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When Rose Weasley finally goes to Hogwarts, she finds it quite different from her parents’ stories. The school is still torn by war, students are plagued by trauma, and the last three years there have been almost no first years.  Even among the teachers bigotry and hatred is very much a part of everyday life, especially for one professor, the only Slytherin among the staff. The arrival of the new school nurse and the new Weasley might be the only thing that could pull the houses back together. But do they even want to help?
A seven year story about the first wizarding pride march, fighting prejudice against Slytherins, three women deeply in love with each other, and why it’s okay to be a snake, even as a Weasley or Potter.

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Luna and Pansy walk down the hallway hand in hand. Pansy kisses Luna quickly before shooting her into transfiguration and then walks over to Ginny and promptly smacks her behind. "Hiya Gingie. Miss me in history?" (Yes that rhymed and yes I am proud of it)

Ginny: Yeah, but uh-

Ginny: You can make it up to me…in chemistry. 

In the spirit of female positivity, I present a list of ten favourite female characters:

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These are in no particular order

  1. Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)
  2. Hermione Grnager (Harry Potter)
  3. Eve Moneypenny (James Bond)
  4. Kahlan Amnel (Sword of Truth)
  5. Freya (BBC Merlin)
  6. Buffy Summers (Buffy)
  7. Eowen (Lord of the Rings)
  8. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
  9. Lucy Pevensie (Narnia)
  10. Arwen Undomiel (Lord of the Rings)

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