I WANT TO HAVE A POWER!! and other things:S

I would love to have a power, or be magic it would make my day the power to control this that nobody could, i get so jelly when i watch or read books where they have power OH so what power would i have.. the thing is i really don’t know if i has to choose 3 (because i am greedy) 

1. shape shiftier, just to turn in to a man and have sex… just to see how it feels, also the best get away, you turn in to a cat (no one going to suspects a cat) 

2. Immortality the idea of living forever i want soo bad the fact that you could see the world change and all ways be there the only down side to this is the ones you love die… i could never fall in love (which makes me sad because i am in love and its the best thing in the world)

3. Stopping time !! i could have any thing i wanted and sleep in when i was late or cba to get up, i could seee things that people could never see i could lick people faces (because i’m a little odd like that i am it would be funny also johnny DEEP !! face need to be licked by me) also the fact i never would ever be late for any thing!!    

The hight lights of power is just calling me but its never going to happen :( SADFACEEST IN THE WORLD its the same as vampires and zombies :( nothing in this world is fun……. this is why i think that we are all really sims…. and some mother fucking prick is playing my family because he has not givven me a job yet PRICK this theory comes from the documentary 15 kids and conting.. you only have that many kids in SIMS!

but all i can do is dream that a vampire is going to bite me, zombies, freak storm that gives a town powers, wear-wolf come and befriend me or my mum turns to me and tells me i am a witch… which would make my world because i swear my sister is one…. but yes i want to live in a dream world….. ahhh all i can do is dreammmmm 

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Request: Hey Lex :) Can I request a Dean Winchester Imagine where you are his girlfriend but one day you end up having a huge fight and later that night he finds you attacked by a wearwolf in the forest and barely alive. Later in the hospital you wake up several days later and it’s all fluffy and you apologize and then Dean cares for you :) And maybe both POVs ? :) Thank you in advance and I love you :)

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Warnings: Fluff, blood

Your name: submit What is this?

“Dean, I’m not a child! I can defend myself!” I scream at him as we walk into the motel. I throw my bag on the ground and peel my jacket off and tossing it on the motel kitchenette chair.
“You can’t just come in guns blazing! Sam and I always stick to the plans!”
“I’m not Sam! Sam isn’t here anymore! He was smart and left the "family business”.“ I snap at him.
"Don’t talk about Sam, he wanted to leave, good for him.” He growls.
“When are you going to quit? Be smart like Sam?” I press.
“I’m going to the bar. Stay here and don’t open the door unless it’s me.” Dean said sternly and walked back out of the motel room, slamming the door behind him.
-Dean’s POV-
I climbed out of baby and walked back to the motel room. I knew we would just get into another fight but I was tired. I just wanted to curl up with y/n and sleep. But that wasn’t happening.
There was a streaking trail of blood outside the motel door like something was dragged out. I pulled out my pistol, holding it in front of me as I got closer to the door. It was slightly cracked and I pushed it open. The room was trashed, bed and table flipped over, blood splattered all over the room, finger marks on the floor. I checked the whole room and y/n was nowhere to be found. I finally let the tears fall from my eyes, knowing she could be anywhere, dead.
I walked out of the hotel room and sighed, rubbing my face. I looked up and saw the security camera in the corner of the awning. I walked straight to the motel office and pulled out my FBI badge. The girl at the front desk straightened up.
“I need to see your cameras.” I sternly, despite the tears in my eyes. She nodded furiously and walked me back. I sat in the chair and began looking through the tapes. At about 10:15, an hour after I left for the bar, is when I saw it. A young blonde girl, maybe 18 walked into the motel room and came out fifteen minutes later, bloody, dragging a lifeless y/n. I felt the bile rise in my throat, as I saw the girl walk towards the backwoods.
I jumped out of the chair and rushed out of the office. I pulled out my gun and made my way to the woods. I made it over a mile and nothing, before I heard a twig snap. I pointed my gun in her direction and saw the same young blonde girl looking at me, revealing her canine teeth to me, knowing what she was now. I fired my gun at her and it stunned her. Enough for me to whack off her head with the machete.
I followed the blood trail and finally found y/n. I rushed over to her and had to hold my vomit down as I saw her body. She was pale and her pulse was dangerously low. I moved my hand under her head and under her knees and lifted her, being weary about the large gashes on her sides.
- y/n’s POV-
I heard this annoying beeping in my ear. I attempted to open my eyes and was blinded my a seriously bright white light and an almost searing pain in my sides. I looked to my right and saw Dean sitting in a chair, sleeping. I nudged his hand and he jumped awake.
“Oh my god! y/n! You’re awake baby.” Dean sobbed, cupping my sore face.
“Yeah, I’m okay. What happened?” My head was fuzzy and maybe that was a good thing.
“You were attacked my a werewolf.” Dean whispered and sniffled. The memories soon flooded back into my head.
“What?” Dean asks.
“Her name was Katie. She was my friend Alisha’s little sister. She went apeshit when I killed her sister because her sister was killing people a few years back. Katie was like 12, youngest werewolf I’ve seen.”
“Look baby, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have left. This is all my fault and when I saw all that blood I-”
“Dean, I forgive you baby. Now give me a smooch,” I say and weakly smile. Dean gives me a sad smile and presses his lips to mine.
Still catching up on Doctor Who

Since I apparently cant be bothered to pay attention to the show on TV (probably the commercials.. I just have a really small attention span) I found it on Netflix and I’m catching up that way.

Question for Disney, Why the heck did you skip “The Girl in the Fireplace”? Was it, like, you didn’t want parents to get pissed you had an entire episode about the King of Frances lover? You had an episode where a man is ripped apart by a wearwolf, an episode where an entire SCHOOL full of people are fucking DEVOURED by (kinda sorta) vampires, and an episode where a Utopian society leads people to be violently and painfully shoved into cybernetic bodies (btw am I the only one who thinks the Cybermen should work at Freddi Fazbears?). Pretty much all of Gravity Falls is more fucked up than “The Girl in the Fireplace”.

Beyond that, I think this one is just shy of being my favorite. Its still beaten out by “The Empty Child” 2-parter, though. That one was fucked up AND heart wrenching.