wearing christmas socks

  • Person A: *wears Christmas socks in the middle of summer*
  • Person B: Why are you wearing Christmas socks? It's boiling outside!
  • Person A: *smiles innocently* It's always Christmas when I'm around you.
  • Person B:
  • Person A:
  • Person B: God damn it you smooth son of a bitch.

Hans: “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Anna: "Merry Christmas you great, big, wonderful, adorable husband you! Do you love me?”

Hans: “Mhm-hm.”

Anna: “How much?”

Hans: “A lot. But not enough to tell you what your Christmas present is.”

Anna: “Now what makes you think that’s what I wanted to know! And what is it?!”

hannaficdump I’m your Secret Santa! Enjoy and Happy Holidays<3

Bonus: There’s a hidden Mickey! :)

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jefferson/nathan for the ship meme!

I just wanna preface this with apologizing if I say anything weird or fucked up or this is typoed as hell because I am drunk I think.  idk man idk

  • Who is the restless sleeper?
    • This has to be Nathan I think.  Or maybe both.  I mean, I’ve always wondered what happened to Jefferson to make him the way that he is.  Maybe he doesn’t sleep well either.
  • Who eats cereal for dinner?
    • Nathan. 1000% Nathan.  Like I imagine he eats like shit, and not just because of the Nik Shriner tweets where Nathan inhales chicken nuggets and eats an entire bag of McDoubles.  Like I imagine the only good food he eats is when Victoria makes him eat a salad or some shit.
  • Who wears odd socks?
    • What does one mean by odd socks?  I imagine Jefferson is anal retentive and like his socks match his suit or whatever.  I imagine Nathan doesn’t give a fuck.  I hope he wears like novelty Christmas socks someone got him as a gag gift in the dead of July or something.
  • Who reads more?
    • Uh Jefferson.  I’d like to think he’s actually an intellectual instead of just it like being an act or somethin.
  • Who prefers a bath over a shower?
    • Oh my God Nathan and like I imagine he gets bath bombs and scented candles and some whale sounds playin and my bbi just relaxes ;_____;
  • Who can knit?
    • I can’t imagine either of them knitting tbh
  • Who has the weirder laugh?
    • Is this even a question?  I think we’ve all heard the Nathan nightmare sequence laugh
  • Who gets more jealous?
    • Oooooh my man.  Imma have to go with Mark.  Like he’d act aloof and Nathan would think that he didn’t care but Mark is controlling so of course he hella cares.
  • Who sleeps with a teddy bear?
  • Who still uses internet explorer?
    • …Does anyone use internet explorer?
  • Who is the most sentimental?
    • Nathan.  I mean look at that “Best Son in the World” certificate he kept D:
  • Who can play an instrument?
    • I, like many other people, imagine Nathan was one of those rich kids who had music lessons as a kid.  When I was playing the Sims with him, he had like level 7 violin skills cuz yeah.
  • Who has the worst sense of direction?
    • Nathan, but everyone has GPS on their smart phones nowadays
  • Who cooks breakfast?
    • Mark cuz in my headcanon Nathan can’t cook for shit.
  • Who is the early riser?
    • Hands down, it’s Mark.

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Prompt: Adam taking some sweet time to clean up the alleyway at the Barns, getting rid of the fallen leaves and assembling them into neat piles. Ronan and Opal jumping into said piles of leaves approximately 1.5 minutes later. Chaos ensues.

OK but:

  • When Adam was younger he used to watch people jumping in all fallen leaves
  • And he used to be so envious
  • But every year his father cleared all the leaves up and Adam was not allowed to jump in them under any circumstances
  • And when he was older it was his job
  • So he just cleans up the leaves every year, without fail. That is the fall routine. 
  • And until he met the Gangsey he didn’t really know that fall (I’m saying fall bc trc is american. To me, it is Autumn.) was about anything other than leaves making a “bloody mess of everything.” 
  • But they all LOVE fall. Blue starts drinking even weirder teas than normal and wearing unusual amounts of socks, Gansey wears the most Hideous woolly jumpers, Ronan tries to casually hide his addiction to all things Pumpkin spice and Noah truly embraces being dead (he floats through walls and wails) (he also smells like a toffee apple somehow. No one knows why.) 
  • And the 300 Fox Way women have all kinds of Halloween preparations
  • And basically October comes along one years and Adam is bewildered
  • But he can do what he always does and that is clean up the leaves. 
  • Even though he doesn’t really want to, but that is what he does in October.
  • And he’s about to bag them all up when Ronan yells at him to stop. 
  • And he and Opal take a run up and dive into the leaves (It’s a big pile bc the Barns has lots of huge old trees) 
  • And they are laughing and shrieking and their joy is loud enough to drown out the echoes of his fathers angry shouts. 
  • And he remembers being four and wanting so badly to jump into the leaves. 
  • So he does. 
  • And Ronan catches him and leans over and kisses him, and the world is the scent of pumpkin spice and loamy earth, the warmth of Ronan and the cold of the air, a fiery kaleidoscope of colours against a grey sky. 
  • And Adam knows why October is an event. 
  • And that afternoon they are curled on the couch drinking hot chocolate as the grey sky darkens, and for the first time Adam gets that peculiar and specific cosy winter festive feeling that English doesn’t have a damn word for. 
  •  You know the feeling that is cosy and melancholy and nostalgic and hopefull and contemplative and grateful and homely all at once? 
  • Maybe that feeling is just me. But that is how Adam feels. 
  • And he holds Ronan’s hands and smiles bc Ronan Lynch starts wearing Christmas socks in October. 
  • And it’s so new and familiar and wonderful all at once. 
  • Thank you anon for these feels I didn’t need. 
there are years that ask questions and years that answer

Title: There are years that ask questions and years that answer
Author: weh-tun
Word Count: 3.5k
Rating: PG-13/ Fluff/ Angst 
Warnings: none i think (let me know otherwise!!)
Summary: A look at the timeline of Dan and Phil over many Christmases 
Author’s Note: This is the longest fic I’ve ever written, and it’s very Christmassy and fluffy and gay. Inspired by the beautiful fic not in the hands of boys but in their eyes by Megan in the sense that it is an introspective timeline. The title is a quote by Zora Neale Hurston. 

Excerpt: “They’d bought new Christmas decorations earlier in the month, and they decorated their tree in silence, comfortably numbing any other sensation other than excitement for Christmas.

The realisation that the Christmas tree he had once bought alone had become theirs hit Phil like a thousand bricks. Then he thought about the camera lens, the hairdryer, and the living room lamp, and he imagined what would ever happen if they were to part ways sometime in the future. They were so tangled within one another, so caught up in each other’s lives, nothing was his, everything was theirs, and this wasn’t a flat anymore; because Dan lived in it, and that, by Phil’s definition, meant it must be home.

He swept away the feeling and sneaked a look at Dan, realising he was still as in love as ever, and ‘yeah’, he thought, too hopeful for his own good, ‘we’ll be alright’.”

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Karasuno Christmas Headcannons

Hinata: he can be 15 or 50 but he’s going to be the first one awake. Part of the “I know Santa doesn’t exist but look at what Santa got me” squad. “Natsu Natsu look Santa ate the cookies we put out for him!”

Kageyama: he may seem tired and grumpy because it’s cold and he wants to go back to sleep, but he’s just as excited as anyone. *sings All I want for Christmas is You intensely while no one is around*

Asahi: not everyone likes getting gifts. Asahi feels overwhelmed when people buy him nice gifts. He likes it more when he’s giving and can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces when they open the things he bought them.

Sugawara: you could get this kid a box of dirt and he’d sincerely say thank you. He’s the type of person to wear the ugly sweaters his grandma buys him.

Nishinoya: it takes him a while to roll out of bed but once he’s up he’s totally in the holiday mood. The first person he calls to wish a Merry Christmas to is Asahi.

Yamaguchi:he’s the quiet one on Christmas. He opens his gifts, spends time with his family and is the one to propose a Christmas movie marathon.

Daichi:he has a lot of younger relatives who visit so he dresses up as Santa and surprises them with their gifts. Every year he tries to get Suga to dress up as his elf and help him.

Tsukishima:likes Christmas because his whole family comes over every year, which is his chance to sneak away and play around with the new things he got for Christmas. Always wears his dinosaur christmas socks his brother got him a few years ago.

Tanaka: him and his sister wear matching Christmas pajamas and get each other prank gifts. She always gets him some sort of hat to cover his “baldness”

you guys. i canNOT wait for jamming to christmas songs throughout december, watching cheesy christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate, finding the perfect tree, looking at christmas lights and decorations, giving and receiving presents, wearing fuzzy christmas socks, and toasting to the new year

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I could definitely see Oikawa being /that guy/ who always have those crazy off-the-wall patterned socks you would have never imagined someone could own. And Iwaizumi always jokingly teasing him about them when they would change for practice. Maybe the entire team would make a bet, which God-awful-fashion pair would he wear that day as the team were together for so long, they saw his growing appetite for CRAZY patterned socks... But I don't know if I'm the only one who sees this...?

That’s…that’s amazing. I’m not even being sarcastic - the thought that someone has considered Oikawa’s socks in such detail makes me so happy omg. Thank you for sharing <3

I can’t say I’ve thought about this as much, but I reckon Oikawa is the type to wear super bright socks so that when his trousers ride up slightly at the ankle (like when he’s sitting) there’s a pop of colour. He probably saw it in a fashion magazine once and thought it looked cool. The colours he chooses always clash horribly with his school uniform trousers - I mean, those trousers are hideous and literally nothing goes with them - but he does look pretty swish when he’s wearing his casual slacks or smart trousers.

Iwa-chan? Doesn’t see the point in wasting time pairing up socks after a wash. He just grabs the first two socks from the drawer and gets on with his day. Aside from his white sports socks, they’re always black or grey with occasional humorous slogans or pictures (courtesy of Oikawa). He’s the type to wear novelty Christmas socks at any time of the year because they’re literally just tubes of fabric that keep your feet warm, and why the hell would anyone care if they’re seasonal or not? Oikawa despairs.

Bless them, I love them so much.


the signs as jennifer damiano tweets
  • aries: If you are not a mozzarella stick lose my number
  • taurus: If u r not mac and cheese I don't respect u
  • gemini: I don't ever want to be verified cause I like the idea that there is a slim chance this isn't even me.
  • cancer: Crazy that humans also come in the form of garbage cans
  • leo: If 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 are 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 tostito 👏🏼 with 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 hint 👏🏼 of 👏🏼 lime 👏🏼 I 👏🏼 just 👏🏼 ate 👏🏼 13 👏🏼 servings 👏🏼 of 👏🏼 you 👏🏼
  • virgo: Can I wear my Christmas socks now
  • libra: If I had a dollar for every time I said "yes queen" last night I would literally be able to buy everyone on Broadway a new house
  • scorpio: My mother said I have the face of someone who steals things. If she means hearts - she is correct
  • sagittarius: Maybe I should be you for Halloween and suck
  • capricorn: What's so crazy about baseball is that like*falls asleep*
  • aquarius: Why aren't I at Olive Garden rn
  • pisces: graham crackers: underrated

i have a larger fic forthcoming but i’m catching up on ahs & htgawm & i’m prolly about to fall asleep in a whisky hungover nap so

here’s some hollstein winter fluff:

— carmilla coming in from the cold & cursing a bunch & laura just thinks it’s the cutest thing bc carmilla’s cheeks & the tip of her nose get pink

— laura taking off her beanie when they get inside & messing up her hair & carmilla fixing it with a smile & kissing her forehead

— huddling together while they’re waiting for the bus/tram so they can stay warmer

— laura buying all of these huge scarves & wearing them once before carmilla steals them so they have this little game of pretending to fight over who gets which scarf (laura loves this game a lot bc carmilla wears extra-soft & muted colors & they float against her jaw, plus they have a whole drawer of scarves by the time winter is over)

— laura shoving her hand in carmilla’s pocket when they’re walking & she’s forgotten her gloves

— carmilla trying to use her iPhone with her nose bc she doesn’t want to take her mittens off

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