Weaste Cemetery - a 15 minute documentary from Salford City Council. Some of the narrative varies between overly epic or trivial but there are also some nuggets of interest there.

Given all the effort that has gone into the production it looks like it needs a bit of help with only 53 views.


(My) short film shot at Weaste Cemetery in Salford.

highlights of Band Camp

okay, so I finish up band camp on Monday, and ooh boy do I have some stories to share! lets get started:

  1. okay, so there’s a part in our school’s cadence where we’re supposed to shout the name of our school, but we’re all terrible, so we’ve shouted some strange things, including Harambe, Avocado, Skins (after our rival school’s mascot, the redskins. terrible name, I know, but I can’t change it), North, Weast, and Pepe.
  2. the entire low brass section went on strike. they chanted things like “Harambe died for our sins!” “[school’s name] is unfair! [band director’s name] is in there! standing at the concession! plotting our oppression!” 
  3. somebody played the Pokemon theme song every damn day at lunch.
  4. a freshman refused to get in his set and an entire half of the field freaked out. apparently, he thought there was a bee. there was no bee. it was a dragonfly.
  5. the trumpets dressed up as the cast of Jimmy Neutron.
  6. the drum major ripped off his pope costume (don’t ask why he was dressed like the Pope. I don’t know) to reveal a sports bra and yoga pants. everyone lost it. I still haven’t stopped screaming.
  7. the booty drop competition
  8. the twerk off. the drum major kicked all of the guys’ asses
  9. the color guard spent an hour listening to the guard instructor tell us hilarious stories while the band marched.
  10. my glove tan
  11. my sock tan
  12. really all of my tan lines.
  13. the glowstick rave
  14. the entire pit dressed up like their instructor.