weasley is our king shirt

anonymous asked:

Do you own fandom clothing or is that just me? just me okay...

Definitely not just you! I’ll list every piece of fandom clothing I have.

  • 5 Harry Potter t-shirts; ‘I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good’ crop top, ‘Expecto patronum’ long vest/dress, Gryffindor pyjama top, Slytherin top, Hogwarts crest top, ‘Weasley is our King’ top.
  • 3 Captain America shirts; one with his shield, one with him on it saying something annoying like ‘I need a hero’ (I dont need a hero, I’d like to be a hero but - the mens version of the top was ‘I’ll be that hero’ no thanks bye I’m my own damn hero but okay) and then just one with his silhouette on it.
  • A Marvel shirt (just has MARVEL on it with all avengers characters in the letters).
  • Avengers leggings
  • Avengers pyjama bottoms.
  • Star Wars leggings
  • 4 Batman shirts; 2 with the bat symbol, 2 with loads of cartoon batman with ‘pow’ etc on it
  • A Justice League t-shirt
  • A Slytherin scarf
  • Captain America’s shield necklace and bracelet
  • Loki’s helmet necklace
  • TARDIS necklace
  • Lego Hulk necklace
  • Pirates of the Caribbean ring
  • Galadriel’s crown, necklace form
  • Batman bag
  • Star Wars backpack
  • Also, forgot to say; Star Wars pyjama bottoms.

Fandom clothing is amazing. :) xxxx