i was wearin my black lives matter shirt yesterday and some dude says as im walking by ‘dont u mean all lives matter’ lmao

white people why r yall so bitter and relentless  

anyone checkin out the fob m&g photos from merriweather yesterday might notice that about halfway thru pweezy theyre all wearin a black and white bracelet (its most noticeable on pete bc his wrists arent covered) and yeah those bracelets were made by my lil sis im so happy

okay im gonna tell y’all a story that i just remembered

so one day im going to science, i got my black butler bag, got my black butler notebook, wearin my black butler shirt, i was ready for science. and inside of my handy dandy black butler purse, i got my shitty mp3 player + headphones. its turned off, its all good. and im walkin into class, the whole class is full of preppy ppl and both my weeb bffs are on a field trip, but oh well. WELL, as im walking, i hear this like, quiet music, like someone’s listening to music REAL loud. and im like, wtf is wrong with whoever that is? and some girl was just like, damnnn someone is jammin! and kinda nods her head along to this quiet music. but then i realize! hey! that song sounds familiar! the teacher has still not come in the room yet, and im tryna find the source of this music, and the girl is like, okay but seriously who is playing that, srsly chill. AND THEN, i realize. my goddamn shitty mp3 player must have switched on. it is playing some weeaboo vocaloid shit. im dead im dead im SO dead;; so i PANIC and SEARCH in my whole purse, search search search! couldnt find it, so i unplug the headphones, bc it wont play without them. finally found it and shut it off.

that is why, to this day, i never bring any sort of music/sound playing device to any science class, and keep headphones unplugged when not in use.

gayprideandprejudicee asked:

1;) 14 27 38

omg thanj you so much someone listens
1) what are you wearing right now? okay, the winky is just… im done. but im wearin a black mens tank top, some shorts that have spandex as a part of them and the spandex is black and the shorts are grey, and a blue bandana folded up around my head.
14) who is your best friend and for how long have you been best friends? um, probably sadie (who likely wont see this lol that bitch is in ecuador) who i’ve been friends with since the third day of high school or charlotte, who i’ve been friends with since i was in second grade (and now shes going off to college soon wtf)
27) sex before or after marriage and why? for me, ideally never. i dont rule other peoples’ lives. im just not really into that shit.
38) describe your life story in five words or less. biking skiing pain what ugh

queergerardway asked:

31, 42 + 46!!

31: Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?
!! sometimes!! when it’s really cold outside or the wind is makin my hair do crazy stuff then i do,, but otherwise no i don’t !
42: Where did you get the shirt/sweatshirt you’re wearing?
        rn i’m just wearin a plain black shirt from express :~)
46: What were you doing at midnight last night?
        uhhh i think i was like playin music rly loud and singing off-key. it was fun af

joggerz-and-girlzz asked:

My day has kinda sucked... Friend called me a faggot... Stayed inside. I'm tired AF. It's so damn hot. Even thou I'm wearin joggers that are black... Wbu

Awww. That sucks. Did this friend just call you a faggot out of the blue?

My day was really boring, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I cleaned my room though, which was kind of productive.

minniexraph asked:

(text) is fancy dress allowed at the wedding? -- Soo

-|txt to: lil squishy| like hell if i know. raven weddings like to be flashy so imma be wearin a black suit w black opals all over the place so u do u