wearing a waistcoat

I had a nap and I dreamed of an OC named ‘Butterfly’ that works for the mafia.

And her look is: longish straight black hair, wearing a white shirt, a waistcoat and black trousers and loafers and pale skin with black eyes.

And she had this ability to transform into the ‘Midnight Deathbell’ with her having full black and purple butterfly makeup on her face. 

concept playlists bc I love this idea

you’re a space pirate captain but it’s also the 80′s and you’re wearing glam rock trousers and a billowing shirt. Some freaky aliens just boarded your ship but it’s okay because they’re here to party

You’re in a post apocalyptic version of the wild west. You stumble across a dusty townscape and into a saloon bar. You are a black hatted, spurs wearing, gun toting assassin. The chatter goes silent as you darken the doorstep. You sling your electric laser pistol across the bar and demand a whiskey

You study English lit or history at Oxford University. You wear tweed and waistcoats and it’s inexplicably always autumn. Everyone thinks you’re really pretentious but really you’re just trying to get over the death of your best friend who drowned in the river and who you had feelings for but never got to tell them

You are an ageless vampire or maybe a ghost and you spend your days wafting around your castle. You fling yourself down on a red velvet day bed in despair. You’re sad and drinking wine in the dark and you want to wallow for a while to miserable tunes while reading poetry and thinking about your dead lover 

It’s 3am and it’s raining and maybe you’re in a car or at a fast food restaurant but nothing seems quite solid. You think perhaps the lady you just spoke to was your guardian angel but maybe she wasn’t even real and maybe you aren’t either

screen portrayals of jo march ranked by butchness

I’ve never seen any of these but does jo even cut her hair off in any of them? has anyone even read the book?

katharine hepburn (1933)

sorry katharine, but there’s just nothing redeeming here. I guess she’s leaning against the mantel? that’s a little butch.

1980 anime christmas special

pretty bad. the mom wears some kind of waistcoat thing in this so I don’t know why they put jo in this weird ruffled dress with that ugly brooch

susan day (1978)

wrong hair color, but they still got her mostly right. the plaid on plaid makes up for the bow. (she marries william shatner in this movie)

june allyson (1949)

this is a butch outfit. the colors are really masculine and I like the collar and that weird square pattern. they could have taken it a lot further, but a really good effort. also the first google image result was from afterellen, so I’m giving her points for that. I would probably marry this woman.

winona ryder (1994)


@squorkal I did my best with the boys in your style. I think I made some slight differences to Louie and Huey’s hair. 

I just couldn’t resist giving my son bangs. 

And Louie, I feel, would need to be bribed in order to cut his hair because otherwise he just wouldn’t bother.

Teen Ducks is such a fun idea to work with. And if it’s alright with everyone present I’d like to impart some head canons of mine in regards to the Duck teen years.

Duck anatomy is weird and wonderful. I wanted, here, to put some of the effects of duck puberty on display.

ie: sort of mish-mash the canon “kid” model with the canon adult.

  • So their feet and hands are bigger. This is normal for human teens, and honestly I think it’s flipping adorable.
  • Their necks are longer, like an older ducks, but not quite there yet. Similarly, their tail feathers are starting to sprout properly and their bills are beginning to grow.
  • Their legs and arms are long and gangling. 


@robinine-blog​ I don’t know if you recall, but I mentioned a while back that I headcanoned that Huey would actually grow up with a strong body type/build.  

This is because his character is a perfectionist. In his teen years, Huey works hard to eat healthy and stay fit, as a proper scout would.  

And after all, how is one supposed to adventure and solve mysteries to the best of their ability if they aren’t in peak physical condition?

So Huey begins to strive toward that ideal. He packs his own, his brothers and even Webby’s lunches everyday, and gets mad when they don’t eat their lovingly prepared meals in favor of school cafeteria junk. 

He’s one of those early morning joggers. And one day he asks Mrs Beakley politely if he may be permitted to train under her alongside Webby. It’s one of the worst decisions of his life, but he powers through and it starts getting easier.

He’s also something of a semi-model student. I say “semi” because he still gets into a fair bit of trouble, as to be expected from a member of the Duck/McDuck family.

He runs for class president every year but never wins. It’s usually because his brothers and Webby are insistent on helping his campaign.

His best subjects are History, Home Economics and Woodshop.

Don’t talk to him about his “worst” subjects. If he gets a grade below an A he dubs it sub-par. If he gets a grade below B you might think someone had died.

Teachers know not to refuse him a chance at extra credit. ^

Most kids give him a wide berth ever since one substitute did not take into account the aforementioned. ^ 

But some bullies still bother him. His response is typically the cold shoulder, if they’re just trying to annoy him.

Often has to bail Dewey and Louie out of fights.

Once a teacher called Dewey a “hopeless case” right to his face and needed to be taken to the ER with a staple embedded in their nose. Donald bought him a new model airplane when Huey came home on suspension and told him what happened.


Someone get this kid a sandwich.

^ I say because Dewey has all the energy, none of the appetite and all of the metabolic rate. For being sporty, boundless and always ready to start trouble Dewey is actually pretty scrawny in his teen years. Eventually he’ll grow into a similar body type to Scrooge and Donald. 

Underdog Jock. Whether its a football match, dodgeball or even wrestling Dewey is this. Nobody roots for him, but everyone secretly knows he’ll end up winning anyway. Is it pure determination or hidden skill? Probably the former. But whatever drove this kid when he was ten drives him into highschool and beyond. Dewey comes out on top.

He calls himself a serial romantic. He tries.

He’s not in any clubs. He spends his time during recess out on the field, usually playing soccer or challenging people to races. Spends a lot of time with Webby, who accepts every challenge he throws at her.

King of cross country. This kid can run.

His best subjects are PhysEd, Electronics and, surprisingly to most, Home Economics alongside Huey. They make a pretty good team in the kitchen, combining Dewey’s creativity with Huey’s caution with the stove. Dewey has a good nose for spices.

His worst subjects are Languages, English and History. He has no problems with this.

Gets injured often. Very often. He could walk you all the way to the nurses office if you blindfolded him and spun him around on the spot until he fell over from dizziness.

Picks fights with people who give either of his brothers or Webby so much as a stink eye.


He’s the guy you go to to get things.

Louie wears his waistcoat instead of his hoodie because the teachers grew suspicious of him hiding things in his sleeves. Occasionally the grouchy PE teacher, who has it out for him, will ask him to turn out his pockets in the hall. Louie turns out his outside pockets.

He has pockets stitched onto the inside of his waistcoat.

He sells the things he hides in his pockets. Candy. Concert Tickets you thought had been sold out. Cheat papers. Information.

Gets everything from threats of a beating to sappy love letters slipped into his locker. He doesn’t pay attention to any of the threatening ones, unless he finds them funny. He usually gives the letters back to his admirers with a lollipop and a soft “no thanks”.

Knows the first names of the lunch ladies and the names of all their pets, children and grandchildren. Gets free food all the time.

Lowkey had a crush on his Spanish teacher.

Spanish is a subject he’s very good at. As well as Language Arts, English and Mathematics.

Has been banned from Home Economics.

Has been banned from all vending machines.

Knows how to get two for the price of one from all vending machines.

He’s getting a little chubby. But running around the world with Scrooge keeps him in shape. PE isn’t his worst subject.

Has a lot of trouble with a lot of kids. People out to get him into trouble. Or out to give him a black eye. Either way, he can handle himself in a brawl if the other guy is the same size or thereabout. But if the guy’s bigger… He’s just lucky the big guys aren’t smart enough to know not to mess with him when his brothers are nearby.

Phew! That was a long one. Sorry, folks. But! That’s all I’ve got so you can be thankful it’s over now.

shatt au where matt is a ghost haunting shiro’s apartment

matt vanished (mumble mumble) years ago and died and came back as a ghost, and then the apartment building was built over his grave/where he died so he’s been haunting it ever since and nobody else will live there but shiro’s just like “i’m a broke college student, if i die i get out of student loans”

and then they meet and as it turns out, shiro’s college has a haunted library. specifically, haunted by pidge, who was investigating her brother’s disappearance and died in the library but is Still Looking and shiro thinks that matt figured out how to leave the apartment but no it’s pidge

at some point they figure out how to get matt out of the apartment and pidge out of the library and matt and shiro totally start dating. you know. as much as you can when one of you is dead

trashfirefallon  asked:

Do you have any chubby characters in your romance novel?

In Hunger Pangs (you may need to be more specific I am writing quite a few lol)? I do indeed have characters who would probably be considered chubby, although some might argue with me. I find it’s rather subjective.

I have been told I am somewhat vague when it comes to physical descriptors, which might be because I have personal issues with body dysphoria which are often triggered when reading romance novels (which is super great in my line of work…just, really, peachy keen…), so I try very hard not to focus too much on describing physical appearances beyond brief descriptors of vital things like “he was tall with dark hair and blue eyes” or “she was medium build with long red hair and a glowing smile”. 

Nathan gets described as “large” a lot because he’s a 6ft 5 werewolf and it’s rather hard for him not to loom over people. Vlad is described as well dressed and fidgety more often than anything else, and Ursula is noted for her confidence and self possession and the way her smile makes her eyes crinkle.

I much prefer to read and write about things like freckles and the crinkle of smiling eyes, the person’s mannerisms and quirks that make them attractive and fun to be around. I think it’s healthier than pointing out whether a person is slim waisted or not (I hate that, I hate the breaks in narrative that make sure to tell you the hero is thin but not too thin and how perky their tits are but how totally average they are too while listing off the features of a plastic surgeons wet dream. or in the case of a lot of current mlm fiction being written by women “he took care of himself but not too much, he was after all a masculine man” like what the fuck is that even supposed to mean Sharron, oh I see he’s gay but not one of those gays, I see, uhu, great thanks, I’ll be returning this book now. I don’t care that it was 99 cents, it’s 99 cents you don’t deserve. Get your fucking toxic heternormativity out of here) 

It’s partly why I’ve enjoyed writing about paranormal creatures so much. They can’t do the “look into the mirror and describe self” thing, all of their reflections are distorted, either by the silver or by having to use another hammered metal instead, so even they only think of themselves in vague terms and in Vlad’s case hope like hell their eyeliner isn’t too badly smudged. (Personal headcanon: vampires invent the smokey eye look because they can’t fucking see what the fuck they’re doing until someone invents modern mirrors and by then it’s just a Look)

But for whatever it’s worth, Ursula is not described as a small person. She’s broad hipped and big thighed with a belly she doesn’t care to hide with tight stays. She’d rather just be comfortable. And she’s comfortable being pair shaped. Her tits are definitely not pert and perky or perfectly sized or made to fit into a man’s hand.

Nathan as well is not a lean V shaped hollywood muscle man. There’s no dip in the shoulder to hip ratio, there’s just solid muscle and a good layer of podge protecting it the whole way down. He’s tall and often described as broad and thick. He’s the type of person who if the horse went lame, would pick up the horse and pull the cart along behind him. 

Vlad is really the only one of he trio specifically described as slim, which, most of the vampires are—a predominately liquid diet will do that to you. He is the classic hollywood V shape, the kind of person three piece suits were made for and even then he wears his waistcoat so tight it might as well be a corset. He does this because he’s self conscious of the fact that he’s stuck looking forever 20, and if you’re going to be stuck looking tall and skinny for your entire unlife, you might as well find a good tailor and plump for sleek and deadly while you’re at it and make the most of it. The phrase “legs for days” applies rather well to him.

Sorry, I feel this went off on a tangent haha. To answer your question: I am a vague mother fucker who will hyper fixate on things like scars or eye color, but then completely fail to ever mention anything else. I dunno if that’s healthy of me or not. But I’ve tried to be as body positive with this book as I possibly can. At least I hope I have.

NCT at Prom

Chenle: The wild person who you can hear screaming on the dance floor as all their friends sit at the table silently judging them.

Doyoung: Comes wearing the most expensive suit so he looks better than everyone else only to spill food and drink down himself. Spends the whole time nagging his friend or date.

Haechan: Silently judging everyone for what they’re wearing and their stupid actions. But is secretly super insecure about what he himself is wearing. Would eventually loosen up by the end of the night and play pranks on others.

Jaehyun: Giant flirt going around telling people how amazing they look whilst having the time of his life.

Jaemin: Disappeared half way through and his friends couldn’t get a hold of him. Constantly tripping over things and looking like a puppy during the time he is there.

Jeno: Turns up with the biggest glo up of the century and gives the cold shoulder to the people who didn’t bother seeing how amazing he was before. Literally looks like an angel with a smile on his face the entire day.

Jisung: Small awkward chick who follows his friends around the entire time and avoids having pictures taken.

Johnny: Drunk by the end of the night and ends up shit talking the entire time as his friends worry about whether he’s okay and whether he needs to sit down because he attempts to do the robot to slow songs.

Mark: Wins Prom king for being so perfect and ends up being a stand in DJ even though this was supposed to be his night to relax.

Renjun: Sits at the table as his friends all make a fool out of themselves and secretly takes pictures and videos as blackmail for later. Doesn’t talk much the entire time, too busy people watching

Taeil: Awkward fluff ball who is surprisingly popular with the ladies who all want him to dance with them. But ends up tripping over his own feet and has to spend the rest of the time sat down with his friends.

Taeyong: Looks like an actual fallen angel who had come to make your life hell with how good he looks. He would spent the time talking with friends whilst almost everyone admired him from afar.

Ten: That kid that dresses up like it’s a convention instead of Prom.  Would probably wear a waistcoat and top hat and spend the whole night calling everyone ‘my lady’ and ‘good sir’ before everyone is 100% done with him.

Winwin: The kid that cons friends into buying them drinks and snacks because they’re adorable.  Dances with everyone and anyone who asks even if he doesn’t like them.

Yuta: Roasting all his friends at the table and stealing Winwin from dancing with other people. Lowkey the only person listening to Haechan’s comments on other people’s attire and agreeing.


 There is a book that an editor friend is pushing to get published, but the house needs to know if there is interest in a fashion book that would be just for trans men, non-binary lovelies, ladies, and the like who like wearing slacks, waistcoats and such. LIKE AND/OR REBLOG if you would be all about this becoming a thing!

*Heavily quoted because, ugh, obviously very complicated.

les mis characters as things jules (@enjolra-s) has said
  • enjolras: *apply to shampooed, towel dry hair. After 5 mins rinse thoroughly* me: *mixes shampoo with the hair mask* time is money
  • grantaire: that's how bi people work. we are straight today, and gay tomorrow, and we cry on wednesday
  • combeferre: we need to start a gay mafia because we have some good opinions and ideas
  • courfeyrac: the only good reason to be homophobic is because the gays are attacking you with their beautiful faces
  • eponine: our motto: Mother Nature is single too
  • cosette: *talking about vaginas with teeth* vagina dentata
  • bahorel: me, explaining why you should always sleep in your socks: baba yagas babe. they eat feet.
  • feuilly: *sent a voice message reciting the entire first scene of bee movie in polish*
  • musichetta: me drinking three cups of tea with six tablespoons of sugar: BE HEALTHY
  • bossuet: make memes not discourses
  • joly: do you sometimes just go to tidy your room and twenty minutes later you're wearing a bralette and revolutionary waistcoat with badges and sunglasses
  • gavroche: lol ur like 12, go to school
  • jehan: *talking about their house ghost* i hope they're hot
  • marius: i'm not a bonapartist but i'd fuck napoleon II
  • montparnasse: self care is taking pictures of your face and sending them to your friends
  • claquesous: sell him your kidney, he likes kidneys
  • javert: i've just had a history exam and our teacher only said "remember that cheating is sinning"
  • jean valjean: do you sometimes just. talk to that one person and they do something rly normal, like idk bake bread and you realise how gay you are-

thestmagazine: This Sunday, @harrystyles gives his first ever solo, broadsheet interview to The Sunday Times Magazine with accompanying, exclusive portrait images shot by @maryamccartney To get a printed copy of this week’s magazine, pick up a copy at your nearest news retailer from Sunday. We also have a very limited number available to buy through the Amazon store which can be shipped internationally as well as to the Uk . . . . . . Styling by @harry_lambert Grooming by @louteasdale .Harry wears a bespoke suit and waistcoat by @_charlesjeffrey and @rokeratelier boots. .