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I would love to read a book about what was life at Hogwarts like during the Deathly Hallows. I know we have an idea from what was said in the seventh book, but I want a fully detailed account of Neville at the highest bad-ass level, fighting the Carrows and Snape, with Luna and Ginny (at least until they are both taken away from Hogwarts) and a mutiny led by the DA members and other professors until the very last battle!


“Ginny has a surprise for each of her boys, well, maybe two.”

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  • She’d been sitting on their bedroom floor for nearly three hours
  • A circle of photos around her
  • An endless pile of boxes
  • An array of tiny scrapbooks that looked so full they may topple over
  • And every single photo that decorated her floor was moving
  • Small polaroids with scribbled handwriting
  • And dates written in blue ink, black ink, pink ink
  • She didn’t think she’d stop smiling since she sat down
  • Or crying
  • Because her cheeks had definitely not dried
  • And each time she picked up a new one it was like she was flooded with the memory behind it
  • Like she was with them in the photo
  • Instead of the way she desperately wanted to be

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Hey again, sorry I'm like so bad at these things 😂 Umm as much as I'd like a Neville x pansy I think my two choices would be Ginny x Pansy or Luna x Ginny Just because I really like Ginny rn. Love your writing btw ❤️

Thank you!!!  And sorry for the long wait.

I’ll be doing Ginsy <3 (although i also did linny here, you can check it out if you’re interested)

this is also for @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet ‘s hogwarts challenge!

  • Pansy didn’t want to go back to Hogwarts for the eighth year. She wasn’t keen on returning to the place with those horrible seventh year memories, of the Carrows, of the fear at the final battle. And especially not the awful moment when she’d shrieked to turn Harry Potter over.
  • She didn’t want to face her classmates’ hatred or sneers either, and she was sure all the students from other houses would hold her outburst in fear against her.
  • But with her house confiscated by the Ministry because of her father’s death eater affiliations, and her parents forced to move to a small apartment, staying home didn’t seem like a great option either.
  • And it would probably be hard to find a job, because nobody would want to hire a girl who had proposed to hand over Harry Potter.
  • So, at the end, even if she didn’t want to go back to Hogwarts, it became the only bearable choice. (Since not everyone had the money to simply leave the country and still manage to live luxuriously like Blaise Zabini, Pansy thought bitterly.)
  • Pansy had never been a particular outdoors girl before, but she found herself spending time out of the castle more and more during the eighth year.
  • Perhaps it was because the Carrows had mostly confined them to within the castle, cancelling outdoors activities such as Quidditch, it felt easier when she was not inside the castle that was nearly suffocating her.
  • At least there were fewer unhappy memories here. And it helped her avoided people too. She couldn’t stand the looks of disgust, nor the looks of pity.
  • One day, Pansy was sitting by the lake, gazing at it absentmindedly, remembering the events at the Triwizard Tournament, the last innocent time before Voldemort came back and everything went to hell.
  • Suddenly, someone on a broom flew to the air beside her, blocking her view. Pansy’s thoughts on the good old days flashed away, and a whirl of fiery red hair zoned into focus, catching her attention.
  • “Brooding, Parkinson?” Ginny Weasley drawled.
  • “Yes,” Pansy replied, curtly, not bothering to say more.
  • Weasley’s eyes went from vaguely bored to a sparkle of interest. “Running away from the crowds, are we?”
  • “How observant,” Pansy said, a bit drily. Pansy had no intention of engaging in a conversation with Ginny Weasley, and the faster the other girl leave her alone, the better. She could only hope her short and curt answers would drive Weasley away.
  • Weasley stared at Pansy for a while, a frown on her face, but it wasn’t an annoyed frown, more like a slightly confused one.
  • Finally, Weasley said, “Want to fly?”
  • Pansy gazed back, impassively, “No.” She wasn’t sure why Weasley hadn’t left yet. She’d thought Weasley wouldn’t want to spend any extra second talking to her. But here she was, continuing asking Pansy questions. Annoying, perhaps, but not scathing or sneering.
  • Weasley was indeed quite strange, Pansy thought.
  • And then, Weasley landed beside Pansy, got off her broom, and sat down beside Pansy. Pansy raised an eyebrow skeptically, and Weasley offered her a half-defiant shrug, “Well, I can sit anywhere I want. This grass isn’t yours.”
  • Pansy rolled her eyes, slightly amused despite herself. It was only after the amusement had faded that Pansy realized that it seemed to be the first time since forever that she’d feel amused. 
  • It was a disconcerting thought, if she dwell on it.
  • So Pansy didn’t. She merely gave Weasley a bored look, and said, “Well, suit yourself.”
  • Weasley smirked a bit, and leant down on the grass as she looked up at the sky. Pansy was planning on ignoring her, but couldn’t stop herself from glancing a bit.
  • Pansy let her gaze admire the way Weasley casually lied there, legs stretched out. Her thighs and legs looked strong, just like most Quidditch players. There was some kind of beauty in it. And her hair, spread out slightly – bright red, shining under the sun – it was captivating.
  • Weasley’s eyes met Pansy’s, and they stared at each other for a moment.
  • “You’re staring, Parkinson,” Weasley murmured. “Now I know why you don’t want to come fly with me. It’s easier to stare at me when you’re on the ground.”
  • Pansy scowled and blushed a little, “I wasn’t staring at you.”
  • “Yes you were,” Weasley sounded amused. “Else, come fly with me to prove it.”
  • Before her rational sense came back to her, Pansy already snapped, “Fine.”
  • And when Weasley gave her a victorious smirk, Pansy realized that she might just have been manipulated.
  • (But perhaps she didn’t mind that much after all.)

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At that moment, there was a diversion in the form of a small, red-headed figure in a long nightdress, who appeared in the kitchen, gave a small squeal, and ran out again.

“Ginny,” said Ron in an undertone to Harry. “My sister. She’s been talking about you all summer.” | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry reading some notes that Ginny wrote when she was 11. Ready to laugh his ass off, he just failed.

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so I forgot to mention that one time I had a dream that ginny and luna became aurors to track down the still active supporters of voldemort after the wizarding war and they were a GREAT team i mean it was like the perfect “good cop bad cop” dynamic but also their clash of personalities made their duo absolutely Iconic because luna kept messing up their badass reputation (that ginny was desperately trying to perfect) because luna is luna and she would always mess up ginny’s one liners like it was straight up out of the office “Luna, tell this deatheater where he can stick his little dark arts wand” “In the confiscated wand bag” “No, Luna.”