I was sleeping in this little pub, keeping away from some Snatchers, and I heard it. A voice. Your voice, Hermione. You said my name. Just my name. Like a whisper. So I took it, clicked it and this tiny ball of light appeared. And I knew. It flew towards me, the ball of light, right through my chest and straight through me. Right here. And I knew it was going to take me where I needed to go.

Me before and after reading cursed child
  • Me before reading the cursed child :SILVER TRIO YASS SCORPIUS ALBUS ROSE YASS
  • Me after reading the cursed child :Rose can go die in a hole bye SCORBUS

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Can you do a drabble with 2 and 6 with Fred or George (or both, have fun with it 😉) please? Thanks!

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader; George Weasley x Reader
Prompt(s): 2. “Could you pass that?” “No, your arms broken?” “Actually yes, thanks to you!” 6. “Keep dreaming.” “Well talking to you is a dream.”
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The twins sat next to you on the couch within the Burrow. A healthy bubble of noise filled the Weasley house. You could hear Harry, Hermione and Ron chatting upstairs, as well as Mr and Mrs Weasley talking in the kitchen. Ginny was in her room with her friends- their giggles rang through the building. 

       You let out a content sigh before leaning over to George and murmuring to him a request.

        “Could you pass that?” you asked.

        “No, your arms broken?” George replied, confused by your request; Fred agreed with his brother.

       “Actually yes, thanks to you!” you cried, “And, you as well.”

       Fred laughed.

       “Well, you should’ve known that playing Quidditch with us while drinking fire whiskey was not a good idea,” Fred argued.

      “Oh shut up!” you pouted.

      “Plus, your arm isn’t broken- there’s barely even a bruise,” George told you, smirking over at his brother, before looking to you.

      “You love playing Quidditch with us,” the twins said together.

      “Oh, keep dreaming,” you mutter.

      “Well talking to you is a dream,” Fred sighed in a dreamy, teasing tone.

      Fred and George hugged you simultaneously, basically crushing you with their weight. You groaned, trying to move away from them.

      “My arm!” you exclaimed.

      “So dramatic,” George tutted, laughing with his brother.

      “I hate you both,” you grumbled, accepting the hug you were receiving,  “Really, I do.”

      “No, you don’t,” they replied. 

alternate epilogue
  • Ginny:Look Al, just because your father had to kill a man with his bare hands during his first year, and I was possessed by the darkest wizard of all time during mine; it doesn't mean that your first year at Hogwarts won't be wonderful. I mean, your older brother made it through without having his mind controlled, or without killing anyone -- as far as we know -- anyway, it will be fine.
The Golden Trio walking on you changing would include...

-“Hey Y/N– ohhhhh” -Hermione’s helping you pick out your outfit - You were only wearing a bra and underwear - Ron laughing his ass off to lose the tension but his face is bright red - Harry would smirk while staring at your body - “GET OUT YOU PERVS!!” - Hermione Granger - Throwing pillows at them - Them ducking and laughing at you - “Mind if we stay for a while?” - Ron Weasley - You covering yourself with a blanket - Them not-so-discreetly checking you out - Them leaving, eventually………………… BITCH YOU THOUGHT - 3…2…1… - Fred and George barging in the room - “WHERE?! WHERE?!!” - Hermione smacking them all with a heavy Potions book - Them never letting you live it down - Still laughing about that until this day - “FUCK YOU POTTER” - "I WOULDN’T MIND”

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Imagine: Being Fred and George’s best friend and you’re dating Ron, but you don’t tell them you are dating because you didn’t know how they’d react. One day they walk into the common room and see you and Ron snogging. [x] [x]

Y/N: I don’t know whether this is the best place to be doing this.. Ron- your brothers could see us!
Ron: Don’t worry; I’m pretty sure they have a lesson right now. *smiles*
Y/N: Okay, fine. *kisses Ron* I think-
Fred and George: Y/N?! 
George: Why are you kissing Y/N, Ron?
Y/N: *glares at Ron* I thought you said they had a lesson.

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