wearing sheets and rope


Peter Maximoff x Reader (Modern AU)

Categories: fluff, implied smut

Words: 3.5K

A/N: Based on the spooky!Peter headcanons by @kurtwxgners . I’ve never written anything for X-Men before, we’ll see how it goes. Reader is a mutant with the ability to manipulate light. Hope you enjoy!


It had all started when Peter formed a group of “ghostbusters” out of the younger children who were getting picked on by other kids. He’d zip around the halls in his baggy grey ghostbusters uniform (which you fervently denied that he looked attractive in, even though he did), while waving an EMF meter around, looking for ghosts.

The kids would follow him with little cardboard versions and cheer when Peter managed to catch a “ghost.” (It was really Scott or Jubilee or whoever else they could rope into it wearing a sheet, but that wasn’t the important part.) The grand prize of the ghost chase was Kurt. Since he could teleport, he was damn near impossible to catch and therefore the highest honour fell on anyone who could capture him.

The younger girls at the Academy had seen this and decided they wanted to join too. You’d been elected as the leader of your own Ghostbuster Club and together, you and Peter kept the kids busy and happy looking for “ghosts,” UFO’s and any other supernatural thing that was interesting but not too dangerous.

Tonight, that meant camping in the middle of nowhere staring up at the stars looking for UFO’s. How Charles allowed this, you weren’t sure, but it probably had something to do with the fact that you’re much more responsible than Peter. The sky had grown dim several hours ago and now all of you were gathered around the fire as Peter told ghost stories.

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