wearing a velvet sweater


Space Girl 🚀🌙✨☄️👽

(My lipstick is Cashmere by lime crime + a very dark purple lipliner by MAC… I forgot the name haha… AND I HIGHLIGHTED MY LIPS WITH HOLO PURPLE AND TURQUOISE EYESHADOW!!) I am wearing a silver velvet sweater I felt VERY SPACEY ✨

Day 1329 - Hers Anonymous - “I love how the 80s made it back. My sister and I always used to wear matching velvet sweaters with the craziest neon patterns from the discounter. My sister bought us a new matching set for Christmas and it brings back so many memories.”

Coco and Velvet things

•Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”
•Velvet loves Coco to absolute death, but she believes Coco could do much much better
•Coco actually has no fashion sense, she just got lucky one time and rolled with it
•Coco just likes clothes in general, her “favorite clothing store” was really more of a thrift shop that specialized in clothes
•Velvet’s accent isn’t actually an accent, she used to talk like that on purpose when she was little to entertain her little siblings but something went wrong and now she can’t stop
•Velvet once spent the whole day without talking and Fox thought she was Yatsuhashi
•Coco actually likes ugly Christmas sweaters and wears them unironicly whenever it’s cold
•Velvet’s name isn’t really Velvet, it’s just something everyone back home called her
•Coco can’t write in cursive, she learned it in like 3rd grade but never used it again
•Velvet can’t read upside down, but she can backwards
•Coco once dared Velvet to talk to Glynda in pig Latin
•Velvet once held an entire 30 minute conversation with Glynda about why the moon is messed up entirely in pig latin