cuddles it is.”

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19. Who is the most ticklish?
She’d discovered his kyrptonite by accident. They’d been lounging around in Betty’s backyard, the summer day way too hot for them to stay inside. She’d spread out an old checked blanket on the dry grass, whipped up a batch of homemade pink lemonade and raided the store for the all the popsicles they’d had left before inviting Jughead over to spend the afternoon, blissfully doing nothing but enjoying the weather and the comforting presence of one another’s company.

She’d thanked the weather profusely when he’d turned up in just that white vest of his, her flush no longer just a product of the sun.

She turned over now to shield her flushed face from burning, tucking herself against his side, happy to suffer just a little bit more heat to be close to him. She trailed her fingertips over his stomach, dipping slightly lower to creep underneath the hem of his shirt and brush across sun warmed skin. He’d sighed in contentment as the feeling of her delicate touches, fingertips cool from the condensation of her glass, provided a welcome relief from the heat. Her fingers swept higher, running over his side with a feather light touch.

His whole body spasmed as he tried to squirm away from the sensation. Betty jolted back, surprised by his sudden movement. Their eyes locked for a second before Jughead saw mischief begin to glisten in the bright green before him.

“Jug, are you ticklish?” she murmured, her menacing tone making him shiver.

“No…” he trailed off unconvincingly, muscles tensing as he prepared to spring away from her. Her eyes darkened as she lunged for him. He scrambled to his feet, weaving away from her as she tailed him relentlessly. He was hit with an idea as he heard her joyous giggles ring out behind him, swerving to the side of the house.

“Juggie…” she warned cautiously, palms up in surrender as he pointed the hose pipe towards her. He smirked, fingers flexing around the nozzle.

“You so asked for this.”


Postcards from The Scorpio Races

For the moment, the island seems so utterly peaceful, unmarked by trouble and horses and weather. I think we’d have entirely different tourists if this were the face Thisby wore all the time.

Only I know this isn’t the real Thisby.