wearing pants

Lego Batjokes Prompt #100 🎉🎊😄

“Joker, the point of tuxedo dress-up party is to change into DIFFERENT tuxedos.”

“I am.”

“No, you’ve literally come out over and over in the same purple jacket and pants you wear all the time.”

“What!? Are you blind!? They were all completely different. That last one was violet and this one is obviously plum.”

“Why are you naked?” Natasha asked, taking a sip from her water bottle. She didn’t sound judgmental, just curious, unlike everyone else in the stupid tower, and he appreciated it. “Can I be naked?”

“You can be naked if you want to be,” Tony said, raising a leg above his head.

If Natasha was attracted to him, it would be a very enticing position. “Do you always do yoga naked?”

“Bruce makes me wear pants,” Tony replied, tail swishing at the thought. “I agree to it because Bruce won’t let me do yoga with him if I’m naked.”

“I want to be naked,” Natasha decided, then frowned. “…I wish I didn’t have boobs.”

Tony peeked up at her from beneath an arm. “You can take your pants and underwear off. I’d say that’s what Pepper does when she works out but she always wears clothes because she doesn’t like people looking at her butt.”

“Well, it is pretty cute,” Natasha mused. “Has anyone else come in?”

“Clint, and he pretended he was gonna rut me, but I threatened to kick him in the balls if he did,” Tony replied, shrugging. He hummed thoughtfully. “…He can rut me, but not in the gym.”

Natasha heard someone choke behind her and did not turn. “What, you’d actually fuck Clint?”

“I mean, he’s got some nice muscles. And no one has my ass locked down currently.” He hummed thoughtfully. “I know he’s just playing but if he wants to dick me into next week, that’s fine too.”

“I’ll dick you into next week!” Steve blurted out, and then, “Why are you naked?”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being naked,” Bucky added hurriedly, eyes flicking over his body to take it all in. “You’ve got a very beautiful body.”

Tony lifted his other leg so all of his weight was resting on his forearms and elbows, looking at the two wolves upside-down. “One, you may definitely dick me into next week. Two, I am naked because I want to be and I am in the privacy of my own home, which is all the reason I need. Three, I know there’s nothing wrong with being naked. Fourth, and finally, yes, I do have a very beautiful body. You may look upon it. I don’t mind.”

Natasha covered her mouth to muffle her laughs, because Steve and Bucky were definitely taking him up on the offer, looking him up and down. “I’m gonna get naked,” she decided, tugging her pants down. “But leave my sports bra on.”

“That’s the way to do it,” Tony agreed. He leered at Steve and Bucky, but it was hard to tell because he was upside down. “You guys gonna get naked, too?”

Steve dazedly began pulling his pants down. Bucky squawked and slapped his hands away. “Steve, we’re gonna spar!”

“I can spar without pants,” Steve said, before he realized what he was saying and blushed tomato red.

“Bucky’s probably got the right idea,” Tony admitted, a little disappointed. “You shouldn’t spar naked.”

“Truly a shame,” Natasha said, smirking, as she moved into the same position Tony was in. She was glad she left her sports bra on. “Maybe next time.”

Steve and Bucky looked at Tony’s body longingly as they shuffled past him to the mats designated for sparring. “Yeah…”

“I just got you laid; I just want you to appreciate that,” Natasha informed the feline.

Tony hummed thoughtfully. “…I helped.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t know they were there,” the fox replied. “I did. I just steered the conversation.”

“What I’m hearing is you want me to give you the blow-by-blow of how Steve and Bucky fuck me into the mattress.”

Natasha raised an eyebrow. “You guys going to make it to the mattress?”

“God willing, no.”

“Then no, I don’t need to know about your sex-capades.”

Tony shrugged. “Your loss.”

anonymous asked:

my biggest problem with the nonbinary/genderfluid crowd is the people who say "feminine" things aren't only for women/"masculine" things aren't only for men yet are also like "im a girl today because i wanna wear a dress & makeup but yesterday i was a boy because i wore a suit and didn't shave my beard" you can't have both (i agree that clothing, makeup, etc. shouldn't be gendered but how can you 'switch' genders based on what you wanna wear that day???)

Exactly. The same people who say gender is a social construct and nothing should be considered inherently masculine or feminine think that they are a brand-new gender because sometimes they wear pants.

Here, have some extra Lost/Unwound Future angst:

I just realised that when Claire went to the lab on her last day alive in the past, she was wearing green pants and a white lab coat. This must mean that the outfit she wears during the present-day events of Lost Future must have been acquired after she arrived in the future. 

Dimitri was the first on the scene after the explosion, so he found Claire’s body amid the rubble wearing these clothes she’d changed into in the future, an image which he likely carried with him for the rest of his life. This means he probably recognised the outfit when Claire first put it on, 10 years later. 

Can you imagine Dimitri’s growing unease as Claire (or “Celeste”) slowly accumulates more pieces of clothing during her stay, a blue jacket here, a yellow scarf there, and he’s not sure why he’s uncomfortable when she wears them, until one day when she combines them in a particular way and suddenly it clicks and he realises that he doesn’t like them because he’s seen them on her before. 

These are the clothes she’s going to die in. 

Freeballing Meetup

If you’re in Tucson, head over to the Home Depot Garden center around 3pm today to see other free ballers. No public sex. Don’t get in trouble. Wear your sweat pants and basketball shorts. No pictures without permission.

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If you and your bf could only wear one outift for the rest of your lives, what would you want each of you to wear?

I’d want something classic so maybe just this simple suit 

I’d want Stephen to wear this because I like him in anything pink and extra and he also has a pair of silky floral pattern pants he wears with this

eliza wanted to sublet to a very nice couple, the guy of whom who is probably gonna be uncomfortable with me being pantsless

i literally said “i will not wear pants in my own home”

liz tried to be like “is there a way you’d be willing to compromise?”

and i straight up said, “i am already compromising by wearing a shirt in situations where a dude wouldn’t have to”

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hooooow was your show?

it was great! i was wearing the same exact pants as fletcher (we even both had them cuffed) and wyatt shook my hand so it was great! also i was right in the front for the garden since my tall friend let me go in front of her. god bless. 

i can upload some videos and pics if u guys want, theyre not that great tho

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Pidge is so precious!!! I love how you draw her, specially I love how fluffy she looks with long hair <3 I thought she would look stunning with that hair and a dress but, maybe she's not comfortable using one (but for some reason she has to), so everyone also uses one to support her :D

Wait.. what?