wearing the smile you gave me

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[i have another one, of course] imagine using cute lil pick up lines on james like "Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back." or "Guess what I'm wearing? The smile you gave me." how do you think he'd react?

HE WOULD EAT THAT SHIT UP. Gosh, he’s such a sap. The thing with James is that he’s very affection depraved. So he would love all the cheesy things you say to him because it’s your affection. It makes him feel all gooey inside.

And he’d be a total nerd and reply in that dumb accent of his too.
“What’s this in your hand, James? Oh, it’s my heart.” And you’d pretend to take it back.
And he’d be like
“Why’d you take it away from me, darling? I stole it for a reason.” And he’d pretend to yank it away from you.

So lame. He’s so lame. Just omg

the signs as pick up lines

Aries: your lips look so lonely…would they like to meet mine?
Taurus: do you have a name or can i call you mine?
Gemini: i’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and i was wondering if i could interview you.
Cancer: on a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9, because i’m the 1 you need
Leo: i’m learning about important dates in history. wanna be one of them?
Virgo: if i received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, i’d have five cents.
Libra: i want our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending.
Scorpio: there’s a big sale in my bedroom right now. clothes are now 100% off!
Sagittarius: is your dad an art thief? because you’re a masterpiece.
Capricorn: guess what I’m wearing? the smile you gave me.
Aquarius: if you were a potato, you’d be a sweet one.
Pisces: your hand looks heavy. let me hold it for you.

I asked Jensen if I could have a protective hug, to which he replied, “Yeah, you can…” with his arms open with a warm smile. I slipped into his grasp for my hug and found one of my new happy places.  Seriously folks, he smelled amazing…was wearing red plaid (my favorite color of plaid on him), and was all warm and friendly.   When I got the print back, I could not have been happier because he gave me Dean’s protective face.  I have a pic of me hugging my Dean while he protects me.

Feel free to edit/crop/whatever…just give me credit. :)

Joker Imagine - Working Out

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Your P.O.V.


I stopped doing squats when I reached my goal and felt how my legs were nearly trembling for the harsh work out. My boyfriend Joker had a gym in the penthouse so we used it quite a lot. I was wearing grey shorts and a pink sports bra.

‘’You can do 10 more’’ He encouraged me and clapped his hands. I smiled at him and tried to catch my breath. He was only wearing his black boxers so I saw all his muscles and tattoos. I knew he liked to watch me work out. ‘’Fine’’ I sighed and quickly stretched my arms. He smiled happily and kept lighting weights. His muscles flexed sexily and it gave me motivation to keep going. At least we were fit so we could do well during missions.

I started doing squats again and made sure that my fingers touched the light wooden floor. I was so focused on doing well that I didn’t even notice that J walked behind me. As I stood up from the last squat ,he slapped my bum playfully, making me jump a little from surprise. ‘’You’re so hot Y/N’’ He purred quietly as I turned around to face him. ‘’Well I could say the same to you hunky’’ I giggled and poked his chest.

‘’We should do couple workout stuff’’ I suggested a little nervously because he wasn’t the normal boyfriend that was all dorky and stuff. Even tho we were dating, he was still a dangerous ‘psychopathic’ criminal. But on the other hand, so was I. ‘’Like?’’ He tilted his head and I felt his big hands on my bare hips.

‘’I don’t know..play fight?’’ I chirped and stood up on my toes. He chuckled at my suggestion, but didn’t say no. ‘’What if I accidentally hit you doll?’’ He asked me. ‘’Oh quit it J. You’re just afraid to be beaten by a girl’’ I smirked and tried to make him want this. I saw a flash in his eyes and he stepped back. ‘’I know a better workout babe that requires both of us’’ He said out of the blue. It surprised me a little.

‘’And that might be..?’’ I raised my eyebrow at him. J looked at me darkly. ‘’Sex’’ He told me shortly. Before I got disappointed, I gave it a thought. It really burnt a lot of calories. ‘’You’re not so stupid J’’ I told him and glanced at his boxers. He had a boner going on there.

‘’So?’’ He waited for my answer. I walked up to him and cupped his boner. ‘’Mmh sounds good’’ I whispered happily. J grinned widely and picked me up in his strong arms. Time to work out the couple way .. 

Celebrity Crush

Thank you for your request! I hope you like it!

Characters: single(?)!Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Reader

Pairings: Jared x reader

Warnings: None

Words: 978

A/N: This is based on an alternative universe where Jared and Jensen are not married to their respective and lovely wives, I love Genevieve and Danneel

Forever tag: @deathtonormalcy56, @mamaredd123, @my-sharpie-sketches, @professionalfangirl03, @fangirl1802

Want to be tagged? just send me an ask and I’ll tag you on my next fics ❤

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“Hello guys!” a girl said, she was wearing a Charlie cosplay and her eyes were framed by a pair of glasses, she seemed a bit nervous, yet managed to speak without her voice cracking.

“Hey! How are you?” Jensen and Jared said in unison, making the crowd laugh at how on sync both were.

“I’m good, thank you. How are you?” she answered, and gave them a polite smile.

“Great, do you have a question?” Jensen said and the girl nodded passionately.

“Yes, Jensen but this is for Dean number one,” she said laugh and Jared stood up, raising his chest and covered Jensen who just growled.

“So Jared, I was a pretty big Gilmore Girls fan and well you know that everybody ships “Rory and Dean” but to be honest I always felt like there was so much more chemistry between Dean and Billie, so I always thought there was something else. Then the show ended and years later you’re both working on the CW, do you guys hang out anymore?” she said almost breathless because of her fast ramble.

“Wow you speak really fast, but I got everything” Jared laughed and the girl blushed. “And yeah, we still hang out a lot, she’s really fun and a total badass, on screen and off screen, plus I love her role as the Black Canary” he said and returned to his seat.

“Oh cmon that’s everything you have to say about (Y/n)?” Jensen teased and Jared squinted his eyes.

“Alright, alright, she is my celebrity crush, are you happy?!” Jared said dramatically, then started laughing. “She is really great. Thanks”

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Marvel High (Pt. 1)

A/N: I’ve been wanting to start this for a while and with everything that’s going and has been going on, I just needed to write something fun.

Welcome to Marvel High, where being the new kid wasn’t the worst. Your homeroom couldn’t be weirder though; your teacher wears an eye patch and is always shouting for some reason, and a group of dysfunctional teens calling themselves the “Avengers.” Probably the weirdest thing is their insistence that you join.

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: sexual references/innuendo

Words: 1, 045

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Insane (Jaehyun smut)

Request: HELLO! Oh gosh, your Jaehyun smut was amazing! Can I request another one? Maybe he had a free day and decided to spend it with his girlfriend, but the whole day she had been unintentionally turning him on?

Summary: You’ve been driving Jaehyun insane and you didn’t even know it.

Tags: Smut

Word count: 1.2K

Note: Enjoy and tell me whatchu think (;

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The first thing that Jaehyun saw on the morning of his free day was you walking away from the bed wearing only his shirt that was barely covering your panty covered ass. That didn’t help with solving the situation that was happening down there.

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Servamp pick-up lines

Mahiru: Guess what I’m wearing? The smile you gave me.

Kuro: Do you like sleeping? Me, too. We should do it together sometime.

Hyde: To be or not to be? With you, the former. Without you, the latter.

Licht: I must be in heaven, because I’m looking at an angel.

Misono: I hope it hurt when you fell from heaven.

Lily: If beauty were time, you’d be eternity.

Tetsu: Can I follow you home? ‘Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams.

Mikuni: Let’s flip a coin. Heads your mine, tails I’m yours.

almost something (M)

Park Jimin. 5 213 words. Brother’s best friend AU.

But you certainly were an almost –almost something.

You didn’t really hate him at first, in fact, the first thought that crossed your mind when you saw him was hot with a capital H because who’d knew the friend your brother was bringing home for semester break was this cute with lush lips, adorable crescent eyes when he smiled, pale skin that flushed whenever you teased him a tad too much and boy, was he toned –bless whatever reason that made him wear the sleeveless grey hoodie that gave you a glorious view of his biceps flexing when he stopped right in front of you on the doorsteps and shrugged his bag up to reposition the bag on his back.

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Behind The Scenes - Misha Collins

Misha x Reader

Summary : You meet Misha at Con(Single!Misha).

You straightened out the leather jacket you were wearing as you stood by the stage. Chris waved to the audience as they screamed. You giggled as he began to fist pump as he sat. ‘Now cover your ears, here’s the Banshee’ You felt Chris Hemsworth slap your back and you walked out onto the stage. You waved to them as they cheered. You gave a small dance and Chris took your hand and gave you a twirl as you both laughed causing the crowd to scream louder as you both sat.

You smiled as Scarlett answered the question. ‘Y/n, she likes to call me Letty’ You shrugged blowing her a kiss. ‘My little Letty sounds cute though’ You said into the mic. She giggled. ‘But it’s weird when you hear over the intercom ‘Where’s my little Letty gone? I’ll come find you pretty, don’t you run off on me’ when we’re working’ The rest of the cast laughed and you waved her off. ‘That’ You told the audience. ‘Does NOT happen that often’ And they all started to laugh louder. You turned to see Robert nodding mouthing that it does.

Scarlett leaned into the mic. ‘So yeah, we have a lot of nicknames for one another. ‘Y/n especially’ You smiled. ‘Guilty, I like nicknames’ You told them. Robert leaned back in his seat whistling at you. You leaned back and leaned closer to him behind Chris E’s back. ‘Just warning you, I’m letting the cat out of the bag’ He chuckled and sat back up straight. You furrowed your eyebrows shaking your head in confusion at him

He turned looking down the table. ‘You want to know a really cute nickname though guys?’ Robert said into the mick and the audience answered. He chuckled. ‘Our good old Captain here-’ He patted Chris’ shoulder smirking at you two. ‘-has a lovely nickname for our Y/n’ You rolled your eyes at Robert. ‘He calls her Babe, all the time’ The audience started to scream. You and Chris looked at each other. ‘Thanks for adding fuel to the fire Rob’ Chris groaned.

For years the fans had been shipping you and Chris. It wasn’t that it annoyed you, actually both you and Chris played on it a lot actually. It amused you both. It was true the two of you were close, he was your best friend.

You leaned forwards into the table as the next fan stepped up. ‘Hey guys, I’m so happy to be here’ You smile. ‘So are we’ Hemsworth said and the girl giggled. ‘My question is for Y/n’ You smiled and stuck your tongue out at the others and the audience laughed a little. ‘Good choice’ You winked as you told her and they laughed more. ‘Eh-it’s said that you might be making an appearance on Supernatural’ You leaned back a little giving a small laugh. ‘Eh, well who know?’ You smirked and heard the crowd groan. ‘You all know I like to pop up in random movies and Tv shows. But I havn’t done Supernatural yet’ You shrugged. ‘But I’d love to, maybe I’d be a Monster and Dean will have to kill me’ You sighed happily. ‘I mean if Dean Winchester was the last thing I seen before I got my head lobbed off, I’d die pretty happy’ You laughed into the mic and heard the audience do the same

You waited until the laughter died down. You took a drink of your water. ‘Plus it looks like a lot of fun and the guys are amazing so yeah, if anyone’s here from the Supernatural crew, write me in’ You gave the audience a double thumbs up with a large smile. ‘Have you met any of them?’ She asked and you nodded. ‘Jensen and Mark, but none of the others’ You told her. ‘Who would be your favourite to meet?’ She asked again. You laughed. ‘You guys can keep a secret right?’ There was a chorus of yeses and you smirked. ‘Definitely Misha Collins, I mean, who wouldn’t? Have you seen that man? Those eyes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen’ Chris gasped beside you.

He put his hand on his heart. ‘You’ve hurt me’ He said into the mic. You giggled and leaned up pressing a kiss to his cheek and the crowd screamed. ‘I love ye Chris but-’ You let it hang for a second. ‘-oh come on, you’ve seen him. I’ve made you watch two seasons last week’  Chris laughed. ‘That’s true, she forced me to sit down and watch an entire two seasons, in a week. Last time I spend a week in your house’ You giggled at Chris’ appalled face and the crowd went wild. You raised your eyebrows at him. ‘But yeah, he is a beautiful man’ Chris sighed into the mic. You threw up your arms and did a little happy dance.

He chuckled shaking his head. ‘And-’ You leaned ‘-not to mention what an amazing actor he is. I mean the versatility of his acting is ridiculous. Plus not just that but he’s actually a pretty amazing person as well. I haven’t heard a bad word from anyone who knows him. I mean he’s very generous and kind and his GISHWHES is an amazing Idea. We’re actually taking part in it this year’ You waved your hand to the rest of the team.

You smiled at them. ‘And he’s very funny, I mean. He’s hilarious, have you seen his interviews, cos I have’ You giggled shrugging. ‘Aaand someone stop me before I embarrass myself’ You let your head fall against the table as the cast laughed. ‘I think you’re well past the darling’ Big Chris laughed on the other side you you patting you back as the audience laughed.

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Intergalactic Travel Is Hard On Bazongas

“Do you have everything?” Thor’s booming voice asked behind her.

“Yup!” Darcy excitedly replied, finally closing the last zipper on her suitcase, and getting up from on top of it.  Seriously, sitting on suitcases to get them zipped.  Total lifehack.

Thor looked over at her bulging suitcase, and gave her one of his beaming smiles.  “Are you sure you packed enough clothing?” he asked with obvious mischief.

“Hey, mister,” Darcy said, “I don’t know what kind of clothing people wear on your planet, but on this planet, it’s hard to find clothing that actually fits. Particularly when you’re shaped like me.”  She gestured at her chest, which was strapped in place with her strongest sports bra for the journey.  She was not about to show up in Asgard with a black eye from her own boobs.

“My father will provide you clothing, I am sure,” Thor said confidently.  “We are known for our hospitality, and as our honored guest, we will provide you with the clothing required for all feasts and celebrations while you are visiting.”

“That’s real sweet of you, blondie, but I still feel better with some of my own stuff.  Skinny jeans are something that are hard to replicate.” She managed to pull her suitcase along the rough ground, and gave Thor a grateful look when he easily picked it up and hauled it over to the middle of the bridge entrance.  Seriously: that sucker must have weighed forty pounds.  Never underestimate the awesomeness of having your own personal Norse god on call.

“You almost done with getting us ready?” Darcy asked, as Jane was bent over the computer, talking intensely with another scientist.  She saw Jane jump as Thor put one of his hands on her shoulder, only to realize who it was a moment later and relax into his touch.

“Yes, the Einstein-Rosen bridge is stable and ready, but I just want to do a few more calculations—”

“You’ve done them for weeks!” Darcy said, grabbing one of Jane’s arms and dragging her away from the computer.  “You only have one anniversary.  Week. Celebration.  Thingy.  Seriously, thanks for inviting me to Asgard with you.”

“It was my pleasure and honor, my lighting sister.” Thor said, placing her suitcase in the center of the bridge, along with Jane’s small bag.  “Additionally, you’ve never been to Asgard, and I desire for you to see the beauty of my homeland.”

“I’m just glad to be dragged along.  It is your anniversary trip, after all.”

“It’s our second anniversary, really,” Jane admitted, as she stepped into the center of the bridge entrance and checked it all over for the eighth time. “Four years since we met the first time.  We already had our real anniversary in November, but Thor insisted I needed to see Asgard in spring, not just in winter.”

“Indeed,” Thor replied with obvious pride. “The glory of Asgard in the deepest of fall is nothing compared to the plumage breaking through in the return of foliage.  It is something that must be experienced firsthand.”

“Are we ready to go?” Darcy asked, dancing nervously in place.  Even though she was very, very ready to get to Asgard, she was less than prepared for the trip there. The way Jane talked about it with obvious glee, comparing it to a roller coaster, didn’t help.  She was an adrenaline junkie, but accelerating through wormholes at the speed of light wasn’t the most appealing mean of transportation.

“Aye, I believe it is time we go,” Thor said, pulling the wandering Jane into his embrace, and lifting Mjolnir towards the sky.  Jane and Darcy both clung onto him as tight as they could, and before Darcy could blink, they were off.

Okay, let’s just say that going through the wormhole was like… how could she describe this? Weird, first off.  Real, REALweird.  It was a little like being in a jet: you knew you were going really, really fast, and you felt all dizzy and like you were about to upchuck your lunch, but at the same time it felt like you weren’t moving at all.  The view, though, was the most unnerving part of it all. She could just barely see outside the tube of blue light, and she could swear she could make out stars, and the earth itself.  It kinda reminded her of the time vortex, if she was honest.

She’d rather be in the TARDIS, though.  Way cozier.

Fortunately, it lasted all of a few seconds, and before she could really process it she was laying on the cold, hard floor of a small building, trying to catch her breath.  She looked up, and Jane offered her hand, pulling her to her feet and saying, “The first time’s always the hardest.  It gets easier each time around.”

Darcy turned, and saw Thor talking to an enormous black man in brown armor, with huge golden antlers on his head.  Kinda reminded her of the helmet Loki wore during the Battle of New York.  Must be an Asguardian thing.

Thor turned around and said to the giant, “You know my Jane, but you have not yet met her companion. This is Darcy Lewis, the woman who has her own lightning.  Darcy, this is Heimdall.”

“Oh, it’s you!” Darcy exclaimed.  “I’ve heard so much about you, and how you helped Thor get back to Jane.  Thanks for that, by the way.  Without it, we’d probably all be dead right about now.”

“Indeed, that possibility is very likely,” Heimdall said.  “And I have heard much of you, as well, both at Thor’s request and from word of your admirers.”

“…admirers?” Darcy asked, turning to Thor, who blushed.  Wow, whatever this was must be big to get that kind of reaction from Thor.  She’d seen him do some things without the faintest blush that she wished she could wipe from her memory.

“I may have told of your exploits with your taser the last time I visited,” he explained.  “Among others, the warrior-maiden Sif wishes to meet you.”

“Sounds like fun!” Darcy said, bouncing off to get her suitcase, and nearly toppled over before Thor grabbed it from her.  “Let’s get going!”

The city of Asgard was even harder to believe than the trip there.  She swore the buildings were made of gold, even though she knew that was impossible.  Yeah, she had been paying attention in chemistry class, thank you very much!  Alloys, and all that junk.  She also couldn’t believe what the people were wearing.  It was like a bunch of people started larping during prom.  They were dressed to the nines, and decked out with as many weapons as Natasha on a good day.  She was quickly learning that thigh holsters were quite popular… hmm, maybe she could get one for her taser? That’d be a fun way of going native.

It was also really weird to see people treat Thor as a prince.  Like, she knew that officially he was next in line to be king and everything, but still.  He was her hunky lug of a big brother figure… wait.  If he was a prince, and Jane was the potential future queen, did that make her a princess?

She was still mulling (make that panicking and nearly hyperventilating) over that possibility when they were ushered into the throne room.  She saw an old guy with an eyepatch on the throne, who she assumed was Thor’s dad, but she was still too worried to notice the people beside him in the room.

“Allfather,” Thor said, kneeling before him.  “I present to you Lady Jane, whom you have previously met, and Lady Darcy, my lightning sister.”

“Welcome again, Lady Jane,” the king said, nodding in her direction before setting his one good eye onto her.  Huh, she thought absently, I guess cyclopes are real, and not just at SHIELD.  “Lady Darcy, I have heard much of your… unusual pursuits.”

Darcy panicked internally. How do you respond to a king?  He was looking at her expectantly.  What she ended up blurting out was, “You mean the time I tased Thor, or the other people?”

The king looked at her curiously for a moment, and then chuckled.  “Beautiful and bold, I see.  Thor, you certainly know how to surround yourself in clever, courageous women. It’s good to see that that has not changed during your time in Midgard.” He turned back to her and remarked, “The tales of your actions have spread widely, particularly as Heimdall tells of their repetition.  I hope to hear them firsthand during your time with us.”

Oh, crap.  The king wants to hear her explain why, and how, she tased his son.  And Tony. And Clint.  And Fury.  Wow, she really wasn’t very good at this, was she?  And… did he seriously call her beautiful?!

All she could manage was a nod, and he seemed to take this as an answer.  “Excellent.  Now, my son, please show your companions to their rooms, besides yours, before the feast this evening.”  And with that, he dramatically rose, and waltzed behind a curtain, his coat glimmering emerald green for a moment before his disappearance.

Wow.  For a king, he sure was a drama queen.  She saw where Thor got it from.

Before she could comment on it, however, she was overwhelmed by three men, each talking over the others in an attempt to ask her a question first.  Fortunately, they were restrained by a tall brunette, who pulled them back by their long, overly-fancy cloaks and declared, “Give her some time.  Can’t you tell she’s overwhelmed?”

Darcy smiled gratefully at the woman, and said, “Not exactly overwhelmed, just having a touch of trouble adjusting.  After all, it’s not every day that you go through a trans-dimensional portal and a king demands you tell him stories of the times you humiliated yourself by shooting a few hundred thousand volts through all your friends.”

The men gaped at her a bit, but the woman tilted her head back and laughed, and it was both nice and a bit terrifying.  This chick was definitely giving off a Natasha vibe: the ‘friendly but I could kill you with a toothpick’ thing.  “That’s quite a way to put it, I suppose,” she said, before releasing the men’s cloaks. “I am Sif, warrior maiden of Asgard, companion of Thor.  These,” she gestured with affectionate contempt at the men, much the same way Pepper sometimes looked at Tony, “are the Warriors Three.  Supposedly the strongest and bravest men on Asgard, although that is debatable.”

The blond man stepped forwarding and grabbed her hand, bending down to kiss it before saying, “It is an honor to be in the presence of a woman so beautiful and brave.”

Sif bent down and gave him a slap over the back of the head, saying, “You can’t hit on every woman you come across!”  She looked at Darcy, and said, “I apologize for him.  That’s Fandral, and he’ll hit on anything with breasts and a pulse.”

“No worries,” Darcy said with a smile.  “My boss used to be the same way, before he got himself hitched to a feisty redhead who can take him out with her pinky.”

“Oh, a fellow warrior?” Sif eyes lit up, and wow, she was SO getting an invite to Girl’s Night.  Sif + Natasha + Pepper = lots of fun, with possible world destruction on the menu.  AKA, a normal Tuesday.

“Something like that. She’s more on the authoritative side of things, though.  Runs the business that funds, uh, basically everything.”

“Sounds like an admirable woman,” the blondie stated, taking her arm and gently guiding her through the halls, Sif and the two other men keeping up.

“She totally is,” Darcy insisted, both displeased at being led around, and grateful that someone could give her the tour, as Thor seemed to have disappeared in the din with Jane.

You, You, You  (D/C, 1.6k, T)

This is direct sequel to Meant to be Near Me.

If Castiel had known that giving Dean a ring could make him so happy, he would’ve done it ages ago.

“Check it out, Sammy,” Dean brags when Sam wanders into the kitchen to see what Dean’s yelling about. Dean holds his hand next to his face, wiggling his fingers. “Cas finally made an honest man outta me.”

There’s something about Dean wearing a meaningful gift that Castiel gave him – showing it off – that stirs up a spark of pride within Castiel, a pleasant warmth in his stomach.

“Aww,” Sam coos, mouth quirking up at the corners, “And you didn’t even ask me to walk you down the aisle?”

“Shut up,” Dean grumbles, giving Sam a playful shove, but he fails to fight back a smile; it’s bright and infectious, terribly beautiful in its carefree joy, and Castiel is so in love with him that his chest aches.

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How Got7 would react to their girlfriend not liking them wearing colored contacts because she likes them just the way they are

Mark: He’d pout pretending to be sad but then laugh and say “Baby you’re so cheesy but ok I‘ll try not to wear them.”

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Jaebum: You’d tell him you thought he was sexier without it and he’d pretend to blush making you laugh but in the end he would stop wearing it for you.

Originally posted by defsouljb

Jackson: “But it’s just contacts I’m not changing me” he’d say with a pout making you give in because he’s so cute.

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Junior: “Ok babe.” he’d say and just smile at you and nod since he always gave you your way

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Youngjae: He would turn into a laughing blushing mess when you told him you loved him the way he was.

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Bambam: “Please baby I am flawless with or without contacts.” he’d say sassily.

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Yugyeom: “Really?!” he’d say excitedly when you told him he looked better without his contacts.

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For the CMK fans Part 2: The NLTS Fans

Well here I am again, at the end of CMK I put up a post thanking you all for your wonderful support and tonight I’ll be doing it for the last time as the final episode of the CMK/NLTS saga has been released.

Before filming this episode I had one request which I asked our directors and writers and one I hadn’t told Steven ( @callmestove ) about. And that was to wear a particular shirt. As some of you will notice, the shirt I wore in tonight’s episode was the same one I wore in the very first episode of Call me Katie. Just after I put the shirt on, I was going over my lines, and Steven was upstairs smiling at me, he came down and gave me the biggest hug as I tried not to tear up. Since we first met at callbacks for the show, he has become one of my best friends and I feel very blessed to have gotten to know him and work with him over these past 2 years.

After Call me Katie had ended, I was filming another short film and these school kids were walking down a hill where we were shooting. This girl came up to me and said “Gleeson, You’re Cool!”
I thought it was incredibly sweet and had always wanted to thank that girl for brightening up my day.

When we filmed the new years party episode I found out that the girl who had run into me on the hill that day was none other than Myra Holani, ( @glittergremlins )who plays Millie Baptista in NLTS. I gave her the biggest hug and I’m now one of her biggest fans. She has been so wonderful to be around on set and never fails to make me smile.

I could go on for pages and pages about each member of the cast and crew and how much they mean to me. Some of them helped me with my proposal last year. Some of them have been on the phone whenever I needed to talk. But if anything, no matter how I’m feeling, if I go to a group event with these people, I’ll walk in the room and I’m always met with so much love, it’s overwhelming, and anything that is going on outside of that room doesn’t matter anymore, because I am with my best friends and my family. 
And I honestly can’t thank them enough for that.

Although I was only on set for a brief time, the working environment on this show is incomparable to anything I’ve worked on previously. The cast are brilliant, the entire crew, both old and new were incredible. And especially, the girls who wrote and directed this show are some of the most professional and dedicated women I have ever and possibly will ever have worked with in my acting career!

For the fans, thank you, for your incredible support, your messages, gifs, fan fics, disection of each episode have been so wonderful to read and I can’t thank you enough for all the love you have given us.

A girl who worked at the cinema came up to me this afternoon as I was going to see ‘Hidden Figures’. And she said “Hey, you’re in Call me Katie!” And I said “I sure am!” And quite honestly, if anything that I’ve worked on, I’d be quite happy to be remembered forever for being in this wonderful web series for the past 2 years. Because it has been a life changing experience, and one I will treasure for the rest of my life!
And for the last time…

I’m George Gleeson
Bye everyone
Love Adam Bowes

Pickup Lines From My Aries BF

(Alright we had a pickup line war, and this was the results, also check venus)

Aries: Are you tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all day

Taurus: I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together

Gemini: I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I’m going to need your name and number for insurance reasons.

Leo: I thought Happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?

Virgo: Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.

Libra: If your arms were a prison I would like a life sentence.

Scorpio: You hand looks heavy let me hold it for you

Sagittarius: *Holding out hand* Would you mind holding this while I go on a walk?

Capricorn: Guess what I’m wearing, the smile you gave me.

Aquarius: If I asked you out on a date, would your answer to this question be the same as your answer to that on?

Pisces: When I’m with you it’s so heard to fall asleep because reality is better than my dreams.

*Insert Title Here*

Just a one night stand, but it feels so much more than that.

What happened last night is still a blur for me, but watching you get ready to leave makes me want to lock you in.

It’s as though you mean much more to me.

On my bed, I pretended to be still asleep. But behind your back, I was watching you fix your hair, button down your blouse, and wear every other piece of clothing you had on the ground.

I had the urge to smile, because you took your time in my place, as if I were someone you knew and not a complete stranger. You were careful as you moved around, but you sure took a long time trying to get rid of the purple blemishes on your chest. I don’t know if it was I who gave you all those, but I didn’t like to think about other men doing all those things to you, so I decided to ignore it.

You were probably starting to realize that I wasn’t actually asleep. But if that really was the case, it is your biggest mistake to shake those thoughts away.

As you walked away, I noticed that you haven’t concealed the hickey behind your neck. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but it satisfied me that it was left there. 

As soon as you closed the door behind you, I swiftly put on some clothes and silently walked out, not wanting to alert you.

You were already getting ready to leave, putting on your shoes and all. For a moment, I felt a tight knot. I didn’t want you to leave.

I didn’t want to hurt you, but talking wasn’t enough for me either. What I needed was something that I can use to scare you a little. Just enough to make you would listen to what I say. So, I grabbed a knife in the kitchen and stalked behind you. Just as you opened the door a little, I  quickly put the knife on your neck and whispered,

“Would you mind closing the door?”