Morning in the Great Hall || Bridget and Ginny

Bridget sat quietly at the Ravenclaw table at breakfast that morning keeping space between herself and othes, ignoring the discussions going on between other students in her house, and louder discussions at other various tables around the Great Hall. She picked at her food deep in thought, occasionally looking up anxiously waiting for the post to arrive. Her mother had promised her before returning to Hogwarts that she would keep Bridget updated on…family affairs that were going on at the moment. Bridget waited every morning, for the last couple of weeks to no avail.

She hoped, longed that maybe today would be the day.

Double date | Astoria & Ginny

Astoria had already forgotten how difficult it was to pick an outfit when it meant going on a date (or sort of) and she wanted to look good for a man. It was not the right reason, people said one needed to look good for oneself, but for a woman who always tried to look good, even in a pair of jeans, a dinner with someone she barely knew was a reason to try to choose a nice dress, a pair of heels and then lose a horrible amount of time trying some hairdos, only to choose to go with her hair down.

The good thing was that Ginny was supposed to meet her at her flat. She was counting on the redhaired to tell her if her hair looked alright, if her outfit was good enough and to just calm her altogether. Astoria refused to think of how long it had been since the last dinner she had had with a man. Still having Ginny with her was reassuring; they would have each other if something went wrong and they would arrive together, no need for one of them to be without the other with the men.

Waving her wand to open the front door after Ginny’s knock, Astoria picked her purse and stood in front of the other girl with a smile that was both nervous and a greeting. “So, good enough or too much?” she asked, motioning for her outfit.

It had been ten years since the war was won.For other people it was a good day.Not for Andy she had been laying in her room for two days.She didn’t feel like coming out anyway.But since Molly found out that she was pregnant she kept trying to find out who the father was.Andy couldn’t tell her who it was.It would disappoint her and Andy knew it.

Molly and the rest of the family were spending their day in the garden,so Andy walked downstairs to get herself a sandwich.Her hand laid on her baby bump.She was sure no one would go inside anyway so she thought she was alone.After she made her sandwich she walked into the living room and sat down.She leaned back and closed her eyes,rubbing her stomach.

Draco and Ginny || For the Benefit of Mr. Doe

It was hard to focus on anything–the paperwork he’d brought with him, the patient lying in the hospital bed and otherwise unmoving; anything and everything, Draco seemed to lose focus with. He blamed it on sleep deprivation, of course; he was exhausted beyond all measures, and couldn’t have bothered to stop the series of yawns that had crept up on him within the past half an hour even if he’d bloody tried. Sighing, he shifted slightly in the chair he was seated in, lifting his hands to rub at his eyes tiredly before deciding that what he really needed was a decent cup of caffeine. Luckily for him, there was a small coffee station at the far end of the room, and with a grunt the youngest Malfoy stretched and slowly moved to stand.

Every muscle in his body was aching; sore and weary from how active he’d been ever since this case had started so long ago, and as he trudged from one end of the room to the other, he hoped they could end this blasted thing already so he could go back to a normal sleeping routine. By the time he finally reached the small, portable table that held a pot of coffee and a few plastic cups, Draco snatched one of the cups up and poured himself a hearty amount, doctoring it up the way he preferred and blowing on the steam that curled and rose from the dark brown liquid before taking a tentative sip. Just then, he heard something stirring behind him, and froze automatically. Could it be…?

Turning around slowly, he noticed that it was just one of the hospital workers stepping quietly into the room to empty the rubbish bin. He was gone in a flash, and Draco exhaled audibly before making his way back to his seat (coffee in hand, of course). He was worried that John Doe was going to wake himself from his blasted coma before someone could come to his aid. Weasley was the one who’d bloody requested his company, and she was nowhere to be found. Dissatisfied with her absence, Draco scowled, scoffing once before seating himself back in his chair. He took another sip of his coffee, struggling to remain pissed with her but finding that he simply didn’t have the energy.


“Mind if I sit down?” The bag containing her paperwork weighed down heavy on her shoulder, it was a wonder the leather strap wasn’t straining from its seams.

The coffee mug was burning her hand slightly, but she didn’t mind all that much.

Charmed Ink | Weasleybean

“Lupin, your first customer is coming in.” Teddy heard his coworker say. Here at his job, everyone called him Lupin. They said that Teddy was a cutsie name, and he needed something more… tattoo artist-y. And he loved it. 

The metamorphagus set out his sketch pad, his pencils, and his book incase they wanted to go through it and see what he could do. Usually, if it was a big serious thing, the customer would talk out the idea with him, and then next meeting he would begin.  

The young man goes to the front to get his customer and his entire face lights up when he sees Ginny. His hair turns yellow and be beams “Gin, wotcha doing here?” He asked.

AU Harry and Ginny

It had been a couple years since the final battle of Hogwarts. For Harry when Voldemort died it was just the end of another battle. As Harry wanted he became an auror with no trouble. In doing so he was given the books that all aurors receive of spells and potions most used by them. Harry worked hard and in working all of his time awake he lost touch with Ron Hermione, and even Ginny. He followed every lead of Death Eaters and though claimed innocence he knew better. Each Death Eater was rotten to the core. For that he would deal with them. He knew better That one day a death eater would want to make a name for themselves and come after him. 

Harry wanted to do his monthly check down Knocturn Alley. So he first went to The Leaky Cauldron grabbed a drink before walking through Diagon alley. He was grateful it was not that busy as he walked by the shops in his black aurors robes. Glancing at Weasley Wizzarding wheezes and walked down into Knocturn alley down towards Borgin and Burkes.

Being Male | Closed with Weasleybean

It had been a week since it had happened. Since her body glowed gold and she found herself changing appearances. But something that took her off guard was the fact that she was now a male. An above average moose with sideburns. Of course she had to go out and buy more clothes and of course she kept up her sense of style, the plaid and the jeans that fit to form. But he had an attractive body still, why not express it.

Andrew found himself walking around downtown London one night, hands in his pockets as he nodded to some men, the same men that usually whistled at him when he was a female and tried to hit on him. Now they seemed to pull away in fear that maybe he was going to step on them. This was hard for Amy, the change and the adaption to this new lifestyle. What on earth was he going to do with himself, and the best part of it all is that he sounded like a tough american.

He walked into this tavern that seemed a bit under the radar and asked for a drink, pulling out the psychic paper and flashing it to the bartender before hearing a ‘don’t worry buddy we can tell that you are above age.’ He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that. Sighing he looked around trying to find someone to talk to, maybe someone who almost measured up to his height.

                              “I’ll stay, I promise. I won’t leave again.”

The words rang through his mind, time after time reminding him how cruel the thing was that he was about to do. Although he was not leaving willingly, he still felt terrible about disregarding his promise. It felt as if he was about to breach an Unbreakable Vow. Yet, he had no choice. There was no work for him left in Romania, nor in Wales as he had requested upon. Instead, he was sent into the high mountains of Nepal. It was one of the only places where the Death Eaters hadn’t struck, where the dragons had not been able to escape. He had begged, begged to be able to go to Wales, closer to his family and give and take the support he needed after his brother’s death. He was given disappointment instead. The Sanctuary there was temporarily shut down, for most of the dragons had been let loose by You-Know-Who’s followers hours before the Battle to cause chaos.

All these thoughts did not make it easier for Charlie to find a way to explain to his sister that he had to go. Again. The first time, he’d been dying to leave, yet now he was dying to stay. He had promised to stay, to take care of her and to get through this together. He wasn’t even sure whether he himself could handle being all alone in Nepal, taking care of the dragons that others would hopefully be able to return to the Reserve.

“Ginny?” He called out when he stepped inside. He hated how his voice sounded: it already reflected his regret and the fact that he was about to do something he considered unacceptable. “Are you there?”