weasleys burrow

Imagine twelve year old Harry not even knowing how awful his childhood with Dursleys had been until he gets to the Burrow.

Imagine him seeing Percy asleep with a book on his lap, and being baffled that a kid might feel comfortable enough in his own home to be so vulnerable in the living room. 

Imagine Molly coming up to the attic to say goodnight to Ron and Harry, and Harry glancing at Ron when he hears her footsteps, trying to figure out what they had done wrong that day.

Imagine him asking George who does all the house chores, and thinking it’s a joke when George answers, “we all do.” 

Imagine Ginny pestering Arthur with questions over the Daily Prophet, and Harry trying to shoot her warning looks to stop it! but then Mr. Weasley looks up and patiently answers every single one. 

Imagine Bill popping in for a visit one evening and Harry being floored when Bill stops to chat with him. 

Imagine Fred chasing after Harry in the yard, playfighting, but Harry actually begins to run for real fear of being hurt. 

Imagine Molly burning something on the stove my accident and tossing it, imagine Harry mentioning to Ron, offhandedly, “she could’ve given that one to me, it’s what I eat at home when I mess up dinner” and not knowing why Ron is horrified.

Imagine Harry seeing what a normal, functioning family looks like, and realizing the absence of love in his own life. 


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Chapter Three: The Burrow

“Touchdown!” said Fred as, with a slight bump, they hit the ground. They had landed next to a tumbledown garage in a small yard, and Harry looked out for the first time at Ron’s house.

It looked as though it had once been a large stone pigpen, but extra rooms had been added here and there until it was several stories high and so crooked it looked as though it were held up by magic (which, Harry reminded himself, it probably was). Four or five chimneys were perched on top of the red roof. A lopsided sign stuck in the ground near the entrance read, the burrow. Around the front door lay a jumble of rubber boots and a very rusty cauldron. Several fat brown chickens were pecking their way around the yard.

“It’s not much,” said Ron.

“It’s wonderful,” said Harry happily, thinking of Privet Drive.

1034. Having been invited to many dinners at The Burrow over the years, Harry always noticed that Molly never really sat down to eat with the rest of the family. She was always serving others and making sure everyone had enough to eat, and usually ate while cooking or after everyone else was finished. When he asked her about this, she replied, “One of my greatest joys is seeing people enjoy my food. When those I love are happy, I am happy. Now, have some more shepherd’s pie.”

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Christmas Drabbles - George

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-Spending christmas with his family in the burrow

-Having a fierce snowball fight in the garden and being practically frozen when you finally manage to get back inside

-Getting a personalized sweater from Molly

-Spending a lot of time baking cookies, pies and surounding yourselves in food in general

-You and George sitting on the couch, trying to stay awake the whole night just because neither of you believes the other one can do it

-Trying to stay awake by starting random tickle fights

-Falling asleep just to wake up with his cheek resting on your head and the sound of his soft snores filling the room

George Weasley x Reader: Family Matters

AN: Thank you for the patience <3 Here is some George for you tonight, and hopefully I will have more fics out this week

Warnings: There’s a playful NSFW part, but nothing explicit 

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Ice rolled through Y/N’s veins, and it felt like someone was air popping corn kernels in her stomach. She fussed with everything, fluffing her hair and making sure her clothes were pressed precisely. A spot of perfume but not too much, and any blemishes were covered up to make a good impression. Y/N charmed her shoes to dispel any water or mud, thinking she’d just die if she got the carpet in the Weasley household dirty.

Not the best way to be introduced to the parents of Y/N’s boyfriend.

She tried to stay positive, she really did. There was no way that such sweet (albeit mischievous) children could come from hateful people, and George assured her that Mrs. Weasley was already in stitches having heard good things about Y/N from himself. It was high time that they met, Y/N and George had been courting for a good number of months. As her parents had decided to visit foreign relatives during the winter break, the Weasleys invited her to Christmas dinner and other festivities. She was thrilled to receive their enthusiasm, but the butterflies certainly landed in her tummy when she woke up on Christmas Eve morning.

George wasn’t exactly unshakeable either. He knew that his parents would love Y/N, that was stupidly obvious. She was a Hufflepuff ball of sunshine, and anyone who was graced with her presence had their day improved. Y/N had a solid gold heart, and the Weasleys would see that immediately – George knew that he did. However, he was nervous for his own good. The second the baby book full of pictures of George and Fred in the nude appeared, he would be taking Y/N out for a walk. There was the tiniest bit of dread in his stomach, fearing that Y/N wouldn’t want to be with him anymore if she saw the more embarrassing parts of his life.

Swallowing his anxieties, he rapped a knuckle on Y/N’s door.

“Are you in there, love?” George called.

“…No.” Y/N replied, her voice shaking.

George gave a chuckle.

“Come on, we’ve got to leave for the train, sweetheart.” He insisted. “Don’t be nervous, I’m one hundred and ten percent sure that my parents won’t stop fussing over you and will be writing me daily about how much they adored you. It’ll be annoying, I promise!”

“George I’m taking this a lot more seriously than you are!” Y/N shouted back.

“Let me in.” George said.


“If you won’t let me in, I’ll just come in.”

“No George, I’m seri-“

He snatched the door knob, and tugged, walking in to see a topless Y/N, angrily clutching a shirt to her chest. George pulled his eyebrows together, smirking evilly. She did not share his joyous sentiments.

“I told you not to come in.” She snapped.

“But I’m so glad I did.” George said, with a cheeky wink.

Y/N sighed, sitting on her bed, which was littered with different articles of clothing. George rubbed her back, and pulled Y/N into his lap. She curled into his button up shirt, and relished the kisses he placed to her forehead.

“I promise you that if you feel uncomfortable, we will leave. I will not make you stay if you do not want to. It’s your Christmas Eve too.” He whispered, combing through her hair with his fingers.

Y/N uncurled and slipped her shirt on. Nodding and clenching her fist in George’s, she let him lead her out of the room.

The train ride was mild. George got some club soda into Y/N to calm her stomach, and she watched the scenery go by out the window, leaning against him. Snowflakes floated all around the train, and tall trees became coated in white. George’s plush scarf provided good cushioning, and Y/N quickly fell asleep watching the pattern of snow falling.

A pair of soft, warm lips on her cheek woke her gently when the train chugged to a halt. As her y/e/c eyes blinked open, she was welcomed back into consciousness with the view of her auburn-haired prince grinning down at her from above, with a halo of winter sunshine glowing around his head, making his freckles pop like embers from a sizzling fire. It was pure bliss, and she smiled up at him.

“-‘ve got to go. Dad’s waiting outside. Everyone else is already there, love. Can you even hear what I’m saying?” George was explaining.

Oh. Daydream foiled.

However, the fact that she was keeping Mr. Weasley waiting certainly lit a fire under Y/N’s keister, and she clambered out of the seat within seconds. George wrangled the luggage, and soon they were out of the comfy train car, and into the realm of frosted breath and goose bumps. Shielding her eyes from the sun, Y/N looked onto the platform for someone who resembled George, or any of his siblings for that matter.

A very excited man with a receding red hairline stood a few paces down the platform, rocking back and forth on his heels. Y/N swallowed all of her nerves, and followed George down onto the pavement. Mr. Weasley caught sight of them and started forwards at once. Y/N prepared for their first encounter with a warm smile and an outstretched hand, but Mr. Weasley went for a bone crushing hug.

“So nice to meet you, Miss. Y/N!” He said, releasing her. She looked a bit startled, but kept her cool. “Hope that my son has been treating you well. Molly cannot wait to see you, she’s been bustling about all morning – cannot keep still. Too excited.”

“And you know, to see her son who she has missed dearly…” George grumbled, rolling his eyes.

Mr. Weasley gave him a hug and ruffled his hair, then the three traveled off of the platform. Once outside of King’s Cross and muggle scrutiny, Mr. Weasley held out both arms for apparition. Y/N looked uncertain at the notion. George caught her glance.

“Try to hold it in.” He said, tapping her stomach.

“No promises.” She said under her breath, and the familiar whirring sensation stirred her entire body like it was in a cocktail shaker.

Suddenly, they were a few hundred feet from a crooked looking house and a large grassy lawn. There was a raging Quidditch game going on in the field to their left, and up ahead a short and squat, but very friendly, looking woman with busy red hair ran forwards with outstretched arms. George smirked at Y/N and ran a hand through his hair, expecting to be enveloped with hugs and kisses from his adoring mother, but instead found that she had flocked to his girlfriend instead.

“Can’t catch a break today.” He chuckled.

If Mr. Weasley’s hug was tight, then Mrs. Weasley’s hug could be considered pulverizing. Y/N could smell cinnamon and fresh linens, and felt comforted by Mrs. Weasley’s presence. When she pulled back, Mrs. Weasley smiled brightly at her, her crows feet crinkling with joy. Behind her, George mouthed “I told you so”, and followed his father into the house.

“Hello Mrs. Weasley, my name is-“

“Oh Y/N dear, please call me Molly. I’m so pleased to meet the young lady who has been making my son into a respectable man, heaven knows I haven’t been able to.” Mrs. Weasley responded.

“Ma’am I don’t think anyone will ever be able to do that, but I’m making progress.” Y/N chuckled. “Thank you for the invitation and for your hospitality.”

“The pleasure is ours! Don’t be a stranger, supper is nearly ready. Let me show you around.” Mrs. Weasley offered.

As Y/N was led inside, she felt the butterflies settle in her stomach. Everyone dawned a smiling face, and the din within the household was comforting. Taking a seat beside her beloved boyfriend, she felt right at home.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N.” George whispered into her ear.

christmas at the burrow

•grandma molly announces picture time
•collective groans from all the kids
•they start with the entire family photo
•molly and arthur stand in the middle of course looking super proud of their big, loving family
•the kids always try to spell words with the sweaters
•they adults pretend to not know what they’re doing because they secretly find it hilarious
•"aunt angelina it would look so great it you stood by grandma, and grandma you should be next to uncle percy AND LOUIS GO NEXT TO ANGELINA OH IT IS PERFECT"-(probably james or fred)
•that spells lamp
•these kids find it hilarious to spell the word lamp with sweaters
•one time they spelled alfalfa which the kids believe is their greatest accomplishment.
•then they take their individual family photos
•teddy is in every single one because teddy is basically everyone’s kid
•i forgot to mention that andromeda comes too
•george, angelina, fred, and roxanne take the stupidest christmas photo known to man. weird poses weird faces-everything.
•there is a strict schedule to follow. first they all open ONE christmas gift (the weasley sweater) then they eat, then take pictures, then they open the rest of their presents, and open the presents from santa the next morning.
•SOMEHOW they fit enough beds in the burrow for everyone
•"vic and i can always share a bed??“ teddy has asked this ever since they started dating
•you will never have any food as marvellous as the christmas food ad the burrow.
•all the kids have to go through the pain and suffering that their parents had to go through by preparing some of the ingredients
•"we have wands! we have MAGIC! and you are making us skin these damn potatoes.” “it’s supposed to be a humbling experience james.”
•it’s really loud
•like really really loud
•but they always have a moment of silence right before dinner in honour of fred
•well… they did
•george thinks that silence was never fred’s thing so they change it to an annual snowball fight
•james, george, and fred ii most likely have a prank war which results in many broken noses and fingers
•just a ton of games to be honest
•everyone gets a shit ton of weasley’s wizard wheezes products
•poor fleur basically dies because celestine warbeck is on constantly
•roxanne, lily and rose have extensive dance routines to all her songs
•albus spends a lot of his time asking if scorpius can get a weasley sweater
•everyone is super hesitant on the subject but albus convinces them after almost 2 years
•once scorpius gets his sweaters he starts coming over a few days after christmas because the family is there all holiday
•scorpius is eventually welcomed into the family after a few awkward hours
•i love scorpius
•cinnamon buns
•they get THE BEST presents aaaah
•they’re soosososo good
•the burrow is just full of love and happiness and warmth and stupid, petty, little fights but everyone still loves each other so damn much.

Dating George would include...

Requested- i loved the draco one! could you do a “george weasley showing his affection would include..” please? + Hi! Can you please do a ‘dating George would include’?

A/n- I combined both of the requests for this :)

- - -

  • him surprising you with sneaky kisses
  • always as caring as he could be
  • taking you everywhere with him
  • stuffing food to you
  • him taking your hand in his 24/7
  • being super mad when he hears someone talking trash of you
  • standing out for you
  • with reddened cheeks (aww)
  • “I dare you to say that again, punk”
  • “George, it’s fine! No, George!”
  • then he punches the guy in the face
  • ending up having one week’s worth of detention
  • being good friends with Fred and the rest of the Weasleys
  • visiting the Burrow with him
  • meeting Mr. and Mrs. Weasley
  • Mr. Weasley asking you tons of questions about Muggles
  • “So do tell me, what is the exact function of a rubber duck?”
  • you sighing and laughing on Mr. Weasley’s attempt on doing Muggle impressions
  • “Dad, stop, you’re embarrassing me.”
  • Fred embarrassing George even more by telling you tales of George’s crush on you
  • you chuckling because those stories are freaking cute af
  • deep kisses when alone
  • you drowning in his scent
  • cuddling a lot in the common room

request // masterlist

@mnqk asked if the Weasley chickens have names. 

Do your really think Ginny Weasley, who (a) who named not only her Pygmy Puff but also Ron’s owl ridiculous names, (b) derives joy from irritating her practical mother, and © caused a lot of damage to quite a few roosters during her first year at Hogwarts and never ate chicken any time thereafter, would be capable of owning chickens and not naming them? 

They all have first and middle names, and their last name is Weasley. 

Xmas morning at The Burrow

- Molly waking everyone with the smell of sizzling bacon by wafting the aroma under everyone’s door

- Everyone wearing their Xmas sweaters, of course

- Live fairies living in the tree

- Arthur opening Harry’s present and nearly going into convulsions when he sees it’s a toaster

- Bill blushing furiously when Fleur gives him a “coupon book”

- Molly forgetting to open her own presents because she is too busy enjoying watching everyone else

- Fleur huffing and rolling her eyes at the radio which seems to only be playing Celestina

- Charlie giving everyone a miniature dragon, which puts everything on hold for a few minutes as they all fly around the room (Ginny’s Chinese Fireball sets flame to Ron’s sweater)

- George apologizing for giving Percy a punching telescope instead of a tickling one (but not without copious laughter)

- Percy giving everyone books on how to better yourself

- Hermione being thrilled

- Ron getting into an argument about Quidditch with Ginny

- Harry quickly excusing himself as to not have to choose a side

- Hermione giving Arthur a slinky. He’s thrilled.

- Harry and Ginny announcing that they are going to be parents.

The Weasley parents run their day like bookends.

Molly wakes the Burrow. She wakes before anyone, opens the shutters, feeds the chickens and draws the eggs gracefully into a basket with her wand, lights a fire in the kitchen hearth and starts breakfast. 

Arthur puts the house to sleep. He is the last to bed each night, and only after drawing the cat inside, neatening the foyer and hanging coats on the racks, kissing the last of his children goodnight, turning off every light, closing all the windows, and locking all the doors. It calms him to see the house put to rights before he sleeps. 

Their respective care and love keeps house in peace and balance. 

Your first summer at the Burrow would include...

Okay, wow, you guys CAN NOT agree, can you? Hahah, so, this, first date and dating while still at Hogwarts tied, so i just began somewhere, the next one will be up tomorrow! And as always, thanks for your inputs! 

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Btw, making this like you’re in that weird, but awesome kinda-dating-but-kinda-in-the-freindzone-but-not-really-anymore place! 


- I don’t think Fred would really think about the whole, being kinda poor situation at all, and with good reason, because hey, it’s lovely there 

- Arthur just being a curious guy and straight up asking what the deal is with you and Fred 

- Molly being a sweetheart and trying to smooth things over, but not really succeeding 

- While you’re almost dying from it all, Fred just laughs at it, as usual 

- Fred convincing you that de-gnoming the garden is  a “fun afternoon activity” 

- It’s not 

- Helping out Molly in the kitchen so you never have to come close to a garden gnome again 

- Playing quiddich and always picking Ginny first, or her picking you, just to piss him off a little 

- Winning, obviously 

- Trying to make it up to him by agreeing to help with the next de-gnoming 

- Late nights in the living room, just getting to know everyone while drinking tea and eating Molly’s cookies AND JUST TAKE ME TO THE BURROW PLEASE 


- Him, on the other hand, trying to warn you the whole way about the house and his parents and bein really worried you won’t like it 

- But again, he’s so relived when you like it 

- Molly having to tell you you don’t always have to set the table, or do the dishes, or help her cook

- But you’re just so grateful that they’re having you 

- Long walks around the fields and pond alone with George 

- Charlie suddenly stopping by, and George being a bit jealous when you really love listening to him talking about his job in Romania 

- Him knocking at your door after bedtime wondering if your sleeping or if you would like to go for another walk? 

- Midnight walks becoming your thing 

- Arthur being thrilled when you show genuine interest in his work 

- Fred, George and Ginny having to pull you away after three hours, ‘cause he’s just so happy that someone listens (Arthur is just the best guy ever, don’t fight me!)

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