Looking East at Sunset by Colleen Gino
Central New Mexico

This Spring Winter Weather

What springs into my mind
When I look at “Spring” outside
Not yarrow, under blankets lie
Forgotten, wilted, died

The weather man in the sky
Doesn’t like rules
He watches the mountains
Melt into pools
And he pulls a lever to freeze it
What Spring? I just don’t believe it

This is the game he plays
Freeze tomorrow, melt today
I watch from inside, scribbling
My complaints to his not listening

Folded into a paper plane
Shot towards oncoming rain
Rain, although just drizzling
Maybe, finally, he’s started listening


You have found comfort
in the sky blues
and midnight blacks
that trounce your spirit
the sun shined its moon upon.

I may not be entirely transparent
in that my nature is clouded
but I can safely admit
that my grays cease to exist,
for I am whatever color you desire.

If I don’t deliver soft light
to your distinct outlines,
this love must die.
But if care contorts and converts us,
this love must dye.

Spell Timing - Weather

⛈Lightning Storms - power, manifestation, cursing, protection
🌧Rainstorms - purification, cleansing, healing, compassion, release
❄Snowstorms - balance, stillness, purification, transformation, letting go
☁Dense Fog - invisibility, stasis, mysticism, shielding
🌀Heavy Wind - travel, study, intellect, breaking bad habits
☀Searing Hot Days - courage, protection, strength, energy
🌠Meteor Showers - power, magickal boost, wishes
🌘Solar & Lunar Eclipses - banishing, destruction

some correspondences taken from Scott Cunningham’s “Earth, Air, Fire & Water” along with my own personal correspondences