It irks me so much how much Ron bashers try to make Ron a villain just to make their Hermione ship work. No, Ron was NEVER abusive to Hermione. No, Ron NEVER bullied Hermione. No, Ron NEVER made Hermione cut off the muggle world. Just stop it. Ron is flawed and he and Hermione bickered, picked on each other, and they both had bad moments, but at the end of the day, Ron adored Hermione, and never wronged her in the way some of y'all Ron haters make him out to be.

Harry: I need to tell you something. It’s a secret and it’s very important.

Ron: oh sure mate, go ahead.

Harry: Malfoy and I, you see…

Ron: yes?

Harry: uh, we’re kinda- um.

Ron: y e s ?

Harry: dating.

Ron: Oh, yeah, well duh. I thought that much was obvious.

Ron: Now what’s this secret you mentioned?

I think the idea of being near a horcrux and it affecting them negatively (Dursleys abusing Harry, Ron wanting to kill him) is cheap and lazy writing. By that logic, everyone should hate Harry all the time, especially people who are always near him, and yet, (with the exception of the GoF incident) the only people who are negative to Harry are awful to everyone no matter what. Even when Ron is wearing the locket, he isn’t saying anything that he hadn’t expressed earlier in the series and as somebody who has had plenty of roommate, you start to feel disdain for someone you’re locked in close quarters with, especially if you’re already insecure or have pet peeves, without the pressure of having to save the world added on. I think blaming horcruxes for people’s behavior is just a cheap way to avoid exploring deeper emotional issues.