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The mayans were wrong. The world ended in 2011. Welcome to the new era, let’s try to make it right, this time.

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nope, just generic shit really Ian, lots of shitty urban music and samey club fillers *le sigh*

Can we bring back rock in 2012? Can 2012 be the year that real, actual bands make a come back? I mean…I know we’ve always had corporate pop…but I remember a time (okay, the eighties…) when the pop bands were still incredibly talented musicians who were doing something new and interesting.

Also, who the fuck is this Bruno Mars that my sister keeps going on about?

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Call me crazy, but I don't think there's a 100% chance of Sherlock dying in the next episode. I mean,I read all the books (even though I was young back then) and I know what's supposed to happen, but still...

Because, of course, there were no more adventures of Sherlock Holmes after he and Moriaty went over the Reichenbach Falls…

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Random dark and gritty is only good when it is intended and geniously used, See: Transmetropolitan, Watchmen… I do believe Gaiman’s stories come from this philosofy, he HAS to tell those stories.

See, I think this is a huge issue in indie comics - everyone is trying to be Moore, Ellis, Ennis, Morrison, Gaiman, etc… Just. Be. Yourself.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of pitches I see for twelve issue series. This is entirely because of Watchmen. You are NOT going to write the new Watchmen for your first published work (you’re probably not going to write the new Watchmen ever…). Stop it. Tell a story that can be done in three or four issues and collected into a 96-128 page trade. That’s something a publisher might be willing to take a risk on with an unknown creative team. And write YOUR story, that only YOU can write. Stop trying to be Alan Moore!

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If only everyone that ever touched a pencil shared this thought…

Basically, I was just musing on the fact that I often find myself thinking that I should write something dark and gritty, because that’s what’s more en vogue, you know? And how often I see pitches from people that are dark, gritty, full of violence and gore…and just lack any soul at all. It just feels like people are writing what they think they should be writing…rather than finding their true voice.

Don’t write what you think you should write, don’t even necessarily write what you like to read…but write what naturally comes from inside you. The stories that you just HAVE to tell.

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Oh, sorry, I didn’t know. I don’t think we have the translation for those, here. Do you have the name of the books or something?

At the risk of spoiling things for Sherlock watchers… Arthor Conan Doyle originally killed off Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls, but the demand of the fans was such that he felt compelled to bring him back, revealing that, in fact, Holmes survived the event.

You can find a lit of all the complete Sherlock Holmes canon here. Holmes “dies” in The Final problem.

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I don’t know. Batman and Robin still has that scene with the bat-credit card.

Your Higness is essentially the cinematic equivalent of an hour and forty five minutes of that scene with the bat-credit card.

If that scene with the bat-credit card had included a gay and/or rape joke.

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Cool. I might reply more often! (also, I’m not the anon guy, but it was good to know that)

Feel free! Seriously, I like when I get a response to the things I post, makes me feel like I’m not just talking to the void. And, seriously, people…you’ve seen the strange array of anon questions I get…my Ask box is always open to anyone. Plus…if you have my number, I like getting texts and talking to people.

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Isn’t Israelite the one that was born in Israel? I mean, someone can be born is Israel and not being a Jew.

All I shall say in response to this is that it is very, very complicated…but you have all of the resources that Wikipedia has to offer at your disposal.

But, yes, explaining the differences between ancient Israel and the modern state of Israel, and the distinctions between Israelite and Israeli…and Palestinian…the differences between Palestine and Israel…the distinctions between the terms Hebrew, Semite, Jew and Israelite…and explanation of the twelve Tribes of Israel…and so on and so on…would take a while…and my dinner is ready!

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Is there a place on earth that you would like to visit? Not a place where everyone would like to go, like Paris, or Rome, but somewhere special, or somewhere you are very curious about.

I’d like to visit a lot of the places that Graham Hancock visits in his books. Places like Angkor Wat, Machu Piccu, the Giza Plateau, Tiahuanaco and other ancient ruins.

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The more I listen to music, the more I get material to build my thesis on the subject that voice isn't that important in a song. Look at Bob Dylan. A duck has a better voice than that guy and he is frickin' awesome. It's not about the voice being great, it's about it fitting in.

I completely agree with you…Mick Jagger is another case in point…same with Axl Rose. But, you know, having been played on the radio countless times, and having sung in front of thousands of people in my life, it really doesn’t phase me that some Anon thinks I can’t sing. I find it kinda’ funny, really. My insecurities are many fold, but my singing voice ain’t one of them.

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I'm following you has been 4 hours (accurate part) and I already think you are an idiot, a horrible father and probably one of the very most dumb and ignorant form of life in this planet (I-don't-need-to-say-which-part-is-it- part).

Hahahaha, oh, I’m loving these, thank you :)