Hetalia Countries As Random Spongebob Quotes pt. 2
  • N.Italy: MY LEG!
  • Germany:
  • Japan: Well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby, secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secret, secretly
  • America: You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich.
  • France: I love you.
  • China: Well at least I still have my personality...
  • Russia: Do instruments of torture count?
  • Sweden: FINLAND.
  • Denmark: East? I thought you said Weast!
  • Norway: I hate all of you.
  • Finland: That’s his.....eager face. (referring to Sweden)
  • Iceland: I made it with my tears.
  • Greece: She's a purebred.
  • Turkey: How do you spell you're not my friend?
  • Canada: The door is locked...and the only way to get out is through.....THE PERFUME DEPARTMENT....
  • Australia: It's not just a boulder...IT'S A ROCK!
  • Austria: Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?
  • Prussia: Not until 4:00
  • Hungary: If I were to die right now of some sort of fiery explosion due to carelessness of a friend, well that would just be okay.
  • Estonia: Now that we’re men, we have facial hair!
  • Lithuania: Now that we’re men, we change our underwear!
  • Latvia: Hi. I'm very ugly

The diference between Mudarse and Moverse (which both mean “to move”) is pretty easy to distinguish, once you know what you’re looking for!
Mudarse is used with a sense of permanence, as in moving to a new country, or moving out of an apartment.
Ej: Ella se mudó de una casa en España a un apartamento en Argentina. (She moved from a house in Spain to an apartment in Argentina.)
Mover is used with temporary movement, as in literally to move and shift around. Moverse (reflexive) can be used in the weast way or in a figurative sense of knowing ones way around.
Ej: Ella se movió muy rápido al otro lado del cuarto. (She moved very quickly to the other side of the room.)

Andrew Kreisberg: I love all of my characters! Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, HR Wells, Cisco Ramon, Julian Albert “looking at smeared names on hand”, ughhhh Waluu Weast, Irah Wet, Jou Weat  

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Tony Stark + every hero in the MCU so far

Listen… That’s a fuckin’ lot.

But uh… Let’s fuckin’ do this, I guess.

ROMANTIC TONY SHIPS (in no particular order of importance):
Pep, Brucie bear, Platypus, Steven, Mr. Magic Fingers, Star-Dork, Rock of Ages, Bohdi, King Kit-Kat, Natalie Rushman, the Manchurian Candidate, M'Lady Gamora, Link, probably Viz but I honestly haven’t gone down that rabbit hole, and J.

See above. Also: Wicked Witch of Weast, Roadkill, CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE DESTROYER IS COOKING, Giving Tree, Dumm-E, Agent Agent, Captain Fury, U, Butterfingers, FRI, Aragog, Who are you again?, and Fly Boy

PLATONIC/FRIEND SHIPS (see that pun?):
See all of the above.

Have fun figuring that shit out, yo.

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Could I make a request for King Regis. That starts off fluffy and ends all angsty?? Like the reader is his Queen and Noct's mum and they're all happy as a family and stuff but then she dies? Be it from like a sickness or a Nif attack. You're writing is phenominal and I would really love to see how you could so this situation. Thank you so much if you do end up accepting this request.

I did have this planned but it kinda wasn’t going right and then I got my fic underway and now I’m doing these because my brain is like ‘YOU WILL NOT PUT OUT GOOD CHAPTERS FOR YOUR TRASHY FIC’ and slumps suck but hey ho.

Moving on from complaining, this came to me after finding out yesterday that Regis married his childhood friend and that made me very happy - and, again, she was only mentioned in the time line the year she and Regis married - so something must have happened, right? It has inspired me to write this. 

I cried.
Also, wrote the poem at the end specifically for this.


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For the first time in many years, you could finally spend time with Regis and Noctis. As much as you adored your four year old son and found him absolutely adorable and an awful lot like his father, you did miss your charming husband. It was completely understandable that he wouldn’t be available all the time - you married him knowing that full well - and he also understood that you felt distant from him.

So when he told you that had planned a family trip (a picnic, very cliché with him) with you and Noct in a quiet country park set on the outskirts of Insomnia, you were overjoyed. If you could, you would have hugged Regis tightly. But he was holding your sleeping son and you remembered that the last time you hugged Regis as he did so, the sleeping Prince bopped your nose in annoyance. It was very amusing for Regis though, and you did eventually see the funny side of things.

But there was one thing that you were hiding back. And you had done for a long time. You had no idea whether anyone else knew, or whether it was only you. But it was something you wish you didn’t know. You wished you didn’t know anything about it. 

“Mummy!” You winced as Noct yelled in your ear, grabbing your attention as you looked at him. He backed away slightly, perching his bottom down on his fathers lap with a smile just a bright. “Daddy wants you.” And he passed Regis a yoghurt (one of those tube things where you have to tear the top) due to his previous struggles with the food.

You then turned your attention to Regis, who was smiling tenderly and passed the yoghurt back to Noctis. “You’re very distant today. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m fine, Regis. Just didn’t sleep well.” You shrugged simply as you picked up a cucumber sandwich.
“Nightmares again?” He paused his actions, which led to Noct peeling open Regis’ slightly clenched fist and placed an orange into his palm. Regis quickly regained his bearings and began to peel the orange once you nodded. “I’m sure they’re nothing.”

“It’s unnatural.” You pouted - an expression you shared with your son. “Not normal.”

“Ai have nightmares all vhe time, mummy.” Noctis spoke casually, whilst he watched his father struggle with the orange peel and patted the King’s cheeks as moral support - which only made you smile like you were trying so hard not to laugh. “Like, daddy dying when aim’m older. An’ wu not bein’ in my life no more…” He soon looked at you. “Are dey not normal? Am ai sick?” 

“Those are normal.” You replied with a small smile. “They show your fears.”

“Den yours do, too, mummy. “ Noctis as he kissed your cheekcrawled on over to you and wrapped his arms around you as best as he could, pressing his head to your shoulder. “And wu can smile after, knowing dat dey are just bad dweams.”

You put you hand on his head. “You know… You’re right.” You kissed his forehead and he smiled as he kissed your cheek before retreating back to Regis and taking the freshly peeled orange. He also kissed his cheek and thanked him with a smile.

You watched the two interact with a smile. You wished Noctis was right. You wished Regis was right. But truth was, none of them were. And it hurt, broke your heart, knowing that. Knowing that you had just lied to them to keep them free of your burdens. If it was only for another week, you were determined to see more of this. 

“Love, come here.” 

You did as your husband suggested, leaning closer to him both anxiously and curiously. You knew he was one for practical jokes and pranks, always trying to find ways to make you annoyed in order to laugh at your reaction with Noct, which only made you laugh twice as hard as normal. You also knew he had an ego and was not afraid of kissing you in front of anyone  - including your son. Which always embarrassed you, but Noct couldn’t help but giggle and grin and talk about how much his parents loved each other. It warmed your heart. And he only hoped that he never forgot moments like this.

Regis merely pecked your lips - which was subtle for him - and grinned. “Open up.”  You did as you were told and he placed a chocolate dipped strawberry on your tongue. It wasn’t until you started eating that he grinned mischeiviously and you rolled your eyes, acting like it was the norm for him to feed you a strawberry.

“Ew!” Noctis scrunched his nose. “Ai don’t wanna see dat, Daddy.” He cringed. “Dat’s for adults onwy. At weast, dat’s what Cor says…”

You giggled. “Trust Cor to keep your father in - “ You narowed your eyes. “Hey. Why’s Cor teaching you adult stuff?”

“’E’s not, mummy. I just ‘eard him once. He said ‘why does he not save the adult stuff til bedtime’.” The young Prince tried his best Cor impression, which only made Regis laugh.

“Don’‘t encourage it.”

“C’mon, ____. It’s funny -”

“Embarrassing - “

“Cute -”

“Howwid.” Noct went to eating a cupcake, ignoring his sandwiches for the time being. 

Regis just pulled him close and nuzzled his nose into his son’s neck, blowing a raspberry upon the sensitive skin before showering his face with kisses, being completely playful whilst Noct laughed happily.

“Regis, why are you only doing it to him?”

“Because doing it to you is doing ‘adult stuff’. And that I’m saving for later.” He winked and you blushed a deep shade of red. Before you knew it, you were being used as Noct’s shield and you sat there calmly, eating your food, until Regis tickled your sides and Noctis joined in on the fun.

But little did you know that those smiles would be the last your saw, that your smile then would be the last they saw…

A week had passed since that day. Regis sat on the bed with Noctis settled on his lap and an open book beside him, his son absentmindedly playing with his larger finger and being mesmerised by how much bigger they were and how his hand was scarred from many years of battle. 

Yet both father and son remained quiet, both for different reasons, which scattered the atmosphere in the room, confusing feeling and neglecting the other.
Regis had to tell him… but how… He had to tell that you were gone now. Never to return. That Niffelheim forces killed you, not caring that you were unarmed. That you may as well be used as some sort of vessel for something…unthinkable…

But he couldn’t say that. He couldn’t let his anger, currently boiling in his blood, affect how he told his son, the one thing he had left of you…



“Are you okay? You look really sad… Mummy says that when you look said you need comfort…”

Regis showed a quick pained smile before letting it drop quickly.”Mummy’s gone, Noct.” He tried to speak evenly, gently.

“Oh.” And then Noct stopped and looked up at him. “When will she come back to us?”


Noctis blinked. “But… you were so happy… last week… why did she go? Did she stop loving you?”

“No, it’s… it’s… harder to bear than that…” He was struggling, blinking repeatedly, biting his lip, taking deep, silent breaths to steady his breathing. “Where she is… is in the sky. Looking down at us. Smiling. Being proud of you… Guiding is and protecting  you for as long as she can…”

He saw his son’s chest stop mid-breath, heard his breath hitch, heard the disbelief… “So… mummy’s…d…de…”

“Sleeping without any more nightmares. Living at peace with the gods looking out for her.” Regis opted for changing the phrase to something… nicer. 

Noctis’ lips began to quiver and his shoulders shook. When the sobs were about to start, he threw himself into Regis chest, and the King willingly hugged his son.

He tried to stay strong. He tried not to cry, biting his lip, rubbing them together, anything to stop them from quivering. But nothing worked. He buried his face into the crook of his son’s neck, his tears rolling down his cheeks and landing on the young prince’s neck and shoulder, a quiet sob escaping him. And when he stopped the next sob… he felt Noctis cling onto him tighter, playing with the ends of his hair.

“It’s okay to cry daddy… Mummy always said that wu always try to be stwong. Like your daddy… She didn’t like it when you stopped yourself fwom cwyin’…She didn’t now how to halp…”

Regis held him tighter and let another sob escape him. Noctis soon tucked hiim into bed and snuck beneath the covers soon after, resting his head on Regis’ chest. “I’ll be here for you, Daddy.”

“I’ll always be here for you, Noct. Even when you forget.”

“I won’t.”

That night, you never came. That night was the hardest. That night was the start of many where he would feel…hopeless… that he would have no idea what to do. That when he truly needed you the most, you weren’t there. Yet, there was also a warmth. A warmth which appeared on the breeze. A warmth in which was yours. And that warmth was the only one that could send him to sleep that night And the open book, left on page one hundred and thirty six, lied forgotten. 

Although she does not return, she is not gone.
The memories of the days and times foregone
Still remain to carry you through the day,
Keeping you from harm.

She is in the sun and she is in the breeze
She is in the warmth that will never let you freeze.
She is the guardian angel that always protects,
Keeping you from harm.

She is your strength and your hope.
She is the happiness you feel within.
She is the sun that breaks through the night.
She is the everlasting light.

She is your mother.
She is your protector. 
She is your blade.
She is your shield.

She is your mother.

And though she is gone, she does return.
She is the fire that does not burn.
She is the ice that does not freeze.
She’s the thunder that does not shock.

She is the healer.
She is the protector..
She is your mother.

Although she does not return she is not gone.
The memories of the days and times foregone,
Still remain to carry you through the day,
Keeping you from harm.

  • Kuroko: You mean to tell me that we've been going in the wrong direction this entire time?
  • Akashi: *tries to save himself with a joke* But I'm pretty sure we were going.. WEAST! Ahaha.. ha.. ha..
  • Kuroko: *leaves*
  • Akashi: No wait! Baby! Come back! Sweetheart?! Muffin cake?!
  • Kuroko: Don't talk to me!
The story of my life (the short story)

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I want to share my story with you all, so you will (maybe) understand the reason for me become the piece of meat that I am.
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I’ve dropped from school at the 9th grade..
Never studied anything..
I know I’m kinda stupid.
Really… Brainless.

When I was about 16.. I had my first real love.
He was 27 yo.. and I lived with him at his place.
With time.. he treated me more and more like a dall.
Brainless, stupid, worthless dall.

I’m not talking about sex (yet) at all…
I’m talking about the everyday life…
And I got use to it.
I was cleaning, cooking and do everything he told me to.
And now we get to the sex part.

About every day, when I was getting back home from work (he decided in what should I work) he locked me outside the door… Never allowed me to come right in..
In the sun.. in the rain..
And he was masterbating…
Then… Right before he cum… He was open the door.. let me in.. and I.. still with the purse on my shoulder was getting down on my knees and looks at him…
He was cum on my face… And go to sleep.

That was my everyday routine.

Of course.. when he wanted to fuck me… He was just do it…
He was using my body.

Sometimes… When his friends was masterbating.. he was telling to drive there and get the facial from them and come right back home after…
The reason was that he made me understand how cheap I am… That I’m cheaper than a toilet paper.. so there is no reason to weast a good toilet paper for cum if they can just cum on me.

And I am.
Today, I know how worthless and cheap I am.

His friends was coming over once in a while.. and he was telling me to serve everyone drinks and food.
And almost always.. when I was passing by.. someone was spitting on me… And then everyone was spitting on me.

Few times they all gangbanged me… And it was OK… My love wanted me to be the center of the evening!
I was so happy to be on my knees there and me a cum bucket… I felt like.. like I worth something.

So here I am…
A worthless woman that if I wasn’t a good fuck… I was a weast of place in this world…

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name: shannon

nickname(s): shan, shea, and shanoonin (nobody really calls me shannon it’s just one of these three) 

zodiac sign: libra! 

height: 149cm / 4′11 (i’m… fuckign 20 years old help me)

orientation: i’m gay, buddy

nationality: american (east coast weast coast am i right fellas)

favorite fruit: I COULD EAT LIKE, 500 RASPBERRIES but i also like lemons

favorite season: winter!! 

favorite book: buddy i’m an english major i have so many… i will say i just read a brief history of time and it was very very good 

favorite flower: blue hydrangeas 

favorite scent: you know i think smoke smells fantastic i know i’m disgusting but like the actual smell of smoke in general is prime 

favorite color: COBALT BLUE!!!! 

favorite animal: CATS!!! 

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: okay is this like tea-tea or like iced tea bc iced tea but if it’s just tea-tea i’ll say coffee bc even if the taste isn’t my favorite i like, can’t stop drinking it fsr

average hours of sleep: fdjskfh oh Man i… get like…. 2 hours of sleep…. i got issues

cat or dog: listen i love dogs, i love their wet noses and huge smiles w every bit of my heart but like, i. just. i love cats. so much. it’s probably because they hate me. i need to love them extra. 

favorite fictional character: i cannot pick just one oh my god but off the top of my head since i’m on this ace attorney kick atm i’ll say simon & aura blackquill 

number of blankets you sleep with: just 1, and it’s my comforter 

dream trip: you know those road trips in shitty cars that people go on with their close friends? that, except i wish i had a better car 

blog created: oh MAN i think 2014? but i had an exclusive harry potter fandom blog back in like 2009 that i was on until i made this one 

number of followers: 795

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