xcatalysm asked:

Remember me?

My character has amnesia, and can’t remember anyone or themselves. Send, “Remember me?” for their reaction.

“Remember you? No, should I?” The girl asked, head tilted to the side. She didn’t know what she was doing here, why she was in spotted red spandex and why there was a cat boy insisting that she was someone called ‘Ladybug’ and that he knew her. He was close to her, and the look of panic that rose on his features made her shrink back. She had a wire within her grasps, at the end of it was something resembling that of a yo-yo. The red and spotted black girl was confused, really - why was she on a rooftop? Why was she wearind spandex? Was that a mask she felt on her face? Hands reached up and brushed across her face, feeling that is indeed what it was.

What am I doing here? Is this like Halloween or something?