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El are you okay? 


El Corchito wildlife reserve in the Yucatan - traveling through on boat.

Dating Chato “El Diablo” Santana:

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  • Admiring you from afar
  • Any little thing you do, whether the sun hits off you a certain way or when you laugh he can’t help but admire how beautiful you are
  • When you notice him watching you, walking up to him and wrapping your arms around his neck saying , “Te amo mi príncipe demonio.” (I love you my Devil prince.)
  • Him wrapping his arms around your waist and placing loving kisses to the base of your neck mumbling, “Te quiero mucho más mi princesa ángel.” (I love you so much more my Angel princess.)
  • Like even though you guys are dating, he can’t believe after everything he’s done that you chose him
  • But even then he has his insecurities
  • Which always results in him questioning your love for him
  • “Why?! Why me?! I’ve killed so many people, I’m a monster! There is hay manera posible en el infierno que jamás podría amarme!” (No possible way in hell you could ever love me.)
  • “Chato, when are you going to get it through your burnt brain that I love you?! You didn’t mean to hurt your family!  There’s nothing that you could do that would make me love you less! Mi príncipe demonio, you are my everything. I will always love you.” (My Devil prince.)
  • He’s such a softie and constantly needs reassurance
  • Which then leads to LOADS of hand holding
  • For any and every little thing he holds your hand, just to know you’re there and he’s not alone. Or even when he’s thinking or having a flashback. With you there, he knows that with you, it’s his future and nothing in his past can hurt him.
  • Cuddling in bed while you trace his tattoos
  • Which then leads to you asking about the backstory for each one of them
  • Chato pulling you closer as he begins to tell the stories
  • When he gets to the tattoo about his ex wife, him tensing up but ultimately telling you
  • “I love her so much. And I always will, but you are mi reina y yo también te quiero. You saved me from who I was and I can’t thank you enough princesa.” ( My Queen and I love you too.)
  • You getting emotional and holding on to him as if he’ll slip through your fingers
  • Lacing your fingers through his saying, “Te amo mi príncipe demonio,” as you drift off to sleep in your bed. (I love you my Devil prince.)
  • Him gently kissing your hair and responding with  “Te quiero mucho más mi princesa ángel,” drifting off to sleep next to you, wrapping you in his arms. (I love you so much more my Angel princess.)