Inspired by: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19418343/ by TheSkunkCat.

Now imagine this. Duke has a little niece and one day, (as he take her from school or something) they meet Judy. The little weasel girl recognizes Judy because she saw her on tv. And she has a dream of becoming a cop in future too :3 Will she fulfill her dream? Weasels suffer from the same prejudice as foxes or even worse and Duke knows it, he knows it as no one. But the universe works in mysterious ways, so who knows…

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Nick’s expressions disturb me. He was so unimpressed upon witnessing Manchas’s kidnapping. And he’s just calmly sipping tea while threatening to ice Weaselton.
Savage predators may give him the willies but when it comes to kidnapping and icing (two things the mafia are known for) he doesn’t event blink. Is ANYONE surprised he worked for a crime boss cause I’m not!!

The Mummy - Prologue

Rating: M (to be safe; gore, language)
Main Pairing: Kristanna
Summary:  Hamunaptra. A place filled with history, legends and mystery. A place Anna Arendelle had only dreamed of finding since she was a little girl. When it seems faith supplies her with the opportunity to find this hidden city, she jumps head first at the chance to find it. But a revengeful mummy, an apocalyptic curse, a deadly adventure (and possibly love) where not exactly on her list of things to discover.

NOTE: The summary is crap, I know, oops lol anyways, the muse has finally tugged me hard enough to start this bugger? Idk when I will update? Maybe weekly? Not completely sure, but this is definitely happening. I can’t stand it any longer. It is going to follow the movie a good bit, some dialogue changes, some different perspectives possibly, but still pretty much the same. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this adventure :) [also, I could not find a good replacement for Hans name that was as cool as Imhotep’s so I apologize for the lack of creativity/coolness there lol] 

Thebes – 2,134 BC

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How Do You Drink A Mood? (BoJack Horseman)

Finnick: Anyway, now we’re all about smoodies.

Nick: What? 

Finnick: Smoodies.

Nick: You’re saying smoothies, right? Smoothies.

Weaselton: No.

Finnick: Smoodies.

Weaselton: It’s a mood that you drink like a smoothie.

Nick: I don’t understand it. How do you drink a mood? 

Weaselton: Like a smoothie.

Nick: So it is a smoothie.

Finnick: No, it’s a smoodie

Weaselton: A mood that you drink.

Nick: How do you drink a mood

Weaselton: Like a smoothie!

Nick: But do you buy it in a store? What’re the physical attributes? 

Finnick: We haven’t worked out all the kinks yet,

Closed Starter: A Weasel & A Bunny

Gabriella had down it again. She somehow managed to get herself separated from her father. The kit was wandering around a street corner looking for him. Instead, she ran into a table covered in movies.

“Oww!” she yelped. She rubbed her forward and looked up to see a weasel. “Sorry, mister.”

“Different” Nick/Judy, Zootopia, ch. 3

They’d had a busy morning – Weaselton had gotten in a fight with a street-busking chipmunk over territory, and she and Nick had been the ones to break up the fight and figure out whether an actual crime had been committed – but things had gone quiet by afternoon. Leaving one ear on the police scanner, Judy and Nick let themselves fall back into one of their favorite debates – whether the original or prequel trilogy of “Fur Wars” was better.

“I don’t even know why I let you do this. We both know you just argue for the prequels to get me riled up.”

“I’m arguing for artistic truth here, Carrots. The story arc that Obi Wan Kenobear goes through in those three movies is one of the great tragedies of our time.”

“You just say that because he’s the only one who actually remembered to act in those—“

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derpycollegedork  asked:

Hey Judy, I think it's awesome you're with the Z.P.D. Especially chasing Duke Weaselton in Little Rodenta. I don't think the rhino would fit through that entryway. Great job on that! ^.^

Judy: Thank you dear. There are advantages to being small.