Bucky Barnes prompts

Common actions;
• relentlessly staring people down. Sometimes it’s unintended and other times he really, really hates the person
• he has wolf eyes, which unnerves most agents. The team don’t care because they’re the team. But Peter’s classmates? Oh, son..
• Bucky is sent to collect Peter from class due to an urgent recon mission. Bucky towers over guys probably named ‘Chad’ and nearly snarls at one kid. He is not allowed back on campus at the behest of Steve.
• breaks more punching bags than Steve. They start a tally.
• threatens to beat up Sam on a daily basis; has yet to do so.
• cannot operate a smartphone well. Accidentally sent a chin-shot to Tony, who will not shut up about it.
• recieving a nude from fem!reader and accidentally crushing his phone. He, like Steve, breaks a lot of phones.
• mild phobia of JARVIS/FRIDAY, which is intensified when he’s near Vision.
• runs from the tower to Brooklyn and back each morning
• does not understand his sex appeal; frequently forego’s shirts.
• enjoys making people think he and Natasha are sleeping together. They are just good friends.

• loves fruit, especially plums and cherries.
• thinks sushi is weird, but OK. Will not eat chow mein, says the smell reminds him of a doctor in HYDRA
• loves the smell and taste of honey. Reader wears a perfume called nectar. Unintentionally teasing him.
• fucking HATES the smell of ants (this is a real thing. Some people can smell ants)

Possible story ideas (ones with an asterisk have been used or are common);
• sent to train SAS vets for ground warfare. *used in dawnkiwi’s upcoming series. Shes fine with it be used elsewhere
• 'hate-fuck’ *
• barista!reader and Bucky *
• reader!survivalist trainer. She teaches the team tactical skills to survive extreme situations.
• deaf!reader *
• Peter x Bucky (if you do write this, please tag me. Please. 👀👀👀)
• language barrier between bucky and the reader. They speak a very isolated and old language, so communication is tough. Can be funny.

Will update the list!