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excerpt from the college au, coming @ you sometime soon!

He’s putting the cookies in the oven when it happens.

“Hey, not to be rude or anything, but can you keep it the fuck down?”

He spins on his heel, and there’s a boy standing there, leaning against the doorframe. He’s got his hands in the pockets of his green hoodie, and he’s wearing socks but no shoes. He looks adorably sleep-rumbled and a little bit angry.

“Like, your singing is nice, but it’s really fucking loud,” he continues.

“You’re English. Me too,” Harry says after a minute of staring, and then he wants to smack himself in the face with an oven mitt. Repeatedly.

“Well, that’s lovely, but are you going to keep singing all night?”

Harry flushes under his stare. He may have gotten a little too into his rendition of I Want It That Way. “I’m so sorry,” he says in a rush. “My first exam is in seven hours and I bake when I’m stressed. Do you want a cookie?”

“Looks like you don’t actually have any to offer me,” the boy says, and, right, the cookies are still in the oven.

“I have muffins?” Harry offers weakly, and it comes out like a question but the boy pulls himself off the doorframe and comes into the room anyway.

“Yeah, I could go for a muffin,” he says as he takes one from the wire cooling tray and hoists himself up onto the counter with one hand.

Harry just watches in amusement as the boy peels off the silver foil wrapping and takes a massive bite. The microeconomics textbook sits forgotten on the counter next to him. There’s no way Harry’s going to be studying right now, not when there’s a distraction, one that comes in the form of a boy with chiseled cheekbones who’s just demolished a banana muffin in five quick bites.

“I feel a bit bad complaining about the singing now. Because that was an excellent muffin, uh…”

“Harry. Harry Styles.”

“Think it’s supposed to go like ‘Styles. Harry Styles.’ if you’re going for the whole Bond thing there.”

It’s not really that funny, but Harry laughs anyway. The sound echoes in the small room, and the other boy smiles.

“I’m Louis Tomlinson. Thanks for the muffin.”

“You’re welcome,” Harry says, and then before he can say anything else, the oven timer beeps.

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Dude yes. Daddy!Harry is one of my favorite Harrys. Imagine throwing your little child a birthday party. I can see Harry going all out on it. Inviting all her/his little friends from school, insanely cute decorations, a big cake, so many presents, etc.

I keep writing about H with a son, but I’m gonna switch it up this time.

What if it’s his daughters fourth birthday party, and she wants a princess party. So of course Harry goes all out. He buys her whatever sparkly princess dress she wants and even big girl shoes wth the tiniest little heel on them. He gets a bouncy castle for the backyard, and probably gets a special princess cake made– vanilla flavored with blue frosting because it’s her favorite. You paint her nails all sparkly and even let her wear some of your lip gloss like a big girl.

I’ll bet Harry even gets it catered because he is THAT extra, and he gets the yummiest tea because “Princesses have tea parties all the time!”

And!!! Harry even dresses up like a prince. Long coat with shoulder pads and frills, a sash around his waist, gloves, his hair slicked back. He probably hires a little band to play her favorite music, and has a daddy daughter dance with her. (And then dances with all the other little princesses too because he is a prince, of course, and it’s what princes do.)


Here I have gathered ALL footage we have of new trainer customization options so far! Both English and Japanese trailers, E3 footage, NicoNico footage and official website were used to gather these.

Please note that these won’t be all of the options in the game! These are simply what we have been shown so far.
A few details no notice:

  • Hats are removable
  • (All) clothing can be dyed, so everything shown here is mostly for the shape as colors can be changed as you play
  • Hair color options are more vast than before (notice the purple hair on two of the trainers!)
  • Contact lenses have more colors than before (showing the male trainer wearing burgundy lenses)
  • At least female trainers can wear lipstick
  • Both trainers can have eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • In XY the trainer’s eyebrows were always black, but in Sun&Moon they have the same color as your hair
  • In the shoe screenshots you can see that one of the female trainers is wearing the same pair of shoes as two male trainers. We can then assume that at least some clothing is not gender locked!

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.

I don’t sleep at night anymore, and although I’m sure there’s a million reasons why it’s unhealthy to go to bed long after the sun has risen, and awaken long after it has set, I continue to do it.

There’s something magical about the hours from 2:00 to 5:00 in the morning. Not only is the city life dead and the landscape empty, but there’s also an incredibly overwhelming feeling of solitude. The rest of your world sleeps, after all.

You can shed that plastic smile you wear for that boy at 4 in the morning. You can take off those painful shoes you wear just to impress that girl. You can drop that funny act to fit in at school. As the rest of society sleeps, you are no longer shackled to its railroad track of an education system. Finally, you are free to be yourself. Wholeheartedly.

It’s as beautiful as it is terrifying.

—  will-babin 
The Signs As First World Problems

Aries - Eating too much and getting tired

Taurus - Not being able to hear the tv because your crunching your snacks

Gemini - Slow internet on your phone

Cancer - Seeing your text message was read but the person never replied

Leo - Stressing over what to wear

Virgo - Having 5% battery on your phone but your charger is in another room

Libra - All the hot water running out in your shower

Scorpio - Getting a few specks of dirt on your brand new shoes

Sagittarius - Having to restart your computer for a software

Capricorn - a paper cut

Aquarius - Not being able to download iOS games on an Android

Pisces - Not being able to open a bag of chips because your hands are too greasy from the other chips you just ate

Phil’s Livestream // 2.2.17

He’s wearing the black tiger bomber jacket

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes

He went for a jog today

Birthday haul

Martyn got him grey shoes with turquoise laces

“Damn I’m gonna look good in these”

He’s really bad at tying shoes

“I’m a sock guy”

He got a Rewined candle (it smells burnt vanilla-y)

He got a beetle jumper from his parents

Dan got him sushi gummies that have chopsticks and everything

He ate them on tour so it was made him nostalgic for tatinof

Taste test

He also got a book about socks, firefly on blu ray, and a terrarium that his friends made for him

“Don’t smash it like Dan did”

Dan also got him a big green lava lamp that he finds very relaxing

They hung out by the seaside a lot

They had afternoon tea which is his favorite part about living in the UK

His mum made him a cake that looked like he was lying in a ball pit

It wasn’t red velvet but there was so much flavor on top red velvet would’ve probably made him explode

He had lots of sugar induced dreams

“I was more garlic bread than human”

They watched Hunter for the Wilderpeople which he really liked 

He emu egg hatched into a full grown emu 

It’s name is Addywoo

“Don’t emu shame”

He wants the Nintendo Switch but big hands

“I’m like a titan”

Does Beauty and the Beast need a remake? Who knows? We’ll see

He wished for wishes but he told us he wished for wishes so does he get wishes who knows

He’s going to let Dan tell the falling story

“It was a mix of hilarious and genuine concern”

He actually did hurt his wrist and knee

“He’s a tall guy so it’s a long way to fall”

New AmazingPhil video 

“Mainly pregnancy is what it sounds like. So I may be pregnant.”

Maybe he predicted Beyonce’s babies 

The magic 8 ball confirmed that he’s the psychic link to Beyonce’s future

He asked the magic 8 ball some questions from us

“Don’t get the started on the quickening”

*Smacking the 8 ball* “Stop being rude”

It said yes to him getting a dog

“A dog is on the horizon”

He went on this cliff path with his family and Dan which was supposed to be really fun but it was a little too intense for him 

He stood in some sheep poo

If he does anything interesting he’ll do a Day in the Life but not just an ordinary day

Dan’s legs and eyebrows were never found btw

He had really great fish and chips last night

Groundhog Day 

He got sushi for his birthday celebration with his friends and they got a tasting menu it was nice

Who’s Your Daddy discussion 

New gaming video this weekend 

He played Mario Kart this morning 

The dead pigeon story

“I hope you’re all good and I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend… and as the magic 8 ball said you’re going to have a lovely day tomorrow”

Goodbye via emu residue 

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||| ||


In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Goombella mentions having shoes. Since her sprite uses the same graphics for her feet as all the other Goombas in the game (with only a color change applied), this seems to imply that all Goombas are in fact wearing shoes. However, in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Goombella’s trophy shows a new design for her that adds soles to her feet, differentiating them from other Goombas and making them look more like shoes. While this design decision was most likely a coincidence, there is a chance that it could have been an attempt to clear up the above quote.

Greatly Appreciated (Cover)
  • Greatly Appreciated (Cover)
  • Ly & Dom

Piano by @cosmicowly
Vocals by me

Here’s the song from the episode, “Min and Marty” from Islands (Adventure Time) written by Ashley Eriksson! We hope you enjoy our cover <3 These are the lyrics and the chords Ly used:

  Eb                  Bb/D            Cm               Bb
I heard that you loved me but only for two weeks

   Fm                    Bb                Fm                   Bb
To be hopeless or not to be I’m weak with indecision

         Eb             Bb/D        Cm       Bb
Could we begin again on a terrible date?

  Fm                                 Bb         Eb      Bb/D
It would be greatly appreciated by me

Cm             Bb                  Ab             Gm
I’ll wear my normal shoes this time

         Fm                            Bb
Then maybe you’d like me better in the sunlight

 Eb         Bb/D            Cm               Bb
If I built a raft, will you stay with me then

      Fm                Bb       Eb
And fall in love all over again?

Tips For The Classy Hoe

Invest in Prada sunglasses,
A nice brown purse, Luis Vuitton if you can afford it
Quality lingerie,
A good sunhat,
Expensive jewelry (pearl and diamond earrings are a must)
And a wide selection of fancy shoes

Regularly get your hair and nails done,
Style your hair simply and classically every day and keep your nails long and manicured
Stick with nudes and light pinks for every day wear, red for more formal events

Invest in voice, piano, and ballet lessons
Learn French
Read all the literature and poetry you can, keep up on politics and current events
Be opinionated and informed, but never stubborn
Talk smoothly and gently, but never apologetically
Go out for brunch
Take walks in the park with or without your lover on Sundays
Set aside time at least once a week to go to an art gallery, museum, or theatre
Drink fine wine and be knowledgeable of it
Life is what you make it.

Loads of famous athletes gets sponsorships and brand deals throughout their career. Sometimes a new product is created and named after said athlete.

  • Neil has deals with athletic wear brands, health foods, and supplements.
  • But one day he’s approached by Heelys.
  • and he takes the deal in a heartbeat
  • they are so fun, like shoes that have wheels on them??? amazing
  • he had never heard of them when they were actually a trend, so he plans on bringing them back.
  • he heelys to each of his classes
  • he heelys to the bedroom with Andrew
    • 247%
  • after he sasses the press he turns and heelys away
    • v dramatic
  • And once all the Exy fans show interest in Heelys again, they collaborate on a new design
  • Bright, neon orange with a better wheel to go as fast as Neil Josten himself
  • they call them Neeilys
Who should you fight from Yuri!!! on Ice

sorry its really late and im just sitting there laughing at myself

dunno if there’s something like that already lmao

also they’re all athlethes so i just ignored that for the sake of story



you should totally fight this kid. he’s, like, 2 feet tall?? 15 years old??? all bark but no bite??? also a lil’ rude motherfucker, i can understand why you’d wanna wreck him. just catch him while hes not wearing his knife shoes and keep from jolting, he wont be able to do shit. also watch out for his gay parents and psychotic fans. THEN you can kick his fuckin tiger socks off.


Please don’t fight this man, he just wants to have a real friend and maybe to be introverted in peace. Unproblematic fave? Silent philosopher on ice?? Why would you wanna attack him in any way??? also kind of feel like he’d try to avoid fighting you with any way known to men, but would totally 100% beat the shit outta you if could not get away (have you even SEEN these muscles????). 

do yourself and everyone else a favor and dont fight otabek altin.


Are you mad?? He’s, like, the vogue’s most wanted man of the last decade. You really wanna feel the wrath of the entire population of his fans??? Other than that he seems pretty fightable, but I’d still reconsider. 

Why you even wanna fight him in the first place? He’s just a bit silly, but otherwise outstanding man who likely just wants to live peacefully with his soon-to-be husband and lots of poodles, probably in a house with a big garden or some sentimental romantic bullshit like that. leave the gay man be.
(also he seems like a guy who might have some connections to mafia. if i was you i would not check if thats true.)


Please, do not fight Yuuri Katsuki. He might seem anxious and too kind-hearted for that shit, but believe me, he’s not the kinda guy you would wanna fight. he’s pretty competitive, wont take any shit from you, wont let you disrespect him or his precious gay family. have you seen what kind of shit he did at that banquet after some champagne? i bet my ass he would take pleasure in beating you up if you did him/his fiancee/their angry smol child wrong. its always the quiet dudes. 

100% he has something up his sleeve. Do not fight Katsuki Yuuri.


are you joking? go for it. this guy probably cries when someone calls him bitchbaby, spends more money on cosmetics than food and has his butt on a life insurance. nobody likes him (expect his fiancee and fans). he’s a professional pissoff. and you know what? you certainly can thrash his self-obsessed ass. youre welcome!


if i was you i would not fight him. dude seems kinda chill, but also fucked up. like, who the fuck comes on ice?? thats a whole new level of fuckupery. he might not have any inhibitions and i dont know if you wanna deal with that. also there’s a big chance he might try to sexually harass you while you struggle to beat him up. if you don’t feel uncomfortable/just want to get in his pants and dont know any other way to gain his attention than fight him, just do it.

so I’d say 50/50.


Try beating that sunshine child up and I’ll fucken end u.

Guang Hong Ji

Such a good, sweet kid. His hugs probably can cure cancer. His smile gets rid of an acne and dandruff. His posts on social media clear skin and water crops. Do not fight him, befriend and then use him to make money of his magic healing abilities.


Another nice guy. If you decide to fight him he won’t stand a chance. But I don’t think that you two would actually get to the fighting part, there are so many things to talk about and selfie and you seem like a swell guy let’s go on a brunch what are you allerg-

Seung-gil Lee

Weird dude. Most likely knows all of your weaknesses as soon as he sees you, but also seems kind of air-headed? You might try if you really want. I would highly recommend catching him by surprise. 75% chance of winning then, i’d say.


You probably can, but why? Just roast him. Tell him mean shit about his relationship with Anya. Tell him that hes a dumb cryboob. Make him reflect his whole life. He’ll cry. He’ll lost all his motivation. Become depressed. Then you can wave your black cloak for the last time and walk towards the sunset. Maybe kick him for a good measure, if you really need to.


He would really beat the flying shit outta you, but only if you tried assaulting his sister. You could send him official invitations for a fight ten fucking years every day and he wouldn’t get it at all. Try only if you have a way of destroying him emotionally. Like, Sara agreed to date you or smth.


Easy thing, but why? Maybe if he really iritates you, give him a lil’ slap of a some kind, but don’t be too mean, he’s a good kid. Also, his menthor might cut a bitch if you do him any real harm. Maybe try a balaclava? Idk dude just dont


Don’t even try. She’s beauty she’s grace she’ll give you a fucking run for your life and make you regret all your life decisions. She’s a real queen DO NT FIGHT MILA BABICHEVA IF YOU VAL;UE YOUR LIF E

RATHER FIGHT: Seung-gil Lee, JJ, Yurio
CAN FIGHT BUT AT YOUR OWN RISK: Minami, Chris, Viktor, Phichit, Leo
DONT NEED TO FIGHT TO DESTROY/USE: Georgi, Michele, Guang Hong Ji
DO NOT FIGHT: Mila, Yuuri, Otabek

I was a tall gangly kid with short, untidy brown hair… shy, nerdy, and eager to please. My clothes were all Goodwill purchases - grass-stained blue jeans with pockets full of snail shells, used sneakers, and ill-fitting tshirts with other people’s names written on the tags.

My godsister was short and rather stout, with vibrantly red hair that fell to her thighs. She picked fights, flirted with boys left and right, carried a sword, and got what she wanted - above most things, she wanted to be tough. She wore handmade blouses, beaded earrings, buckskin skirts, and would not be caught dead wearing shoes, even in public.