wearing all black and sunglasses

Not a Party Night

s u m m a r y // Y/N and Justin get into an argument before a party he acts like an a**hole the rest of the night 

Your Point of View

You stepped out the bathroom in a tight black v-neck dress as Justin stood in front of the mirror on the wall fixing his outfit and chain. He didn’t look over at you as you made your way towards the closet slipping on some red bottom heels.

You grabbed your clutch then looked over at Justin saying, “You look good baby.” He was wearing an all black shirt with black pants, his chain, watches, and sunglasses. 

You could see his smile through the mirror but it faded as soon as he turned to look at you, “What are you wearing?” He barked at your attire. 

You could already feel yourself getting pissed off at his possessive issues. What else were you suppose to wear to a club? “A dress,” You said trying not to start an argument.

He looked you up and down a few more times before saying, “Go change,” and turning back to the mirror fixing his hair. You stood there for a minute thinking if you should talk back or not. Anything else you would put on would look just about the same.

“Why?” You asked even though you kind of already knew what his answer was going to be.

“Because I told you to Y/N. It’s too tight, you can see too much of your ass and boobs.” He said in a harsh tone. “I don’t want people looking at you like that.”

“Looking at me like what Justin? You’re not my dad and if people stare then so what I’m pretty sure there will be many other girls who will have less on and be showing more than what I am. “ You said crossing your arms across your chest. He really was making a big deal out of nothing.

“Go change,” He finally yelled which only caused you to yell back a loud “No!”

“You’re not going then,” He huffed turning away so he wasn’t looking at you anymore.

You rolled your eyes at him as you watched him grab his wallet and phone then stuff it in his pocket. You grabbed your clutch and followed him as he walked out the door.

“I said that you’re not going Y/N,”

You ignored him and got in the car still. He groaned getting into the drivers seat then driving a silent ride to the club.


When you got to the club Justin turned off the car and got out walking into the club without you. You were getting so irritated with him it was unbelievable. You didn’t even want to be here now that you two just got into an argument and he’s being stubborn.

You sat in the car with your head against the black leather seat thinking about why he got so pissed over nothing. He usually doesn’t care what you wear and always says you look beautiful in anything.

You opened the car door and started walking towards the club. You stepped inside not needing to stand in line since you were with Justin. The smell of alcohol and the sound of loud music all around you.

Walking into the VIP area you saw a girl sitting next to Justin his arm around her shoulder as he was whispering in her ear and she was laughing. You felt yourself get hot from how angry you are but instead of storming over there you confidently strutted to him in your 6-inch heels and sat right in between him and the brunette girl giving her a glare so she would get the hint to leave.

As she left Justin leaned over to and said, “What’s your problem?” 

“What’s my problem? What is your problem? You’re ignoring me, treating me like shit and flirting with other girls over some damn dress!” You yelled over the Rihanna song that was playing.

“It’s not just the dress. I don’t guys thinking they just come up to you like that you’re my girl and I don’t want anyone checking you out,”

“Justin you were just flirting with a girl not even five minutes ago and now you want to say I’m your girl” You turned you head away from him not even wanting to continue the conversation let alone still be here. 

“We were just talking Y/N” He said giving you a look.

Without saying a word you got up and walked out not even caring if he was behind you or not. Running out the club the cold air hit your skin causing you to shiver. 

Waiting for a cab you ran you hands up and down your arms looking down at your feet. After a few minutes past you heard a car honk and you looked up to see Justin’s car in front of you. 

You rolled your eyes as he rolled the window down waving for you to get in the car. You looked away pretending you didn’t see him until he honked again.

“Come on Y/N,” He paused, “I won’t keep being an ass, I promise.” He said.

You sighed and got in the car quickly putting on your seat belt. “Don’t talk to me for the rest of the night,” You exclaimed, crossing your arms again.


“Babe,” He cooed, calling you a nickname for the first time tonight, as you two walked into his house. Ignoring him you started to strip yourself of your clothes in front of him making him shut up. He stared at you as you changed paying him no mind. 

You slipped on a t-shirt and put your hair in a bun. Grabbing two pillows you threw them towards him with a spare blanket whipping the smirk he had right off his face.

“Sleep on the couch.” You grumbled switching off the light and getting into bed as Justin still stood there. 

You couldn’t see him but you could hear as he changed his clothes but when you thought he was about to leave the spot behind you in the bed sank. His strong arms wrapped around your waist and he kissed your head. You quickly moved his arms from around you.

“Don’t touch me,” You muttered under your breath. As mad as you were at him you did want to him to hold you while you sleep but you couldn’t give in that easily.

“I’m sorry,” He said his voice cracking from how tired he was.

“Mhmm,” You hummed the felt his arms wrap around your waist again, “Justin.” You said sternly. 

“What do I have to do for you to forgive me?” He asked putting his head on you shoulder.

“Leave me alone,” You answered.

He didn’t take that as in answer and instead kept talking. “I’m sorry for being an asshole sweetheart. When you walked out the club I realized how much of a dick I was being. You’re right like always, it was just a dress. What you didn’t get though was that you looked so damn good, actually beyond damn good more like sexy as fuck. That’s why I got so angry I don’t want guys drooling over you or trying to take you away from me. I love you and I just want you all to myself. I wish I could just make it so that only I could see you and were invisible to everyone else in the world because you’re so damn beautiful…I just, I’m sorry Y/N.” He babbled. 

You turned around so that you were facing him caressing his cheek before softly placing a kiss on his lips making his hands start roam your body. “I love you too and its okay,” You breathed after pulling away.

He pecked your lips once more, “So can I sleep in here with you?”

“Only if we can cuddle the rest of the night,” You mumbled.

“Of course baby,”


Calum Hood «BSM»

Calum always acted so badass in front of everyone. He was the one to wear all black and sunglasses, he was the one to hate the world and everything in it, he was the one to don’t care.

One day, you were born. He had one older sister already, yet another one was born.

At first he didn’t liked the idea of having a sister. I mean, he was already 18 years old, why a little sister at that age? But when he picked you up for the first time, he just didn’t want to let you go. You were so precious.

So tiny, and born prematurely. When the doctors put you in a machine to help you grow better, he was terrified. And the thought of you dying, oh then he was mortified. He just got his little sister, why would he lose her now?

But you made it through.

You grew healthier and healthier each day, making your older brother more and more hopeful. And when you got out of the hospital, Calum was the most happy he have been in years. He picked you up and held you close to his chest. Oh, he wasn’t letting you go for a while.

And he didn’t.

He fed you milk, he changed your diapers, gave you baths and helped you sleep. He would take off his shirt, lay you on his chest and like magic you were sleeping, softly snoring on his chest. He would look at you and smile. He loved you so much that scared him. How could he love something so tiny? So cute? So sweet? So beautiful? A beautiful thing in such a ugly world. And just like that, he remembered. He remembered why he would cross land and sea just to see you smile, why he would never let anyone take his sweet sunshine away, why he would never leave you. Because he’s a pen and you’re a colorful crayon. He’d draw his world and you’d color it. And that’s what you did. You brought back the hope he thought he had lost. You brought the love he never believed it existed. You brought the colors to his black and white world.

He was a dark moon and you were a beautiful sunshine.

And just like sun and moon, you couldn’t live without each other.

List of Mello/Near things I need which may or may not become starters PART 2

Mello, who has unflinchingly killed real live people, can’t get through a horror movie without looking away, Near watches straight faced.
Mello gets pissed because Near is always stacking their shit up and then Near yells at him if he knocks it over.
 Mello gets Near a backpack leash as a joke. Near actually wears it because it makes him feel more comfortable in crowds.
 Mello drags Near along for shoe shopping. Near hates it. Mello is over joyed.
 Mello is always wanting to take selfies with Near. His Instagram is mostly filled with pictures of the two of them.
 Mello dressed in all black wearing over sized sunglasses, he sips iced tea across from mafia Rod. Near sits on his lap, both arms slung around his neck. Chic.
 Near is always getting carded, Mello flashes his gun when he is. Eventually he stops getting carded. Near gets a hair cut. Mello hates it. He gives him the cold shoulder until it grows back out or if it’s covered.

The pictures were taken on the rocky stretch of Misquamicut beach by her £12m mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

It was at the eight bedroom, 11,000 sq ft house that she threw a July 4 party at last year and in previous years.

Ex boyfriend Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, model Gigi Hadid and the band Haim all attended her 2015 bash.

Dressed casually and both wearing black sunglasses, they walk hand in hand to a group of rocks overlooking the water.

The Sun revealed it was Taylor who had ended the 15-month romance with the world’s most famous DJ because he would not commit to marriage and kids.

However, sources close to the Shake It Off insisted there had been no third party involved on either side.

Last night showbiz insiders revealed Calvin, who has been recuperating from a serious car accident, is believed to be furious about how quickly Taylor has moved on.

“Her people are insistent that no one else was involved in the split with Calvin, which is most likely the case.

Tom has previously revealed it was Taylor who approached him at the Met Gala, admitting it was the first time he had danced in some time.

In a recent interview, he said: “I love dancing, who doesn’t? It’s a weird one.

“I haven’t actually danced for a long time, but I happened to be dancing at the Met Gala, because it was a party.

“I was on a table with Taylor Swift and The Weeknd was playing and she said: ‘The thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance.’”

In another interview, he added: “She said: ‘If they play I Can’t Feel My Face we have to get up and dance as an encore.’

“I said: ‘I’m in, of course, let’s go. Absolutely.’ We just jumped up and started dancing – and everybody else started dancing – which was great. And it was cool. Taylor is a huge star. Maybe it’s just the randomness of it.”

He also told MTV: “I sat next to her at dinner that night and she was very charming. She is amazing – I’ve seen a couple of her videos.

“I think Shake It Off was released around the time we made I (the film) Saw the Light and she’s very cool, yeah.”

Asked if he would do a duet with Taylor, he added: “I don’t know that I could stand up to her vocal talents to be honest.

“That’s what she does – she’s a professional musician and I’m an actor. We’ll see – you never know, but I’m pretty sure we won’t do.“

Last night a spokesman for Tom said: "We never comment on our clients’ private lives I’m afraid.”

—  The Sun on the Tom and Taylor