wears off

“Why doesn’t Pedri say something?”

Guys do you remember what Michelle said about the plant Odin smokes? 

How it makes it so he can’t see OR HEAR Pedri?

Pedri hasn’t said much since he started appearing because Odin’s damn near completely shut him out. Even during the time when the plant wears off (namely during the dragonfly scene) Odin carefully avoids looking at Pedri and the dragonflies, only brushing them off seemingly out of reflex. 

The only time Pedri speaks is when Odin spoke to him first. And while it’s hard to tell with his mask, he looks pretty damn surprised by it.

  He doesn’t have a running monologue like Nevy, or pester and harass Odin until he reacts like Wrathia because he knows that it won’t work. Odin won’t pay him the slightest bit of attention. IT’s probably been going on for however long Odin’s been on the stuff, which can be anywhere from months to YEARS.

There’s also a sense of distance between them. Both Wrathia and Nevy invade their respective host’s personal space will in spirit form, and while Tuls doesn’t actively invade Maggie’s space, he doesn’t have a problem with her invading his. Pedri on the other hand has always been just out (his own) arm’s reach of Odin. 

I think he might have just…given up at this point. There’s nothing he can do until Odin agrees to a pact with him and how can be convince Odin to do that when Odin’s pretty much managed to shut out his very existence. Maybe finding Wrathia has rekindled a pit of hope in him (hence the dragonfly scene) and maybe Odin finally speaking to him has got the gears working again, but I think Pedri’s biding his time. He’s waiting for Odin to come to him, and ask actual questions.

Giggles, and ouchies, and spiders

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Superfamily

summary: Tony is on painkillers after wisdom teeth removal and can’t stop giggling, from various reasons

length: 1 038 words

a/n: sooo I think this is the first fic I wrote in March (really busy days at work), so please be gentle (and send the fic and author some love). tried to fill in this prompt. and I know, horrible title, but I couldn’t think of anything better and it correctly describes the fic :D


Giggles, and ouchies, and spiders

“Okay, one, two, one, two, left, right, left, right…” Steve counted quietly, slowly moving forward. There was constant giggling in his ear, coming from Tony, who felt a bit dizzy and fuzzy, the strong pain killers not wearing off as quickly as Steve wished.

“Hihihi…” Tony kept giggling, putting his wobbling feet down, most of his weight leaned against Steve’s solid frame. He was barely keeping his balance, and stood semi-straight only thanks to his arm slung over blond’s shoulder.

“Almost there, babe,” Steve praised, patting Tony’s wrist, before holding back to it, feeling that his husband already started to slip down. The couch was just a few steps away. “Okay, heere we go,” gently, Steve slid his giggling lover down and on the soft couch. “How are you feeling?” he asked, leaning down and brushing some strands of hair away from Tony’s face.

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ok imagine sucking harry off while wearing red lipstick? i bet it drives him crazy, seeing your painted red lips wrapped around him, and when you look up at him with those innocent eyes he throws his head back and moans

“Look so pretty with your lips around me…. Wouldn’t want to ruin this”

But maybe, you kiss up his shaft, leaving marks all over that he’ll remember for a long, long time - all the while, you’re suckling on his tip, peering up at him….

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Can i have #5 with Dallas please?

Dally // “I’m sick of being USELESS.”

You had been in a sort of funk all day. You had just woken up sort of, well, off.
This happened sometimes, like it did to most, and you just knew that you just had to let it wear off. So, you got yourself ready and headed to the Curtis’ to hang out with the boys.
However, you got there to find no one except Dally, who was conked out on the couch. You grabbed yourself a water before curling up on the armchair, resting your head in your hand and staring at him.
You liked Dally, you really did. You could see why Pony wouldn’t – something that the younger boy had confided in you recently – but you did. You figured that it had something to with the deep instinct you had to take care of him. You wanted to nurse his wounds and make sure he stayed out of trouble.
Realistically, you knew that you could never do this… but you wanted to.
God, you wanted to.
There was also another deep part of you that wanted to touch him – not when he was hurt. Just because. You wanted to see him above you, and you wanted to feel his hair tickling your chin when his face was in your neck…
That part could happen. It definitely could.
Today, though, looking at him only made you feel worse. It reminded you of all the things you didn’t like about people – about all the things that you didn’t like about yourself. You sighed and turned away, looking towards the window. You really wished that he would wake up. You didn’t want to feel alone right then. As if he had heard you, you saw him stir out of the corner of your eye.
“Good morning, sunshine.” You say quietly, your chin propped on the palm of your hand, your elbow leaning against the arm rest of the chair.
“Mmm.” He says, rubbing at his eyes in a surprisingly juvenile way. White stubble dusts his chin, and you know that he had stayed the night. He looks at you.
“What a sight to wake up to.” He says, his eyes twinkling amusedly. You let out a half-hearted laugh.
“Right.” You say. “What a beauty, huh?”
“I’m serious.” He replies, and you roll your eyes.
“Yeah.” You say, only this time you seem less sarcastic; more sad.
“Hey,” Dally says, sitting up. He wouldn’t normally give two hoots if someone was acting weird, but he cares about you. He doesn’t like to see you hurt. “What’s goin’ on with you?” He says in the gentlest way he can.
“Nothing,” You say, playing with the hem of your shirt. “It’s nothing.” You repeat, talking more to yourself than to him.
“No, tell me what’s going on-”
“I guess I’m just sick of being useless.” You say quickly before you can stop yourself. Dally looks taken aback.
“Useless? What on earth are you talking about?” He says. You don’t reply for a moment, your cheeks turning pink. You felt dumb, saying such a thing in front of Dally.
“Forget it.” You say, shaking your head.
“No.” He says. “Get your butt over here before I bring you here myself.” He insists, and you sigh and sit next to him, almost on him, and wrap your arms around his torso.
And, even though he was thoroughly confused by the things he was feeling because of this small action, he simply puts his arm around your shoulders and leans back into the couch.
“Now,” He says quietly. “I don’t know what on earth you’re talking about. You’re not worthless. You’re beautiful and strong and smart, and this group would be nothin’ without you. Hear me? Nothin’. Got it?” He says. He sounds uncomfortable towards the end, not used to comforting people or really being nice at all – but you don’t seem to notice. Instead, you curl up tighter into him and nod against his chest.
“Okay.” You say quietly.
“Good.” He replies gruffly. “Now lets just have a good and calm day, okay?” He says, and you smile and agree. Dally’s willingness to just stay with you and not cause any trouble says more about his feelings for you than most words could, and you like knowing that he cares this much.  


today we got up and had a nice breakfast, then we went to a flea market and i bought a set of five beautiful Leo Tolstoj books. Then we went to coop and systembolaget and then lunch, and fika in the sun, it was so warm i had to take my clothes off and wear just a tank top and tights! i have freckles now! we went down to the river to drink beer and grill too, made up  a very nice fire and now we are home resting a bit

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"Well first of all, make sure he eats something," she said. "But you're a doctor. You knew that already. He likes pomegranates best. And peanut butter and jelly sandwiches," she said. "He gets nightmares often, bad ones, so whenever whatever it is that you had done to him wears off, he's not going to be able to sleep. He won't let himself until he's completely exhausted. It'll be even worse now, after going through Tartarus a again." She pretended not to notice the way Will flinched at the word.

She continued on. “I know that Nico can be hard to deal with sometimes. I know he can be stubborn. Exceedingly so. But if you just give him patience and persistence, he’ll come around. Sometimes he just needs a gentle shove in the right direction.” Reyna got the feeling though, just from her short conversation with Will, that he was just as stubborn as Nico. Maybe it would be good for him to go up against someone who wasn’t going to back down. Reyna hoped so. “You just have to understand everything he’s been through, but don’t let it hold him back, because he will try to let it.” Will nodded, biting his lip for a moment before speaking. He seemed to be debating with himself whether or not he should ask what he wanted to know. “Do you know what his real name is?”

I really do appreciate and respect the McElroys for their policy of compassion and listening to criticism, don’t misunderstand, and I genuinely find them funny and entertaining which is double great for me… but god I can’t wait for the novelty of that to wear off so we can stop seeing them as exceptions and more of a baseline standard to hold content creators to

in other words– it’s 2017. if your faves aren’t at least on the level of Griffin McElroy abandoning a joke mid-sentence bc he thought it was heteronormative, they need to git gud