wearing it forever now

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Yesterday I welcomed this piece of work into my tattoo family. I posted a photo last night which I deleted because it was gross looking since I had JUST gotten it done, but now that it’s clean, all I can say is that I absolutely ADORE it.

“She Will Be Loved” is my favorite song in the whole entire world and I’m so happy that I can now proudly wear the lyrics on my body forever.


Idk how many people likes Yuri on Ice. Ofc, it’s a good anime, Victor is handsome a ff, and the tension of coughgaynesscough.

But i still stuck in this beautiful volleyball fandom, can’t move on from this beautiful place

(plus Oikawa’s wearing glasses now, Iwaizumi with casual clothes, i stuck forever in this fandom. Never regret this path)


I’m in the process of moving my entire doll collection to a new house and so before everything goes into storage I’m trying to sort things out. One of them is my Obitsu 50cm default head and Monster High hybrid doll who’s been wearing her default dress forever now and so I dug around looking for an outfit to change her into.

This handmade, vintage style dress looks great as a short modern dress on my doll and I guess it’s better than her default dress…


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1. height: around 5'2"
2. hairstyle and color: medium brown (auburn?) chest length hair
3. eye color: dark brown
4. glasses?: forever and always
5. braces?: I wear a retainer now
6. fashion sense: jeans and assorted jackets
7. siblings: i have an older brother and younger sister
8. what kind of student: i like to think I’m a good student but I’m really lazy
9. favorite subjects: i like science
10. fav tv shows: I don’t watch a lot of tv but I liked parks and rec
11. fav books: I liked The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
12. fav pastime: lets see video game and occasional sleep
13. regrets: too many to name
14. dream job: I want to work for nintendo but I have to be a doctor
15. wanna get married: yep
16. want kids: idk maybe
17. visited countries? I’ve gone to China and parts of America

I tag @flutterpoop and @talentlesstomato and if you want to do this

okay guys so i have a favor to ask… i’m looking for some good girl power content to add to my tgt meme so pls send me ANY AND ALL scenes you can think of so i can gif them tomorrow (bonus points if they’re underrated/unpopular)?? it doesn’t have to be femslash, i just want to have more of my fav grisha girls in there :’)

Look at him. Look at my dog.


I bought this shirt from a thrift store, with the intention of saving it for a reward workout shirt. I bought the sports bra on sale, to go with the shirt.

I told myself I couldn’t wear it until I made it to my goal weight, and by then, hopefully my back acne will be better, so that I’m not a total embarassment when I go to the gym.

I never intended it to be a weekend shirt that I would wear in public, public. Its also feminine, and as ya’ll know, I’m questioning that part of myself right now.

I am going to be gendered as a woman today, people are going to see my acne, the shirt is thin, so you can see my less-than-flat stomach.

But I feel fucking great. I’ve always wanted to wear something like this… why wait? Why wait forever to wear something that fits now, that I want to wear, and that I feel good in?

And my gender? I am working SO HARD to tell myself and show myself that gender identity and gender presentation are not one in the same.

Ootd for some mall shopping, lunch with my wife, and probably some random adventures.

Based on Coffee Talk by Broadside.

You raised the coffee cup to your lips and smiled when you felt Michael’s arms wrap around your waist. He kissed your neck then your shoulder before whispering good morning, beautiful into your ear. It was almost a joke when you’d been up all night putting the world to rights.

You rested your head against his shoulder and let him trace his fingers along your stomach through his shirt. You put the mug down on the counter and turned around to face him. Reaching up, you kissed him lightly. He tasted like mint toothpaste and the traces of coffee from your lips.

“Fuck, you look good in my clothes,” he mumbled into your skin. “I never ever want that top back. You have to wear it forever now, not just any girl gets my favourite shirt.”

You raised your eyebrows at him, your teeth grazing across your lips and biting your bottom lip because you knew it drove him crazy. “So there have been other girls? Michael Clifford, I am offended. Here I was thinking I was special.”

Michael peppered kisses across your exposed skin before looking at you. “Oh you are special, princess. I’ve never stayed up all night talking to anybody about pointless shit before and haven’t missed sleep one bit.”

You smiled at him and patted his cheek. “That’s because I’m fucking fantastic.”

You pecked his cheek before putting your cup into the sink. You stretched and tried to pretend Michael’s eyes weren’t fixed on your legs.

“I won’t be here tonight,” you told him before smiling at him sarcastically. “How will you cope?”

“I won’t,” he sighed. “I’ll have to call one of my many other booty calls.”

He rested his hands on the countertop and tried not to grin at you. Michael knew it as well as you did, this was way more than just a casual hook-up. You’d practically moved in and even had a set of spare clothes in a drawer he’d let you have.

“You wouldn’t dare, Clifford,” you said with a threatening finger pointed directly at his heart. “Or I’ll have to tell my friends I wasn’t spending the week at my boyfriend’s, it was just some dick who wasted my time.”

“Boyfriend?” he repeated after you like he was trying it on for size. “I could get used to hearing that a lot more.”

Conversations that must have happened in Souls games

Demon’s Souls.
Gravedigger Blige: alright, let’s go on a room by room search of the burial mound and see what we can loot.
Patches: Nope, setting up a kicking pit. I’ll stand here, and kick clerics into a pit.
Blige: that sounds like a huge waste of time. How many memberd of the clergy can possibly wander through this god forsaken tomb and fall for your dumb trap?
Patches: watch me.

Dark Souls.
Gwyndolin: Dad, dad! I cast a spell! Watch!
Gwyn: Now you have to wear a dress forever.

Dark Souls II.
Vendrick: I can’t do it. I cannot bring myself to link the flame.
Aldia: what if I made a lady out of left-over dragon parts to find a powerful, time travelling undead to do it for you?
Vendrick: You are no longer allowed to leave your mansion.

Powder Keg Engineer: I made a special Molotov cocktail that you can throw behind you!
Old Hunter: Can’t I do that already?
Powder Keg Engineer: This one has a rope on it
Old Hunter: I can just toss it over my shoulder
Powder Keg Engineer: I spent years on that rope

wanna not get asked “who are you wearing?” on the red carpet? don’t borrow $5,000 gowns and $20,000 jewelry from luxury brands for free and act insulted when asked to namedrop the designers who created it all to a couple of interviewers in exchange.

there problem solved go wear a Forever 21 cocktail dress and focus on the acting now