Why Robert E.O. Speedwagon deserves your love

So today I found myself writing a fucking essay on Speedwagon. Please enjoy.

I feel like people never really- and I mean really- talk about just how strong Speedwagon’s connection to the Joestars is. And it all started because Jonathan Joestar didn’t kick him as hard as he could have.

I’ve always gotten the impression that Jonathan was one of the first people to show Speedwagon genuine kindness; it’s even more meaningful when you realize that Speedwagon initially stereotyped Jonathan as a dumb rich kid. But Jonathan not only held back against Speedwagon when they fought, he stated that his reason for doing so was because he understood that Speedwagon had a family who would mourn his death. Jonathan didn’t want to put them through the same sadness that he himself was going through. In an era where classism was at its highest, a nobleman acknowledged that a street crook had loved ones and had just as much a right to live as he did.

I think that just completely blew Speedwagon’s fucking mind.

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no;rtth  ern dowwnnpo;ur (fea t ;crytyping)

Iff a  l,l our life is but 0a drea,m
Fa,ntsa;;tic PPosi..ng greed
Then we should ;feeeyd our .jewe;leery to ;the dsea
Foor ddiamonds do appear to be
Just  ike rboken glas;s ,,tO,, me
AN d   theen she saiid she ,,can..’t believe.
Genius onl y cO;;mes al,,ongg
In. stormms off able df;oreign t..ongu;e s
Tripp.ing ees, a.nd flooded lungs
9Northern do,,wnpoour se,nd its love
He..y moon,, ,pleas,e ..for,get to a,fll down.
Hey mon, ..do.n’t.. yo u go, down

Su  garcane, ,in the easy morniin’’
WE;ather-v.aness ym. one and lonely
The ink  is rlunnning towra d the pag..e
It’s ch[asin’ off the days
LLoo,k bbaacKK ,at both fEe,et,
,And t..ha;;t,,   winding.. kne..e
I miss.ed your ..skin whh  en you wre e,ast
oYYu   clicked,, ..your heel  S ;ndd wlished for me
T,T,,h,,r ough playful   lips ,mae of yaxrn,n
That fragi.ile Capricorn
Unrvaeled w;ords like mothss u,pon ol,d scarves
..I, know the,,e world’s   ,a b,roken bone  
Butt melt your headacghes, ,,call it h,om.e
He yymo,on, please ofrg,,et to fal,l   dow..n
Hey mo.o;;n, don’t ,,you g..o down
SSugarc,ane i;ny  the;; easy  mon  ri,,n’
WWeather-vanes my. one an d lonely
Su  ga..ra,,c,ne  in the   easy m.or,nin’
WWeathe  r-va..ne.s  ,my on.e and lonely

,,Sug,,arca  ne i n ,,the.. easy moonrin’
Weathe-rvanes my onne and lnoely
Su  garc..ane in thee easy mor;nni’
Weat,theerrvane s m,y one, and llonely
,,Sugar.cane ,,n  i; t,he eaas ymorn,nin’;;
Weath;;er-vAnes my o,,ne ;an d l..onely
Sugar,,cane (hy  m,, oon) ni ,,(,,hey omon)
hte  easy (he.y moon) mornisn.’
Weather-vanes (hey moon)  my (hey moon)
;;On e If.. all ..our1r lifyee is but aa D,,ream
Fn  ta,sti..c ,,posing gre,ed
T2henn ,,we   s houl d e.ed o ;;ur jewelery t,o.. the s ea
For d,,i,amon  dd,s;so,d app,ear t8o be
Justl ik,,e broke.n   glasst,, o me
,,An;;;d t..th;,,enn se saa..id she c9an’t  beli  eve
GGenius on;;L  y. coo,,,m  ;es .alo,o n;;g
,In stormDs Of fabled foreig.n tonng  ues  
Trip,,p,,ing ,eye,s;, and f..lo.ode. d .lung,gso,,
,Nor,thenr donwpour sends it,s. l,o;vee
H..ey ..moon, plesa forget o fall do.ownn
Hey m,oon, DoD,,nn,,’,t y;you g owwn
Sugarcan,,;e in th, e;;easy/y mo.,rnin,,’
Weathe,,r,-vanes my   on,,. eand lonel,y;;
The,, in k .i..s r,,unninG ,to,wa,,r d..dthe .p.age
t,,,,I’S chaisn’ ,off ,,the da;;ysL
,o,,o bkkack ,,at\ both   feet
And tha,t.. windiinng.. nee
I mIsss;;d youukr 1ki n,whe;;n  youu; w..,,ere  ,,,,ea..st
Yo  u c,,lick..ed your; hee..lsa n..d.. wi.she.d ,,fo,r me
Thorugh p l..afu..,ll lips ,maed;;o,f yar,n
;;Th,,at ,fragile,, Cap,rico..;r….n5
U.nnr;;avveled worsdsl..k..e ,moths upon old s..,,carv,se
;I know the worl.d d.’s a ;;br;;okne bone
B,,u,t melt y our;;.r;; hheadachees,;,  ca  l;;it .hoMe
He,y m..,ooon ,plase. f,,o,rget, ,,to affll donw
Hey ooo n,,, ,,do;;n ’t you .ugo doown;
Su;;g arcAne inn thE a;esy ,mornin’
Weatt,her-van[e..s mmyy ,,oe and .lonely
gSug;;ar,,;;can,e ,i,,n,, the ,easy fmorn,in’
WWetheravnes;;;m y o  Ne and lon,,oeely,
Su;garcan,,  e,, ,in  ,the e..asy m ornin’
Weather-Van;;Se my one   and ,lo,,Nely
Sugafrca,,ne int he asy ..morni..n’
Weathe-rvAnes m\y on,ea nd;; lonely
ugarcane iin;; t,,,,hhe ea sy;; mron ii .n’
.Weatehr-vane.s ,my; ;;ne..o a,,,nd ,lon  e  ly,,
Sugar,,a.ne,, /;(he,y moo ,)in( h;;e y moo)n
Th..e easy .(heyy. moon) m;;,,onin;;’
WWea,therr-vanes, (he y;moon)f my ;(hey amooon)
OO..en hey. ,m.oon)  an,,d onell;y
He ymo,,on , ple,easse orrge  t .toof aal;;ld o  wn,,
Hey, moon  , ,don’t ,yo ;;go.. down;
Ytzo,,,,u ,,are ;;a  t ,,t  hE;; ,,to.p of;; jmy lungs
Dr,a  wn ,ott he  ones who,, ,,nev..ery .m.wnn
hey mo,onn) andl ,onely
Hey moon,, pell;;ase.. for  ge;t to,, fall  down
Hey mo,,on,,, don’t yo;;u g,o doown
Y;ou are t the t.op of ;;my lun gs
DDrawnn to th..e ognes who never   yawn

Food Magic Tips

Rather than focusing on ingredients correspondences I like to use food type correspondences which I find easier and more effective. You can of course use both for a boost (I do) and I would love others to add to the list with their own!


  • Roasted bird: Family, unity, and peace
  • American meat and potatoes meal: Earth, grounding, Home
  • Mexican: Celebrations
  • Soup with Crackers: Health, wellness
  • Soup with bread: Warmth, growth
  • Leftovers: Prosperity 
  • Grilled meats: Fire, community
  • Grilled vegetables: Fire, growth, change
  • Indian: Adventure
  • Pizza: youth, sharing
  • Vegetarian: comfort, wholeness
  • Salads vegetable: cleansing
  • Salads other: Community, friendship
  • Chinese: giving, reaching out
  • Pie: magic, sharing, love
  • Cake: Joy, love
  • Cookies: Magic, comfort
  • Surf and Turf: (and I mean any red meat and any seafood) Wealth, prosperity
  • Fish:  Water, freedom, joy
  • Shellfish: water, prosperity, growth
  • Blue Crabs: water, prosperity, Family 
  • Casseroles: unity, sharing
  • Pasta: Comfort, youth 

Take out 

  • Chinese: rest and health
  • Sushi: Water, weath, comfort
  • pho’: Health, wellness
  • Pizza: celebrations
  • Indian:  Love, romance
  • Others usually the same as homemade

I’m sure there are lots more that I have not remembered or are different for you. Share what yours are!

anonymous asked:

I was searching lolita essential lists(I was inspired by you articl)and I saw someone saying that socks and tights that are even a little bit seethrough are prohibited for lolita. I would like to have your opinion on that please. And also said that shortsocks should be worn only over longsocks and tights and no legskin should ever be seen unless very particular cases(I guess unbearable hot weathe. The writer states that she's lolita since02 and it was written in '14. Nowaday things arent changed

Really this all just sounds like someone’s personal preferences. The part about sheer legwear not being allowed sounds pretty outdated and I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone say that no leg skin can ever be seen. In fact, there has been a lot of debate over whether or not it’s okay to wear socks over tights so it’s hard to imagine anyone stating that it’s a universal truth that socks must be worn over tights if they would otherwise show skin.

Here’s a few examples of sheer legwear:

Here’s a few examples of visible legs:

And here’s one from 2002 just to show it isn’t a new thing:

Updated ritual write up

I. Purificatio

[I do this in the shower if its a big ritual otherwise I’ve taken to skipping this]

May this water cleanse my body and soul of any evil. May this water cleanse the evils of the world from me. Purify my mind. Purify my body. Purify my heart.

(Traditionally a bowl of water or a bucket would have been used)

II. Praefatio

Mother Vesta, (adoratio) virginal goddess of the hearth. I ask you, protect me and my kin;blood and not; today,as you protected the Great City in ancient times. I ask for your blessings.

[Light lamp or other flame. Starting charcoal for resin incense would be good right here]

Father Ianus, (adoratio ) Guardian of the doorways. I ask forgiveness for not welcoming you first, for the door is second only to the hearth. I ask that you watch over my kin and myself as we begin this day. I humbly ask that you may bestow your blessing upon us.

(If I am making a libation i typically make it now)
Libation line:
I offer you both this wine/tea/juice/milk/water/etc. So that you might answer my prayers

III. Salutatio

Ave Iupiter! (adoratio ) Iupiter Optimus Maximus, the best and greatest, King of the gods. I humbly ask that you may bestow your blessing upon myself and my kin.

Ave Iuno! (adoratio ) Iuno Moneta, goddess who brings weath and prosperity. May you bestow your blessing upon us.

Ave Mars! (adoratio) Mars Alator,the huntsman. I humbly ask that you give me strength to defend that which I care about. I ask you to bestow your blessing upon us and keep us safe.

Ave Minerva! (adoratio) Minerva Pacifera, bearer of peace. May you bestow your blessings and wisdom upon myself and my kin.

Ave Apollo! (adoratio ) Phoebus Apollo, the bringer of light. I ask that you fill our lives with light and warmth.

Ave Neptunus! (adoratio) Neptunus Invicta, lord of the unconquered seas. I ask for your blessings for myself and my kin.

Ave Mercurius! (adoratio) Mercurius Cissonius, protector of travelers. I humbly ask for your blessings as we travel through our day.

Ave Venus!(adoratio) Venus Verticordia,the changer of hearts. My patron goddess and the one I hold closest to my own heart. I pray to you and ask for your blessings.

Ave Lares! (adoratio ) Those who protect my home. May you bestow your blessing upon my household.

Ave Genius! (adoratio) my most loyal guardian. I ask for your blessing over myself, my kin, and my household.

Ave Penates! (adoratio) Protectors of my pantry. May your blessings fill my home and rid it of any ill spirits.

(One could technically add the Manes/ancestors in here but I do not do much ancestor worship)(if i have a specific request it is said for the relevant god or goddess. If i need to i add in the relevant one)

[light incense and offer food](if i have a hymn i add it in here)

May these offerings please you

IV. Piaculum

Oh gods and goddesses if I have offended you, I ask your forgiveness and hope you are pleased by these offerings

anonymous asked:

Maybe a cute, short Drabble of merarthur being rescued from rocks by Vivi and Lewis? He doesn't know or trust these humans yet, so he's highly defensive and scared at first.

I’m basing Mer!Arthur’s design off of @ectoimp‘s and @arthur-tristan-kingsmen‘s design of him. 

The vicious wind and rain howled around the car, making it shake. Vivi was almost afraid that they’d be blown off the road, and on a mountainside road such as this, that would mean certain death.

“Wow…” Lewis couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t a little nervous himself. “I knew Florida weather could be bad but I didn’t think it would be like this.” It wasn’t raining very hard, but the wind was making the drops land hard on the windshield. Lewis could see all the trees nearly coming loose from the ground.

“Just our luck that we came here during a hellish storm, huh?” Vivi grinned a little, and Lewis had to laugh.

“Yeah, sounds about right. I wish the client would have mentioned that little tidbit.” But at least it all worked out with helping the spirit of their client’s uncle move on, and the pay was nice too. Lewis would forgive the little miscommunication this time.

They turned a corner and Vivi smiled as she leaned against the passenger side door. The ocean was wild with waves and even here it was really cool to watch them. She had seen the ocean only a few times in her life and it always astounded her. She had always talked to Lewis about going scuba diving at one point when they had the chance.

Not in this weather though. She was glad there weren’t any boats out there either. Nobody would be crazy enough to go out there in this weathe-

Vivi’s eyes widened and she quickly sat up in her seat. “Lewis stop the car!”



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Caleo headcannon

nothing thrills Calypso more then seeing Leo combust into flames. to her its the most adorble thing she’s ever witnessed. and usually it’ll go like this

random camper: Why do you like him? he looks like an elf

Reyna: !!!! Anyway….. how bout the weath-

Calypso: babe come here. 

Leo: Whats up sunshine?

Calypso* Looks at reyna grinning*

Reyna: (Hoe, don’t do it)

Calypso: *kisses Leo*

Leo *flames erupt from his body*

 Calypso: Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever witnessed?

Random camper: you need treatment


Leo: (oh my gods oh my gods oh my gods)


Calypso: but he looks so-


Calypso: Tch you’re no fun *Throws some water she saved for her plants*

Leo: S-sorry

Calypso: I love you babe

Leo: I love you too sunshine

Camper: how do you put up with this?

Reyna: though a lot of soul searching

Names translating master post!

You will find here the names classed in alphabetic order. It will be presented like this: name, kanji, translation, (optionnal) something about the kanji used.

These translations are an interpretation of mine so sometimes it might not be perfect. Also some kanji are used for the sound of them not really for their meaning so don’t be suprise if some names seems “weird”.

And i do this post myself and do not copy the work of anyone.


Ayaha, あや葉 , “Colorful leaf”

Ayakazu, 絢佳司, “Brillant and excellent ruler”, 絢 this kanji make me suspicious because its literally mean “brillant fabric” maybe a reference to silk?

Ayako, 亜矢子, “Child after the arrow”

Ayano (GK), 彩乃, “Dedicated to paint” , 彩 mean also makeup

Ayano(P), あや野, “Colorful plain”


Chikaharu, 千賀遥, “Thousand joy from spring”

Chikasaya, 千賀明, “Thousand joy from the light”

Chikayuki, 千賀幸, “Thousand joy and fortune”

Chikayoshi, 千賀美, “Thousand joy and beauty”

Chisako, 千紗子, “The child of the thousand gaze”

Chiyoko, 知余子, “Very wise child”

Chizu, 千鶴, “Thousand cranes”


Eriha, 恵里葉, “Blessing leaf of the village”


Fukuai, ふく愛, “Lucky love”

Fukuaya, ふく愛彩, “Color of the luck”

Fukucho, ふく兆, “three million times lucky”

Fukue, ふく恵, “Lucky and blessed”

Fukuha, ふく葉, “Lucky leaf”

Fukuhana, ふく英, “Lucky hero”, 英 means at first english… I find that it’s super strange to find this kanji in a geimei… But i think that hero was probably the choice of the okaasan!

Fukuharu, 富久春, “Wealthy and lasting spring”

Fukuhina, ふく雛, “Lucky cutie”

Fukuhiro, ふく紘,”Large luck”

Fukuho, ふく帆, “Lucky sailor”

Fukukimi, “Wealthy and lasting ruler”

Fukumari, ふく真莉, “True luck of the jasmine”

Fukumi, ふく美, “Lucky beauty”

Fukumomo, ふく桃, “Lucky peach”

Fukunae, ふく苗, “Slap of luck”

Fukunami, ふく奈美, “Lucky and beautiful Nara”, the kanji 奈 is more used for its sound than its meaning

Fukunao, ふく尚, “Luck and esteem”

Fukune, ふく音, “The sound of the luck”

Fukuno, ふく乃, “Dedicated to luck”

Fukusato, ふく里, “Lucky village”

Fukusuzu, ふく鈴, “Bell of luck”

Fukutama, ふく珠, “Gem of luck”

Fukuteru, ふく光, “Ray of luck”

Fukutomo, ふく朋, “Lucky friend”

Fukuwaka, 冨久若, “Wealthy young one”

Fukuya, ふく哉, “How to be lucky”

Fukuya, ふく弥, “Even more lucky”

Fukuyu, 冨久有, “Wealthy but possesive”

Fumihana, 富美英, “Wealthy and beautiful hero”

Fumikazu, 章佳司, “Excellent poet and ruler”

Fumika, 富美夏, “Wealthy and lasting summer”

Fumimari, 富美毬, “Wealthy ball”, 毬 is strange to me…

Fumino, 章乃, “Dedicated to poetry”

Fumisono, 富美苑, “Weathy garden”

Fumitama, 富美珠, “Gem of weath”

Fumiyoshi, 富美芳, “Rich perfume”


Hinagiku, 雛菊, “Adorable chrysanthemum”

Hinayuu, 雛祐, “Adorable help”

Hisacho, 久蝶, “Butterfly of the old time”

Hisamari, 久万里, “Ten thousand old village”

Hisamomo, 久桃, “Peach of the old time”

Hisano, 久乃, “Dedicated to the old time”

Hisasuzu, 久鈴, “Bell of the old time”

Hizuru, ひずる, “Draw of fire”, seems to be a name than a “normal” girl can wear


Ichiaya, 市彩, “Painted city”

Ichiemi, 市笑, “City’s laugh”

Ichifuku, 市福, “Blessed city”

Ichiharu, 市晴, “Clear city”

Ichiho, 市穂, “City’s ear”

Ichikiku, 市菊, “City’s chysantheum”

Ichikoma (K), 市こま, “City’s young child”

Ichikoma (P), 市駒, “City’s horse”

Ichimame (K), 市まめ, “City’s eyes”

Ichimame(P), 市真芽, “Bud of the true city”

Ichimari, 市まり, “City’s advantage”

Ichimomo, 市桃, “City’s peach”

Ichinana, 市奈菜, “Nara city’s vegetable”, here 奈 and 菜 are just used for the sound, for a more cute effect.

Ichino, 市乃, “Dedicated to the city”

Ichiraku, 市楽, “City’s music”

Ichisayo, 市さよ, “Evening in the city”

Ichisono, 市園, “City’s park”

Ichiteru (K), 市照, “City’s shine”

Ichiteru (P), 市照, “City’s shine”

Ichitomi, 市十美, “Ten beautiful cities”

Ichitomo, 市知, “Wisdom of the city”

Ichiwaka, 市和佳, “Beautiful and harmonious city”

Ichiyu, 市結, “City’s tie”

Ichiyuri, 市有里, “Market of the village”


Kanachisa ,叶千沙, “Granting of thousand sand particle”

Kanamitsu, 叶みつ, “Granting of the honey”

Kanako, 叶子, “Granting child”

Kanasuzu, 叶鈴, “Granting bell”

Kanayuki, 叶幸, “Granting happiness”

Kanoemi, 叶笑, “Granting laugh”

Kanohiro, 叶紘, “The one who give more”

Kanona, 叶菜, “Granting vegetables”, 菜 is used for the sound

Kanoka, 叶果, “Granting reward”

Kanoyumi, 叶祐美, “Helpful beauty”

Katsue (GK), 佳つ江, “Excellent bay”

Katsue (K), 勝江, “Victorious bay”

Katsufumi, 佳つ文, “Excellent poem”

Katsugiku, 佳つ菊, “Excellent chrysanthemum”

Katsuhana, 佳つ花, “Excellent flower”

Katsuhina, 佳つ雛, “Excellent cutie”

Katsuho, 勝帆, “Victorious sailor”

Katsumi, 佳つ實, “Truly excellent”

Katsuna, 勝奈, “Victorious Nara” , 奈 used for its sound

Katsune, 勝音, “Sound of the victory”

Katsuno, 佳つ乃, “Dedicated to the excellence”

Katsunosuke, 佳之介, “Excellence of the shellfish

Katsuru, 勝瑠, “Lapis lazuli of the victory”

Katsusen, 佳つ扇, “Excellent dancing fan”

Katsutomo, 佳つ智, “Excellent and wise”

Katsuya (K), 勝也, “Victorious one”

Katsuya (GK), 佳つ椰, “Excellent coconut”

Katsuyuki, 佳つ幸, “Excellent and blessed”

Keiko, 圭衣子, “The child dressed in jewels”

Kikumaru, 菊丸, “Perfect chrysanthemum”

Kikuno, 菊乃, “Dedicated to the chrysanthemum”

Kikushino, 菊志乃, “Aspire to be dedicated to the chrysanthemum”

Kikutsuru, 菊つる, “Crane made in chrysanthemum”

Kikuyae, 菊弥江, “Even more chrysanthemum and bay”

Kikuyu, 菊夕, “Chrysanthemum’s evening”

Kimiaya, 君綾, “Well dressed ruler”

Kimichie, 君知重, “Very wise ruler”

Kimigiku, 君ぎく, “Moral ruler”

Kimiha, 君波, “Ruler of the waves”

Kimiharu, 君晴, “Clear ruler”

Kimihiro, 君ひろ, “Comprehensive ruler”

Kimika, 君香, “Ruler of the perfume”

Kimina, 君奈, “Ruler of Nara”, 奈 is used for the sound

Kimisayo, 君さ代, “Ruler since three generation”

Kimishizu, 君しず, “Peaceful ruler”

Kimitomo, 君友, “Friendly ruler”

Kimitoyo, 君とよ, “Wealthy ruler”

Kimiyu, 君有, “Possesive ruler”

Kiyono, 清乃, “Dedicated to purity”

Koai, 小愛, “Little love”

Koeri, 小衿, “Little neck”

Koen, 小えん, “Little coin”

Kofuku, 小ふく, “Little luck”

Kogiku,小菊, “Little chrysanthemum”

Koharu, 小はる, “Little springtime”

Komako, 駒子, “Little horse”

Komomo, 小桃, “Tiny peach”

Konomi, 小之美, “Beautiful little child”

Korin, 小凛, “Little cold”

Kosen(GK), 小扇, “Little dancing fan”

Kosen(M), 小扇, “Little dancing fan”

Kotoha, 琴葉, “A harp and a blade”

Kotomi, 琴美, “Beautiful koto”

Koume, 小梅, “Tiny plum”

Koyoshi (GK), 小芳, “Little perfume”

Koyoshi(M), 小よし, “Tiny and reasonable“

Koyou, 小耀, “Little shine”

Kyouka, 杏佳, “Excellent apricot


Mahiro, 真ひろ, “Understable truth”

Makiko, 槇 子, “Child of the pine”, 槇 is the kanji for a chinese black pine

Makino, 真希乃, “Truly dedicated to hope”

Mamechiho, 豆ちほ, “Bean who is sailor in its blood”

Mamechika(1, Arai), 豆千佳, “Thousand excellent beans”

Mamechika(2, Tama), 豆千花, “The thousand flowers of a bean”

Mamechika(3,Shibata, geiko), 豆千花, “The thousand flowers of a bean”

Mamefuji, まめ藤, “Bean wisteria”

Mamefusa, 豆房, “Bunch of beans”

Mamehana, 豆はな, “Bean’s flower”

Mameharu, まめ春, “Bean of the springtime”

Mameharu, まめ春, “Bean of the springtime”

Mamehiro, 豆 弘, “Vast bean”

Mamekiku, まめ菊, “Bean chrysanthemum”

Mamekinu, まめ衣, “Dressed in bean”

Mamemaru, 豆まる, “Perfect bean”

Mameroku, 豆 六, “Six beans”

Mameryu, まめ柳, “Willow bean”

Mamesaku, 豆沙久, “Long time in the sand bean”

Mamesome, 豆そめ, “Colorful bean”

Mamesumi, 豆純, “Innoncent bean”

Mamesuzu, まめ鈴, “Bell bean”

Mametarou, 豆たろう, “Bean son”

Mametoyo, まめ豊, “Excellent bean”

Mameyuri, 豆ゆり, “Bean lily”

Manaha, 満奈葉, “Nara full of leaves”, 奈 is used for the sound

Mao, 真生, “True life”

Maori, 真織, “Real fabric”

Marie, 真りえ, “True benefit”

Marika, 茉利佳, “Excellent jasmine with advantage”

Masaki (GK), 真咲, “True blossom”

Masaki(GH debuted as geiko), 満彩希, “Colorful and abundant hope”

Masami, 満彩美, “Fully makeup beauty”

Masayo, 満彩代, “Very colorful generation”

Mayuha, 満友, “Fully your friend”

Miehina, 美恵雛, “Beautiful blessed doll”

Miena, 美恵菜, “Beautiful blessed vegetable”, 菜 is used for its sound

Miharu, 美晴, “Clear beauty”

Mihoko, 美帆子, “Beautiful child of a sailor”

Mikako, 実佳子, “Truly excellent child”

Mitsuki, 美月, “Beautiful moon”

Mitsuna, 光菜, “Ray of vegetable”, 菜 is used for its sound

Momifuku, もみ福, “Blessing of the maple leaves”

Momiju, もみ寿, “Longevity of the maple leaves”

Momiyuki, もみ幸, “Happiness of the maple leaves”

Momokazu, 百佳司, “Hunder excellent ruler


Naoai, 尚あい, “Esteemed love”

Naohiro, 尚ひろ, “Esteem and comprehension”

Naokazu, 尚可寿, “Esteem of the longevity”

Naokinu, 尚絹, “Esteemed silk”

Naosome, 尚そめ, “Esteemed paint”

Naosuzu, 尚 鈴, “Esteemed bell”

Naoyuki, 尚ゆき, “Esteemed snow”


Ryouka, 涼香, “Refreshing perfum”


Sachiho, 紗千穂, “Gaze of a thousand crest”

Sakiko, 紗貴子, “Precious child’s gaze”

Satohana, さと華, “The answer of the flower”

Satoharu, 里春, “Village in springtime”

Satoka, 里和, “Village’s harmony”

Satomi, 里美, “Village’s beauty”

Satonami, 里なみ, “Village’s waves”

Satono, 里乃, “Dedicated to the village”

Satonosuke, 里の助, “Village’s helper”

Satoryu, さと龍, “The answer of the dragon”

Satoyuki, さと幸, “The answer of the happiness”

Satsuki, 紗月, “Gossamer moon”

Sayaka, 紗矢佳, “Excellent arrow made in gossamer”

Shinaju, 思菜寿, “Througt about the longevity”, 菜 is used for its sound

Shino, 紫乃, “Dedicated to the violets”

Shouko, 彰子, “Clear child”

Suzuha, 寿々葉, “Leaf of the longevity”

Suzuko, 鈴子, “Bell child”


Taka, 多香, “Frequencly perfume”

Takahina, 孝ひな, “Respectful cutie”

Takahiro, 孝比呂, “Respectful as a straigt spine”

Takamari, 孝まり, “Ball of respect”

Takamaru, 孝丸, “Perfectly respectful”

Takasuzu, 孝寿々, “Long and deep respect”

Tanefumi, 田ね文, “Poem about a rice field”

Taneju, たね寿, “Long-lasting rice field”

Tanewaka, たね若, “Young rice field”

Teruyuki, 照雪, “Shiny snow”

Tomitae, 富多愛, “Rich and frequent love”

Tomitsuyu, 富津愈, “Wealthy harbor”

Tomoka, 朋佳, “Good friend”

Toshichika, とし結, “Tie of the year of good fortune”

Toshiemi, とし恵美, “Blessed beauty of the year of good fortune”

Toshifumi, とし芙美, “Beautiful lotus of the year of good fortune”

Toshihana, とし花, “Flower of the year of good fortune

Toshikana, とし夏菜, “Summer vegetable of the year of good fortune”, 菜 is used for its sound

Toshimana, とし真菜, “True vegetable of the year of good fortune”, 菜 is used for its sound

Toshimomo, とし桃, “Peach of the year of good fortune”

Toshisumi, とし純, “Innocence of the year of good fortune”

Toshiteru, とし輝, “Shine of the year of the good fortune”

Toshitomo, とし智, “Wisdom of the year of good fortune”

Toshiyu, 敏祐, “Always ready to help”

Toshiyui, とし結, “Mariage at the year of good fortune”

Tsuruha, つる葉, “A crane and a leaf”


Umechie, 梅ちえ, “Plum’s wisdom”

Umechiho, 梅ちほ, “Plum who is sailor in its blood”

Umechika, 梅智賀, “Wise and joyful plum”

Umecho, 梅蝶, “Plum’s butterfly”

Umeha, 梅葉, “Plum’s leaf”

Umehisa, 梅比沙, “Compare a plum to sand”

Umeraku, 梅らく, “Plum’s music”

Umesato, 梅早登, “Quickly climb for plum”

Umesaku, 梅咲く, “Plum blossom”

Umeshizu, 梅志づ, “Plan to go to the plum”

Umewaka, 梅わか, “Part of a plum”

Umeyae, 梅やえ, “Multi-layered plum”


Wakana, 若 奈, “Young Nara”


Yachiho, 弥千穂, “Thousand and even more crest”

Yaemi, 弥ゑ美, “Even more beautiful than us”

Yasuha, 弥寿葉, “Even more longevity for a leaf”

Yukiha, 由喜葉, “A reason to join the leaves”

Yumeno, 夢乃, “Dedicated to her dreams”

Yukikazu, 幸佳司, “Happy and excellent ruler”

Yukako, 有佳子, “Excellent possesive child”

Yukizono, 幸苑, “Garden of happiness”

asokatanos  asked:

The expanse seems really interesting (you had me at woc leads!!) but what's it about/what's the premise?


The Expanse is a delicious mix of science fiction, noir detective story, and political thriller. Basically, it’s 200+ years in the future and humans now live all over our solar system. Earth and Mars are the two superpower planets and are locked in a cold war. Much of the show takes place in an asteroid belt where there are huge mining and trading stations, featuring the stark clash in classes between the relatively rich Earth and Mars citzens and the poverty-stricken working class in the Belt (where water, food and air are in scarce supply).

Okay, I just made it sound really dry and boring. Let me try again…

The story so far follows three parallel tracks: a noir mystery on Ceres Station as a cop named Miller tries to find a woman named Julie Mao, who is missing under increasingly mysterious circumstances.

Josephus Miller :

Julie Mao:

Meanwhile four crew members of an ice-hauling freighter find themselves plunged into an incredibly dangerous situation in deep space where they must rely on their teamwork, wits and expertise to save their lives, and solve a mystery that has many elements in common with Miller’s.

L-R: Shed Garvey, Naomi Nagata, Amos Burton, Alex Kamal, Jim Holden

Back on good ol’ Earth, Chrisjen Avrasala, U.N. Deputy Undersecretary of Executive Administration, attempts to avert war that suddenly threatens to flare between Earth, Mars and the Belt.

Chrisjen Avasarala:

Reasons to watch The Expanse:

  • Brilliant worldbuilding. The viewer feels fully immersed in this large and complex world. It feels completely real and is fascinating.
  • Diverse cast. At least half of the cast characters, MAJOR characters, are people of color. This is a multicultural, multilingual society and the cast represents it well. The showrunners have been clear that they’re committed to racial and ethnic inclusion. There is also a canon gay character and definite evidence that this universe is not one where GLBTQ people are erased.

My love, Naomi Nagata:

  • AMAZING effects. The budget for this show must be enormous.
  • Features fact-paced action but doesn’t neglect to slowly unfold its characters and plot.
  • An interesting look at what can happen to society when weath and privilege are not distributed equitably. Our future, most likely.
  • Intelligent writing that does’t spoon feed the watcher information but instead lets everything slowly sink in.
  • It’s an all Earthling universe so no aliens with doofy prosthetic foreheads a la Star Trek.
  • The series is based on a series of books by James S. A. Corey, so the showrunners aren’t just making it up as they go along (*cough* BSG *cough*)
  • If you enjoyed Blade Runner, Alien/Aliens, and/or Battlestar Galactica, you’ll love this.

tl;dr: WATCH IT, WATCH IT, WATCH IT. It’s available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Xfinity On Demand.