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How do you guys imagine the sun?

For example, the sun has always felt like a girly best friend. When I sit outside on a warm summer day she’s there with me, warmin my cheeks and making me feel better, maybe accidentally overdoing the bakin and feeling bad for me so she’ll pull some clouds in or ask for a cool breeze. She wears bright pink and purple dresses in the morning, changes into a white one during the day, and just for fun might wear a gorgeous deep orange or red one in the evening to impress the world with her beauty. You know, the super cute friend who’s elegant and breathtaking but still down to earth (ha.) and raw. I dunno… I think of her as a person🤷🏻‍♀️

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So I'm thinking for the ProfAu that Anti is the kind of professor to come in wearing like a hoodie and torn jeans while google comes in wearing a suit. Wilford would wear a pink circus ringleader like outfit and Dark I feel like would wear a black vest with red strips.

omg. People mistaking Anti for a student sometimes. Like, people who don’t have his classes just sometimes assume…

I think those are like. spot on. But I think that Wilford would probably have like.. just… so much variety in what he wears day to day. It’s almost always really obnoxiously flashy and colorful though

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You don't need to publish this if you're over this discourse, but I just wanted you to hear this. I'm 24 and spent most of my life rejecting pink because I was afraid it would paint me as "weak" and "just like the other girls"... then I rejected it because I wanted to be a feminist. Now I love pink. True feminism is giving women the right to be whatever they want to be. Feminism is as multifaceted as we women are. For some people, feminism is wearing pink and being 'traditionally feminine'

I agree with you 100%. I embrace pink whether it serves as a feminine color or not; there’s nothing wrong with that! 🎀

The night was young. She was wearing the long baby pink dress and the black pumps her sister had lent her and she was standing in the corner rubbing her bare arm. Her eyes scanned the room, hoping to eventually find him, even if he would be with another girl whose arms weren’t as fat as hers and whose hair wasn’t as thin as hers and whose smile would light up the room in an instant, unlike hers.
She just wanted to see him, and all that he was because he was her oxygen and she was slowly starting to suffocate without him. And then there he was, his hair gelled back in a way that made her heart thump in her chest and his hands casually draped around some girls waist but she wasn’t bothered, because his eyes were scanning the room just like hers and she had this wicked fantasy that he was looking for her.
But the beautiful girl by his side grabbed his face and placed her lips on his, and he closed his eyes and just like that, the air in her lungs was sucked out of them and her heart stopped beating because she used to have him and now he was gone, and she knew that she was nothing to him anymore.
She should’ve listened to her friends who had warned her about the guy with the breathtaking smile and the hazel eyes that could hypnotize you, because in the end this wasn’t a novel, he was still the player and she had been the game. A game he eventually got bored of.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #67

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LMFAAOO! I would love to see Jughead wield his great power over the Coopers and have them agree to sleepovers with Betty! I don’t think our emo, sexually repressed boy will go there yet! Betty will have to take the lead for sexytimes! Should be easy enough considering how enterprising they both are! That ladder to her room? In broad daylight?

And we ARE talking about a direct quote from Cole, so I’m sure he was smirking his ass off with glee as he said it! And you’re right—-he’d probably just extort all his meals (he picks the menu) and a 70′s ‘Vette Hal restored from them as his great power….while Betty sat there, tapping her foot to remind him SHE had some requests, as well.

And Betty’s the one who breaks into cars and steals guns, while wearing her ponytail, pink sweater and nerdy rainjacket, don’t forget!

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🌟Sign: virgo

🎈Height: 5′4

✨Last thing i googled: when the next episode of shark tank is going to air

🎶Favorite music artist: this changes day to day, I’d say lorde right now

📺 last tv show: modern family

👗What am i wearing right now: pink sweatshirt
and black yoga pants

🌸when did i make my blog: this one I made in december but I’ve had tumblr since 2011

🐻Do i have any other blog: not anymore

❤Why did i choose my url: bc I’m in love with certain overwatch dads :)

🍙pokemon team: vulpix is the only one I need

🍕Favorite colors: red, sea green, gray

💤 average hrs of sleep: I try to get at least 7

🐶Favorite character: right now that’s a tie
between jack morrison and gabriel reyes

🐨Dream job: writer

i tag: @gabrielsthighz @gabrielreyesofsunshine @rustyfatgirl @sombralabomba @mrs—nicole @mctiddiezo @keepcalm-reapon @outtamylawn @xansin

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How do you feel about the colour orange?

Look, there’s a reason I wear a lot of pink, its because I look good in it and its a really cute colour. If I looked good in orange than maybe I would have picked that colour instead, but I dont so i didnt

I’ve been told this sort of thing a 100 times before. “Oh, all your other brothers are the colours of the colour wheel, you should be orange.” No, its awful, I dont want to walk around looking like a giant pumpkin

Long story short, orange is fucking ugly and I wouldnt be caught dead in it