weasley christmas jumper

Alright but imagine Scorpius
  • The first Christmas without his mother, being invited to spend the Holidays with the Potters. At first he refuses but ends up accepting, after all, his dad will be really busy and they won’t spend much time together.
  • He is both embarrassed and afraid of being in the same house as Harry and Ginny Potter, but they make him feel like he’s part of the family.
  •  They go to The Burrow for Christmas, and spend all day playing outside with the whole Weasley-Potter gang.
  • He gets nervous when Mr. Ron Weasley (Rose’s dad) asks him to pass him the buns. He gets even more nervous when his wife, Hermione Granger-Weasley (who also happens to be the Minister of Magic), asks him about school and his favourite subject.
  • When they finally open the presents he just sits there, looking at everybody’s new stuff, and suddenly Harry and Ginny tell him to open the green one, Rose gives him a chocolate frog, Albus and James give him an Aviatomobile from their Uncle George’s store, but then Mrs. Weasley comes and gives him a knitted jumper with a big letter ‘S’. He just stares at it for a moment and feels his eyes prickle with tears.
  • But then an owl comes in with a small package from his dad. He opens it to find a silver locket, and puts it immediately inside his pocket because he doesn’t want them to think that he just gets expensive stuff like that.
  • He puts on his jumper and feels like he blends in a little, and when they go to bed he takes the silver locket out of his pocket and opens it. Inside, he sees a picture of two familiar faces. A blond, tall, pointy-faced wizard has his arm around a beautiful woman carrying a blond baby he recognized as himself. They were smiling, looking as happy as he had never seen. He couldn’t help but cry, but he wasn’t entirely sad. Looking down at his jumper and locket, for the first time in months, he felt deeply loved.
My ultimate drarry headcannons

- Draco is elegant and refined from being raised as a pure-blood, he plays piano and violin and speaks French and can ballroom dance with his eyes closed, he drinks champagne and dresses in designer robes

- Draco is always clean and groomed, his clothes are always perfect and his smile is always charming, he knows just what to say when and to who to gain favours and worm his way into anyone’s good graces, his good looks don’t hurt things either

- Draco is quiet and studious, he’s resourceful and a deep thinker, he’s a light sleeper and likes things just so, his routine is his way of life and his public image is everything. Then we add Harry to that mix

- With Harry Draco is open and free, his smile is wide and dorky and shows all his teeth, he snorts when he laughs and blows bubbles into his milkshake through his straw because he’s a total dork and he’s allowed to be with Harry

- Harry brings out his wild side, they go exploring in the woods together and Draco is always the first to climb up a tree or dive into a river because it’s fun and life is fun and he wants to experience it with Harry, he’s constantly swinging upside from tree branches while Harry’s trying to read and always falling asleep in his lap in the sun

- When he’s home alone with Harry he wears knitted sweaters and jeans and always steals Harry’s winter jackets to curl up in, and once he starts getting his honorary Weasley jumpers at Christmas he wears it to bed every night until the next year because he loves to feel loved

- At home Harry cooks but Draco loves to create a mess in the kitchen and is constantly trying to cook the Muggle way and he’s actually pretty good at baking cakes and he makes one for Harry each year for his birthday, and Draco is the one who loves to go grocery shopping with Harry because there’s just something so domestic about it that reminds him he has a family now and he loves it

- Harry’s there when he needs to cry about his parents when he returns from their lunchtime meetings and they’ve argued again, Harry lets him rant about his coworkers in the Magical Law Enforcement Department and their pure-blood values, and Draco’s always there when Harry needs to talk about whatever horror he witness on his latest Auror mission with Ron, and he’s inches away from hexing someone when Harry comes home from work and is upset by someone’s comment about his sexuality or choice in partners

- Draco loves nothing more than dragging Harry to pure-blood dinner parties, half to watch him flounder like a guppie out of water and half because Harry looks real good in designer robes and it’s so cute when Harry tries his best to fit into Draco’s world

- Draco loves to see Harry socializing with his parents at these parties, and talking with his friends, and he especially loves the jealous look in his eyes when he dances with Pansy a bit too long or leans too close to Blaise when reaching for his next drink

- But as much as Draco loves to see Harry at his socialite parties, Harry loves to see Draco at HIS parties even more. He loves watching Draco sitting in his rumpled robes downing as many Firewhiskey’s as he can, drinking competitions with Ron or George, playing stupid Muggle games with Hermione and always gloating when he wins. Harry loves when Ginny bring in karaoke and Draco is the CHAMPION of karaoke and this is his jam don’t mess with this song! 

- What Harry loves the most though, is after the parties when Draco is tired beyond belief but he’s happy and smiling and just glowing and Harry has his breath taken away as he watches him undress and slide into bed with him, cuddling up next to him because Draco is the biggest teddy bear on the planet and he loves to cuddle

- Draco’s always up long before Harry, but he rarely gets up until Harry’s awake unless he has work, and when Harry does wake up he always kisses him senseless and that usually leads to morning sex. Harry will always make Draco his favourite tea in the morning and in the winter times he’ll clutch the hot cup in his cold hands and kiss the tip of Harry’s frozen nose over the steam of the tea and sit at the kitchen counter watching him cook breakfast making sexual comments about Harry’s fine arse whenever he turns around

- What Harry loves most about Draco is that Draco never asks, he never talks about anything personal if he has the impression Harry isn’t comfortable telling him. Draco will never ask about the horrors of the war or the pressure of being the Chosen One, and when Harry just needs quiet and peace Draco will be there to let him curl up in his lap and stroke his hair while he reads the paper and asks no questions. 

- What Draco loves most about Harry is that he makes him smile, and Draco hasn’t smiled in a long long time, Harry’s smile is precious to him and it takes his breath way each time he sees it, and he’s always trying to see it again. Draco loves the way Harry smells when he buries his face into his shirt, he loves how warm the boy always is and he loves how Harry pretends he doesn’t notice Draco crying when Harry presses kisses to the Dark Mark during sex

- Harry loves when Draco presses his lips to his scar just before bed, murmuring that he loves him, no matter how moody he is or how angry at Harry he’ll always kiss that scar and tell him he loves him and if Draco ever stopped then Harry would know it was over, but he never stops


Becoming a Weasley: Three sweaters down, four to go!

Managed to finish number three and even motivated myself to complete the duplicate stitch letter, all in one weekend!

I can’t wait to order more yarn and get started on number 4 😊

Pattern is “Flax” by Tin Can Knits, with a modification so that there’s no ribbing on the sleeve. Yarn is cascade 220 superwash, purchased from Eat.Sleep.Knit.

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If you feel like writing it: "So, it was you." ❤

Good gracious did it take me a long time to come up with a premise for this one! This actually turned out to be a little follow up
to Is That My Shirt? and, to give credit where it’s due, I got the inspiration for this from a comment that @trademarkblue left on that drabble. Anyway, sorry about the delay (have a feeling I’ll be saying that a lot 😬) and I hope you like it! 💕


So, It Was You

Ron had always supposed it was bad luck, or maybe the twins messing with him, or possibly even Lavender during those odd few months of sixth year, but his Muggle clothing had a history of vanishing throughout his six years at Hogwarts. He didn’t have a ton of stuff to begin with - the traditional Weasley Christmas jumper, some old hand-me-downs from Bill, a few Cannons items that he’d scrimped and saved to purchase for himself - so he’d always felt he needed everything he had. Even the garments that were too small, he could stretch those out with magic to a point and make them work, but not if they were gone. Things always turned up in the end, too, which usually had him wondering if he was going a bit mad.

It was even worse after a year on the run; he was amazed he even had a pair of pajamas left (his pajama trousers, too, went missing with alarming frequency). But regardless, he’d crammed everything he owned into his rucksack and followed Hermione halfway around the world, because he’d do anything for her, even if he had to do it in a pair of slacks that he’d owned since he was twelve. And now that they were in Australia, in their very own hotel room, he was really just glad to be here with her at all.

Hermione emerged from the bathroom, face freshly scrubbed, just as Ron was finally figuring out how to work the remote control for the television. She sat on the bed next to him and pecked his cheek, linking her arm through his.

Her maroon wool-clad arm.


“Koalas?” she questioned, pointing to the little animals onscreen.

“Just be glad it’s not the Sydney tourism channel anymore,” replied Ron with a little chuckle. Linking their fingers together, he rubbed his free hand over the fabric on her forearm. “Not that I mind at all, but where’d you find this?” It was the one from sixth year, and as it still fit him relatively well, he’d actually been looking for it.

“Oh - well…” She bit her lower lip and stared down at the paisley pattern on the bedspread. “It was at the bottom of the beaded bag, so I just took it to sleep in, you’ve never noticed before-”

Hermione seemed to recognize her own slip of the tongue and snapped her mouth shut, now looking down at their interlaced hands.

“Wait,” said Ron, watching a blush creep up her cheeks. “What do you mean, before?”

“I - I just like sleeping in your clothes sometimes,” Hermione admitted, “but I always give them back-”

“So it was you,” Ron realized with a dawning clarity. “You’ve been my clothes thief all these years?”

“Yes,” she said meekly, meeting his eyes through thick, dark lashes. She looked so embarrassed at being found out, but this was actually blowing his mind; it amazed him that even years ago, she had been that compelled to feel close to him.

“So then that time at Shell Cottage, that wasn’t the first time you’ve done that?”

“No, it’s been since… third year, I think?”

Ron goggled at her. “You’ve been wearing my clothes since third year?”

“Oh, your clothes are just so much better than mine,” she insisted, “they’re all big and warm and soft and so they’re perfect for sleeping in.”

“Just out of curiosity, how much of my stuff do you have right now?” asked Ron, laughing and giving her hand a little squeeze.

“Er, just this jumper and that one Cannons shirt, but you did say I could have that,” she defended herself, looking defiantly up at Ron.

“You can have whatever you want,” he assured her, and he hoped he knew he wasn’t just talking about pilfering his wardrobe. “I don’t have a ton, but what’s mine is yours.”

He really didn’t need any of it. He had her, after all, and that was more than enough.


you can find more four word prompts here!

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Hello! Can you do an imagine or a oneshot (whatever you prefer) of a George Weasley X Reader during Umbridge's time at Hogwarts? Can be angst, fluff, whatever you feel like!

Absolutely! I love George so I’ll will try my best on this one! I still don’t know what exactly to write so it will buit up as I go! But I’ll make the Reader a Hufflepuff bc I just love Hufflepuff!

Normally you liked going to School because for one it was always fun going to School when you are not going to some ordinary School but Hogwarts and second you had an incredible boyfriend who happend to got to the same School. And this boyfriend wasn’t just someone but George Weasley so you practicly hit the Jackpot. Since the two of you started Dating he was the perfect Gentleman; taking you on small but very romantic Dates, small kisses between classes and so on and so on. In short form he was the perfect boyfriend.

 But this year was different than any other year and that because of one huge, horrible toad called Umbridge who ruined everything with her Little Slytherin puppets by terrorizing students and teacher. And the only silver lining were the regular DA Meetings where she couldn’t reach you.And today was one of the days you had an DA Meeting.

You just had come down for breakfast when George took a seat beside you.

“Good morning, my lovely Lady.” he grinned at you but as you are no morning Person just “Hmm"ed at him making him chuckle and place a kiss on your cheek. But it seemed like George really wanted to talk this morning even though he should know better cause on time you actually hit him with one of your books so he would stop talking. But he clearly didn’t.

“It’s a lovely morning, right?”


“You look pretty today as always.”

Is he doing this on purpose?

“Have you seen Malfoy slipping in a puddle of spilled milk?”

“Coffee, please.”

“I think today is gonna be a good day.” he said while filling your mug.

“Does this conversation have a Point or are you just being annoying?” you said slightly relaxed as the first sip of coffee ran down your throat.

“Good you noticed. Yes, it has because I have good News.”

You raised one eyebrow at him as a sign for him to continue.

“Today is going to be another DA Meeting.” he whispered in your direction. And as soon as you processed this this Information a huge smile spread across your face.

“That, Mr. Weasley, indeed are good News.” you said while giving him a quick kiss on the lips. But you hadn’t much time to talk some more because first period was about to start so both of you had to get going.

And so after a quiet and normal day you found yourself making your way to the seventh floor with some of your Hufflepuff friends to attend the DA Meeting, all pretty excited and curious about what you are going to learn today. Finally in the room of requirement you took a look around searching for a certain redhead when someone wrapped their arms around your waist.

“Found you first.” whispered George in your ear making you smile. Still in his arms you turned around to face him. You placed your hands on his face slowly leaning in when you two were interrupted by Harry starting today’s lesson about the Patronus charm, it’s importance and how difficult it is to conjure a shaped Patronus. And after a short introduction he let all of you have their first try. You yourself leaned on a wall at first watching everyone with their focused faces, a lot of them with closed eyes trying to remember a very happy memory. Then you thought you should give it a tr. So you walked over to George and simply took his Hand in yours while looking him deeply into his eyes.

“What are you doing?” he asked a bit puzzeled but still smiling.

“Psscht! I want to remember all of our happy memories.” you whispered Standing on your tip toes to actually be face to face.

“Well if that’s the case, then I will of course help you with great pleasure.”

He leaned in and after what felt like hours he finally touched your lips. And your lips fitted perfectly together like they were meant to be together. They even moved in complete sync. You forgot everything surrounding you and actually remembered a lot of the things George and you did. Like your first date at the three broomsticks where he also kissed you for the first time. You remembered the Moment George gave you your very first Weasley Jumper for Christmas with ears red like a tomato making you smile into the kiss while thinking about all this small and big memories. But you had to end the kiss because of the lack of Oxygen. You grinned at him.

“I think I got everything I Need.”

And after you placed on last kiss on his lips you made the same movement Harry taught you and something silvery broke out of your wand. You were in total awe when you saw the form of your Patronus.

“You did it, love!” George exclaimed, “I’m so proud of you!”

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I hope this Kind of is what you wanted. I hope you like it! And sorry for my mistakes English is not my first language..  I would love to get some Feedback and if you like my writing you can send in a request as well!

Dating Fred Weasley and Being A Slytherin Would Include:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Request: Anon said: “Dating Fred Weasley and Being one of the nicer slytherins)

A/N: My baby Fred😭 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


•He was so confused when he first saw you •Like, there you were. In green robes. But you were so beautiful.


•He refused to believe that he fancied you •Until he saw you helping a first year Hufflepuff boy


•He had an instant crush on you after that •George would tease him relentlessly


•He took notice of the little things you did •Like helping the younger students, caring for your classmates, and staying after class to help the professors clean up


•He once saw you helping Draco Malfoy with his homework •His siblings would be so confused. Like why was their bother swooning over a Slytherin girl


•Let’s face it, Ron would be the most appalled •Eventually have the nerve to ask you out


•You immediately said yes •After that, you two became an official couple


•All of his friends/siblings would adore you •You’d get a Weasley jumper for Christmas every year


•Molly Weasley would treat you as one of her own •Everyone at Hogwarts would be so confused when they saw you enter the Great Hall holding hands


•You guys didn’t care •You loved each other and nobody could change that

“It has taken him at least fifteen minutes to persuade Draco to wear his Weasley jumper to Christmas lunch […] like Draco’s new scarf, the jumper is a rich, forest green and absolutely covered in little bobbly snails. It is quite a work of art, and Harry can’t seem to stop glancing over at Draco as he settles himself at the table and pours himself a glass of mulled punch.” - Helix, by Saras_Girl

Draco and Scorpius being invited over to the Burrow for Boxing Day lunch because Mrs Weasley couldn’t bare the thought of them being alone in that big, cold house for the festivities - it’s the least she could do after they fought alongside her family against Delphi.

Mrs Weasley knitting Scorpius a Weasley Christmas jumper because he’s been such a good friend to Albus and she worries that he’ll miss his mum the most at Christmas time.

Albus and Scorpius swapping jumpers and making kissy faces at each other to take the piss out of James and his girlfriend who have made a habit of wearing each other’s jumpers all the time and calling each other ridiculous pet names and snogging openly in public, much to the disgust of the rest of their family.

Albus and Scorpius secretly really liking wearing something that visibly belongs to the other, not caring at all that the sleeves on Albus’ jumper only reach about halfway down Scorpius’ forearms and that Albus has to roll up the sleeves on Scorpius’ jumper if he actually wants to use his hands.

Long after the joke is over, Albus and Scorpius are both sitting curled up in a corner on the sofa, oblivious to the noise of an exploding snap game Lily, Hugo, Teddy, Harry, Ron, George, Dominique and Louis have set up. The book Albus bought Scorpius for Christmas is balanced across both of their laps. Scorpius is on the right and glances at Albus every now and again to check whether he can turn the page. Their cheeks are slightly pink from their proximity to one another, though they blame it on the fire when they blush more and more deeply whenever their hands accidentally brush, each hoping the other has forgotten about the fact that they haven’t swapped back their jumpers yet.

The adults exchanging knowing, pleased smiles, relieved that both boys finally seem so happy. George has already raked in 6 bets on whether or not they’re already together, mostly from the other kids but even Ron wanted in, so long as his mum and Ginny never found out.

James enlisting Lily to help get revenge on Albus by trying to charm mistletoe to hover over their heads, but Ginny stops him every time hissing “let them figure it out for themselves!” and eventually confiscating his wand.

Scorpius hugging Albus tightly at the end of the evening, whispering into his ear that it was the best Christmas celebration he’d ever had.

Albus realising only when he walked back inside and saw his whole family sniggering at him that he was still wearing Scorpius’ Christmas jumper.

Molly Weasley and Fred II’s Christmas Jumper

  • Okay so this just occurred to me 
  • Everyone just kind of accepts that Molly Weasley knits family Christmas jumpers for her grandkids (and you know Scorpius once you know he basically becomes a member of the family) and I agree of course. 
  • But have we talked about how she’ll have to knit a jumper for Fred II? 
  • And Molly loves Fred II and she doesn’t see him as a mini Fred because he’s his own person and Fred is gone and after all these years she can accept that. 
  • But then autumn sets in and she begins to knit her jumpers and it’s almost November when she gets to Fred II (who is about 5). 
  • And she sort of stares at her knitting needles and thread for a few minutes, maybe goes to make herself a cup of tea, distract herself because she just needs time.
  • Then she puts all thoughts of her son Fred to the side because she will always love her son but she has over five more children to knit for and she can’t let her tears get in the way of her plan again. 
  • So she powers through knitting this jumper for her grandson and she is happily listening to Celestina Warbeck (because it’s never too early for Christmas music!) and she has half the jumper and most of the letter ‘F’ knitted when she stops. 
  • She places the wool to the side and stares down at this half finished jumper in her lap, tracing over it, making sure there are no holes because you can never be too careful. 
  • She hadn’t even realised it but the colours that she had used for this jumper were navy for the jumper and gold for the letter ‘F’. The same colours that she used for son ever single year.
  • Suddenly she’s thrown back so many years ago to shortly after the war. To Christmas time where knitting had been her distraction. 
  • She’d start as always with Bill (and Fleur), Charlie, Percy (and she remembers smiling so brightly when she knitted Percy his jumper that Christmas because he was going to be there to receive it and she wasn’t going to get it sent back to her unopened), George and then out of habit she would knit a second blue and gold jumper with the letter ‘F’ on it. 
  • Molly stares at the jumper in her lap now and then with all her strength, swallows down her tears and continues knitting because Fred would not want her moping over Christmas jumpers of all things.  
  • Two months later it’s Christmas Morning and immediately after Fred II opens his present, he runs to her and gives her a big, big hug. 
  • “I love it, I love it grandma! Thank you so much! Look Daddy and I are matching! We’re both wearing navy and gold!” 
  • And Molly smiles at him and looks up at George who is wearing his traditional blue and gold jumper from who knows how many years ago. 
  • Tears are shining in both of their eyes but then George smiles brightly and Molly instantly knows she made the right choice with her grandson’s Christmas jumper that year. 
  • And she can’t help but think that the colours really really suit her grandson. Maybe she’ll use them again next year.
Hems & Hols [G]

Title: Hems & Hols
Rating: G
Word count: ~1,500
A/N: In response to @corpselover1426’s adorable meta:
“…imagine Albus secretly asking Molly to make the sleeves a bit longer when she knits Scorpius’s Christmas sweaters and Scorpius opening them in delight Christmas morning and Albus blushing and smiling in satisfaction when he sees him pull the sleeves all the way down over his hands.”

“You’re sure, dear?”

“Yes, Nana,” Albus Potter reiterated, shifting uncomfortably on the common room’s stone hearth.  “Just a tad longer on the sleeves. He’s not one to ask for favors, but I know he’d appreciate it.”  

“Goodness knows I’m hardly ‘hip’ these days, but I simply don’t understand the appeal of sleeves flapping about in the wind. Surely your beau’s hit the end of his growth spurt? He’s as tall as a reed, and twice as thin.”  

Albus sighed good-naturedly. If he took the time to explain each and every Scorpius Malfoy idiosyncrasy, they would be here all night. He settled on an abridged version of events.

“You’ve seen Scorpius, Grandma, he’s hardly what you could consider on-trend. Think of it more of a quirk. He likes pulling the jumper over his hands. Saves him the trouble of mittens, actually.”

“Mittens” Molly Weasley’s head in the Floo fire mused. “I suppose he could do with a pair of those too, couldn’t he?”

“Nana, no. You’ve already knit him a trunk-full. He has a pair for every day of the week. I think he’s set for life on mittens. He could really do with those sleeves though…”

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