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Hearing Sonic fans complain that Forces will suck compared to Mania

Hearing them use Sonic Boom as a scapegoat for why 3D Sonic can’t work

They STILL bring up Sonic ‘06 despite it being 11 years since that game came out

They continue questioning if the Adventure series was any better to begin with

The fanbase’s attitude toward the games in general

Recolor image by @recolouradventures

Mirage Saloon Gunslinger

I doodled this in one of my notebooks yesterday and I really liked it, so I decided to finalize it…but then I got an idea for a background based on Mirage Saloon from Sonic Mania, so I gave it a background as well, And I gotta say, I’m really proud of how this turned out!

Despite not being much of a big sonic fan anymore, the recent stuff going on with the franchise has gotten me kinda hyped for it again, Mania looks awesome, Forces looks interesting and I’ve heard rumors that there might even be a film in the works. (and if it’s anything like the one from 99’, it aught to be great!)