wizardschess asked:

hello there :) i was wondering if you'd possibly be able to help me out. I’m writing a paper on mark twain’s use of humor, irony and satire in his writing to express his idea on society. If you have read any books of his besides huckleberry Finn that show these literary devices, it would be a great help to me if you would just tell me the name of the book or article he wrote that shows this. thanks :)

Pretty much everything he wrote has all of that in it.

I guess the book you’ll get the most use out of comparing to Huckleberry Finn is A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

You could also look into “How to Tell a Story“ for his own take on what makes a story "humorous” and general construction of storytelling.
(It’s much shorter than Connecticut Yankee, and I’m assuming you’re pressed for time.)

And you might be able to get something out of “The Story of the Good Little Boy Who Did Not Prosper
(Usually this short story is juxtaposed to “The Story of the Bad Little Boy” if you want to read that too.)

I hope that helps you. Good luck!