“ Before you were born, I was a very different creature. I was cruel, I was mean and I would revel in the terror which I inspired in others. But Hope, from the moment I saw you, I wanted nothing more than to be worthy of being your father. But I’m afraid, Hope. I’m afraid, without you, I’ll return to the darkness. So, I need you. I need you to fight. “

“ I will, daddy. “

Klaus and Hope are my all time favorite relationship on screen. Their bond is so beautiful and I cried when I saw how much Klaus changed from an asshole to a protective, loving and caring father.

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Reasons why Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School is the best Scooby Doo Movie

1. Sibella’s Vampire puns
2. Elsa is a FrankenTEEN
3. Tanis the Mummy can swim “A Nile and a half”
4. 99% of Phantasma’s lines include shrieking
5. Winnie’s howling
7. All the older monsters are just trying to be good dads.
8. They play a military school in volleyball and the military kids just accept that the girls are monsters
9. Scrappy Doo almost falls out of the van
11. Legs the spider goes on a strike
12. Ms. Grimwood
13. The Octopus Butler has 3 watches
14. Matches is the oven
15. The main antagonist just wants people to clean her castle
16. Potato Monster
17. The Well Dweller is a straight up dinosaur with 3 eyes
19. Miguel is probably Carlos’s older brother
20. Sibella delivers pizza in bat form
21. Phantasma plays the pipe organ
22. Godzilla has a daughter
23. A 2-headed shark in the moat because alligators are too mainstream
25. The ending rap


  • Boy is real furry. Even when he’s not a wolf
  • Chest hair for days
  • Well chest hair and below
  • He keeps himself real well groomed
  • His ears are shockingly soft.
  • As well as his tail
  • He ADORES belly rubs.
  • So much so that he will give them to his s/o as well
  • He gets all excited if his s/o wants/can have kids
  • Going off about how he wants a huge litter
  • He is so protective
  • Nobody touches his mate.
  • When he is heat oh man.
  • Get ready for a loving boy
More Werewolf Prompts

Anonymous said:Can you do a werewolf X human prompt

Anonymous said:Do you think you could write some more werewolf prompts?

Anonymous said:So I’m writing this story about a 10 year old werewolf boy, and I was wondering if you have any prompts or tips for a painful transformation scene? Thank you so much

Anonymous said:I really liked your vampire x werewolf prompts!!!Do you think you could write any more?//  Anonymous said:First I just wanna say how amazing you and this blog is! Also, any thoughts for Female vampire and a female wearwolf?

1) They woke up wrapped up in a wolf. A real, not dead, definitely breathing wolf with very sharp teeth. A very real, very alive, very sharp-toothed wolf that also happened to be lovely and warm compared to the frozen forest floor and the cold fingers of mist seeping through the early morning. That wasn’t probably the point. People, normal people, didn’t wake up with wolves curled up around them monstrously huge puppies, did they? The human stayed still, mind racing and heart hammering. They’d probably be dead if they weren’t wrapped up in a blanket wolf. God, why were they wrapped in a blanket wolf? 
All thoughts cut off as the wolf yawned and shifted, eyes blinking open to fix them with a stare. 
“Good doggy,” the human whispered, terrified. 

2) “You’ve been locking yourself up?” They traced the welts on their best friend’s skin in horror, red and raw from a full moon of chafing. 
Their friend shoved themselves away. “What the hell did you follow me for? Untie me for? Are you crazy! I could have killed you.” 
“You’d never hurt me.” 
“All well and good but the wolf isn’t me,” the werewolf snarled. 
“No wonder it’s pissed off if you never let it stretch it’s legs.”
“Oh, don’t act like you know anything about it! You found out like five minutes ago!”

3) ((Tip: For descriptions, focus on the five senses and then combine with feelings.)) The second he felt his ankle snap they knew this wasn’t going to be nice and quick like the movies. Too breathless with pain to even howl, the boy’s knees buckled and he hit the floor. He dug his nails into the earth, gasping, vision blurring as everything went hot-cold. His blood pounded deafening in his ears. For a moment, he thought that was it. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. Then his jaw stretched and all he could do was scream. Face pressed against the wet dirt, breathing in the copper taste of his own blood and the Autumn leaves. His body shook. Tears burned the corners of his eyes as his vision blacked out and the world came back sharper than before. His skin itched and he tore at his clothes, at his hair, anything that would make the feeling stop. His throat felt raw, whimpers turning to whines like a kicked dog. Please make it stop, god anyone make it stop, I’ll do anything, pleasepleaseplease. 
He heaved, stomach writhing, sure he was going to be sick. 
He passed out when he felt his spine snap and knit together anew.

4) The vampire hovered, trying to think of the right words to make it better. Awkwardly, they patted and rubbed the werewolf’s shaking shoulders before sighing. 
“Trust me,” they said. “The things we do aren’t always us, and we can’t always help them. Blood lust, lunacy…our darkest urges don’t define us. We just have to try and make sure it’s better next time.”
“Next time!?” the werewolf yelped. They shook their head. “No, no no. I can’t do a next time. You don’t understand, I can’t.” 
“I understand what it’s like to think of yourself as a monster. And I know it’s hard to change. I also know that you can.” The vampire sat down, ducking their head to meet the werewolf’s eye. “And I’ll help you every step of the way, hey?”

5) “They think I’m your pet.” It burst out of her, like bile. Bitter tasting in her mouth as she wrapped her arms around herself. “Your mutt.”
“Well, they’re idiots,” the vampire said. “What does it matter what they think? We know what we are.” 
“Easy for you to bloody say, you’re not the one everyone treats like some kind of glorified animal.” She was sick of having to constantly be more refined to prove that she was better than a beast, as if vampires and demons and humans couldn’t all be positively feral at the best of times themselves. 
“Hey-” the vampire drew her closer, or tried to. Then she tried a smile. “Well, at least they know you’re mine.”
“You’re not helping.” 

Inktobertale Day 12: Family

Blood is not what makes you a family but the bonds that have been created. Ink Sans, Core Frisk and Error!Sans.

Bonbon and Jasper Daniels are wearing their red riding hood and wolf costumes in the background.

Ink Sans created by @comyet

Error!Sans created by @loverofpiggies

Core Frisk created by @dokudoki


So I made some quick cards for a friend who had a science project for college. From what I gathered, the game is based off wearwolf except it includes elements from quantum mechanics? So each card is a different scientist representing a different card such as Schrodinger as the wearwolf, Bohr as the Cupid, Einstein as the bodyguard, De Broglie as the little girl, and Born as the joker. There are also three Copenhagen cats that are regular players on the wearwolf’s side and three regular cats. Don’t ask anymore questions because I will not be able to answer o_o

yami-draws  asked:

2p wearwolf Canada hc??(swfandnsfw if possible

2p Canada Werewolf Headcanons 


  • A lone wolf
    • Prefers to be alone instead of committing to a pack 
  • Controls his werewolf side the most except for the occasional urge during a full moon or when extremely angry
  • The most territorial and protective over his mate
    • Often in his wolf form he will patrol their home to make sure no one tries anything on his mate
  • Though the most civil, still harbors many scars from past brawls
  • A very skilled hunter, always bringing home fresh kill for his mate as a sign of appreciation and being the provider of the home
  • On particularly cold nights he will cover his mate in his wolf form, mainly because he is significantly big in his wolf form and can easily cover their body completely 
  • Surprisingly clingy and needy in wolf form, always wanting to be within a certain length of his mate 
  • Loves to kiss and/or lick the bond bite on his mate


  • He is very dominate, given he is the Alpha in the relationship 
    • While you are the omega, giving into his demands
  • His instincts take over when in his wolf form 
    • resulting in the gnawing need to reclaim you 
  • If his s/o is into it he would put them in a collar and chain 
    • This allows him to call his s/o his “bitch” 
  • Prefers doggy style because he can feel his mate deeply
    • Also the most preferred position when knotting
  • He loves to watch his mate squirm and whine when taking his knot, loving to feel over their abdomen to feel for any stomach bulges from his length poking through and filling his mate’s womb full of cum 
    • Loves to give creampies and pulls at the lip to watch his spunk leak out
  • Once you allow him to knot you in wolf form, he may begin to prefer it that way from now on
    • Because of the thrill he gets from his strength overpowering you
  • When in human form, always makes sure his s/o is comfortable first and foremost 
    • But sometimes during intense ruts all consideration goes out the window
  • Aftercare is important to him 
    • Includes bubble baths, massages, bandaging deep claw marks, and if you are lucky he will make his famous pancakes 
Saved At Last

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned)

Warnings: angst & mentions of death 

Word count: 1.528

Summary: Life didn’t stop for Dean after all the tragic things that have happened to him but after a long day a little surprise is waiting for him.

A/N: Dean and the reader deserve a happy ending right? The song “Autumn Tree” inspired me to write this and this is the first time I tried to write without dialogue. I also changed the p.o.v. so it would fit better. This is the last part to this series. Enjoy!

Catch up: Part 1, Part 2

Dean sat on the front porch of the old cabin in the woods while petting the German Shepherd he had named Bo laying beside him. The warm autumn weather surrounded him and he took deep breaths, inhaling the scent of the forest. Today felt different for some reason and he couldn’t figure out what it was.

Sunbeams were falling through the trees and his loyal friend moved his head to rest it on his lap.

Many years had passed since the day Dean had found out about the death of his love. 

The world was a lot different now than it had been then; it was now free from all the monsters he had been hunting with his brother for all his life. The gates to hell were closed and Chuck was back. Cas had returned to heaven and Dean rarely got to see his best friend’s face nowadays.The family business had officially retired. 

There were no more vampires roaming through America who needed their heads chopped off or wearwolfes which needed to be killed. The world was finally a safe place thanks to the two brothers who had fought side by side their entire lives.

The bunker was no longer Dean’s home. Nothing seemed like home to him since Sam hadn’t made it on their last hunt together. As they took down the last monster wandering on this earth, he took the hit. 

Dean had always thought that he would be the one to go first. He had imagined a good life for Sam. He had always hoped his little brother would find someone who loved him as much as Y/N had once loved Dean. Before the younger Winchester took his last breath he had told him that he’d be waiting for him just like Y/N had told him all those years ago. Having to let him go right before the finish line had left Dean angry and heartbroken for a long time.

Handling grief wasn’t his best talent.

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