• Ginny Weasley: Alright, from now on, we’re going by code names. I want you all to call me “Eagle 1”. Michael Corner, you’ll be “Been There, Done That”. When we refer to Harry he’ll be “Currently Doing That”. Seamus, you’re “It Happened Once In a Dream”. Luna, you’ll be “If I Had to Pick a Girl”. And Neville… you’ll be “Eagle 2”.
  • Neville Longbottom: Oh, thank Merlin.

[Caption of text: “Am I the only one who actually likes the boys’ hairstyles in GOF? I like the change from all the other movies, where they all just have the same dull, short hairstyle. Having the characters change up their hair a bit feels realistic to me. You know, experimenting with different styles and such in your teens? (Plus, they all look super adorable with longer hair, just sayin’.)”]

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I must say, when you use the gif of Molly Weasley hugging Harry, it reminds me of That 70's Show and the episode where Red Foreman more or less adopts his son, Eric's, friend Steven Hyde when his mother abandons him, and I wonder sometimes if you'd do that with one of your Tumblr kids... Then I realize you're more like his wife, Kitty, just calmly going "These are my seven kids, six are in the same grade" (But still very much Molly. So... Molly-Kitty fusion?)

I’m laughing so hard cause the other day someone compared ETD to Arthur Weasley dealing with one more child at the table.

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But if you know him, he’s got a good solid streak of Red in him too.

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And, yea, I can see where you get Kitty Foreman vibes from for me too.

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