Coca-Cola’s New Short (and gay) Film “The Text”

Oscar-winning screenwriter and boyfriend of Tom Daley just debuted his latest and powerful short film: “El SMS”. The eight minute short is part of Coca-Cola’s True Friendship campaign.

The Synopsis: “The campaign, by Pereira & O’Dell, focuses on various different scenarios which question what makes a true friend (#VerdaderoAmigo). In this eight-minute film, a group of teen boys joke and tease each other in the usual high school way about girls, video games and such-like. Two of the boys are especially close buddies, but Rafael is hiding something from his friend Diego– he’s gay. When he leaves his phone unattended, Diego reads a text that surprises him. His decision to cover for his friend, and accept him for who he is, is what cements this true friendship. And, as Rafael points out, gay guys know all the pretty girls.